Wednesday, May 15, 2013

“Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!”  The Obama/State Department Lies!

I had told you eight months ago that Benghazi was a conundrum of lies purposefully perpetrated by the Obama administration.
  I did not have to read ‘tea leaves’ or even ‘receive inside information’ to know that Obama;  the White House Staff [National Security Council];  SecState Hillary Clinton [Liar ‘Par Excellent’]; General Martin Dempsey [remember he was one of the first to claim that there was ‘a video’];  John Brennan [now DCI]; Susan Rice; etc. all lied!
  Thanks goes primarily to Fox News and Roger AilesRupert Murdoch, and his NY Post that did not give up on this investigationThe truth as to who lied to whom will come out.
Hopefully,  Presidential Impeachment and legal indictments of many senior Obama officials will come be forthcoming.  Credit should be accorded to the ‘Whistleblowers’ who came for and testified to the ‘Truth’.
The real heroes are:  Libyan Deputy Chief of Mission [DCM] Gregory Hicks;  Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary Of State for Counter Terrorism,  Mark Thompson; and former Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstrom
Truth is not RELATIVE.  IT is ABSOLUTE. 
  You either did or did not do what you were supposed to do based on your professional obligations, honor,  and integrity. 
And the more explanations of who did what to whom becomes less and less relevant and it becomes a greater distraction away from the simple truth—THE BUCK STOPS AT THE PRESIDENT’S DESK!!!
  I knew then as I know now that the Investigative Board overseeing the Benghazi Affair was a COMPLETE WHITE WASH and a COMPLETE LIE!!
  No surprise there. 
  From the beginning,  I could dismiss the veracity and integrity of Admiral Mike Mullen.   I have written about his past incompetence as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff and his incredible NEED and PROCLIVITY FOR SELF –AGGRANDIZEMENT AND PREVARICATION.   I knew about his father who was the publicist for my Literary and Movie Agency,  the former William Morris Agency.   Bull S**ting is in the DNA of this tribe.
But for me,  the greatest disappointment was the fact  that I knew that Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering was LYING,  trying to PROTECT HILLARY CLINTON and the INTEGRITY OF THE STATE DEPARTMENT.
  I have known and worked with Pickering for over twenty years in everything from peace talks between USG –Israel, issues dealing with the UN and many other areas of concern. 
I found him to be forthright and exceedingly competent.   He was always professional,  never one to attract attention to himself or the sensitive issues at hand. 
Unfortunately,  on this one particular occasion, perhaps the most important one in his long distinguished career, Pickering TARNISHED HIS REPUTATION ---TRYING TO PROTECT a NEFARIOUS HILLARY CLINTON and OBAMA,  both of whom would have thought nothing of SACRIFICING PICKERING FOR THEIR OWN PARTICULAR POLITICAL GAINS …. .which is what happened.
  I asked myself,  how did a good, serious professional like Pickering go astray?
  Was it political ambition?
  I think not.   He was already out of the State Department.
  Was he promised to become Secretary of State by the Lucretia Borgia,  Hillary Clinton,  if she were to become President of the United States?
  Perhaps! It is said that every man has his or her own price…..or was he fearful?
  Would Pickering throw away a thirty year distinguished career on the promises of a WELL DOCUMENTED PATHOLOGICAL LIAR LIKE HILLARY CLINTON? 
  I don’t think so.   Pickering was a sophisticated reader of people. 
  Not necessarily a psychologist but he knew people,  their foibles and their hidden agendas.   He had been Ambassador to so many different cultures and positions that he knew how ‘to read the situation’.
In my humble opinion, I think that Pickering lied,  not to protect himself nor even the SecState,  but to protect the integrity of the State Department.
  What do I mean? 
  The problem in Benghazi was not really a State Department one. 
It was a situation where the State Department happened to be the COLLATERAL DAMAGE.

