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State Of EmergencyThis Blogger’s Novel Predicted Twenty Years Ago Potential for Second Civil War Over Colorado River Water Shortages!

Ten years ago,  I was asked by a senior US Army General what I thought would be the most serious National Security problem in the next twenty years.   I responded that I had written about the problem of the different states sharing the limited,  shrinking water supply of the Colorado River as a serious National Security problem of major proportion.
I summarized the problem as an “invaluable resource”—WATER—becomes a LIMITED NATURAL RESOURCE— then,  States bordering the COLORADO RIVER WILL FIGHT OVER THEIR RESPECTIVE ALLOTMENTS WHICH WERE DETERMINED IN THE 1920’s.   Today those rules are no longer relevant! 
  The general was respectful enough to agree with me.   If he really did,  that was another matter. 
But the point I was trying to make to our military and our civilian population through the novel,  entitled State of Emergency  where Arizona,  Colorado,  Utah,  New Mexico and California enter into a Second Civil War against the Federal Government concerning WATER RIGHTS and WHO OWNED THEM.
The issue of  severe water shortage on the Colorado River came up recently in a quiet,  rightfully discreet water sharing agreement negotiated between Mexico and the United States called “MINUTE 319” signed in November 2012.  
This amendment allocates a small amount of water to restore the Mexican Delta Region.
  But this agreement really highlighted a far more serious problem and that is the MISMANAGEMENT  of the COLORADO RIVER ON THE US SIDE BY THE U.S.  BUREAU OF RECLAMATION.
  This blog is not intended to critique the USG or the bureau because the Colorado Water issue involves far more complex historical and weather variables that were not foreseen in the 1920’s. 
So let’s begin by understanding how important the Colorado River [CR] really is.
[1]  The Colorado River provides water for irrigation for FIFTEEN PERCENT OR MORE OF THE TOTAL CROPS PRODUCED IN THE US.  That includes vegetables, fruits, cotton, alfalfa, and hay. 
[3]  In 1922,  the SEVEN U.S. STATES in the Colorado River Basin established a COMPACT TO DISTRIBUTE THE WATER.
  The dividing line was  defined as LEES FERRY,  ARIZONA. 
Mexico was allotted in 1944,  1.85 billion cubic meters per year.

So what is the problem?
[1]  Over allocation of the river’s water 90 years ago falls SHORT. 
21 Billion cubic meters per year IS LOST TO EVAPORATION. 
[2]  There is no UPPER and LOWER BASIN AGREEMENTS as to how to allocate the Colorado River waters. 
  There are major disputes among the lower basin states and also many issues between  upper basin states and the lower basin states which use significantly more water than the Upper Basin states.
[3] Therefore,  increased population along the Lower Basin, and “useful purposing” of the water creates MAJOR CONFLICTS between different competing groups like: 
Farmers [Agriculture Use]  VS.  Large Cities[ Urban Water].
  For example, “useful purposing’ created some 90 years ago,  allows the irrigated agriculture in California to have PRIORITY over municipal DRINKING WATER IN PHOENIX , ARZONA. 
[4]  Large scale manipulation of the water allocation by creating dams to divert water to necessary areas have become outmoded.   In the early 20th Century,  more than TWENTY DAMS were built over the Colorado River along with LAKE POWELL RESERVOIR and LAKE MEAD.   In addition,  tributaries  of water brought through canals that bring water to desert areas like Imperial and Coachella Valley in Southern California for irrigation and drinking.

