Friday, May 17, 2013

“Over and Over Again…”   Political Corruption Never Fails To Rear It’s Ugly Head!  Aren't we sick of funding these people?
There is an old French expression which goes like this
  “Plus ca change, moins ca change”. 
  The more things change, the less they change.

Many things look like they change but they really don’t.
  For example,  I would like to list a series of factoids that reaffirm my conviction that Corruption—personal, moral, ethical, monetary, and political –are all alive and well.
I don’t say this because I am a cynic,  but to reaffirm that human nature does not change unless change is forcibly placed on the transgressors.   In the case of politicians,  most of whom are by nature SOCIOPATHS,  bereft of accountability or moral conscience,  unless they are jailed or punished,   nothing really changes.
Witness the following transgressions repeated time and time again:
--Anthony Weiner ‘s [“Dick Head,” running for Mayor of NYC] wife made over $490,000  while being the ‘full time chief of staff’ for SecState Hillary Clinton.   At the same time,  Huma Abedin [‘second daughter of Clintons’] also worked for Teneo,   a strategic consulting and lobbying firm founded by Doug Band,  a former adviser to Slick Willy Clinton. 
Teneo,  clearly a ‘corrupt crony capitalism’ firm advised the former ‘indicted, corrupt former Senator, ex-Governor and failed CEO of MF Global,  Jon S. Corzine.’ 
--She made $135,000 directly from the State Dept. 
Sidebar: In contrast,  I ended up PAYING money to work to “take out Noriega”.  Under Secretary Pat Kennedy –how did you allow this travesty to happen? 
--Ms. Abedin interestingly,  earned that money while working in NYC rather than Washington DC where the State Dept is located…..hmmm.
--She was also paid PRIVATELY by Sec State Hillary Clinton for the ‘private work’ and also paid by ‘the Clinton Foundation’ and Teneo.
Thanks NY Times, Raymond Hernandez for the Article.

Next in line:
 --My personal Bete Noire,  the nefarious “Professional Jew”,  Neo-Con Elliot Abrams who was in 1983  the former Assistant Secretary of State for HUMAN RIGHTS [Elliot is to Human Rights what Hitler was to anti-semitism].
Elliot’s support of General Efrain Rios Montt  who is charged by the International Court of Justice for GENOCIDE was instrumental in INCREDIBLE MASSACRE OF MAYAN VILLAGES in GUATEMALA.   But that was just the beginning of genocides that this so-called,   “religious Jew” who taunts anyone who disagrees with him as ‘anti-semites’,  forgetting that he was born of Trotskyite family members,  Midge Dichter and John Podhoretz.
Once again,   his crimes have come back to haunt him –Guatemala,  Nicaragua, El Salvador.   He and the  CIA,  the Mossad,  Argentina,  Chile and Taiwan all conspired to help create “a monster USG spawn:  General Efrain Rios Montt”. 
He was compared to a Nazi and Elliot was his co-conspirator and mentor.
  What does that make Elliot? Also a Nazi?
  Thanks NY Times,  Elizabeth Malkin.
  So once again, both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of using tax payers money to kill,  massacre innocent people in the name of ‘national security’ and use public funds for ‘personal political use.’ 
  How do we stop this vicious cycle?
Don’t get despondent.  Concentrate on one specific issue, get your facts.   Start getting out of sheep-mode, and if you are already out, work on friends & family!  Knowledge is a weapon!  Practice your talking points.  Write about it to friends,  family and your congressional representatives.   Stay on it.  And then join your fellow citizens to say “that you will refuse to pay your taxes until you know what will they be used for.”
  Without public money or public will,  there is no centralized government or corruption.  Join a succession movement! or start one.  Texas, Vermont and other states have them!
In the absence of public funds,  nothing but nothing can happen.   Even the IRS can no longer exist!!! 
Stop corruption by stop funding the Federal Government.   Let’s have Civil Disobedience. 
  Without Violence, of course!!!


  1. "SECESSION" sic
    That is up to each state legislature & if not undertaken in synchrony ("crony" emphasized) it won't happen.