The primary problem was the fact that John Brennan had orchestrated a ‘palace coup’ with the necessary compliance of Obama;  the White House Staff;  Hillary Clinton;  Robert Mueller, and Dempsey against General David Petraeus,  the then Director of the CIA. 
  The Palace Coup’s primary goal was to get rid of General Petraeus from the CIA and allow Brennan and his cohorts to resume civilian control over the renegade CIAour infamous Legacy of Ashes. 
However,  the Palace Coup and its subsequent cover-up  did not work on many levels. 
1)  no one expected Ambassador Christopher Stevens, an ‘excellent Arabist’ to be caught in a cross-fire of covert operatives working illegally, torturing and transporting illegal weapons to Syria.   Benghazi was the kaleidoscopic scene of gunfire where well-known ‘terrorists’ were fighting a proxy ‘covert war’ against another USG proxy,  unbeknownst to Petraeus.
2) The Regional Security Officers’s Chief,  Eric Boswell, also a ‘good company man’ whom I had known for twenty years, was not derelict in his duty in not providing more RSO’s.    He knew (as well as many others) that there was enough ‘protection’ on the ground.   He knew all too well that the protection on the ground was not necessarily RSOs but ‘mercenary’ covert ex-military operatives using the so-called embassy as a torture chamber and transmission center for heavy military equipment to Syria.  Bottom line:  lots of people knew what was really going on in Benghazi!
3) Under Secretary Patrick Kennedy  knew the most of what was going on both on the ground in Libya as well as the ‘cover up;’  because Pat,  whom I liked and knew for over twenty years,  is a very  EFFECTIVE MANAGER and ADMINISTRATOR.   He knows where every PENNY and COVERT OPERATION IS LOCATED.   He knows under which rock the CIA hides the payola for the mercenaries.  He pays the rent on the bogus embassy used as weapons depot/torture chamber.   He knows the rank, names and serial numbers of the individuals who would have been involved overtly or covertly in the Benghazi Affair. 
If the investigators are serious about getting to the truth of Benghazi,  all they have to do is to interview PAT KENNEDY and EXAMINE HIS ACCOUNTING LEDGERS and EMAILS.
Once you follow the money trial from Pat Kennedy’s office,  the truth of the matter will come out ASAP.
Get the emails!  Follow the money and it will probably lead to Brennan. 
The rest is simply commentary
  As of PickeringKennedy and Boswell—these were honorable men who committed DISHONORABLE DEEDS.
  Too bad!  History is littered with such humans.
  Their punishment is what Jean Paul Sartre wrote about in his novel Huis Clos –“NO EXIT”—
“Hell is the Life that you have constructed for yourself with all the lies and self-delusions.”
Grant me a little bit of philosophical rambling.
In the  world of existential phenomenology, the moment of TRUTH is that very moment that one has to make a DECISION THAT DETERMINES THE REST OF YOUR LIFE,  IRRESPECTIVE OF WHAT HAD TRANSPIRED BEFORE.
  Pickering, Kennedy and Boswell had failed as Foreign Service Officers and as Americans. 
They chose to protect the lie over the truth.  They indicted themselves and the rest of the FSOs.
I take comfort and pride in the fact that the three Whistle Blowers have become the TRUE HEROS OF BENGHAZI!!!
  Believe me,  I know it takes a lot of guts and perseverance to go up against a LYING KILLING MACHINE!!
  Hail to these Conquering Heroes and to Those Who Died Valiantly Trying to Save their Colleagues and Friends!!!
Shame and disgrace piles up around the lying Obama and his sycophants.
Truth and the American Way will be the Final Retribution!!

Post script
Once again we witness the unrelenting power struggle between the military and the DCI directors.  The famous former Special Forces General “Jerry” Boykin (whom I knew and admired) said recently regarding Benghazi, “there is no question we could have sent in special forces in time to save our men’s lives.” 
Boykin’s remarks were countered by former SecDef,  ex DCI, Robert Gates (btw never served in military) public criticism of our present military capacity- saying that General Boykin’s assessment was a “cartoonish impression of military capabilities.”
Hmmm, big problem is this chest puffing is costing us citizens lots of our hard to earn pay!  C’mon! Let’s build some bridges, fix some schools, go back into space….enough of this crap.


