Thursday, May 16, 2013

Obama’s Trifecta of Executive Power Abuse

[1] Benghazi Cover-up;
[2] IRS Targeting Tea Party/Conservatives;
[3] Feds  Illegally Seize Associated Press Phone Records--  All Impeachable Offenses Comparable To The Nixon Watergate Scandal -- but on Steroids!!

By now,  the world is aware of what this author has been saying since Obama’s reign of deception,  betrayal and corruption of power ---he is not fit to serve as POTUS!!
But the far more poignant point for this author is the fact that Obama has committed all the sins of Nixon [my former boss where I was DAS for Management in the State Dept.] before during and after the Watergate Scandal.
  For those who may not remember Watergate,  the Nixon Administration attempted a cover-up of it’s illegal break-in into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Complex In Washington D.C.   The scandal eventually forced Nixon to resign on August 9,1974.   Forty three people were indicted and convicted for this crime including members of the White House,  CIA,  Republican Party,  as well as the Department of Justice. 
I will leave the details of the abuse of executive power in both cases—Obama and Nixon-to those who are far more diligent than I .
But suffice it to say that history has repeated itself in the most uncanny way.
  It started with Obama’s lie about his own history.   Who he was?   Where he came from?  And who was his real mother? And how was the CIA related to his mother, maternal grandmother, and maternal grandfather?
Then,  Obama compounded his initial orchestration of his false historical [if not ‘hysterical’] narrative to state so boldly in the least Presidential fashion ever witnessed in the history of this writer, that  “I President Obama,  KILLED OSAMA BIN LADEN!”. 
  In fact,  it’s been the extensive experience of this writer that most presidents and their covert operatives never announce with glee and joy that a ‘supposed enemy’ was ‘assassinated’ per order of POTUS.
  That just does not happen in normal Presidencies even when many of my former bosses had ordered ‘assassinations’  never once did Nixon,  Ford,  Carter,  Reagan,  Bush sr gloat about ’taking out’ an adversary.
Next the Obama lies compounded exponentially with Sandy Hook to the extent that there never was a culprit or even a crime and in fact the entire Sandy Hook massacre was a flimsy pretext for Obama’s  ‘gun control’ agenda.
  Fortunately,  the gun control legislation failed because beneath the veneer of Obama’s obsessive perseveration of the word “TRANSPARENCY” , he revealed his true intentions of belying his compulsive personal need for secrecy,  deceit, and intimidation of the American citizenry for which he was rightfully punished by legislative rejection of his ersatz agenda.
Then came the Benghazi Cover-up about which this author wrote extensively and predicted that it was ‘palace coup’ against DCI General David Petraeus.   Shame on the US Military—they obeyed an ‘illegal stand-down’ order by POTUS and ‘the choir boys’.
  Once Obama realized that no one could hold him or his bootlickers accountable for any miscreant deeds,  the rest of the administration was ‘encouraged’ to extend their federal powers and eventually abuse them by "targeting the Tea Party or any conservative groups" who opposed POTUS.
At the same time,  abuse of power expanded tenfold to the point that NSA,  the Intelligence Community –both civilian and military,  the FBI,  the CIA, and the Department of Justice severely compromised themselves by allowing evil intentions to flourish in the nonsensical, ‘phony war of terrorism’.
And then finally, the Associated Press woke up one morning to realize that Eric Holder,  US Attorney General [whom I have said should have been ‘fired’ and ‘arrested’ long before] and his minions --- called ironically ‘law enforcement agents’—secretly seized phone records from the A. P.
  So Nixon—history has shown that you were a ‘tragedy’. 
  But Obama has proven that ‘tragedy’ repeated forty years later is considered to become "FARCE". 

As my favorite American philosopher,  Mark Twain, said about history repeating itself:
  "History does not repeat itself,  but it does rhyme." 
  More importantly, he added the following observation:
  “A favorite theory of mine---to wit,  that no occurrence is sole and solitary, but is merely a repetition of a thing which has happened before , and perhaps often.” 
  In a more epistemological sense,  the concept of Historic Recurrence assumes the form of the "Doctrine of Eternal Recurrence" which was written about in 19th century by Heinrich Heine and Friedrich Neitzche. 
On a more practical,  prescient level,  this disturbing repetition of Abuse of Executive Power is the very real notion that the Rise And Fall of Great Powers are proceeded by abuse of power, corruption, military failures and economic collapse.
  Witness British Historian Paul Kennedy in his brilliant book entitled:  The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict From 1500 to 2000 and what he surmises:
“The triumph of any one Great Power in this period,  or the collapse of another,  has usually been the consequence of LENGTHY FIGHTING [ie Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen,  Somalia , Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Syria , et al. ] by its ARMED FORCES;  but it has also been the consequence of the more or less efficient utilization of the state’s productive economic resources [i.e Military/Industrial Complex] in wartime, and further in the background..   the state’s ECONOMY HAS BEEN RISING AND FALLING [i.e Obama’s corrupt Wall Street Bankers—Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley; etc.]…   in the decades preceding the actual conflict.”
  WOW! That’s a mouthful! 