    As for the corrupt & incompetent staffers at the IRS WHO HAVE STOLEN TAXPAYERS' TRUST, not to mention their livelihoods, look no further than Dr. Irwin Schiff, who endeavored to expose the theft of American citizens' assets:

    "The IRS is not an organization within the United States Department of the Treasury. The U.S. Department of the Treasury was organized by statutes now codified in Title 31 of the United States Code, abbreviated “31 U.S.C.” The only mention of the IRS anywhere in 31 U.S.C. §§ 301‑313 is an authorization for the President to appoint an Assistant General Counsel in the U.S. Department of the Treasury to be the Chief Counsel for the IRS. See 31 U.S.C. 301(f)(2)...
    The IRS appears to be a collection agency working for foreign banks and operating out of Puerto Rico under color of the Federal Alcohol Administration (“FAA”). But the FAA was promptly declared unconstitutional inside the 50 States by the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of U.S. v. Constantine, 296 U.S. 287 (1935), because Prohibition had already been repealed.
    In 1998, the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit identified a second “Secretary of the Treasury” as a man by the name of Manual Díaz-Saldaña. See the definitions of “Secretary” and “Secretary or his delegate” at 27 CFR 26.11 (formerly 27 CFR 250.11), and the published decision in Used Tire International, Inc. v. Manual Díaz-Saldaña, court docket number 97‑2348, September 11, 1998. Both definitions mention Puerto Rico...
    The IRS is a federal government subcontractor. The systematic and premeditated pattern of racketeering by IRS employees establishes probable cause to dismantle the IRS permanently for violating the Sherman Antitrust Act, first enacted in the year 1890 A.D. See 26 Stat. 209 (1890) (uncodified at 15 U.S.C. 1 et seq.)..
    IRS appears to be a money laundry, extortion racket, and conspiracy to engage in a pattern of racketeering activity, in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1951 and 1961 et seq. (“RICO”). Think of Puerto RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act); an organized crime syndicate operating under false and fraudulent pretenses...
    there is no known Act of Congress, nor any Executive Order, giving IRS lawful jurisdiction to operate within any of the 50 States of the Union...
    Since IRS is domiciled in Puerto Rico (RICO?), it is thereby excluded from the definition of federal agencies which can be represented by the DOJ. The IRS Chief Counsel, appointed by the President under authority of 31 U.S.C. 301(f)(2), can appear, or appoint a delegate to appear in federal court on behalf of IRS and IRS employees...the chain of command begins with Congress, flows to the President, and then to the IRS Chief Counsel, and NOT to the U.S. Department of Justice...
    IRS agents bribe U.S. Attorneys, federal judges, and even the Office of the President with huge kickbacks, every time a criminal indictment is issued by a federal grand jury against an "illegal" tax protester."

    Unless Congress repeals OBAMAcare by the most EXPEDITIOUS WAY - disclosing what any critical thinker already knows: Obama is an imposter & has committed social security & ID FRAUD (& cannot pass E-VERIFY the database used to validate immigrants), the IRS WILL CONTROL EVERY MOMENT OF OUR & our posterity's living lives.
    Obama's executive orders & executed laws will be retroactively NULL & VOID

    The Obama Gangster Syndicate is a premeditated WEB to destroy the republic.

    A new system of eligibility for elected office must be formulated.
    Until background checks are mandatory for elected office, no improvements will happen to change the vast greed spendthrift mentality & theft of taxpayers' livelihoods.


    1. Book:
      Cracking the Code of Internal Revenue"

    2. ...the IRS is technically a trust with a domicile in Puerto Rico. See 31 U.S.C. 1321(a)(62). As such, their records are protected by laws which guarantee the privacy of trust records within that territorial jurisdiction, provided that the trust is not also violating the Sherman Antitrust Act.

      They are technically not an “agency” of the federal government, as that term is defined in the Freedom of Information Act and in the Administrative Procedures Act. The governments of the federal territories are expressly excluded from the definition of “agency” in those Acts of Congress. See 5 U.S.C. 551(1)(C).
      All evidence indicates that they are a money laundry, extortion racket, and conspiracy to engage in a pattern of racketeering activity, in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1951 and 1961 et seq.

