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You will need an hour to watch this video from FRONTLINE on "Top Secret America" but worth the history lesson, its all here, yep, that's where our money goes.

Thanks Patriarch!


  1. Just watched the above documentary and that is one hell of a large amount of money being spent and that's just on the CCTV ect in America! Not to mention the billions wasted in overseas operations a la Iraq and Afghanistan, pity it failed to bear any real fruit as it were but I loved some of the "action" soundbites such as the gloves are off and we went to kick ass!!! Funny it doesn't look remotely like the such has happened oh and my favorite line was " whilst people were looking for maps of Afghanistan we were in on the ground!!! Must of got the maps that the Russians didn't need any more then! Just a quick question though on top of the multi billions spent pursuing bin laden what would the electricity costs amount to that kept him in deep freeze for ten years? Its eye opening watching these self aggrandizing individuals talk tough but more depressing that people seem to hang on every word as well as heavily subsidise what amounts to nothing less than a money making scheme for the very few

    1. Money is no object in the last decade.

      There is no budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, systems analysis, or anything that the US previously and proudly developed.

      At MIT we used to teach defense budgeting and systems analysis....

      But after 9-11 all this was thrown to the wind.

      Defense budgeting became an antiquity of the Cold War.

      In the NEW AMERICA concepts like value, budgeting and so forth are viewed with DERISION.




    2. Any American who tries to speak in the same language as people used to communicate about these topics prior to 9-11 is VILIFIED AND HUMILIATED.

      "September 11 Changed Everything" we are merely told by those who scoff at our antiquated ways.

      Everything we once knew no means nothing.


      The United States is going bankrupt, and within six years there will be another great depression. There will be no remedy or escape from it. The national debt will crush everything, and there will be no solution.


      Look elsewhere for a home.

      I have.

    3. It's now recognized that there is no economic recovery...none.

      The idiot investment banks and "economists" are always saying that, "We are now in economic recovery...."


      Everyone ASSUMES a recovery is happening only BECAUSE THEY EXPECT IT TO BE HAPPENING BECAUE IT SHOUD BE...

      but it isn't there.

    4. Don't believe the superficial employment numbers.

      Actually hours worked declined again last quarter.

      All the new hiring is only part time hires to deal with Obamacare.

  2. Obama, The Post Modern Coup:
    The Making of a Manchurian Candidate
    1. Deval Patrick: Brzezinski's Spare Obama

    "The roots of the Obama candidacy go back to a project begun by Zbigniew Brzezinski and his National Security Council subordinate, Professor Samuel Huntington of Harvard, in the early 1980s. This was the immediate aftermath of the catastrophic Carter administration, which Zbigniew Brzezinski had helped to wreck with the help of his fellow Trilateral Commission member Paul Adolph Volcker, whom Carter had appointed as head of the Federal Reserve System. For Brzezinski and the Trilateralists, the Carter administration had been a great success, one destined to be repeated. The Soviets had been enticed to enter Afghanistan, where they were destined to undergo a humiliating defeat in a long and genocidal war. The Shah of Iran had been ousted and replaced with Khomeini, thus wrecking the Iranian economy and permitting a second phony oil crisis. In Carter's State of the Union address for 1980, he had promulgated the so-called Carter Doctrine, namely that the United States would maintain supremacy in the Persian Gulf against all comers. This became the framework for the first Gulf War and the current Iraq war, not to mention possible future attacks on Iran. The entire U.S. economy was well on the road to de-regulation, and the de-industrialization of this country had been largely carried out. Carter had also left the office of the presidency far weaker and far more hated than it was when he found it...
    ..There are indications that Obama was recruited by Brzezinski or his immediate circles in 1981-1983, when Obama was a student at Columbia University in New York City...Soviet nuclear disarmament" is a thesis title that has Zbigniew Brzezinski written all over it. Zbig was at this time the head of the Institute on Communist Affairs, where he was located from 1960 to 1989, apart from his time in the Carter White House. There is therefore a strong prima facie circumstantial case that Obama entered Brzezinski's orbit between 1982 and 1983 at Columbia...
    Obama's and Patrick's utopian verbiage is basically identical points to the fact that an arrangement similar to the Carter-Askew one is in effect. This is not the place to illustrate the parallel lives of these two subjects. We can only mention the fact that they both come from relatively humble circumstances, both African-American boys grew up fatherless -- as did Bill Clinton -- both were selected to attend upscale prep schools, and both attended law schools. Their profiles are remarkably similar, to the point of being almost congruent. Everything points, in short, to the fact that they are both products whipped up by the same intelligence community operation. They have both been synthesized, groomed, indoctrinated, and programmed with the same demagogic political operation in view. As individuals, they may or may not be aware of all that has been done with and to them. For their part, voters have every right to be disturbed by the robot-like similarities of the sounds coming out of the mouths of these two operatives. They are both playing back the same tape.."

    1. link:

    2. STay tUNed !!

      For the TENTH epsiode of ....


      (featuring Webster Tarpley)