So what can be done to avoid this inevitable catastrophe? 
  While I lived in Montana,  I was impressed by the serious possible solutions that were proposed by the US Bureau of Reclamation and water experts:
[1] Desalinization.
[2] Vegetation Management—Elimination of ‘water-intensive’ or ‘invasive’ plants.
[3] Water Reuse. 
[4] Reduced use by power plants.
[5] Water Banking [my favorite]: water is stored in either RESERVOIRS or UNDERGROUND AQUIFERS.
[6] Water Imports including ‘icebergs’. 
  In theory,  the implementation of the aforementioned options would add an extra 5 billion cubic meter per year. 
But the truth is far more ugly.
Most of the methods would take decades and agreements that are not being addressed.   The mismanagement of the Colorado River plus Mother Nature have both conspired to create a serious situation of conflict in the 21st century.
Witness the present day conflicts over water that presently arise from competing interests for the ultimate limited resource –water.
  See the conflicts throughout CENTRAL ASIA AND NORTH AFRICA as the rivers traverse different NATION STATE BOUNDARY LINES. 
  For those of you who are still skeptical,  I will refer you to one of my other novels,  written in the OP Center Series which DELINEATES THE PRESENT DAY CONFLICT BETWEEN ISRAEL, JORDAN, SYRIA all around the ISSUE OF WATER CONTROLLED BY –NONE OTHER THAN-  TURKEY!!!!
Muslim vs Jews has less to do with the present day conflicts than who drinks water from which well and who really owns that well.
  Water again trumps religion!  Or ideology!!! 
Water even trumps gas, oil, or any other natural resource!!!  Because without WATER, we Homo Sapiens, will inevitably DIE!!
  Cogito Ergo Sum!!! 

Post script:   Lake Powell and the six year drought that surrounds it [including Page, Arizona]  is the major focus of conflict in the Second Civil War portrayed in this author’s novel, State of  Emergency.   In the novel,   I predicted that the different governors’ of the respective states bordering along the Colorado River will  SECEDE FROM THE UNION in an attempt to DEFY  THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’S  control  OVER the Colorado River.   Like the First Civil War which was really fought over the right of the INDUSTRIAL NORTH TO CONQUER THE “ANTIQUATED AGRICULTURAL SOUTH”   BORDERING THE  MISSISSIPPI  RIVER BECAUSE THE MISSISSIPPI WAS ESSENTIAL TO NORTHERN TRADE.   In effect, the first civil war had really less to do with slavery but far more with the INDUSTRIAL  IMPERATIVES of the NORTHERN STATES which required both the river and it’s natural outlets—The Ports and Harbors of Louisiana,  Mississippi, Georgia, et al. 
US Commerce beats US ideology almost all the  time.  Fake narratives are created to justify the death of 800,000 US Civilians killing each other for the necessity of CREATING A VIABLE CROSS-CONTINENTAL RAILROAD as well as a  navigational REPUBLIC FOR ENDURING NORTHERN COMMERCE .
The Civil War was less about SLAVERY but in fact the first AMERICAN AUTOGENOCIDE.    Always remember that Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer bought and sold by the INDUSTRIAL BARONS WHO OWNED  RAILROAD and TRADE INTERESTS!!  
Anyway, as you can see the scenario for potential inter –state conflict is readily approaching.


  1. Thank you for raising this vital issue. I believe the basic problem here isn't that there isn't enough water out there....just not enough for the hoards of people moving into those places.

    This raises the whole horrendous issue of overpopulation in the United States - and what US cities will be like in 50 or 100 years - an unmanagable horror.

    When I was in graduate school at MIT in the 1980s the population of the US was 237 million people. Now it's skyrocketed to over 311 million in that short span of time.

    Many cities are shrinking or staying the same while other cities - such as Austin where I live - are exploding. In fact every city in Texas is exploding.

    This is an issue of colossal importance because the only reason for this growth is IMMIGRATION [legal and illegal] and the high birth rates of immigrants.

    Why is this happening?

    Because corporate America WANTS IT THAT WAY!

    The major reason why the US economy has grown over the last 30 years is ORGANIC POPULATION GROWTH causing the economy to expand at over 1% each year from that cause alone.

    If you are in the television industry, radio, beer, construction materials, auto and auto parts, toopaste, et.....


    Unfortunately we don't have the water for all those people.

    Here in Texas when we have a lot of rain we have enough water for our cities...

    ...but when we have the inevitable periodic droughts we don't have enough water and then the cities impose restrictions.

    When I was a kid growing up here we never had restrictions no matter what the drought conditions were like BECAUSE WE DIDN'T HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE!

    THE PROBLEM IS TOO MANY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. good old piecsnik!! he knows his was a bad egg alright. i have seen him still in prison...whatever he did was really bad then. as for water wars i dont think it will be war exactly; just a lot of confused fighting of individuals maybe gangs...people n the west dont think of water even as a resource since it is so obviously the second plank in the raft of human rights. but we should listen to piecsnik. he could be right.

  3. People like Boone Pickins here in Texas are investing heavily in buying up water rights....

    As Gordon Gekko would say...

    "Think about it."