  So what do we, the ordinary citizen do? 
  Give up?  Give in?  
Hell, no!

  Let’s fight! Let’s use our Legislators to  INDICT, CONVICT AND IMPEACH!
  What if they fail? 
  Then,  let the Second American Revolution Begin!!
British Historian Niall Ferguson in Civilization: The West and the Rest warns what will happen to us, ordinary citizens if we do nothing but wait and watch:
  “In the realm of power, as in the domain of the bond vigilantes, you’re fine until you are not fine---and when YOU'RE NOT FINE— YOU'RE [ that is WE , AMERICAN CITIZENS] ARE SUDDENLY IN A TERRIFYING---DEATH  SPIRAL!!!”   

Wake up!  Time is now!  Clean house!



  1. Part I:
    Here are some chronological additions of DEFRAUDING AMERICA.
    Fraud #1:
    In the mid 1980's, Harrison J. Bounel, a Russian Jewish immigrant passed away in Hawaii. He held a bank account in Obama's grandmother's place of work. Obama has been using his ss# ever since on & off, most recent since he filed his I come tax returns while squatting in the White House. Social security database matches 26 different #'s with that #.
    Fraud #2:
    In 2008, he created a forged selective service card (no government employment without it) most likely by Bill Ayers who has an affinity for forgeries.
    He slipped up: 2 digits- "08" inverted to make "80". Big mistake: ALL USPO ISSUED SELECTIVE SERVICE CARDS HAVE 4 digits: 1980 not 80; he inverted the 08 in 2008 because his puppeteer was desperate. ( most likely a foreign national who did not know any better--Brzenski or Soros most likely.
    Fraud #3:
    two days after posting a fraudulent layered PDF of a "birth certificate" originating from a dead baby, Obama played golf while his lackeys were readying for a photo op. They phoned him to return to the situation room for a photo of work in action, in spite of the fact he was wearing his golf jacket & appeared to slip into the chair within seconds of the photo.
    This murder of the corpse of Tim Osman aka CIA asset Osama bin Ladin was to divert attention away from the chatter about the forgery.
    Fraud #4: invading Libya without an act of war by Congress.
    Fraud #5:
    Gabby Giffords
    Fraud #6:
    Blackmailing justice John Roberts to reverse his vie in ObamaCare.
    Fraud #7:
    Fast & furious gunrunning & claiming Executive Privilege.
    Fraud #8:
    Aurora movie theatre mass mixer to start the removal of the 2nd amendment
    Fraud #9:
    Benghazi gunrunning to Syria
    Fraud #10:
    YouTube video posted by partners in slapstick crime Stanley inc used for several weeks as a scapegoat for the benghazi murders. Nb: they "figured" out the probable cause of the attack instantaneously.

    1. Dr.P you don't understand what Nixon did.

      The serious crime Nixon committed was firing a series of law enforcement officials when they wouldn't submit to terminating the criminal investigations of the cover-up.

      Nixon committed a variety of criminal acts such as suborning burglary, bad-faith targeted tax investigations, etc., but what John Dean testified to and what was shown in the White House tapes was his criminal acts in covering these crimes up and going to extreme measures to force law enforcement to cease their duties.

      Nothing Obama has done has risen to these levels....sorry. I wish they had because his manner of governance is corrupt, indifferent, and malicious. Having him in the White House is having a corrupt Chicago politician as President.

      And that's not a good thing.

      As for the plumbers setting him up...

      Nothing they did caused his impeachment. They acted on orders from Colson and others not proven to be acting on orders from Nixon. Where Nixon came into trouble was the way he obstructed justice in the cover-up.

      As for Liddy being in a "country-club prison" think again. Liddy spent a great deal of time in the DC jail, which was a bad as any high security prison in the country.

      Liddy wasn't in a position to know who he was really working for, and that was the pattern of his life. The same for Hunt, who's life was ruined by that matter.