  3. Obama, The Post Modern Coup:
    The Making of a Manchurian Candidate
    Part I: Obama Campaign Linked to Chechen Terrorism:
    "Chechen rebel group associated with the names of two of the greatest butchers of our time, Aslan Maskhadov and Shamil Basayev, both deceased even though the organization they built fights on. The foreign minister and ambassador for this terrorist group is Ilyas Khamzatovich Akhmadov (born December 19, 1960), who was granted political asylum in the United States in 2003. Akhmadov's patron is none other than Zbigniew Brzezinski, the former head of the National Security Council during the Jimmy Carter administration and, before that, co-founder with David Rockefeller of the Trilateral Commission in 1973. Zbigniew Brezezinski in turn is not only the main foreign policy adviser to the Barack Obama presidential campaign; Zbigniew is in many ways the creator of the public relations image profile now being used by Obama in his quest for the White House, an image that is developed in Zbig's latest book, Second Chance. Zbigniew's son Mark Brzezinski, a veteran of the NSC under Clinton, is another key foreign policy adviser for Obama. Mika Brzezinski, daughter to Zbigniew and sister to Mark, churns out a propaganda line slanted in favor of Obama every morning on the MSNBC Morning Joe program. Ian Brzezinski, another son of Zbigniew, is busy poisoning U.S. relations with Russia from his post as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and Russia in the Bush Pentagon. Yet another member of the clan, Zbigniew's nephew Matthew Brzezinski, serves as a defacto public relations representative for Akhmadov, whitewashing this envoy for Chechen terrorists in the pages of the Washington Post.
    ...Akhmadov emerges as a pawn in the Brzezinski clan strategy to set the United States and Russia on a confrontation course, a strategy they plan to impose on Obama, who is their clueless puppet in international affairs.
    ...When Akhmadov was granted permanent asylum, it was apparently Zbigniew Brzezinski who called to give him the news: "I'm not exaggerating when I say that one of the happiest days of my life was when I called Ilyas to tell him that he would be able to stay in America," said Zbigniew Brzezinski, as quoted by his own nephew, Matthew. (Washington Post, March 20, 2005)...
    ..Akhmadov was later given a Reagan-Fascell grant by the State Department. This provides him with a generous stipend for living expenses, an office at the National Endowment for Democracy complete with private secretary, plus extra money for travel and public relations purposes -- all courtesy of the American taxpayer. Would an Obama administration, with an anti-Russian foreign policy dictated by Zbigniew Brzezinski and his clan, bring Chechen terrorists in large numbers to this country, provided that they were anti-Moscow? Would these terrorists get Reagan-Fascell grants from the State Department, so that they could live and operate at U.S. taxpayer expense? What impact might that have on U.S.-Russian relations? If these terrorists were to orchestrate a huge atrocity in Russia that had their fingerprints all over it, what might the Russian response be? Do we really want to go down this road in deference to the psychotic obsessions of an aging revanchist and Russophobe like Zbigniew Brzezinski?...
    On August 2 and September 5, 1999, the Russian Republic of Dagestan was invaded by about 2,000 terrorists from al-Qaeda-connected bases in Chechnya. Dozens of innocent Dagestani men, women, and children were murdered. According to figures furnished by the ONHCR, 32,000 people were driven from their homes. The invasions were potentially genocidal in that they exposed to direct attack the entire ethnic territories, and all villages, inhabited by some of Dagestan's smaller ethno-linguistic groups, such as the Andis.

  4. Obama, The Post Modern Coup:
    The Making of a Manchurian Candidate
    Part II: Obama Campaign Linked to Chechen Terrorism
    ...During these months Ilyas Akhmadov was serving as Chechnya's foreign minister. He did not resign from that position. I have been able to find no evidence that Akhmadov issued any public statement repudiating the invasions of Dagestan during the six weeks that they were in progress. During interviews with Dagestanis since that time, I have been able to find no one in Dagestan who is aware of any public statement issued either by Ilyas Akhmadov or Chechen President Aslan Maskhadov repudiating the invasions while they were in progress, let alone offering to assist the people of Dagestan in resisting them. (Robert Bruce Ware, "Response to Brzezinski," Johnson's Russia List, March 20, 2005)...
    ...Zbigniew Brzezinski's support for Chechen terrorism, no matter how dangerous this policy may be for the United States, is exemplary for his entire approach to world affairs, which he calls "geostrategy." In practice, this means Russophobia, the hatred of Russia. So fanatical is Zbigniew's hatred for Russia that he is willing to embrace any lunatic adventure, no matter what the potential for blowback and damage to the United States, as long as he thinks that Moscow may be harmed in the process...In 1981, President Carter's national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, said, 'I encouraged the Chinese to support Pol Pot.'..Pol Pot was supported by the Chinese, and the Chinese at that time were the key to Brzezinski's version of the China card policy, which was to play Beijing against Moscow in the hopes of weakening both. This is another very dangerous idea that he hopes to duplicate under a future Obama regime...which makes him an accessory to one of the greatest crimes against humanity in the twentieth century. The Pol Pot regime slaughtered between two and three million of its own people...
    Brzezinski also set the United States on the course that has led to the First Gulf War and the current Iraq and Afghanistan debacles. In 1980, Brzezinski was the author of the Carter Doctrine, which stated that the United States was determined to dominate the Persian Gulf against all comers. Two subsequent wars have done nothing more than play out the logic of that commitment, which Zbigniew intended to favor a collision between Washington and Moscow...
    Using the Islamic fundamentalists, Brzezinski hoped to make the entire region between the southern border of the U.S.S.R. and the Indian Ocean into an "arc of crisis," from which fundamentalist subversion would radiate into Soviet territory, first and foremost into the five Soviet republics of central Asia, Azerbaijan, etc. It was in the service of this Islamic fundamentalist card that Brzezinski first helped overthrow the Shah of Iran, and then insisted that the replacement could be no one else than Ayatollah Khomeini...Before the Soviet Army invaded Afghanistan in Dec., 1979, President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul on JULY 3, 1979...

  5. Obama, The Post Modern Coup:
    The Making of a Manchurian Candidate
    Part III: Obama Campaign Linked to Chechen Terrorism
    The leaders in Moscow have Zbigniew's number --well aware of the existence of a Brzezinski Plan, a confidential design to break up the Russian Federation and partition European Russia along the lines of what occurred during the Russian Civil War, in the wake of World War I and the Bolshevik Revolution...
    ..a perfect recipe for chaos and war in the ethnic labyrinth of the Caucasus and Trans-Caucasus, which the madman Brzezinski regards as one of the keys to world domination, because of the potential he sees there to destabilize and dismember the Russian Federation...
    The idea of inevitable war with Russia is now looming large in the pathological imagination of the corrupt and incompetent Anglo-American ruling elite;...
    A U.S. attack on Iran is to be rejected, because it would alienate China while making Moscow stronger.."