  4. In Edward Abbey's book 'The Journey Home 1991' he described governmental policy as that of a cancer cell " To Grow or Die " and nothing else.
    On the book's cover at the time printed, it had an artists conception of the Dam in page Arizona with a big crack down the middle about ready to split.
    Throughout the book Abbey exposes his recurring dream of the rapture of Lake Powell back to it's original state of existence. And describes hiking a once lush canyon as beautiful as any in Arizona or Utah now under miles of Mud.
    Abbey had a lot of simple solutions for the USA
    But not for the weak of heart

  5. Watch Blue Gold: World Water Wars. The culprit will surprise you.

    Here are two sites depending on what you can access in your country

    Nevada got 400,000 acre feet/year in the 1924-divvying up of the Colorado because they didn't think anyone would live there.

    Here's a shocker: guess who are the most water-aware conservationists in Nevada?

    The casinos, led by Steve Wynn. Starting in the late 80s, he double-plumbed all his resorts, capturing the grey water (sinks, showers and baths) to be treated in water treatment plants he has in each basement. He uses that grey water to water the golf courses, trees and lawns, and all flowers indoors and out.

    But the biggest thing he did was invent a new kind of irrigation system. It's 20 inches below the ground in a grid pattern so that the roots of the plants really stretch to drink, strengthening themselves in the process. The problem in Las Vegas is the extreme hardness of the water, so the connecter at every H of the grid (you get what I mean) was getting clogged with calcium and other minerals in their water. Wynn invented some kind of connector (patented) that doesn't get clogged, so they don't have to pull the lawn up to replace them. The UAE people came over to license his process so they could make grass grow in their deserts, and it worked.

    The net effect of all this water conservation and electricity generation is that the casinos, and especially Wynn, return 1/3 of their water back to the Colorado River. The casinos, which visitors think are so wasteful, only use 3% of Nevada's water allotment, while residents make up 60 to 75% of the rest (especially with drip and other open air systems) and other industry uses the remaining. So think of that the next time you see their incredibly green golf courses...and I would suspect their median landscaping on Las Vegas Boulevard.

    1. To put Nevada's 400,000 acre feet in perspective, California got approx 4 million acre ft per year, Arizona approx 2.2 million acre ft/yr, and Utah a little less than that.

  6. Mr. Global Warming Himself, Mr. UNEP, Mr. I-started-the-IPCC, Maurice Strong, bought or leased a huge ranch from Adnan Khashoggi in the San Luis Valley in Colorado, then went into business with Richard Lamm (former governor of CO), William Ruckleshaus (former Sec of Interior, IIRC), Sam Belzberg (Vancouver financier) and some other fat cats.

    They approached the State of Colorado to buy all the water rights under the massive ranch. Said they wanted to make beer (1986). The state said no. Then they said (1987) that they wanted to sell 200,000 acre feet/yr of this water to the City of Denver for $7,000 and acre ft. So the state was considering it.

    This was in the weeks after Strong, Baron Edmund de Rothschild, David Rockefeller and James Baker had announced at the Denver 4th World Wildlife Congress convention (9/97) that they were going to institute a global conservationist movement to combat CO2 and save the planet--one of Rothschild's idea was to put dry ice (CO2) on the arctic ice to save it--by taking 35% of the world's wilderness land (land THEY would declare was 'wilderness') in return for paying off third-world debt. Just to be clear, that was 35% of all land on earth being declared 'wilderness land' with a police force called the Global Warming Corps or something like that making sure you didn't set foot in it. David Rockefeller was to be the declared developer of these lands.

    Someone who had been at an extra private meeting outlining their plans wrote to the state legislature and warned them about Strong's commercial plans in Colorado . . . BECAUSE . . . if Strong, et al, had been allowed to get away with their theft, they would have left all the ranchers and organic farmers in the San Luis Valley without water or costs that would have made it prohibitive. It took about three years, but the state legislature declared the groundwater to be the right of all people in the state. Witnesses also proved that the verdant San Luis Valley would have become a dustbowl.

    Here's the size of the San Luis Valley:

    1. I can spell, and I know grammar. My autocorrect is acting up. Sorry about that.

    2. The Denver 4th World Wildlife Congress convention was in September 1987, not 1997. My typo.

  7. Today it was announced that the first quarter growth figure willl be pegged at 2 percent.

    In reality 1 percent of that is from population increase alone, so the economy actually grew by only 1 percent.