      They appear to be laundering huge sums of money into foreign banks, mostly in Europe, and quite possibly into the Vatican. See the national policy on money laundering at 31 U.S.C. 5341.

      The final report of the Grace Commission, convened under President Ronald Reagan, quietly admitted that none of the funds they collect from federal income taxes goes to pay for any federal government services. The Grace Commission found that those funds were being used to pay for interest on the federal debt, and income transfer payments to beneficiaries of entitlement programs like federal pension plans.

    3. "Change You Can Believe In"

  2. Well it looks like it's gonna take me to return to the topic of Dr. Pieczenik's post....

    Rios Monte was supported not only by the CIA and the sinister Elliott Abrams but by President Ronald Reagan and his whole crew - Al Haig, George Schultz, NSA Chiefs Clarke and MacFarlane, etc......

    It's not just certain people who supported Rios Monte and those like him. In El Salvador during those years the elected President was the leader of the death squads who killed and raped American Marinole Nuns while Al Haig pleaded that it was "rebels dressed-up like soldiers."

    But as for Elliot Abrams, yes, he is a particularly sinister person because he not only does atrocious things but boasts about it too. He merely has a big mouth whereas the others just keep their mouths shut and do very evil things.

    As for Obama's "Hope and Change..."

    Well it never exactly happened. The guy's a charlatan, liar and a crook, not to mention indifferent and incompetent.

    Everyone here should know by now that I'm an admitted racist. I can't ignore saying that he wouldn't have been elected if it weren't for the 90% black vote turning out for him merely because of his race....and that "white guilt" played a lot into it, and that which wasn't "guilt" was merely wishful thinking by whites that he was what he said he was instead of what the facts indicated, and it makes whites feel better about themselves and the world if they can convince themselves that race doesn't matter...

    But so it seems it may.

    1. The sad truth of life is that race matters a lot. And the whole miserable experience of my life has led me to conclude that, prior to what I used to think, it matters more than just about anything.

      Or as a scholar would say, "it has more 'explanitory power' than the alternatives."

    2. Another name of course which comes up as a huge booster of Rios Monte is of course John Negroponte, who was the ambassador to Honduras in those days, and who paid off the government of Honduras to let the Nicaraguan cutthroats (contras) turn southern Honduras and Nicaragua into a blood-soaked horror show replete with castrations, amputations, machine-gun killings and burned flesh....

      "It's morning in America..."

    3. And while we're on the topic of John Negroponte I wish to add that he's physically the most disgusting, evil looking person I've ever seen. He's pudgy and soft all over, with a feminine face and a pate which is devoid of any hair except for a few oily wisps here and there. He fits the comic-book image of a villian who's appearance reflects his moral/mental degradation.

  3. Here's an interesting POV on Obama's RBI:
    "Ponder that in there is a coup being conducted deliberately now against Birther Obama.. crippling motion on Birther Obama in Obama now is in absolutely no position to initiate any more terror events in America for Sandy Hooker policy change...
    There are though forces at work in this, who have taken a great deal of trouble to implement the three strikes. Is this just a putting a leash on Obama so no more burning of Chechen assets or Boston bombings will take place..."

    Since the Boston/north Korea DOUBLE PLAY, the puppeteers have had enough:
    No more balls; no more walks...
    3 Strikes since 4-15-13:
    "You have to see these signs and realize for the untouchable Obama to suddenly be triangulated on in three impeachable crimes, that someone with immense power is bucking Berlin which installed Obama, and there must be a PROJECTION POINT that is no longer a horizon event forming."

    HE'S OUTTA HERE! (and he has already been notified to find a house far away from DC AS POSSIBLE.)

  4. "[Abrams] was born of Trotskyite family members, Midge Dichter and John Podhoretz."

    Not to mention his father-in-law Norman Podhoretz. His wife Rachel Dichter Abrams (Norman's step-daughter) is a piece of work.