  6. Obama, The Post Modern Coup:
    The Making of a Manchurian Candidate
    PART I: The London Economist: Zbigniew is Obama's brain-"A NEW brain for Barack Obama! It's 78 years old and it still works perfectly. It belongs to Zbigniew Brzezinski, the peppery ex-national security adviser to Jimmy Carter ." (March 14, 2007)...
    "Zbigniew Brzezinski recommends how Russia should be militarily weakened and intimidated. He is convinced that the best way to achieve it is by destabilizing its border regions, a political strategy that aroused the interest of former presidential candidate John Kerry's team who recruited his son Mark Brzezinski as its foreign policy adviser." (Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Empire's Adviser: The Outrageous Strategy to Destroy Russia, Voltaire, October 22, 2004)

    Another of Zbigniew's sons is Ian Brzezinski, currently the U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and NATO affairs and a backer of NATO expansion into Ukraine and Georgia. This project means that Americans will be committed to fight and die for a gangster regime in the Caucasus, at the far end of the Black Sea...
    ..Methods that the Brzezinskis, the George Soros Open Society Foundation and their helpers at the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy (NED, also known as Project Democracy) have perfected overseas are now being brought home to promote the Brzezinski agenda and continue the line of stolen elections from 2000, 2002, and 2004.
    Mob rule, what the Greeks called ochlocracy, is the essence of the color revolution or people power coup. The modern theoretical basis of these mob coups has been provided by the writings of a certain Gene Sharp. In order to carry out a color revolution, large sums of money are required to pay bribes and buy support. Beyond that, the following ingredients are necessary:

    1. Media.
    2. Rent-a-mobs-big enough to be shown on television, thus creating the illusion that the coup leader is riding a wave of overwhelming popular support and truly represents the Collective Will
    3. Symbols and slogans
    4. Fake polling: Mark Penn was telling Mrs. Clinton that his internal campaign polls were showing her on the way to victory..Penn knew better, but was stringing Hillary along, the result of a hidden agenda on the part of Brzezinski's man Mark Penn.
    5. A suitable demagogue-assigned to Obama, an ambitious and unprincipled politician who had been thoroughly vetted by the Soros apparatus, in addition to being groomed by the Brzezinskis.
    The net effect of these elements, orchestrated together in ruthlessly coordinated fashion, is to create an atmosphere of mob hysteria which can grip an entire nation, or at least the capital and certain other selected areas, and when amplified by controlled media for long enough can bring down a government and replace it with the protagonists of the coup. In this case, the various components of the coup were designed to converge on Monday, January 7 2008, and on Tuesday, January 8, 2008, primary election day in New Hampshire...

  7. Obama, The Post Modern Coup:
    The Making of a Manchurian Candidate
    PART II: Obama, like the Carter of 1976, is a highly artificial product. Carter turned his foreign policy over to Brzezinski and his clique of Russia-hating eastern European emigres and their children. Brzezinski's entire adult life has been dedicated to what might be called revanchism -- the obsessive desire to obtain revenge from the Russian people for the events of the Second World War and the Cold War. It was in the service of that anti-Russian monomania that Brzezinski decided in 1976 to foment the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, which he touted as the greatest single bulwark against Soviet communism. As part of this insane project, Brzezinski was the prime mover in the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, and was then instrumental in installing the Ayatollah Khomeini in power in Tehran. Brzezinski cared less about the Middle East and its oil than he did about the need for a center from which Islamic fundamentalism of the most retrograde type could radiate out into the soft southern underbelly of the USSR..
    The 1980 Carter Doctrine announced that the United States was determined to dominate the Persian Gulf..
    Brzezinski is very much a part of the effort that led to the creation of al Qaeda as a wholly-owned subsidiary of U.S. and UK intelligence, with an initial tasking of bleeding the Russians white north of the Khyber Pass...
    the U.S. might soon find itself locked in combat with the most formidable foreign power in today's world, the resurgent Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin. In this sense, the "post-partisan" rhetoric of Obama could be the overture to World War III...
    ...In 1976, the Carter candidacy was plausible because of the Republican debacle of Watergate, the prolonged war followed by defeat in Vietnam, and economic downturn after August 15, 1971. Carter made utopian promises -- "I'll never lie to you." He was mellifluous and ambiguous. But he turned economic policy over to Volcker, and foreign policy over to the Russophobe Brzezinski, who used the lofty rhetoric of human rights to begin systematic meddling in Soviet internal affairs, and created the Khomeini regime in Iran. Brzezinski's grandiose schemes of world transformation caused a renewal of the Cold War, and without Soviet restraint the results could easily have been far more tragic than they in fact turned out to be..
    In 2008, we have an obscure Illinois senator, a neophyte with no legislative achievements to speak of and no track record of courage or principle, who has evidently been groomed by the deans of the Democratic Party establishment. A new raft of utopian promises are floated: the race problem in America and its attendant collective guilt will be expunged with a single vote...
    OBAMA caters to the overclass and exhibits a studied indifference to the concerns of black ghetto victims and the oppressed poor of all races, but this callousness is re-defined as post-partisan, trans-racial, and global. Since he knows nothing of foreign policy, these matters will be managed by the Brzezinski cabal, which brings with it yet another set of fantasies of world renovation and social engineering, but still directed at preserving U.S.-UK world domination. At the heart of the new fantasies is the desire to eliminate Russia and Putin as a factor capable of contesting Anglo-American hegemony...
    The potential for catastrophe here is if anything even greater than the perils of neocon meddling among the Arabs and Moslems...
    American people need to become far more skeptical and critical in their evaluation of political candidates. They need to finally invalidate P.T. Barnum's famous dictum about suckers and how there is one born every minute. They need to radically reform their own set of political criteria of judgment. Have they learned anything from their disastrous choices of recent decades? Many of them voted for Nixon, Carter, and the Bushes, to name just a few failed presidents..."