  1. As for the theory of a "Palace Coup" so that Brennan could replace Patraeus as DCI...

    1.If it was so important for Brennan that he be DCI then why didn't he become DCI when Obama chose Patraeus? That was the time to maneuver people around to obtain this goal, not AFTER Obama has chosen someone else, be it Patraeus or anyone else.

    2.You have provided no evidence of this theory. It remains conjecture.

    3.Conducting such an operation against an officer of another agency of the government is very difficult to find support for. In my experience with government I can't imagine officers entering into a conspiracy of that kind. But then that's just my experience.

    As for a possible impeachment of Obama...

    Yes it would be nice. The guy's a serial liar, phoney, and incompetent.

    But whether there's been any criminal acts involved is questionable, or if they are provable. The only thing I can see is if he personally directed subordinates to lie under oath to the Congress or to a court or law enforcement officer. Suborning purjery is hard to prove, and as hard as it seems perjury itself isn't a serious crime. If Obama himself had committed purjery under oath it might have weight, but suggesting to others that they lie to Congress happens everyday.

    A potentially more impeachable offense technically might be the IRS treatment of conservative 501c groups. But even there you'd have to prove he personally directed it, and all those groups eventually did have their statuses approved - so it's sort of a tempest in a teapot.

    Obama's no fool.

    He had twenty-plus years in Chicago politics as an attorney learning how to get away with crimes.

    I predict he'll skate again.

  2. Now how about something really important, like why are so many people rallying in support of surgeons, medical doctors, amputating the breasts of women who don't even have cancer yet?

    There' no guarantee Angelina would have developed breat cancer. And if she did it would have been detected very early and successfully treated.

    Medical Doctors only interest is in avoiding mortality at all costs, and they of course will go along with any request for amputation if there's any risk of a mortal outcome by avoiding such. Amputation and removal of tissues is of no concern to MDs so long as it extends the life of the patent.

    It's up to society to condemn this carnage, and the exaggerated, fear-based pessimissim which lies behind these ghastly choices.

    What Angelina did wasn't necessary, and therefore cannot rationally supported. In fact, it must be viewed in light of her other self-mutilating obcessions. Angelina is the ONLY celebrity who has publicly promoted the practice of self-mutilation. She has often spoken of her fondess for cutting and bleeding herself, and has passed to friends viles of her blood, etc.

    Hollywood has never been anything but a nest of malevolence. But it's reached new lows of depravity with the acendancy of sickos like the self-mutilating Angelina, and the violence/war praising psychopath Tarantino.

    America is the most sick, depraved society anywhere. It's no wonder it's sinking into financial collapse.

  3. "Dempsey was the first to claim there was a video". Well, there WAS a video, "The Innocence of Muslims" produced by John Brennan, as part of an October surprise script. The order to Ansar Al Sharia came from Brennan. I think Dempsey may have been out of the loop just as Petraeus was.

    1. It was BRENNAN's netwoking which acquired the video.
      His private company, the Analysis Corp. partnered with Stanley inc. to breakin to the US Passport office. Stanley held the contract to manufacture passports for the state department.

      They were Obama's passport gate plumbers. In '08 to secrete Obama's past & ransack Hillary's to make it appear as if the thief was impartial.

      It was Stanley inc's Youtube account: "Politics news now" which posted the video & removed it on 9-11-13, which means it was a convenient scapegoat for the conspirators in the cover up.

      It is doubtful that Brennan is so ingenious. Here's my theory:
      Hillary gave the White House an idea: if there was an anti musllim movie they knew about that they could use as the excuse for the raid. She & bill bombed the aspirin factory during his testimony and subsequent perjury (watch Dustin Hoffman in "wag the Dog"). I am certainly she was laughed at at first. But sometime later BRENNAN made a call that there was a video posted & after discussing it with Dempsey they reluctantly used it, hoping it would stick - they had nothing else. They are also SO DUMB THEY BELIEVE YOU CAN FOOL MOST OF THE PEOPLE MOST OF THE TIME.