  5. Disuniting the Empire (secession) is necessary, both in principle (a nation that big should never exist because it is unmanageable) and for the sake of political expediency (the FED-GOV U$A seems markedly more corrupt then the State legislators ?). It must be understood though that secession can lead to punitive actions by the remaining Empire, which can make an economy in the secceded state become (much) worse (not to mention re-conquest by force). This is a burden the people will need to understand and willing to absorb (it seems to me most people are only obsessed with their personal wealth, while wars, corruption of any kind are not of any interest to them until it starts to hurt their personal wallets; hence their political backbone to the 'the right thing for the sake of the right thing' is limited.) Still it is the right thing to do, dangers should be acknowledged though, attempts prepared to mittigate them (everyone getting land for growing food is a good start.)

    Taxation revolt is something that the people with less moral backbone may fancy (more money in their pocket), it may cater to the less capable 'revolutionary people.' You then end up potentially with not such a strong and competent 'movement.'
    Engaging in in taxation revolt is smarter (imho) when you are on the brink of succesful revolution (which is not now, it seems?) Taxation revolt causes the targeted enemy to have an easy excuse to list and harass those not paying taxes ("they don't pay, they don't get police protection, they are disloyal," etc); it destracts those resisting with the fairly useless tax revolt because the enemy will get enough money from other sources to go on; if you can smother the enemy this way you need to organize proper Revolution anyway in the end to set up a new Government/nation, which is what is a more potent activity that could rather precede a taxation revolt, and that makes a taxation revolt more powerful. With organization in place, a taxation revolt might be the last step toward a full Revolution. The withheld taxation could then be redirected to the new Government. You only have such a new Government if you have the necessary organization in place; organization can (and should) mean an election system.

    1. Every American should see the History Channel's "The Story of US," an English twelve-part series on how the US was built.

      You can find it on Youtube.

      The simple truth is that the people who built the United States were fiercesome, fighting, killing individualists who HATED government and solved their own disputes through the barrell of a gun.

      When I think of how docile, weak, effette, frightened, cowardly, and hysterical Americans are today I JUST WANNA PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      To maintain liberty every person has to set aside their longings for security and be WILLING TO TAKE RISKS in order to keep the evildoers of government off their backs.

      And yes that does mean the occassional terrorist will get through the what?

      More people are killed by deer crashing through the windshields of their cars every year than by terrorists.

      The American people have to shape up and act like men. And yes I do mean men, and I am a a sexist too.

      This is the reason why women and homosexuals and half-men like Lindsey Graham all want to join the military and be what they aren't. They all possess masculinity fantasies because only men, real men, have the physical power to contest against other men for their freedom and dignity.

      That's the way nature made things.

    2. Most young women today are encouraged to have masculinity fantasies, and love to watch films in which women are falsely portrayed as Amazon-like warriors such as the sinsiter Angelina Jolie in "Lara Croft Tomb Raider," etc....Or even the women of cage fighting MMA....or women boxers, etccc....

      This is all garbage.

      I've personally known girls who have fallen for this shit and have gone off and been in the military, or become boxers and cage fighters, and then live to regret it.

      One girl boxer I know won six fights and then went to another state for a fight. When she lost she spent the next week crying. She was in tears. What "fighter" cries all the time? Then she tried cage fighting and the stress and anxiety was so severe that it ruined her health.

      All these things are normal for any female:

      -crying at the first sign of stress
      -screaming when they are startled
      -chronic anxiety about impending matters.
      -obscessions with self-worth/acceptance
      -obscessions with body image

      Females are the weaker sex....period.

      They have many strengths too -

      They are now 60% of all college graduates for example.

      But when it comes to physical stress and combat they aren't up to it and shouldn't be tricked into thinking they are.

    3. Every girl I know actually screams when she's startled by something. It's a reflex. All women do it.


      What man screams that way?

      Gender matters.

      Nature matters.

