Thursday, May 23, 2013

Obama Beset by Crises Becomes the New Ex-President Calvin Coolidge---“The Silent Ass!” 
  As one crises after another crises embalmed Obama and his novitiate minions,  the one remarkable response that POTUS came out with on the conundrum,  I will call, ’IRS/ Bengahzi/AP or IBA’, is that “I don’t know anything about it! The only thing I know is what I read in the newspapers.” 
A friend of mine,  called me up last night and reminded me that the 30th POTUS,  Calvin Coolidge,  who was also completely ineffective just like Obama made a similar statement over a century ago.
“Silent Cal”  was pretty honest about his inept,  laissez-faire government [in part because he grew up with ‘Pilgrim Northeast Values’]:
“All I know is what I read is in the newspapers!”
“I think that the American Public wants a  SOLEMN ASS as A PRESIDENT [my emphasis]. And I think that I will go along with it.” 
That’s it folks.  There is not much more than I can say.
Biden will fit in quite nicely,  Obama needs to get a house in the Carribbean and take an early exit bow.   A dumb ashtray is better  (give credit to Roger Ailes for that) than a dumb ass.
  So Joe Biden,  it’s your turn up at bat… just sooner than you thought…request your friend to step down without IMPEACHMENT.  
  Let’s see what type of Presidential Material you are made of…


  1. Biden is salivating.
    America is like a fish: It rots from the HEAD.

    Some updates:

    2 FBI ELITE hostage negotiators who arrested the younger Tsarnaev in the boat " fell" out of helicopter on a drill on Thursday in Va Beach, Va.
    Read the comment section.

    Rep ( prosecutor) GOWDY building a case against Hllary using Pickerings transcribed interview.

  2. I want to comment on Obama's counter-terror speech because it displays how cravenly evil he is....

    He claims he has woken-up from a long slumber of operating drone attacks and Guantanamo to realize that after over four years it's ready for a change. I guess that's the "change" he said he would do upon his first oath of office. Buy anyway he claims that everthing he did was not only necessary but effective but then for some undisclosed reason that he must change everything and comport the whole affair to what his left base wants...make any sense? Sort of contradictory perhaps?

    Then he goes on to say that he is going to wind down the war on if it's up to any President as to when that could happen.

    Hey if the war on terror is our response to the acts of terrorists then how is it in our power to simply shut it off? Isn't that a little contradictory?

    But ah yes that's what his left base would like because [unlike himself] they believe that the war is counter-productive, but Obama claims it's exactly the opposite.

    According to Obama each and every person targeted by drones killed at his order [or at the unexpected opportunity presented to a drone operator] SAVED LIVES which would otherwise have been lost to these people who it is positively known were planning [or maybe intending or wishing pershaps] to kill many innocent people in horrible acts of terror.

    But that's okay. We can merely change their minds by listening to our liberal base and choosing to wind down the war on terror and they won't have those intentions anymore.

    And what were the reasons he gave for why we should end the war on terror?

    Is it because it's possible to do because we've succeeed suppressing all these terrorists?


    It's because of it's cost and for "moral reasons.

    Moral reasons?

    You mean the war on terror is "immoral?"

    What on earth does he mean by that?

    Could it be that there isn't one word of sincerity in any of this contradictory drivel?

    Could it be he just wanted to make a speech that would sound good to his liberal base because he needs them now more than ever?

    Does this person have a sincere bone anywhere in his negro body?

    I think we have a Robert Mugabe or Laurent Kabila or Yah Yah Jammah as our President.

    1. In listening to this asshole [Obama] for five years I don't think I've heard a single believable or sincere statement. He's just like all the leaders I used to listen to when I lived in Africa - every word is a charade. Nothing ever said is said with any conviction. There is simply no conviction in his voice at any moment. He's like an actor delivering lines in a stale, vapid manner. There is no emotion. There is no gravity applied to anything.

    2. “You can’t tell Barack that the teleprompter’s down. The standing joke in the office is Barack’s learning to speak without a teleprompter."

  3. Excellent points MIT Michael! I think its fair to say president Obama is nearing the end of his time in office as there seems to be a big swell of opinion against him on most blogs (probably always was in truth) yes its appears to me that everything he says lacks any sincerity or conviction and that early retirement is looming large! BTW things are not quite as they seem to appear in dear old England regarding the "decapitation" of a soldier in the UK! Seems we've learned an awful lot from the Boston performance!! I don't have any links to post but anyone with any interest in it can find out via usual other blogs ect. The tap blog and aangirfan is a good start I'd say.

  4. When I was in Africa I would roll my eyes [like everyone else would] whenever the local President [in whichever country I happened to be in] would say anything. They were all a the same - lying, stealing, cheating, murdering, torturing criminals totally indifferent to anything except sending their wives on expensive shopping trips and vacations.

    I could have never imagined that some day the United States would have an African President, with an African name, doing exactly the same thing.

    This country is really messed up.