      Dempsey phones Hillary to tell them the change in the story ( no emails) & puts Rice on a conference call on a secure line.

      Hillary suggests AMERICA blitz Pakistan to cover their tracks: a video on all the news networks in Arabic with Hillary "apologizing" for the video "America had nothing to do with". She spends $70k+ of the state dept budget (should have been used for Benghazi security) for TV video and apology flyers dropped from an airplane.

      Then the coup de gras: they jail the Coptic Christian producer on false probation breaches, who remains silenced in solitary. Don't be surprised if he happens to commit suicide.

      Brennan tells OBAMA the plan. Since he has no ability to do any self-starter mental gymnastics, agrees, but warns, " I am out of the loop- I know NOTHING ABOUT YOUR CONVOLUTED PREVARICATION."

      Brennan should also be deposed on his part of the passport breakin conspiracy, which no doubt he was rewarded with DCI.


      As Judge Napolitano said today, " TYRANNY IS AROUND THE CORNER..."

    2. What's the point in spinning different theories about what happened?

      You guys have at best one foot in the world of evidence and facts and the other firmly in a world of fiction and make-believe.

      There are real issues of malfeasance here but because guys like you go up and down blind allys of speculation and vitriol nothing real is going to happen..or at least any energy you might have applied is squandored.

    3. Omniscient one, we are doing far more than Borehner & McConnell.
      As for speculation, go find a girlfriend to court!
      It will keep you in you h with human contact.

    4. Correct links to Stanley YouTube account




  4. On the 5-7-13 post here I asked how Hillary got the position on the Nixon Impeachment committee?
    I got my answer from Jerry Zeifman who I believe, is my age. He lives in rural Connecticut.
    Dr P. may know him. If so, how about a podcast interview for Historical testimony?

    Safire was correct: it is in her genes & she found her kindred spirit in Bill Clinton

    "Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, supervised the work of 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee. Hillary got a job working on the investigation at the behest of her former law professor, Burke Marshall, who was also Sen. Ted Kennedy’s chief counsel in the Chappaquiddick affair. When the investigation was over, Zeifman fired Hillary from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation – one of only three people who earned that dubious distinction in Zeifman’s 17-year career.


    “Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview last week. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.” "

  5. Benghazi was an illegal weapons trans-shipment point for weapons destined for Syria. That is the impeachable offense... Illegal weapons transfer, the murder of the U. S. ambassador, and three other Americans, then the coverup.

    Yep. An impeachable offense.

    But it would require revealing that Republicans had knowledge and supported the Syrian policy, albeit in a passive, blind-eye complicity.

    Benghazi will come to nothing without the CIA illegal activity being exposed, but Republicans were complicit with the policy, so they are loathe to expose this explosive aspect of the scandal -- the real scandal of illegal gun-running that lead to the murder of a U. S. ambassador and then the coverup.

    Remember, the coverup is often worse than the crime.

    Syria was and is a bi-partisan policy.

    Republicans will not want to reveal their conniving complicity in an illegal, covert operation.

    It is a failed policy leading to the training of terrorists and the funding and arming of terrorists.

    The truth reveals the whole so-called "war on terror" is a sham.

    A bi-partisan sham and fraud on the American People.

    Both the Republican & Democratic parties are partners in a criminal foreign policy.

    Obama deserves impeachment, but Republican heads need to roll for their participation in this illegal and failed Syrian policy.

    Both political parties are corrupt when it comes to foreign policy.

    1. The Syrian Policy flamed out with the so-called "rebel" commander eating a human heart on video with blood-thirsty threats of eating more.

      "I object to giving weapons to cannibals."

      -- American Citizen to his Congressional Representative.


      Both political parties need to be afraid, very afraid.

      Both political parties are guilty of impeachable offenses against the American People.

      Zbigniew Brzezinski needs to swing from the end of a rope hanging from the nearest political lamp post.