    4. Dude, real power isn't a gun, it's an organization; it's an economy, it's a State, it's a disciplined army with wise Generals as opposed to 'loose rabble street mob', it's a credible ideology, it's being an honorable man or women of your word who never lies, who can be trusted and who is trusted (that way you can organize people). I agree with you that women and half-men have no place on the front line, but the problem with fixating on the gun or the muscle arm is forgetting the direction it needs to have, and that direction comes from organization and sensible - balanced - ideology (like separation of powers, sensible election systems, honorable servants within whatever State is set up, etc). Americans have a tendency to overestimate the power of guns, and neglect even completely the power of organizations. Unions are weak in the U$A, political parties seems virtually non-exsting, militias seem cowered already! It's a combination that you need. Having only an organization and not physical force to resist tyrannical crackdown is also fundamental weakness. Just don't think that guns and muscles will solve everything because they will be divided & conquered too easily. The State is organized, and unless there is counter-organization where needed the People will decide to give up on the 'resistance' because there isn't any. I don't say you should now unite accross the Empire under one banner, far from it: unite in smaller local organizations, that way you're a swarm, somewhere in between 'loose rabble' and a unitary element. I think in such a system is the greatest strength, provided they have a useful program and the honesty to carry it out. The word, by the way, is far more powerful then a gun; every gun after all is guided by the word, and armies certainly are ruled by words, whole nations are.

      Sorry to keep it vague, but i'm not going to advertize my own stuff on someone else's blog (or wish to debate at length), especially not someone like Pieczenik who is an honorable American.

    5. You're completely wrong.

      If the last fifty years has taught us anything it's the limits of conventional militay power, lead by generals, etc..which you extoll.

      The strength of this nation has always resided in the individual wills of it's people to enforce their sense of honor and have the ability to fight off government.

      The strength of the Vietnamese lay in their individual moral strengths.

      The strength of the Iraqis and Afghans lay in their individual moral strengths.

      Conventional armies are not the issue here.
      You can have them. I'll take an armed citizenry every time.

    6. As for "advertising your own stuff" if you're a part of the US armed forces then you have little to boast about.

      The US has had it's ass kicked in Vietnam, in Iraq, in Afghanistan.....

      The US military is a sick system of degenerates in which every single cute female around gets sexually assaulted over and over again and there's nothing anyone will do about it.....

      The American military is a reflection of the mongrol races which make up this polyglot nation - pretty much mostly scum.

    7. Wheren't the Vietnamese famous for their tunnels (I saw my share of American TV series about that war). Try digging a tunnel all by yourself and see how far you get ;). Armed citizenry is what I am referring to, but these have to get organized locally. Why is nobody urging the American people to do this, to form strength ? Example: there you are, MITmichael, in your home, with your share of ammo, you got your AK47, you got your smoke grenades and what have you. Then you see 'them' (the American Gestapo) knock on the door of your neighbor accross the street 2 to the left. Maybe you know him, maybe you don't (this varies accross the country, doesn't it). You see curtains move in the house accross of you, you see a door swing open in the home to the left. You know these people all have their share of ammo, too. You know that you could take out this homeland security team, or at least kill a good few of them.

      1. If you don't have an organization already present in your street, the chances you will spring into action are next to zero - unless the State is already sufficiently wobbly and you're suicidal enough to try anything.

      2. If you manage to fight off the State hit-team, you know that soon the place will be crawling with tanks, helicopters and the like, and then you need greater help from citizens wider afield. That also requires organization but now on at least a neighborhood scale. If you have that organization ready on neighborhood scale, if you have a tighter militia for your street and the next and are in a coalition with all the militias in the neighborhood and you have your signals and command in order, then the decision can be made to defend your neighborhood as one force. You can be ordered by your Captain or whatever to go defend a tactical location with some others. (Citizens armies presumably quite quickly get to large sizes because "everyone joins in" so a city of 200 000 can easily have 60 000 men who are capable in principle of combat, and at some 20 000 you're already a Division, a 2 Star General). Once your 'neighborhood is on fire,' the combat can start to include other neighborhoods, and you can even win this militarily, especially when other cities start doing the same at the same time, so that the Tyrants can not focus all their forces on one spot (which is how they always win).