    4. Brzezinski Seizing Control Over U.S. Policy in Slow-Motion Creeping Coup:
    "February, 2008-SYRIA: Zbigniew Brzezinski himself, fresh from addressing a retreat of House Democrats in Williamsburg Virginia, visits Syria as the head of a RAND Corporation delegation... Brzezinski's goal is immediately to lessen Russian influence in Syria, including the closing of certain naval facilities that the Russian navy has maintained in that country and would like to turn both Syria and Iran into components of the ring he means to forge around Russia for the purpose of the strategic encirclement of that rival superpower...why attack Iran and Syria, when you can turn them into kamikaze stooges, play them against Russia, and get rid of all of them that way? Europe and China are destined to play similar anti-Russian roles in Brzezinski's playbook..
    With U.S. missiles about to be installed in Poland under the direct supervision of Ian Brzezinski, the Pentagon's top man for Eastern Europe, the world is demonstrably moving towards a U.S.-Russian superpower confrontation with unmistakable thermonuclear overtones. The one missing ingredient in this pattern is a suitable demagogue in the White House who can make an appeal for national mobilization in this crisis, including quite possibly a restoration of the military draft, and a dimension of economic sacrifice and tax increases which Bush never proposed. This is the role of Zbigniew Brzezinski's puppet and Manchurian candidate, Obama.
    The main concern today is an extension of the Brzezinski dynasty. Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the founders of the Trilateral Commission, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and RAND Corporation operative, personally selected Carter as president of the United States in the mid I 970s. The resulting 1977-1981 Brzezinski Trilateral administration was an unmitigated catastrophe, leading to two decades of severe political reaction from which this country has not recovered. Given the ongoing breakdown crisis of the Anglo-American banking and currency systems, another Brzezinski administration would pose the threat of thermonuclear war with Russia in an infinitely more acute form than in the 1970s. After a few months of Zbigniew Brzezinski running the show, the era of Bush and the neocons might begin to look like the good old days..."




    1. "If there was ever a time to intervene in Syria, it has passed
      A western intervention might never have worked. But it certainly won’t now."

    2. John Bellinger will make a great witness for Public Defender Clarke:

      He is the lawyer who first drew up White House policy on lethal drone strikes. and has accused the Obama administration of overusing them because of its reluctance to capture prisoners that would otherwise have to be sent to Guantánamo Bay.

      "This government has decided that instead of detaining members of al-Qaida [at Guantánamo] they are going to kill them."
      An estimated 4,700 people have now been killed by some 300 US drone attacks in four countries, and the question of the programme's status under international and domestic law remains highly controversial....
      "Few thing are more likely to undermine our legitimacy than the perception that we are not abiding by the rule of law or are indifferent to civilian casualties,"

      To Wit: the murder-in cold blood-using a car as a weapon along with a barrage of bullets aimed at "suspect", Tamerlan Tsarnaev (#4701).

      The younger suspect's murder failed when he insulated himself from voluminous rounds under a tarp in a metal boat. If it was a drone rather than a land attack the FEDS WOULD HAVE MADE A DIRECT HIT; for some REASON however, his vocal cords were hit...

      NOW COMES THE FEDERAL PROSECUTOR, who says "the government has entered into a plea agreement* with the defendant Tsarnaev in exchange for his "cooperation". We recommend a substantially lesser sentence than the maximum guidelines..."
      The defendant agrees to be silent on the CIA orchestrated Boston massacre premeditated TERRORISM PLOT in exchange fof a reduced sentence less than life without parole.

      An ex-parte meeting with the sentencing judge so outrages him-he receives a damage assessment memorandum secreted from the defendant, from director of the CIA JOHN BRENNAN, (fictitious with no substance) that he sentences the kid to life WITHOUT PAROLE, the CIA SUCCEEDING IN SILENCING HIM.

      Placed in solitary in supermax Colorado, he will be murdered by contract shortly thereafter.
      So, a drone didn't get em but the results were the same.

      Thanks to BRENNAN, good FOOTSOLDIER Deval Patrick, & of course, the UNPATRIOTIC indolent recidivist murderer-by-proxy , Gangster DON BARI MALIK SHABAZZ, the illegitimate son of the reformed Malcolm X.

      How's that for Truth, Justice,& the American Way?

      *plea agreements are binding; no appeal; judge has final discretion on sentencing.

      Tom Clancy, are you writing this down? Truth is Stranger than Fiction.
      On another illegal coverup matter:
      "Issa’s committee will begin hearings in the matter next week....will “expose” information on the Benghazi attack that Mr. Obama “has tried to suppress,” and raise questions about the administration’s own investigation — the Accountability Review Board headed by former Ambassador Thomas R. Pickering."
      (Boehner has protected OBAMA for 3 years most likely by being blackmailed or extorted; nothing will happen to the lawless conspirators.)

      Harpo Marx clones:

    3. Curious,
      Does anyone believe this story?

      I don't believe there has been any confession of a july 4th bombing.

    4. Link to brzeznski in SYRIA 2-08:

    5. To be honest I think Clancy is a terrible fiction writer. I don't believe he actually wrote any of the books except for the first, the submarine thing, which was horrble.

      I mean...

      Here this submarine is supposed to be undetectable, but all it takes is one sonar techician on an American submarine to figure it all out and the game is over.

      And why would a soviet sub commander think it's wrong for the Russians to have an invulnerable, undetectable second-strike submarine?

      It's a stupid premise.

      Would he rather that the subs he was commanding all be vulnerable to attack and be sunk when war comes?


      All the others were much better, and that's why I don't believe he wrote them.

  9. Patriarch:


    Zbigniew Brzezinski, former Carter National Security Advisor, has promoted this kind of terror-jihad strategy of tension.

    Brzezinski is given credit as a foreign policy realist. But look at his strategy, its been fully supported by the neoconservatives.

    It's a strategy based on asymetrical warfare.

    Americans call it terrorism, as it calls for indiscriminate bombings, summary execution, and large-scale infrustructure destruction.

    Real, patriotic rebels would not engage in the terrorist tactics described above.

    Not on their own countrymen.

    I say neoconservative, but this impulse or drive to engage in empired building is as old as Civilization, itself.

    It has gone under many names, but the strategy is the same: Expand territorial control, by infiltrating a destabilizing force that will then act as a loyal puppet regime.

    Or the outright aquisition of territory.

    Zbigniew Brzezinski and his ilk, use peace as an interlude to spring their gambits of war & conquest, whether covert or overt, as the case may be, so that peace is not the goal, only a springboard for further subversion of opposing boarder states at the geo-political junction coveted by those dedicated to empire building.

    Zbigniew Brzezinski is a dedicated servant to empire building not peace.

    Brzezinski's foreign policy needs to be discarded for its barbarity and damage to geo-political diplomatic & cultural relationships.

    It breeds long-term enmities & hatreds.

    It breeds blow-back, which in turn is used to justify a police state here at home.