      (Side Note: The Syrian Arab Army is killing or capturing these mercenary jihadists like a buzz-saw. The initiative is with the secular government of Syria to destroy the terrorists' morale. Weapons are awash in Syria, but the terrorists are being killed off with fewer replacements.

      It is evident to ALL PARTIES that the terrorists are losing.)

      The message is getting out:

      Fighting in Syria is a Death Sentence.

      The truth is getting out: The Syrian rebels are terrorists set on destroying a country.

      "I object to giving weapons to cannibals..."

      "... Why?... because it's sick & depraved... 'immoral' is too soft a word to describe such a bankrupt policy."

    2. Anaconda,

      I beg to differ that shipping weapons in that fashion is illegal. The US ships weapons to different people all the time, and the process for such falls under all the requirements for a Presidential finding of "lethal assistance," or a "lethal finding."

      If however the requirements for a lethal finding or assistance have been by-passed by the CIA then there are violations of statutes. However the perpetrators of those violations will most likely be in the CIA not the Executive.

      But the broader point is that violations of those statutes are not particularly serious in situations where the Congress hasn't expressed any will to the contrary.

      For example the covert lethal assistance to the Contras in the 1980s was a serious illegality not because lethal findings were not in place but because the Congress specifically prohibited the aid through the Boland Amendment.

    3. Please inform me of why you consider that the covert assistance alleged involving the Libyan Consulate should be illegal?

    4. So, Mit, was there a "Presidential finding of "lethal assistance," or a "lethal finding" before the weapons were transfered?

      We, the American People, need to know when those weapons were started to be transfered and when any "Presidential finding" was made, if any was made before the weapons transfer.

      Americans have every right to know the detailed events and time sequences of those events.

      Then it is up to the American People to decide the fate of the authors of the Syrian policy.

      Total failure is staring the Syrian policy supporters in the face.

      The longer they hold out for "Assad must go", the harder the fall, the greater exposure of their morally bankrupt & failed policy.

      The longer this is drawn out the more broadly this aggressive policy will be rejected by the American People and its authors cast into political revulsion and oblivion, if not a jail cell.

      But for the sake of the innocent in harms way, I hope the violence ends now.

      That is the moral policy.

    5. Bombs exploding in Iraq is being reported:

      Should a failed Syrian policy be allowed to drag on too long, spreading to Iraq, causing it to be destablized, even failed, you can bet the American People will want to hold accountable the people who authored a Syrian policy which lead directly to a failed Iraqi state in which America sacrificed thousands of men & women and spent trillions of American Taxpayers' dollars.

      Oh, yes, heads would roll in that scenario.

      A regional war as a result of an already failed Syrian policy likely would prompt a citizens' rebellion with torches & pitchforks headed towards the big bronze doors.

      If the People are able to force open the doors, they will see the ugly truth, the putrid corruption, the sinister intentions, the bankrupt morality.

      In a very real sense, the American People must see the abuse if they are going to stand up and demand the Republic be defended & restored.

      But like the Medussa, the ugliness, can cause blindness of reason and madness of passion.

    6. I agree, Anaconda, Boehner will never appoint a select committee.

      As for Syria intervention, OBAMA has backed off for now because the Benghazi connection might be exposed.

      The prime minister of turkey who appeared today is complicit in gun running to Syria.

      The serious problem with Congress is they are FORESIGHT CHALLENGED.
      They hold hearings in hindsight only.

      They are mostly illiterate & incompetent: BACCUS IS A DRUNK. Levin is a gangster. BOXER IS A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. Franken(stein) is a charlatan.
      Feinstein is a megliomaniac. Reid has dementia level 4. Rockefeller is a trust fund baby who never developed beyond adolescence. MConnell & McCain are power hungry. Lindsey Graham requires constant validation to mask his homosexuality. Schumer is a whore & a Jewish embarrassment.

      These are the best & the brightest. Kelley Ayotte is the only one who escapes unscathed by DYFUNCTIONAL behavior in the Senate.

