Thursday, May 16, 2013

Worth the Ten minutes to watch this.  This EX Intel guy tells it like it is!  Bravo.


  1. Glad to see that you posted this video Dr. P.

    Robert David Steele is a genius. I've watched all of his lectures on youtube and have gotten the chance to know him personally through email. He is exceptionally intelligent and extroardinarily well read (reviewed over 1800 books on Amazon).

  2. I don't agree.

    He's just another Hilter-type public speaker telling the public what they want to hear.

    The heart of his message is the same crap that the Federal Reserve is the source of all evil.

    That's absurd.

    Anyone who believes that doesn't know anything about how the Federal Reserve actually works.

    The banks which own the Federal Reserve DO NOT MAKE ANY PROFIT OFF WHAT THE FEDERAL RESERVE DOES!!!!!!!

    They operate it as a freakin' public service.

    This message is just as much of a scapegoat strategy as Hitler's screaming about the Jews.

    1. I wouldn't take it that far.

      That video is from 2008, and I've seen his lectures from 2012, they are a lot better than the excerpts shown in this clip. Talking about the Federal Reserve isn't at the heart of his message. As for the banks that own the Fed not profiting from what they do, I think that's a fair point, I'm not as well versed on fiscal policy so I'll take your word. But he has made far more salient points in his more recent lectures.

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    3. I wouldn't take MIT's word for anything. What the Fed does is give free money backed by our good faith and credit to Wall Street to keep the stock market inflated instead of using it to invest in education, infrastructure, R&D or anything else that might grow the real economy. It calls this a "public service".

    4. What the conspiracy nuts claim about the Federal Reserve is that it's a scheme by it's owners to make huge profits by loaning the nation's currency to the banking system AT INTEREST.

      But in truth central banks are not profitable, and often loan monies at little or no interest or profit.

      It's true however that there's a huge opportunity for central banks to be corrupted, and that did occur with the national banks prior to the Federal Reserve. Those who control the central bank and make monetary policy can pump and dump an economy of they're criminally minded, and I've seen it happen that way in Mexico more than once.

      But the Federal Reserve the US has had since 1914 has operated in a non-criminal way, although sometimes in an incompetent way.

      The reason for it was to put monetary supply out of the hands of corrupt politicians.

      So you can choose your poison.

      Either it's gonna be bankers or politicians who decide the supply of money.

      We don't have Moses or Jesus or Aristotle or Buddha around to do it for us.

  3. This is great. Yes, we can do this. We can break through the propaganda, change the way people see the world and retake our government. Promote banking reform HR 129 and S965 to stop the bankers. Congress must assert its Constitutional authority, which includes the power of the purse, which has been usurped by the Fed, and the power to make war, which has been usurped by the military-industrial complex. Don't give up on Congress. They are the consitutional first branch of government. Forget party politics. Some are corrupt and some are honest but ignorant. Focus on them like a laser beam to break through the propaganda and wake them up.

    1. Sorry, that's S.985, sponsored by Senator Tom Harkin:

      Getting this bill introduced in the Senate is really a big deal! Now is the time to stick it to the banksters!

    2. Oh please Dude...

      Do you really think it all leads back to bankers?

      How many bankers do you know? Personally I mean?

      I know a few, and have known a few of the economists that work for the NY Fed (they have like 90 Phd economists on their staff)
      and can tell you that your "understanding" of them is nonesense.

      You're believing conspiracy nuts like LaRouche, who is a transparent phoney and con-man.

    3. No really go to a University book store and get a real text book about monetary policy and the Federal Reserve system and then tell me you believe this garbage.

      A place to start is "Modern Money Mechanics," which explains the US financial system top to bottom.

      This is something you can do if you don't personally know any Bank Presidents or Fed economists as I have in the past....

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