    In fifty years there won't be enough water, space, or agricultural land because our cities will be choked with immigrants and their kids.

    People of European decent in this country will be a minority, and the Democratic party will be in control with manditory health plans and a new welfare state while taxes will rise to over 70% of GNP.....

    I'm going back to Norway where my ancestors came from. They have the biggest soverign wealth fund in the world, and are per capita the richest nation.

    The Norwegians are the true Nordic Aryans and facts have proven they are the master race [although they don't want to rule anyone] while America is a nation of mongrels.

  8. Look, people - NAWAPA, the North American Water and Power Alliance has been been on the board since the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations. After the country was derailed by the Kennedy assassination followed by the Vietnam war, no major infrastructure improvements have been made. NAWAPA could be started any time, which would create a full economic recovery of the United States with full employment and a rising standard of living, except that the same people who hijacked our government in 1963 are still running it, and they have no interest in anything but enriching themselves and reducing the United States to a third world country.

    But I have something else to say. Anyone who sides with the Confederacy and John Wilkes Booth against Lincoln IS a traitor in every sense of the word, not to "tyranny" as the lying, treacherous Dr. Pieczenik would have it, but to the Constitution and to everything good and decent that this country ever stood for. Lincoln fought the war first to save the Union and second to end slavery, and to be against Lincoln is to be for slavery and against the United States.

    1. No actually it all historians agree that Lincoln violated the Constitution in countless ways, but during his Presidency there was no one to take up his violations with the courts. After he was assassinated there were finally numerous court decisions finding his actions opposed to the Constitution.

      Slavery was of course Constitutional, and was backed by statutes as well as Supreme Court decisions. What was not constitutional was Lincoln's emancipation, destruction of property, holding people without trial, banning newspapers, and worst of all....

      The only thing specifically defined in the Constitution as "treason," which is making war on fellow states.

      Under the Constitution each state has the right of self-determination to leave the union, and this right is explcitly stated in the charter under which some states, such as Texas agreed to join the union.

      Every single act of Lincoln was opposed to the Constitution, and against the principles of self-determination and liberty embodied in the Declaration of Independence.

      Perhaps where you and I differ though is on a deeper level, which is that you appear to think the United States is an exceptional state which is more moral or superior to other nations....I DON'T.

      In fact I think the US is among the most evil nations there have ever been.

    2. Evil things about the United States....

      1.Although the laws guarantee civil rights the truth is that the criminal and civil courts from the beginning have been largely corrupt. Law enforcement in most places are actually criminal elements in society.

      2.Wealthy people have always been, and remain, completley indifferent to the struggles of working people. This is in contrast to every other great power in this era.

      3.Because of it's wealth and seeming guarantees of liberty the people are taught a flawed civic culture of chauvanism and exceptionalism which prevents any meaningful examination much less reform.

      4.The native Americans were slaughtered.

      5.The US made aggressive war on Mexico and Spain to conquer lands.

      6.The US intervened violently numerous times in nearby weaker countries for the financial interests of private parties.

      7.The US made war on Germany in 1918 for no reason, then imposed a ruinous peace on Germany which led to another war.

      8.The US supported Stalinist communism from 1941 through 1945 permitting the Red Army to conquer all of eastern Europe, China, North Korea, and threaten southern Europe, Korea and Indochina...

      9.The US from 1942 through 1945 committed massive war crimes including the terror bombing of civilian populations on a massive scale, the murder of prisoners, the internment in concentration camps of unwanted innocent people and the theft of their property.

      10.The conduct of genocidal covert operations from 1947 until 1989 in which millions of innocent people were slaughtered, their economies ruined, masses of people were raped and tortured by American proxies.

      11.After the Cold War the US began a series of new aggressive wars in the middle east and violent covert actions which are without justification on any seurity grounds.

      and 12....

      The United States Executive with the support of many waged horrific war on fellow Americans from 1861 through 1864 without justification or legal context.

  9. I defy anyone to deny or defend the record of horror which the United States has brought to the world.

  10. As far as slavery is concerned it, like all issues, should have been decided by democratic process and the law, including the Constitution.

    There is no issue that should ever be decided through violence and warfare...ESPECIALLY if the basis of disagreement is MORALITY!