      Shelia Jackson Lee is mentally unstable. She dresses in drag, & looks exactly like a gorilla, & spends tax payers $$$$ frivolously on her personal enrichment. Steney Hoyer is losing his faculties. PELOSI is a nutcase trapped in a frozen corpse. Cummings is a sick racist. ISSA is dubious.I don't trust him. Eric cantor is a whiny Jewish coward. Boehner is a drunk lothario, who probably has skin cancer. DeLauro takes ugly pills. Her wicked witch of the east anorexia is exactly how she thinks: FOGGY & failing brain power.
      The only one I respect is Jason chafetz - he does his homework & completes his assignments on time.

      And how did the HOUSE keep busy today? Pro forma vote to repeal ObamaCare sponsored by Kathy lee Gifford wannabe Michelle Bachman - for the 37th time! FOR WHAT?

      Just try & remove OBAMA FOR PERPETRATING A FRAUD UPON THE VOTERS & all laws with his John Hancock, will be null and void!

      Another day of dicta. Going nowhere.

      We must start from scratch.

      The senate spent their day fawning over FBI director BS MUELLER's lies about the Boston domestic terror ruse.

      Al Capone couldn't get arrested until he was charged with tax evasion.

      If you want to repeal these laws which steal our BILL OF RIGHTS, try & convict OBAMA of CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT IDENTITY FRAUD.

      It is far more expeditious; every domino will fall.

      America has become a DYSTOPIA DUE TO INCOMPETENT DECISIONS originating from criminals sellouts WHO HAVE STOLEN OUR TRUST.
      How did these criminals seize my beloved country?
      Like a frog in slow boiling water

    7. Anaconda,

      Actually the American people are NOT entitled to know when a lethal finding has been made in order to initiate covert action.

      In order for covert action to function it must be that way.

      If you want to run foreign policy in a totally transparent way then an argument can be made...

      But that's not the way the law and government is structured today.

    8. Well, Mit, then according to your analysis, there is no way to get to the truth of the matter.

      If the People demand the truth then through their elected representatives they can get the truth.

      The Congress can get to the bottom of the situation, if they want to in their oversight role of the executive branch.

    9. The Congress by statute has oversight committees for covert action.

      Other than that the US people don't have a right to know about covert action.

      Not under our present form of government.

  6. Now I'm going to address something of real importance for a change...instead of the pointless speculation and false claims which are dominating this highly optimized board, to wit...

    THE VERY SICK AND DEPRAVED NATURE OF THE US MILITARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES BOYS AND GIRLS THE US ARMED SERVICES ARE EVIL, and anyone who thinks US servicemen belong to an honorable institution are deluded, gullible, and know nothing about the topic.

    Last month the Defense Department released a new report now recognizing that...


    Yes boys and girls that's not the "50%" they've claimed heretofore but a whopping NINETY PERCENT.

    In Congressional testimony given today it's now accepted that last year 26,000 crimes of sexual assault occurred last year in the US armed forces, and that only 3,000 were reported.

    This has been going on for decades, and the reason why victims fail to report is because they know their reports will be ignored or squashed by superior officer who have the power to do so, and that it will likely only lead to retaliation.

    Unless you've actually served in the US military you wouldn't understand.

    Once you're there you know that such rights have been taken from you, and you are at the mercy of people, officers, who are just a bunch of assholes with very few exceptions.

    The US armed forces is composed of assholes, predators, weirdos, creeps, and overall idiots and criminals with few exceptions.

    What I've posted earlier has now been borne out by the facts...



    Only last week a non-comm who was in charge of a "rape-prevention" program was arrested for molestation.

    It's everywhere because of the KIND OF PEOPLE WHO COMPOSE THE US MILITARY.




    "Thank you for your service to our country."

  7. Patrick Kennedy was the guy who admitted to Congress that the "underwear bomber" was gotten on the plane as part of a larger investigation operation.

    This was the pretext for the naked body scanners, which were ordered the very next week. And when the public balked at those, the TSA strip searches began.

  8. I think TSA needs to be abolished immediately. Airline security should be conducted by the airlines themselves, not the Federal government.