    Brzezinski is a fucking bloody bastard.

    Oh, recently, he's tried to sound a moderate, even non-interventionist note, but go to his books, see his operations in Afghanistan, and his leading support of Chechnya rebels.

    That Brzezinski is thought of as a Realist is criminal.

    Brzezinski is a bloody empire builder, the man who spear-headed the creation of terrorists as foreign legion of U. S. foreign policy.

    President Dwight D. Eisenhower was a man of Peace.

    Brzezinski is a man of War.

    Brzenzinski is a disgusting piece of shit, good only to be scraped off the errant boot heel.

    1. You're accusations about Brzezinski are crap. He never did any of the things you are falsely accusing him of.

      Brzezinski is a highly intelligent analyst who's been extremely critical of American policy in the last decade.

      He did support a limited effort in resisting the Soviets in Afghanistan in 1980 - but very limited compared to what Reagan and Casey did later.

      Brzesinski is one of the better figures in this otherwise stupid business, and he used to call William Griffiths at his home in Cambridge when I was dating Griffith's daughter. She picked up the phone when I was there and it was Brzesinski. How awesome I thought.

    2. MITmichael, we know what you think of humanity.

      Sorry, but read the Grand Chessboard written by Brzezinski

      This book is written well after Brzezinski's work in Afghanistan and he still promotes destabilizing terrorism.

      The Chechnya so-called "rebels" are just the same as the Syrian terrorists and Brzezinski was a leader of the Chechen strategy.

      MITmichael, we, the readers, here, saw how you were willing to avoid all facts & evidence regarding the Syrian terrorists and their bombing, summary execution, and infrastructure destruction.

      And you never could grasp the netttle of facts & evidence.

      Your view of Americans, as you repeatedly state Americans are a bunch of animals, is putrid.

      I question your loyalty to the American People and the Republic.

      You support this kind of sick, terrorist policy in Syria and undoubtedly other nation-states as well.

      As I wrote, Brzezinski is a piece of shit.

      And you apparently are in the same camp.

      (Now, admittedly, at the time I supported the resistence to Soviet Afghanistan, I didn't know any better, but I've seen, now, with 20/20 hindsight, that this was all part of a larger plan which fully turned America into an empire and not a Republic, as our Founding Fathers envisioned and the majority of Americans still support.)

      You talk a big game of despising the base state of Americans, but you promote the same sick policy, which makes America look like an ugly empire that nobody will mourn when it falls.

      Look to find and promote peace, not empire-building strategies & tactics -- as championed by Brzezinski.

      There is a reason Brzezinski came out of obscurity at Columbia University: He came up with plans and strategy to promote the kind of world envisioned by David Rockefeller.

      Kissinger is the same way; his sponsor was Nelson Rockefeller.

      American foreign policy has been deluded by these kind of men who are more loyal to their patrons & sponsors than they are to the American People or the Republic.

      Perhaps it isn't surprising that both Kissinger & Brzezinski are foreign born who came to America and then sucked up to big money sponsors.

      Both Brzezinski & Kissinger come to these shores of the New World and promote Old World strategies & tactics.

      These men are water carriers for the Globalists. MITmichael comes off as a shit-scraper that follows the horses ridden by the likes of Brzezinski & Kissinger in a parade. You can take it home for dinner -- but don't bring it to my house.

      Apparently, they were never loyal to the American People, only their career sponsors.

      MITmichael, are you loyal to the American People?

      Then I will take your opinions more seriously.

      Let's face it, you are a self-centered individual with no loyalty to anybody, but yourself.

    3. You're an idiot who doesn't know how to read.

      Nothing Brzezinski wrote advocates for terrorism, or anything of the kind.

      The fact that you would read a work such as "The Chessboard" and interpret it as an advocacy for a terrorist strategy to be conducted by anyone illustrates how profoundly dense and moronic you are.

      You know absolutely nothing about Brzezinski or anyone else in government.

      You have no idea how they think, what they do, or anything about them.

      You are lost in this topic.

      Go back to selling insurance or whatever you do in your real life.

    4. As for what I think of humanity...

      I don't have distain for all humans, but only for sanctimonious, self-deluded, ignorant specimens like yourself.

      You are an example of why humans are overall such a pathetic species.

    5. MITmichael, again, you avoid facts & evidence like the plague.

      Why? Simple, those facts & evidence make you look like a warmonger, despite the occasional noises you make against empire.

      But bottom line when push comes to shove, we, the readers, can see that you support empire building. You have no loyalty to the principles of a peaceful republic.

      But you and your ilk are being exposed daily, even the majority of the public is rejecting yours and Brzezinski's and Kissinger's policy of war on a perpetual basis.

      That's what Obama's Washington Post article (Obama likely to send arms to Syrian "rebels") was about: A trial balloon.

      We, the U. S., are already sending weapons into Syria via Saudi cash and CIA 'facilitation' through Turkey, Jordon, and Lebanon. If you take the time to look through video from Syria, the first thing you notice, there is no shortage of weapons, only terrorists, as they are killed by security forces at a steady clip.

      (Dr. Pieczenik, I am coming to the conclusion you are right about Saudi Arabia, but you can't condemn Saudi Arabia for a policy that was sold to them by American policy makers. The U. S. must change policy first and then give Saudi Arabia a chance to change policy. That is only fair and respects our longstanding diplomatic relation with Saudi Arabia.)

      So, what was the Washington Post story a trial balloon for? Not weapons, those are plentiful, but the McCain type military intervention.

      But I got good news: The American People clearly gave their answer, NO!

      It's a trial balloon without looking like a trial balloon. But it got popped.

      MITmichael, your Brzezinski policy is a failure. Brzezinski deserves nothing but a frog march to the nearest jail for crimes against humanity.

      Your role here, MITmichael, it would seem, is self-appointed and is to carry water for CURRENT policy.

      You don't give a damn about past operations, those are in the book.

      But for us, who care about humanity, those past operations are instructive about current policies and potential future policies.

      But for an 'operator' or one who sees himself as a former 'operator', but has not come to terms with the larger picture -- it's quite common for 'operators' to live in their own little "ends justify the means" universe of death & destruction -- they think of little else besides the operation at hand.