    The thing about morality is that different people somehow have different ideas of what's moral or immoral...

    Go figure!


    Boys and girls people cannot agree on what morality is, and THAT'S WHY WE HAVE A GOVERNMENT WITH LAWS AND A CONSTITUTION.

    Now as for MY OPINION of the morality of slavery in the southern American states....

    The many Irish which were sold into slavery in the southern states should never have been held as slaves and the ending of enslavement of Irish sold to southerners by the English was a moral neccessity.

    However when it came to Africans that is a different story....

    The Africans who were purchased as slaves from other Africans and brought to the United States were savages without any civic, material, or moral culture. They were uncivilized in every way and lived lives of utter brutality in Africa which were short, brutish and cruel.

    The best thing that happened to any African was to be brought to the United States as a slave.

    1. But it was the southern states who attempted to leave the Union over the issue of slavory. Read their succession ordinances, it's all about slavory for the southern states and some tariff issues as well.

      Lincoln saved the Union.

      On my dad's side of the family, my great grandfather served in the Confederacy from the state of Texas and was captured and spent time in a prisoner of war camp, but escaped (or was released) and survived the war.

      On my mother's side they supported the North.

      Sam Houston, one of the founding fathers of Texas independence and statehood was bitterly opposed to succession and supported the Union. Houston was governor, but as succession spirits ran high, he became a political outcast.

      But today we recognize Houston as a great man.

      Mit, your view is your own, a product of your own life experiences.

    2. In my county of Comal next to San Antonio not one person owned a slave but the county voted 289 to 32 for secession. When the various counties all voted for secession the Governor refused to recognize them and there was a military coup in which the Governor was ejected and the state militia occupied and disarmed the state's Federal armories, chiefly in San Antonio.

      It was not about slavery.

      It was because they were entitled to self-determination just as they had asserted same in 1776, and later because the north committed treason by making aggressive war on them, stealing and destroying their property, raping their women, and on and on...

      "Saving the Union" is nothing more than a platitude.

      There is nothing about "the union" which makes it sacred. There is no reason why individual states cannot have self-determination if their people will it.

  11. The word "kidnapping" is a crime because in the 17th and 18th centuries it was common for slavers in England, Ireland, Scottland and elsewhere to steal children and sell them as slaves in America.

    Until the 19th century the British sold many thousands of Irish as slaves to Americans.

    Slave from Africa were relatively new-comers to the slavery scene in America.

    Black slaves were generally treated better than the Irish slaves because a black slave cost as much as ten times more.

    Black slaves also frequently looked down on Irish slaves because of their lower status and frequent mistreatment.

  12. With the invention of the cotton gin slavery once again began to grow.

    All enslavement of non-Africans had been abolished, and the price of African slaves rose by 1,000 percent in ten years.

    Many freed blacks who were former slaves themselves owned slaves.

    There were more slave-owning blacks than blacks who belonged to abolishionist groups!

    Racism against blacks was universal regardless of slavery. In many states such as Texas and Illinois [where Lincoln came from] it was illegal for a free black to enter the state.

    This is the reason why Lincoln never knew any blacks.

    In 1862 Lincoln held a meeting with four prominent free blacks to convince them that all black former slaves should be taken back to Africa.

    Only after the failure of that meeting did Lincoln agree with the abolishionists in his party to grant voting rights to freed slaves so that they could vote in Republican governments in the defeated southernern slave states.

    All historians now agree Lincoln was a racist.

  13. Well, I will only say that Dr. P's blog has become a place where Nazis, traitors and other morally deficient scum gather, and not a place to be frequented by honest Americans or any other decent people.
    This is not surprising, seeing that Dr. P. has been serving the traitors who hijacked this country for his whole career. His claim that he is now coming out of the shadows is completely hypocritical, since he continues to protect those he served who betrayed this country. I would recommend that people disgusted by the garbage that gets posted here and who are looking for uncensored, honest information and analysis to visit Sibel Edmonds' Boiling Frogs Post.

    1. Hang in thar Tony. Sibel has a great site and I enjoy The Corbett Report. Here on Dr. P's site it is a more complex arrangement of sorts but the twists and turns are still worth the vistits.

    2. What did Jefferson say about treason? Something about to not dissent was the truest form of treason?

      It's morons like you who don't want to admit the facts that are the real traitors.