      You think that's the end of the tyrants ? No, it's the beginning, because after victory you need to establish a civil order that works, and that too requires organization.

      This is the golden age, where we can talk about these things and you can prepare. If Americans waste this golden age with doing nothing but buying ammo, which I think they should also be doing, you may end up cowering behind your curtain realizing you got no chance.

    8. We're a long, long way from organized armed resistance in this country.

      The problem we face now is the public sheepishly doing anything the government asks without much organized political action.

      There are some marginal groups and people seeking reform, but the majority in both parties are docile sheep.

    9. The mongrol races? Where do they come from, Mongrolia?

    10. MITmicheal, but perhaps you can organize with your own brother. I'm Dutch and in the Netherlands and you're American and over there we can not do a lot practically together. However thoughts about how to organize can be shared widely, debated so that all get 'into that kind of thing' already. Thought precedes action (or should). The debate itself is something that can make tyrants crumble, as they realize that while they press down their knife of evil, that will only strengthen those who want to 'do what it takes' to get heard and grow in strength until the tyrants - and hopefully their financiers - are in jail. The majority usually does nothing but chase it's own wealth, the question is what are we doing different.

      I have to admit though that I haven't found anyone yet to do anything with lol; yes the labor union, not exactly a club that understands the need for more fundamental re-organization yet. Perhaps later they will, my goodness what are many people economically and politically naive. In our nation it is a powerful entity at least, and though they really don't do a lot more then ask "for a bigger lollypop from the bankers", at least that demand is made on behalf of those who get the short end of the stick. By the way, labor unions in our countries matter because they are organized, and have a vast membership much outranking the political parties. I think total labor union membership is around 2 million (18 million total population, about 1 in 10 is organized in a labor union). The biggest political parties are around 70 000 members, their total membership - all parties combined - is a little over 300 000. Here you see the true power relations in our nation. Our parliament dances so long as it is at the pleasure of our labor unions, you could say. Labor unions outnumber political parties by a factor of 6. Probably half of those political parties have fundamental ideological loyalty to the labor unions. Within the labor unions itself exists its own democracy, which isn't as good as I would like it but it certainly is there. For example my own union (Bondgenoten) is lead by a council of ... 60.

      Now let's see what kind of rights we have here, or just how our infrastructure is doing which I heard is 'rotting' in the U$A. We have a lot of rights for sure, even though the bankers and their henchmen - and dumb people - try everything they can to undermine those rights and it is a *daily* struggle to keep up with the Governments bad ideas and bad implementations of good ideas, and so on. That is not just saying something because it sounds fun, it's not fun to do as my labor union collegues are doing to go to extensive schooling about the new crazy and big laws our problematic Government is trying to jam down our throats. We are currently in a struggle against a method of the Governments (national and local) against the unemployed being put to work for private businesses while the state remains paying their unemployement money. Don't even think that's a scam to help the unemployed, it's a scam to fatten up the corporate bosses and their banks on the banks of helpless labor people.

      Organization = power, disorganization = 'hanging seperately' = anarchy = defeat at the hands of those who are organized. Bankers certainly are organized... It has to start somewhere, to organize, so let's do it, do it right now. ;) yes !

    11. My friend it's impossible to have any organized movement of activists who are thoughtful and effective.

      It's in the nature of humans and activists and revolutionaries that they will bring out the worst in people.

      That's why Marxism and National Socialism wound up doing so much harm when in theory they both were for the building of a better world.

      When I did covert action and I'd brew up a plan to organize people for one or another noble cause I would analyze who I really had available to work with and then I'd see that all I had was a bunch of idiots and cut-throats.

      Human beings are mostly basically bad, and they're just not up to organizing for much that's positive.

      This is where I disagree with Noam Chomsky. He lives in an acedemic ivory tower and never really spends any time with street people, criminals,peasants and factory workers like I've had to do.....

      Most people just want to watch ball games, pray to a God when all else fails them, get drunk or intoxicated on something, live out their sexual or romantic dreams....their pursuit of "happiness" is persuit of A PARTY DUDE.