      Which makes them servicable at one level, even necessary, but on the moral plane that the rest of humanity inhabits these 'operators' are useless.

      Some 'operators' do retain a sense of morality, not perfect, but they are conscious of the bigger picture, of what is best for humanity.

      I suggest Dr. Pieczenik, is one of those. To the extent he was an 'operator', and perhaps, he wasn't at all.

      What we do know is that Dr. Pieczenik had many interests, this helps with balance of perspective.

      Sure, Dr. Pieczenik has failings, we all do, but at least he is in touch with his humanity and expresses such.

      Perhaps, it is contrition, perhaps, something else, but Dr. Pieczenik is trying to make a contribution to the larger betterment of humanity and the American Republic.

      Peace in the world and a successful American Republic. That is the goal & objective of statesmen.

      For men like Eisenhower, who know the truth about death, destruction, and war.

      War is to be avoided (a principle Eisenhower honored as president).

      Brzezinski & Kissinger are two pieces of shit. Two emperial stormtroopers.

      Smarter than the average jack-boot, but with a moral compass stuck on war & empire.

      They are anarchonistic.

      And if the world does not figure that out, we will end up destroying the planet.

    6. Kissinger wrote Diplomacy in 1995.

      Kissinger's describtion & commentary on the Peace of Westphalia, as the basis for today's Nation-State system, was excellent.

      But in practice Kissinger's diplomacy has been a subverter of the Nation-State system.

      Breaking larger Nation-States into smaller, weaker Nation-States and rendering irreducible larger Nation-States impotent in the face of a world governance system controlled by an elite few is not in the United States national interest.

      Is there a public and private Henry Kissinger?

      Or better stated, is there a public consumption as opposed to a private advice Henry Kissinger?


      But his public pronouncements and past actions available to the public record, alone, show a distain for the Nation-State.

      I suppose actors, or their supporters, have the opportunity to enter what they think is an achievement on the credit side of the ledger.

      Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is quoted as saying, “Before the Freedom of Information Act, I used to say at meetings, ‘The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer’,”during a 1975 conversation which included a Turkish and Cypriot official.

      Told as a joke at a party, perhaps, but as a subtle insight, not wide from the mark in practice.

    7. Kissinger has many faults, but perhaps the biggest is that he was TOTALLY CLUELESS REGARDING INTERNATIONAL GRAND STRATEGY.

      Kissinger's strategy for southeast Asia was based entirely on his delusion that the USSR and China perceived the issue as a test of American resolve...

      THEY DIDN'T!!!!!1

      The only thing the USSR and China perceived the US in southeast asia as WAS A DEMONSTRATION OF HOW STUPID AND POINTLESS AMERICAN POLICY WAS.


      ...when idiot Kissinger was claiming we couldn't get out because our NATO allies would lose faith in us if we left!

      Now where in all this is there any brains at all!!

      Kissinger was a fucking moron incapable of perceiving the intentions of anyone - friend or foe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Have any of you actually read the stupid book Kissinger wrote at Harvard in the 1950s about nuclear strategy?

      It's a laugh.

      He claims that nuclear war is totally winable, and that all you have to do is dig enough bomb shelters and fight it out and you'll come out the better for it.

      He was a fucking moron, and completely ignorant about the simplist facts of nuclear weapons.

      He was always the furthest thing for any kind of scholar.

      As for the history books he's published, all they were are re-writes of others' works. He contributed no research to them whatsover.

      And his books about his time in government have proven to be completely fictious. No one who was in government with him supports his claims - they are all lies.

    9. In the 1980s I disagreed with Brzesinski on many things, but he's a real scholar, an intelligent man, and has been a harsh critic of current policy.

      Except for the fact they Brezezinski and Kissinger both came from the anti-Soviet club at Harvard they have little in common.

      They certainly are not spearheads of any international globalist cabal of bankers and the like such as your morons on this board claim.

    10. Anaconda,

      You don't speak for the readers of this board, but regardless I don't give a shit what anyone thinks of my commentary given that the other posters are all idiots who know nothing real about these topics.

      It's clear that myself and Reggie D are the only people posting who aren't deluded wackos.

    11. Furthermore Ananconda....

      As to your moronic question, "Are you loyal to the American people?"

      The answer is...


    12. And furthermore I'm not a Christian either!

      I don't attend church and I don't believe Jesus Christ was our Lord and Savoir!

      What do you think about that?

    13. Kissinger as moron. I agree.

      As far as Brzezinski goes, scholarship is fine, but in the end, it's policy that counts, where the rubber meets the road.

      Look, Brzezinski was an Obama advisor during the transition from candidate Obama to President-elect to President Obama.

      And what did we get?

      Continuity of foreign policy.

      Chechen rebels using terror tactics...

      Brzezinski was instrumental in the destabilization strategy of Chechnya, was for the Libya stategy:

      CNN - (April 3rd, 2011):

      Fareed Zakaria: We are in a stalemate it appears. You [Brzezinski] were in favor of this intervention [Libya]. You argued that it would send a politically damaging signal in the Arab world for the United States to have stood by while a slaughter took place. But now we're in a situation that seems somewhat predictable - that is, neither side has the ability to win, and the United States is sort of in the middle here. What should we do?

      Zbigniew Brzezinski: Well, first of all, I think we have to face the fact that if we hadn't acted, today Gadhafi would be standing astride the Middle East as the most successful anti-American defiant and hostile leader. So we have avoided that.

      CNN Brzezinski interview

      An interesting exchange between Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft regarding Libya and the so-called "Arab Spring" with Jim Lehrer (PBS) moderating:

      Brzezinski Vs. Scowcroft

      Of course, the misinformation is high. We knew actly who the Libyan rebels were, they were al-Qauda affiliated, and many were battle-tested from committing terrorism in Iraq. Against American soldiers and civilians.

      (Scowcroft is the one who sounds a cautious note.)

      Regarding Syria, Brzezinski was counseling "patience", it's not as bad as people think:

      Translation: Let the "rebels" work, they can still get the job done.