  2. Revolution: that requires organization first and foremost. Hence organize political parties, and organize separate militias who can protect whistleblowers (such as yourself), and so on. Political parties themselves need to be democratic. Here too there seems to be room for improvement of the American system, but to keep it short the most important thing may be that you have to stop your Empire of States. Didn't ancient Greece destroy itself because of its own sick Imperialism and mutual wars? That lust to dominate destroyes a democracy internally. Every State should become a sovereign nation, and states that are small can group together with a few nearby to form a mini-union. A nation should probably never exceed the 30 million mark (in my opinion). There is no need for these large nations. They only makes Governing impossible and that makes the corrupt get in easier. Large empires destroy the diversity of nations. When they fail they fall too hard because there is no part left standing. When they wage war it is too much war, etc. Perhaps most importantly: too large nations means there is no relation anymore between the people and the Government. Smaller nations have a closer bond between the people and the Government, but even in nations of some 5 million people this bond is already tenuously thin. Disunite the Empire, as we here in Europe should also dismember the EU and probably even the large nations (Germany, Spain, UK, France, etc). I would even welcome the breaking up of the Netherlands into two nations. I've had it with them in The Hague.

    Life is not about who is the most powerful, who is the richest, but it is about a balance. A fair trade is a succesful trade a profitable trade that causes the other a great loss is a disgrace of a trade, to get rich that way makes one a thieve. A powerful nation that dominates the globe is a failed nation, a blight. A nation that does justice on its small territory, that stands up the weak and intimidated, that is a succesful nation, even if they be relatively poor in terms of material possessions. Such a nation may endure in principle, and then when the man with the hammer comes for the Empires of luxury and greed (as we say), even those tables get turned.

    1. "The serious crime Nixon committed was firing a series of law enforcement officials when they wouldn't submit to terminating the criminal investigations of the cover-up".

      sounds like the firing of the generals including petraeus and the Benghazi Stand-down orders to me.

    2. Patraeus wasn't a law enforcement officer conducting a criminal investigation into something which Obama did.

      Imagine if Obama called the Attorney General and told him to lay off his investigation into the IRS matter and the Attorney General replied he couldn't do that so Obama fired him, and then went to the No.2 guy there and fired him too for the same reason, and then the No.3......

      Now wouldn't that be just a little more serious?

  3. Part 11: chronological additions:
    Fraud #11:
    Sandy hook assassinations of kindergarteners-only a reincarnated Hitler would sanction a hit on Hitler youth.
    Fraud #12:
    April 15, 2013: Bipartisan committee charges OBAMA et al with war crimes overshadowed by:
    Fraud #13: Patriots Day massacre which will go down on april 19th ( the anniversary of most government inside job terror operations- ruby ridge-waco- Oklahoma city implosion) as an OBVIOUS PREMEDITATED URBAN WAR DRILL-riot gear-clad tanks in the streets- a war zone in a residential New England town. The FBI CHOSE THE "SUSPECTS" out of a crowd of thousands & intended to murder them on live TV (lee Harvey Oswald scenario) but a Watertown deputy got to the younger brother before the FBI did & saved him from gun violence by the jackbooted assassination team.
    America was warned by a blogger shortly after the 4-15-13 bombings:
    "Anonymous 04/15/13(Mon)18:42 No. 15795252
    WARNING: laws being written to screw you.

    I work on a security commission and I’ve just received word to start campaigning on a campaign we’ve been working on for the last two months and now it all makes sense.
    I’ll keep it as short as I can.
    They’re going to pin this even on a male late teens to early 20s and say he did it because he is unstable. They are going to find firearms and a NRA book in his home. They are going to say he used reloading powder for the explosion and that reloading powder shouldn’t be for sale to the public.
    "They are then going to say that because the powder in ammunition can be used for explosions that the number of rounds you can buy should be limited and taxed to help pay for these events."
    I can’t do anything or I’ll lose my job and possibly face criminal charges. Please don’t let them get away with it. They won’t find the suspect till later this week and the raid is issued to occur on Friday. This was a staged event. The people hurt are real but the event was planned. Don’t let them hurt our rights.
    I’m at work so I used a copy of the picture from another thread. Also please don’t mention me. It will seriously hurt me."
    Fraud # 14:
    beginning in 201I- 2013 IRS prohibits exception for conservative groups at behest of Obama campaign after democrats in congress lost house in 2010. Obama feigns outrage. Exposed on 5-10-13.
    Fraud # 15:
    Obama uses wiretap law in Patriot Act on journalists exposed in 5-10-13
    Fraud #16: stock market artificially inflated.
    Fraud # 17: monthly unemployment day shaved since 1-09. True rate is 20-25% unemployed.
    Fraud #18:
    Dollar collapses -stick market crashes 12-13
    Fraud #19:
    Run on the banks 1-2014
    Fraud #20:
    Martial law " for our own safety" 2-14 indefinitely.
    "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it."
    I predict OBAMA will be back in Hawaii or defects to Brazil by April 1, 2014.
    One state Supreme Court will expose Obama's I'd fraud. It will not be the indolence & lack of due diligence by Congress who will NOT impeach him.
    He will slip away in the dead of night.
    Joe Biden will be sworn in in the wee hours of April 2,2014. He will finish out the term but will not be elected on his own merit in 2016.
    Obama will escape prison but lose his pension.