    12. Jefferson's pursuit of happiness was to be left alone so he could... innovative buildings and structures
      2.innovate farming and do experimentations
      3.write essays on political theory a University to educate mankind

      As opposed to most citizens of the country he founded, who wish to.... the lottery or inherit their family's wealth so they can get drunk, smoke weed, watch porn, go on the internet and find someone to fuck, then smoke more weed, take a shower....go eat some mashed potatoes, corn, fried chicken and macaroni and cheese, then watch a ball game while drinking twelve or more beers....

  6. As for Tim Weiner....

    Hey give the guy a break. What he did was what a lot of people do these days. Don't knock it until you've tried it. Girls today love that kind of shit.

  7. Mit, joshb's emphasis was 'organization'.

    And he's right, however, it is the political will that animates any political organization.

    While in general I tend towards your view, there are exceptions. There are strong willed women who contribute to or lead political organizations.

    Also, these days, thankfully, we settle political arguments at the ballot box, not in the back-alley with a gun (most of the time).

    Women are capable of many things.

    Sure, hand-to-hand combat or with bayonet is not a natural feminine strength.

    By-and-large, Freedom rests with those who are willing to fight for it.

    But today, that is mostly an intellectual fight where women can contribute in a variety of ways.

    Never underestimate the power that is generated in the point of a stilleto heel.

    1. Well I agree. Communications and persuasion is the battle ground. That's where things are decided.

      However the central problem with Americans today is that they're decadant, and therefore look to authority to solve all their anxieties and fears.

      What's needed is some voice, anyone, in the media to simply point out to the public that what the media dwells on which causes the public to be hysterial should be put into perspective.

      However no one in the media will do this because they make money by attracting people to them through all manner of alarmism. Furthermore the public really likes being frightened this way because it provides drama to their otherwise boring lives.

      There needs to be some voice somewhere urging people to be a little more balanced, even tougher, when considering risks.

      This is the only way to beat back the Nanny State.

    2. Thank you Anaconda, the emphasis is indeed on 'organization' as such. Women are probably going to be the key to revolution, not men, though one of the men will probably end up in the history books as the hero (lol). When ordinary women want Revolution, that may be the time that it is going to happen. When in the evening the women only has half of what the children eat and looks angry, the man may think at some point "I have had it with this evil regime," and off he goes to wage revolution (I guess?). Maybe you know more about this (lol). Combat is probably only a minor part of Revolution, the major parts are talking and thinking, organizing, administrating these organizations, being creative, constructive, planning, making the coffee, and such things. That is what is going to make or break it, probably. That's what is going to give that group its edge but also the honor and good name that brings in more people, which in turn leads to victory (more people, larger organizations, eventually more powerful then the banker cliques). Armed combat always seems to get the focus because it is spectacular and makes for a good movie, but the question of interest is not so much where the bullets fly or how precise, but what the shooters are thinking, what do they think they fight for and what will it actually be in the end. Buying a gun and shooting it is also easy, an individual can do it, hence ppl may cling to that as a solution for everything.

  8. Absolutely correct, power comes from organization, not "the barrel of a gun". Individuals are powerless. We have a government which includes an army and a police force that are much more powerful than any individual. The problem is that our government has been hijacked and no longer represents us. We the people must organize ourselves to retake the government. This means political activity, not military activity. I would say organizing ourselves into militias to resist the government militarily is not a good strategy and Adam Kokesh's armed pot-smoking march on Washington is not good tactics. Instead, I would greatly intensify our efforts to get in contact with our elected representatives in Congress and the state legislators, regardless of party, as well as others influential people in our community - business or union leaders, clubs, schools, churches, associations of all kinds, to educate and organize all these people in turn. Most of them are not corrupt but ignorant. They believe what they see on television and they go along to get along. They can be awakened and activated, and it is up to us to do it. That is where the real battle lies. The greatest courage is to bear witness to the truth.