      Brzezinski: “At the same time,” he added, “it is not as horrible or as dramatic as it is portrayed [in Syria]. If you look at the world in recent years, the horrible war in Sri Lanka, the killings in Rwanda, and the deaths in Libya and so forth. You know, let’s have a sense of proportion here."

      Morning Joe, Brzezinski

      Meanwhile, the terrorists were blowing up large public squares, beheading, torturing, and murdering, and blowing up large-scale infrustructure.

      Ya, give're time to work, so the U. S. can keep its fingerprints off Syria (if only to the low information public).

      That didn't work.

      That's the reason for the desperation on the part of the U. S. and western powers, thus, charges of poison gas, a nerve agent, sarin.

      Now Israel is trying to force the issue by bombing Syria.

      Brzezinski's "time to work" has failed to work.

      It sounds robotic when American Congressmen state, "when Assad goes."

      They don't believe it, not any more.

      But there you go, Chechnya: Check

      Libya: Check

      Syria: Providing cover for operation, Check

      Brzezinski up to his neck in neoconservative destabilization via asymetric warfare, aka, terrorism.

      You don't get destabilization without terrorism and Brzezinski's policy is destabilization.

      So, yes, the opinions you get from Brzezinski are road apples right from the horses ass.

    14. Let me say something about the "Israeli Card" after writing above, "Now Israel is trying to force the issue by bombing Syria."

      That was imprecise.

      The Israeli Card is not what it appears.

      It would be the neoconservatives' wet-dream to have Syria respond in kind, as that would inflame all the supporters of Israel, here, in America, thus, justifying U. S. intervention (or at least making the Israeli supporters hostile against Assad).

      But Syria likely won't make such a stupid mistake, which would be worse than a crime, as it isn't a crime at all to defend your counttry from external attack or internal subversion, but it would still be a mistake.

      But what it does do is "tune" the dog whistle that Assad's fall is "What is best for Israel" for the loyal Israeli supporters, who will then give much more latitude to Obama's destabilization operation even though it directly sponsors terrorism, trains terrorists, and exposes the lie that al-Qaeda is against the U. S. and Israel.

      Has al-Qaeda in all its dastardly acts ever carried out a terrorist attack against Israel?


      Wonder why?

      But the Israeli Card is dangerous to play because it exposes the lie that al-Qaeda and Israel are enemies.

      This makes the Syrian government's and many others' arguments easier in the Arab World:

      Israel is a prime beneficiary of the so-called "jihad" against Assad.

      These are mercenaries, but with a jihad cover story. But will the jihadist mercenaries continue fighting & dying for an Israeli benefitting operation?

      No one knows, but it looks like we will find out.

      It could make the whole operation go up in catastrophe and discredit the whole "Arab Spring".

      But since the Islamisists were the beneficiaries, then secular governments could rise again in the Arab World.

      A stable Arab World which trades oil with the world (and the U. S.) and is peaceful with healthy economic, diplomatic, and cultural relations with each other and with the rest of the world.

      Brzezinski's policy leads to war and blow-back while bankrupting the United States and discrediting America around the world.

    15. Nothing in what Brezisinski says in any of these statements is what you claim.

      You're interpreting his statements as containing what you WANT them to say, not what he really says or means.

      I hate to play the "conspiracy" card here, but you are doing what Jones and others do in misinterpreting what people say.

      In Jones' case it's bad faith.

      In your case it's cognative rigidity.


    16. MITmichael, I provided the quotes from the articles where Brzezinski supported the Libyan-NATO operation.

      Brzezinski wanted to provide more time for the so-called Syrian "rebels" so that U. S. involvement would not be so readily apparent.

      And in Chechnya where Brzezinski was a leading intellectual figure in supporting the rebels in that theatre of destabilization.

      I provided the quotes, but MITmichael ignores the quotes and their meaning.

      Grasping the nettle would be taking the quotes and showing how I've either taken them out of context or misinterpreted the meaning. I've done neither, and so MITmichael is left sputtering, talking about quotes he, himself, is too chicken to present to the readers to back-up his contentions.

      MITmicheal: Don't look at that man, Brzezinski, standing behind the curtain. See the fine clothes of the Emperor. Don't wakeup from that corporate media trance.

      MITmichael, now you come off looking like a Kool-Aid drinker.

      But MITmichael's last hope is for people to fail to read the quotes.

      Yep, MITmicheael is a status quote, CURRENT policy supporter.

      Now, I'll admit I am shooting at the snake's head, by exposing Brzezinski for what he is: An neo-imperial war advocate, who supports terrorism.

      And see how hard MITmichael sqirms and struggles to protect Brzezinski.

      MITmichael knows that if Brzezinski is exposed the whole gambit is in jeopardy.

      Brzezinski provides a patina of respectability for an otherwise disgusting, terrorism supporting policy of destabilization in the Middle East, Causasus, Caspian Basin and Central Asia.

      In all of those places Brzezinski has supported destabilizing policies dependent on terrorist, asymetrical war, so-called "rebels" who use terror tactics.

      And you say Brzezinski doesn't support terrorism -- his whole policy is dependent on terrorist tactics as carried out in asymetrical threatres of operation.

      You know that guy who was photographed with Osama bin Laden (likely during the Carter administration), as bin Laden in uniform, helps Brzezinski with an automatic weapon, which Brzezinski is holding.

      Brzezinski's policies are a failure and his head needs to be stuck on a political pike.

  10. That's what crack does to your brain: tapioca pudding as the medical examiner described Travis Alexander's decayed remnants.
    MIT you are a very sick personality. No wonder the Feds dumped you.
    Get off the meds before you need a custodian.

    1. Need to re acquaint myself with the Obama deception patriarch! I remember me and my friends being blown away by it but sadly trying to get others to watch was a far more difficult task! Its good to go back and watch again because the incredible pace of the information passed on, especially on sites like this! I find myself looking at one eye opening topic after another! Thanks for the reminder

    2. The Feds "dumped" me?


      Now that's a laugh.

      What a clueless idiot you are.

  11. As for "The Obama Deception" by Alex Jones...

    As all the garbage spewed by that blathering charlaitan, only a total moron could believe it.

    Be sure to stock up on all that storable food.

    The black helecopters are coming.