      Sibel Edmunds is a nice piece of ass, but she was nothing more than a translator.

      If you view someone like her with more credibility than PdD-level figures like Dr.P or myself than you and her deserve each other.

      I wouldn't mind a date with Ms. Edmunds, but otherwise I'm not interested in her "analaysis."

  14. PART I:
    In December 2010, I wrote an open letter to Obama regarding this topic.
    Copies were sent to Congress and Cabinet Secretaries as well as White House advisors.
    Those who never served their country in a war have no clue what a country they are destroying by NONFEASANCE.

    only 3 responses:

    1. PART II:

      "Roosevelt’s Vision Could Be Obama’s
      Mr. Obama,
      Presently, unemployment is hovering at 12% not including the underemployed. Rather than feeding them with taxpayers’ money, a venture to conserve water and avoid inevitable water restrictions is the stimulation our American Economy desperately needs.
      As a child of the Great Depression, I am now witnessing a déjà vu.
      President Franklin D. Roosevelt increased employment by creating the Rural Electrification Administration (REA), providing all rural communities such as the Tennessee River Valley with electricity, and ultimately with telephone communication. By 1939, the REA had helped to establish 417 rural electric cooperatives, which served 288,000 households. The actions of the REA encouraged private utilities to electrify the countryside as well.
      When farmers did receive electric power their purchase of electric appliances helped to increase sales for local merchants. Farmers required more energy than city dwellers, which helped to offset the extra cost involved in bringing power lines to the country.
      “It is desirable not only from the standpoint of improving rural living standards, but also of providing a great amount of industrial employment after the war. It will provide employment not only in the construction of facilities, but a considerably greater employment in the manufacture of electrical equipment.” Franklin D. Roosevelt, Statement on Signing the Rural Electrification Bill, 9/22/44.
      Our nation’s water infrastructure is aging. No technological advancements have been made since the Reclamation Act of 1902. Approximately 300 rivers in the USA flush fresh water directly or indirectly into the oceans. We do not have a sustainable water pipeline across America. Clean natural water life’s essential resource, provides life’s sustenance- food. Plant life and trees create oxygen and preserve the environment. Water eliminates droughts, and wild fires.

    2. PART III:
      The national water pipeline:
      1.Can be constructed without any government funding, and it will put millions of people back to work.
      2.Uses the interstate highways to build it, without any Land Damage Payment.
      3.Is funded by 11 Corporations formed by those states which comprise the 11 Federal Circuit Courts of the United States. The states which comprise the First Circuit will be in Corporation #1. The states in the second circuit will be in Corporation #2, and so on.
      4.Is paid for by tax-free CORPORATE BONDS, issued by each corporation at 3.5 to 4% with various dates of maturity. The Public buys the bonds from the corporation within each Circuit, and the corporation borrows the money to pay the interest on the bonds from the bank. The bank loan is guaranteed by the Federal Government. THIS IS THE MONEY TO BUILD THE PIPELINE!
      5.After completion, corporations are sold by issuing stock to existing utilities or IPO stock to the public by Wall Street brokers. The proceeds from the sale of the stock will pay off the bank loans, and will redeem the bonds.
      6.Creates a chain reaction surge in employment and spending.
      a. Laborers are employed to excavate and dig trenches.
      b. Pipe manufacturers produce pipes.
      c. Plumbing companies create fittings for the pipes and other hardware.
      d. Engineers design and build water towers and excavate below the frost line, where needed...
      e. Windmill turbines to generate electricity are created, where needed.
      f. Pumps are purchased from manufacturers.
      g. Employed people buy the basic necessities of food, clothing, automobiles, and luxury items. Those who manufacture and sell these products will once again hire employees.
      h. The Economy is stimulated.
      7.Will connect via an “aqueduct” system, channels reaching millions.
      8.Will irrigate and make the country’s deserts and orange groves bloom. There will be water to feed livestock. It will be possible to feed the world, exporting food products to balance our import debt.
      A water pipeline is a salient need. Time is of the essence, President Obama.

      (The writer is age 87, a practicing attorney & an Iwo Jima war veteran.)"

    3. Do you really believe that fighting in a war is "serving" one's country? Are you really that gullible? Do you believe that being shot at and killing other people in their countries is enobling? Do you think it makes you a better citizen?