    1. Yes, April Fool's day is about right. In 2016, Hillary will beat Biden in the Democratic primaries but lose to Jeb Bush in the election. Unless nuclear war intervenes.

      Say it ain't so, Patriarch!

  4. That Photo of Barack Hussein Nixon, the illegitimate grandchild of Richard Millhous Nixon is amazing1

    Here is Jerry Zeifman on how Hillary's failed attempt to skirt Nixon's right to counsel:

    "A stunning behind-the-scenes look at the House Judiciary Committee's investigation into and presidential impeachment proceedings against Richard Nixon offers profiles of the key players and exposes the intrigues and conspiracies of the era. 25,000 first printing...
    ..The House Judiciary Committee's recommendation in 1974 that Nixon be impeached, which led to his resignation, was nearly thwarted by a sham congressional inquiry, according to this blistering expose. Zeifman, now a lawyer in private practice, was chief counsel to the committee during the impeachment inquiry, and excerpts from the diary he kept during the proceedings are interpolated with his pointed analysis. He charges that John Doar, special counsel to the inquiry (and formerly a key figure in Robert Kennedy's Justice Department), intentionally orchestrated a charade because he feared that a thorough investigation of the Nixon administration's government-sponsored crimes would let out of the bag Kennedy-era wiretaps, burglaries and sanctioned murders carried out in the name of national security. Zeifman further contends that Doar and committee chairman Peter Rodino (D.-N.J.) attempted to keep Nixon in office until the end of his term to improve the odds of electing Ted Kennedy president in 1976. Finally, Zeifman maintains that Doar aide Hillary Rodham (now the First Lady) and her fellow staffer Bernard Nussbaum (who recently resigned as Clinton's chief White House counsel) helped Doar and Marshall gain control over the investigation through unethical tricks and faulty legal opinions. Zeifman has written a complex yet cogent blockbuster that traces a legacy of deceit to Whitewater...
    ...This book by the chief counsel to the House Judiciary Committee during the Nixon impeachment proceedings goes a long way toward debunking the notion that the legal process of impeachment is above politics. It seems to be based mainly on an 800-page diary Zeifman kept at the time. His descriptions of personalities and conversations outside the hearing room adds an almost novelistic quality to the work and makes it accessible to wide audiences. Especially interesting today is his references to such staffers as Bernard Nussbaum and Hillary Rodham Clinton and his argument that Democrats on the committee did not dig as deeply into the CIA role in Watergate as they might have for fear of dredging up damaging information about the Kennedy administration's ties to CIA assassination plots involving Castro, South Vietnam's President Diem, and other heads of state...
    Zeifman argues that the surreptitious actions during the Clinton administration of Nussbaum (who resigned as White House Counsel in 1994 amid charges that he improperly interfered with the workings of federal agencies) and Hillary Rodham, who shrouded the health care task force in secrecy in violation of statutes, had their roots in the secret acts of the House impeachment inquiry staff.."

    1. I believe Nixon was entrapped by the Plumbers who worked for the CIA and George Bush Sr. I don't think he knew anything about the original break-in. He did try to cover it up, which is just what they wanted him to do. Everything went according to plan.

    2. It sounds like an interesting book, but written from an anti-Kennedy perspective. I am sure the Kennedy people were doing everything they could to take advantage of Watergate, but I consider it far more likely that it was the CIA, Johnson people, Warren Commission members and all those regardless of party who engineered the Kennedy assassination and then covered it up who that made sure the investigation did not lead back to the Kennedy assassination.

  5. Just one reminder: Watergate changed absolutely nothing. It was a charade. The truth never came out and nothing changed. I'm especially talking about the truth of who really assassinated Kennedy. First they got rid of Agnew and put in Ford as Veep - their brainless Warren Commission puppet. Then Nixon resigned and Ford was president. Then Ford pardoned Nixon. A few operatives like G. Gordon Liddy went to a country club prison for a few years, wrote books and went on lecture tours. The Church Committee hearings were also a sham. MK Ultra and other programs changed their names, continued and expanded.