    1. Why not do both ? Why not do even more then 2 things. If the Government no longer represents the people, then you are an area that has no Government besides a pretended group with de-facto the greatest organized strength. Perhaps there are 2 strategies to deal with it: a) try to reclaim the Government and b) to set up a new Government. Why not do both, at the same time, and have the one strategy strengthen the other ? So long as your new Government complete with a voting system and representation isn't capable of taking over public responsibilities, you play nice and behave as an advisory citizens council. You don't claim to be Government, because once you do that gives the tyrants the excuse to lock you up. But what you can try to do is organize help for people, and ask for voluntary contributions (a sort of a taxation, but voluntarily.) This gives the new system the chance to flex its muscles a bit and to learn the Governing trade. At the same time you can organize political parties or candidates who love this sort of thing, and work your way into the existing system, while also pressuring those who are already there. Why ignore militias, they don't have to be pitted against the U$ Army, they can be employed for the security of whistleblowers, and the like; preventing Government assassinations. That's not all you should do I think, you also need a new economy: organize democratic businesses, and put money together into democratically organized funds that assist these companies (on collateral, you still need unsustainable businesses to fail and not take everything down.) This in turn becomes the ideology that your new Government and sponsored delegates in the existing Government proclaim etc.

  9. Forget about gaining power or making changes with other people.

    The best advice I have for you all is to work on yourself...

    Try to have a balanced, healthy and happy life and seek to understand society according to the facts and evidence.

    Then seek some kind of individual contribution somewhere, like on a school board or city council or something....

    And in that position be the most conscientious and reasonable person you can.

    There will be no dramatic change.

    But what's needed is simply good people doing small jobs everywhere.

    1. I think you're right 99.9% of the time, but still I will shoot for that 0.1% chance for when it comes around and big things will change, because big things have changed in history. It just doesn't happen all that often, and perhaps neither does in need to. 99.9% of the time can mean "99.9% of all collapses of nations," or 99.9% of all people, or 99.9% of all years. But somewhere someone(s) shed their blood to get us some rights, and they did organize themselves despite all the difficulty with it and the internal corruption. Sometimes someone like Jefferson has the unlikely luck that people are so desperate that they give a reasonable plan a chance, instead of the more usual "let's see who we can take our anger out on". You'll note that every nation is a mass organization, and so is every company, every bank, every soccer team, every religion even. All organizations. The problem with 'activists' is that there is an intense ignorance that pervades that sector, which you could call anarchy on the one hand, or communism on the other hand - both of which is almost the same. Those who are neither in those camps, are more likely the simple tax collector or bus driver who you could trust and who could make things happen - but for the time being they are comfortable. The question is when will the point come that these people, working people who are disciplined, when these will get dislodged and outraged. That's the moment to watch, and that's the moment to get organized because then they're free and suddenly disillusioned. The bankers will prepare for that time with their own fake wars and organizations, we just have to try to beat them then. Such a period does not come so often, maybe neither of us saw it with our own eyes (or maybe you did ..., MITmichael). But there is a chance then. Then you have to have your plans ready because if you don't then they will go with something else (like Hitler or Stalin etc).

      The reason I guess it's so hard to find any sane help with the kind of organizing for political / economic improvement is that those who didn't fit in the current system are a good chance that they are messups for whatever reason, incompetent for whatever reason, and that's why they are angry because they aren't in a good job etc. The other sector is your cut-throats who just see a game to get power to get money. Almost everyone decent is locked in and scared to rock the boat. The question is how long will it stay that way.

      But funny enough this is the problem not just in theory perhaps, but also maybe with us. Chances are we are somewhat comfortable and though we may lament this or say this should be done and that, are we really going all out for it ? Maybe not. I haven't stood on a street corner with my plan yet anyway. Maybe we need this spike in the butt ourselves as well.

      It is true that what's needed are people doing small jobs, that's all there is to society, and even to political and economic improvements. That too is all just small tasks being done by good people. We'll see how it goes, a plan that's on paper doesn't have to die quickly. It can be around for centuries, it may positively affect periods of historical problems for certain nations, when the ordinary people suddenly realize they have to do something.