      I'll agree with you to the extent that the people who have been sending servicemen, women, and members of the GLBT community [including cross-dressing transexuals] themselves avoided military service because they wanted others to fight the wars they endorsed, and were therefore hypocrites.

    this blog will now be tracked by the g-men:

    On May 31, a Judge in San Fransisco has ordered Google to turn over any / all records under the warrantless searches. That's just one component of the new NSA mega info storage center opening Monday.

    The government will now be storing all digital communications, texts, phone calls and computer info. If you're using Google for a homepage - stop. And don't use it at all. Additionally, if you are using Google and have a Google account and it's logged in - it will track all of your open tabs and browsers.

    Here is a search engine that can be used with little current interference.

    One last tip - under the Firefox browser - under Tools - and then under Privacy - make sure you have the "Tell websites I do not want to be tracked" option checked.


  16. The FBI and CIA are running amuck..the Terrorist Cell within...creating CHAOS IN THEIR WAKE.
    the consul drew a strong reaction in the aftermath of his press statement that two bomb attacks during the Boston Marathon on April 15 have nothing to do with Chechnya. He said the attack was “planned to associate the Chechnya people with terrorism.” Two Chechen brothers, who are prime suspects in the bombings, were elected as “victims,” according to Ünlü

  17. Did you know OBAMA is learning disabled? Dyslexia for starters.
    Or else constantly hooked on drugs.
    He wrote on his prom photo to his ostensible "date":
    (I think this is a head imposed on a body)
    "You are SWEAT & foxy."

    Most DUMBELLS hide their sinister MODUS OPERANDI To wit:

    "Obama’s Super Secret Treaty Which Will Push The Deindustrialization Of America Into Overdrive"
    Obama is a loyal trooper: in exchange for creating an AMERICAN DYSTOPIA. WITHIN 5 years. he believes he will be paid off in billions when he exits. He is in for a big disappointment : if I had the power his family would be on food stamps & he would be incarcerated for the rest of his days.
    This imposter is A BAD SEED.
    This charlatan "constitutional professor" defies the first amendment & cannot spell. The more that drips out the more the reality of this proxy for NWO IS EVIDENCED.
    He is nothing but a drugged up robot:
    Pass this on:

    On another matter:
    Frank Lautenberg IN MEMORIAM
    Read the entire article:

  18. Bin Laden got Bradley Manning's acquisitions! according to opening Statements in his trial!!!

    In his opening statement on Monday, Captain Joe Morrow claimed that Osama bin Laden personally asked to see documents about the war in Afghanistan that had been leaked – part of the prosecution’s attempt to demonstrate that Pte Manning had to know the information would be useful to America’s enemies.

    “This is a logical leap that I have never seen before in a case and one that is really dangerous,” says Jesselyn Radack, a lawyer at the Government Accountability Project who has represented other officials accused of leaking.

  19. those down river are probably thinking positive each day they disarm Colorado....having spent many years there never could have imagined they would allow themselves to be so shamed as to give up their arms.
    this admin has fooled them into thinking they are sinners!
    very sad to see it!
    maybe they are hiding enuf guns and ammo to get some of the water before the govt steals it all.
    30 years ago when i left news about water was 24/7...returning to the east never heard a word about it again.

  20. Dr. P-
    Where are you?
    IT HAS COMMENCED...Obama is stealing evidence from newsrooms without a search warrant & will be shutting down the Internet under the guise of NATIONAL SECURITY!
    Martial Law has commenced.
    Black ops invaded newsroom today.
    Spying is domestic-by totalitariian cowards-nothing to do with foreign terror-all a ruse.
    Only those with a men's rea believe OBAMA will be left standing.
    Those who lie believe they will never get caught.
    Arrests on false Gestapo charges have begun.
    Obama is watching this website.
    Get your cash out of the bank. Obama is intending WWIII & a dollar collapse simultaneously.
    Pass these links on ASAP before you can't:

    1. >>Where are you?<<

      Good question. Obama said he's planning cyberwar. I thought for sure that would get a new post from the Dr. P.

      Take my money out of the bank? But it's insured by the government (FDIC) that we all trust!

      Dollar collapse? That's big, big stuff. But-but-but, Maria B. at CNBC is telling me to buy more stocks!