    Are we going to have the same result this time, or can we use the impeachment of Obama as a wedge to get a full revelation of who was really behind 9/11, and system reforms that will really mean something?

    There is such a reform that now looks possible. It is a fundamental reform of the banking system consisting in putting back Glass-Steagall, the Banking Act of 1933 in its full, iron-clad form with no excuses, no exceptions and no "discretion" for bank examiners like Alan "bubbles" Greenspan. This will cut the balls off investment bankers, end the casino economy and restore the relationship between real economic production and the banking system. JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs etc. will be gone, but what's left of our real economy will remain. We can then proceed to convert the Fed back into a real national bank that issues credit for real economic development instead of speculation. We can beat our swords into plowshares by converting the wasted manufacturing capacity now used to build weapons for the military industrial complex to useful civilian projects. We can be the light of the world again instead of its scourge.

    Please call your senators and demand that they pass
    Senate Bill S985, introduced yesterday by Senator Tom Harkin, and referred yesterday to the Senate Banking Committee. It is the companion bill to HR 129 in the House, now with 63 co-sponsors. Thanks.

    1. There are some legitimate tie-ins between the Watergate matter and the Kennedy assassination, but the break in, other criminal acts, and the obstruction of justice to cover them up....

      Had nothing directly to do with the Kennedy assassination.

      Nixon and Kissinger were relentless in seeking to root out whoever was leaking diplomatic and military matters, and that's why the plumbers were hired.

      To Nixon and Kissinger the stakes involved justified breaking the law.

      But the country didn't agree with them.

    2. For example...

      Kissinger and Nixon wanted to carpet bomb eastern Cambodia without anyone in the government even knowing it was going on.

      They accomplished that but they broke about 235 laws, including criminal laws, in the process.

      When what they did got leaked they went fucking apeshit.

  6. Some very eloquent posts but reading both here and other blogs and websites I get the feeling your presidents days are numbered so patriarch I think calls that and also tony wicher is correct in that nothing changed since Watergate so what does that leave us with? Who really is pulling the strings? What purpose does it serve Obama taking the "fall"? He will be impeached if it serves the agenda but in all probability will be relieved of duties with his finances significantly improved! (Just look at tony Blair or peter Mandel son in the UK) I hope people do indeed wake up because now history repeats itself on a far quicker scale just look at Syria and the supposed chemical weapons! Been there before haven't we? In point of fact we are still there!!!!!

  7. This is why reinstating Glass-Steagall with HR 129 and S985 is much more important. The impeachment of Obama is just a means to an end. He's just a puppet. But if he is weakened the forces that put him in the presidency - Wall Street and the military-industrial complex - are also weakened. The hope is that Obama will not be able to stand in the way of banking reform or of a real investigation exposing the real perpetrators of 9/11 and the rest of the "war on terror".

    1. Re-instating Glass-Steagall would make certain financial crimes more difficult, but why's that so important?

      You treat the issue like it's the holy grail.

      What's the fetish about Glass-Steagall?

    2. Glass Steagall in its unadulterated 1933 form would constitute a complete restructuring of the financial system, end the dominance of Wall Street financial speculation and allow the real economy to grow. The "too big to fail" financial holding companies like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs would be broken up in such a way that valid commercial deposits would be protected while the speculative financial instruments would not. Once this protection is removed, the fictional value of those instruments which is now well over a quadrillion dollars will go to zero. Then we can replace these worthless zombies with a real national bank. The Fed can start financing education and infrastructure instead of derivatives bets, and we can grow the economy to full employment and productivity.

  8. Obama got what he wante: "A civilian Army larger and more powerful than the Military" the aftermath of the Trial Run of the Military Invasion of Watertown MA on 4-19-13

    "The manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspects offered the nation a window into the stunning military-style capabilities of our local law enforcement agencies....a new dynamic was introduced to the militarization of domestic law enforcement. By making a few subtle changes to a regulation in the U.S. Code titled “Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies” the military has quietly granted itself the ability to police the streets without obtaining prior local or state consent, upending a precedent that has been in place for more than two centuries.."

    Who is kidding whom? Now you know why Hagel is there. Change your mind yet, Dr. P.?

    1. According to Alex Jones broadcast last Friday the new world order is preparing to roll out marshal law in the US and the US military and foreign troop now massing on the Mexican border will enslave all Americans and anyone who doesn't like it will be put in re-education camps which have already been built....

      I'm sure that's the sinister purpose for which the alcoholic but otherwise sane Hagel is really there. He's yet another minion of the globalists/bilderbergers/illuminati JUST LIKE ME.