  12. go back to FIRST GRADE, MORON!



  13. Thank you for the spelling corrections.

    And while your at it don't forget to store up on gold coins and burkee water filters for when the globalist army of foreign troops now massing on the Mexican border storm in to disarm us and make us all slaves.

    I know patiots like you will be there to defend the poor spellers like myself.

    My fate lies in your hands!

    1. Here's some pro bono advice:
      TAKE THE 5th before you can't .

  14. Not much here, I would say. The critical facts are covered up in this report as Clark and Priest have been doing since 9/11. The critical fact is that there is no "blowback", no incompetence, no failure of policy but rather the success of a policy of U.S. state-sponsored terror to justify war abroad and a police state at home.

    1. Oh yeah crtitical facts are being covered up, just like in the Bhengazi thing..

      For example, did they purchase the saucepans they used for the attack from Jordan Marsh or was it from Costco or Sears?

      And what woman's DNA is in the one saucepan? Was it a high-level al-quada operative using al-Jazira as a cover? Could it be that she was cooking lamb curry in the saucepan, ploting the evil acts with the two brothers, while enjoying a menage-a'tois with them both? Was it vaginal secretion on the saucepan that yeiled this critical information?

      Inquiring minds want to know.

  15. "The search for foreign involvement in the Boston Marathon Bombings has been a sad joke.
    The fact that no one has stood up and called "shenanigans" on the mainstream purveyors of what is supposed to be responsible journalism in this country is a national disgrace.

    When you look at how this happened, its hard not to suspect that a “higher power” than the FBI was steering the investigation.

    This raises the strong possibility that the FBI’s investigation into the bombing has been manipulated, or steered, by the CIA.

    In the post-mortems to come on the Boston Marathon bombing investigation, the crucial question will be: Who was behind this effort, and why?

    A big question is what Uncle Ruslan stood to gain by making accusations about Misha.
    If you’re on a CIA’s crisis management team, and your job is to play for time and try to run the clock out on the American people’s attention span, the result might look something very much like the last two weeks in America.

    And if your goal was to forestall pointed questions about Ruslan Tsarni and top CIA official Graham Fuller’s roles in the Tsarnaevs family’s frequent trips to Dagestan, you couldn’t have played it better."

    1. The idea that the FBI can be manipulated by CIA is completely stupid. Nothing like that is possible, and that you would suppose such is indicative of how ignorant you are and how implausible your conclusions can be.

      As for "who was behind it...."

      Here's a news flash for you....

      Nothing credible indicates anyone was behind it.

      AT MOST what the available information suggests is that FBI may have failed to act because they may have had the older brother in their sights for a sting at some point, which is their usual process.

      Why don't you channel all your suspicions, weird thinking processes and unfounded beliefs on some other topic, likes professional athletics or something. Baseball season is almost here. Try going to ball game and stop taking up space on the board.

    2. Mit

      Taking up space on the board with jiberish
      and sex obsessions has been your fall from
      grace so get with the program and purge.

    3. If a person can't be obcessed with sex what can a person be obscessed with?

      That's abnormal.

  16. Back to basics! Once again a blind man on a galloping horse can see this isn't right so therefore regardless of opine details let's all agree and forget about petty online juvenile torment! This Boston thing stinks of shit and I defy anyone to say otherwise! How do those onions grab online America??

    1. the Basics:

    2. As of January 20, 2009, the First Amendment was Officially Suppressed.

      Russia Today has to educate the ignorant indolent apathetic American Citizens:


    3. Thanks for the link patriarch just watched it and I doesn't become more basic than that does it!! But given I'm labelled idiotic and moronic like the majority on here(I think MIT over estimates me somewhat) I may as well thank my lucky stars I'm in England and get back to watching reality TV shows and soap operas that reflect life and don't question what we are told because its a need to know basis and we clearly don't need to know! Why would I want to listen to articulate people whom put across impressive points when I can get all the information I need from "cutting edge" movies like zero dark 30?? Hey can anyone send me a link to jersey shore? But I digress somewhat! To be honest this "cyber" slanging match is frankly boring and if an opinion cannot be respected without sliding into nursery playground theatrics then where are we going with it? There's a lot of commitment obviously put into this by extremely well informed people who gladly share with less informed as myself and not forgetting the author of this blog who shares his extensive experience with the readers very generously , that's not to say anyone is always correct but I draw the line at childish name calling and labelling readers as idiots and morons by which I mean I'll ignore posts of such in the future! A fool shows his annoyance at once but a prudent man overlooks an insult.

    4. He's a distracting "plant" used to misdirect and obfuscate.

      Dr. P. should block him and anyone else, who abuses this blog.

      He is self-serving and should have his own to vent ALWAYS WITH SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT.

    5. Oh yeah I'm a plant from the New World Order and the Globalists and the Illuminati.

      I'm been sent here to sow confusion in your nobel work.

    6. Patriarch, I appreciate your work and information, but I don't think it is your place to tell Dr. Pieczenik how to run his website.

      Frankly, I think it is poor form to agitate to ban anybody from a website.

      Do I agree with MITmichael? Occasionally I do, but often not, but I don't turn around and attempt to get him banned.

      I provide facts & evidence to counter his opinions & conclusions I disagree with.

      It is the man who can't respond effectively that then turns around and seeks to silence his opponents in an intellectual debate.

      Patriarch, you can do better than carp that somebody should be banned.

      It has a wiff of intolerance for counter-positions that is common among authoritarians.

      It has no place on this blog.

    7. Miss Anaconda,
      There is no place on this blog or any blog for invalidation of any blogger. MIT FEELS BETTER WHEN HE ATTACKS OTHERS HERE, especially the editor of this site:
      Dr. PIECZENIK can make his own decisions.

      Raising objections is appropriate ma'am.

      MIT uses this blog to vent with malice & self aggrandizement, writing about himself, not the topic.

      His negative ad hominem attacks are uninvited, disruptive, & unacceptable.
      He is irresponsible.
      Perhaps you could train him to behave, otherwise he should vent elsewhere.
      He really needs a mother.
      You could make a difference.

  17. Just ignore MIT. He will go away.

    1. Now that's definitely the most stupid thing I've ever heard.