Tuesday, May 14, 2013

homework for today's post (coming soon).


  1. well...technical difficulties are preventing me from publishing at the moment. I will try again tomorrow. Unbelievable what we have to do to publish the TRUTH, and hey, I am not even close to AP but they still mess with me. I will fix it soon.

  2. At least that is all THE TYRANNICAL FRAUD SQUATTING AT 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is doing.
    Don't think he will stop at bullying.
    Obama & his lackeys have a MEN'S REA.
    He will never be caught until HOLDER IS REMOVED*. ( the "HOLDER" of Obama's secret identity).
    Obama has criminally defrauded AMERICA in multifarious ways.
    He should get outta DODGE
    Michael Savage Tuesday night predicted another False Flag** to get the scandals below the Fold, coming to a lily white neighborhood near you.

    One too many (SCHNORRER) & his cover will blow out; besides the media are getting suspicious of his every response to catastrophe.
    The Greatest adversity the citizens MUST OVERCOME IS THAT A DICTATOR not a star, was born when elections became FRAUD. TV zombies will NEVER accept that a COUP D'ÉTAT HAPPENED ON 1-20-13 by the puppeteers stole both elections.

    J'Accuse! Bush 41 & Brzeznski for 1st degree murder & conspiracy to destroy LIBERTY
    aka TREASON.

    * Clinton bodyguards Robert Williams, Todd McKeehan, Conway LeBleau and Steve Willis: all died in 1993 from identical gunshot wounds to their left temples. They were the only BATF agents killed in Waco, Texas during the Branch Davidian raid.

    Scott Reynolds, William Barkley, Brian Hassley and Tim Sabel: all died in a "freak" helicopter crash in 1993, All 4 men had served as Clinton bodyguards. The helicopter crash site, near Quantico Virginia was barred from reporters and a video of the crash site, taken by a fire fighter, was seized by military officials.

    Gary Rhodes, William Robertson, William Desberger and Robert Kelly: all died in another helicopter crash in 1993. This one occurred in Germany and the cause was never determined. All 4 men were Clinton Bodyguards. They, along with 8 other men who were associated with Clinton's previous visit to the U.S.S. Roosevelt, died within a 4 month period!

    Luther (Jerry) Parks: died from multiple gunshot wounds in 1993. His body was found by an intersection on I-10 outside Little Rock. He was the head of the Security Team at Clinton's National Campaign Headquarters in Arkansas. He had compiled a large file involving illicit activities (including sexual affairs) by Bill Clinton.
    By the way,just prior to his death, his house was burglarized and all of his files and photos on Clinton and "friends" were stolen! Nothing else was taken. Jerry's 23 year old son, Gary Parks, stated to The "London Sunday Telegraph,"..."they had my father killed to save Bill Clinton's political career!" With 9 bullets having been removed from his body, the suicide theory has not yet been applied to this one!

    William Colby: died 1996. Former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby was feared by many "insiders" because of the information Colby was allegedly writing about for his new book. He had already went public with information about illegal spying on American citizens...

    **Just so you understand real history here, false flags are the primary way governments affect sweeping policy changes. They are acts of political theater played out for the purpose of causing enough real mayhem and carnage — and blaming the right culprits — so that the public will demand government action. This plays right into the hands of government which incessantly wants to concentrate power and destroy civil liberties. Every crisis that unfolds allows it to move one step closer to its goal of dictatorial police state control.
    Watch for a major event in the next 7 days
    Understanding this, there is a high probability of a false flag event occurring within the next seven days: A staged terror attack on a U.S. embassy, a shooting on U.S. soil, a bombing of a government building, someone blowing up a bridge… anything to get the attention off The GREAT IMPOSTER.

    We are living a parallel universe - for the history books.

    1. "AS THE DECEPTIONS MOUNT" the new daytime soap opera on all Cable networks premiering May 8, 2013:

      Tune of : "what can you do with a General?" Bing Crosby ("White Christmas" Irving Berlin)

      "When Benghazi was over, why, there were jobs galore
      For the G.I. Josephs who stood down from the war.
      But for the President things were not so grand
      And it's not so hard to understand.

      What can you do with a President
      When he stops being transparent?
      Oh, what can you do with a President who deceives?

      Who's got a job for a President
      When he stops being a President?
      They all get a job but an imposter president no one believes.

      They fill his ego with Nobel prizes while he's across the foam
      And they spread the crimson carpet when he comes flying home.
      The next day someone hollers when he comes into view
      "Here comes the President" and they all say "President who?"
      They're delighted that he came
      But they can't recall his name.

      No journalist thinks of fawning over him
      When they stop wining and dining him.
      It seems this country never toyed
      Using so many stolen social security numbers that E-Verify fails, & he will soon be

      Now comes la PIÈCE DE RÉSISTANCE.

      The Affidavit of PRIMA FACIE EVIDENCE:
      " • “In over 20 years of examining documentation of various types, I have never seen a document that is so seriously questionable in so many respects. In my opinion, the birth certificate is entirely fabricated.”
      45. Investigators have determined beyond probable cause that the computer image released on April 27, 2011 by the White House, and purporting to be a true computer copy of Mr. Obama’s long form birth certificate, is not a scan of an original hard copy document. It is, in fact, an undeniable computer generated forgery created with the sole intent to deceive the public by commission of felonious fraudulent acts...
      190. It is plausible that an original birth record of some type for Mr. Obama may exist in Hawaii. However, as noted elsewhere, our investigation has discovered that at that time Hawaiian law contained a specific provision that permitted a Hawaiian parent of a child born anywhere in the world or any adult purporting to represent that parent, the right to register the child as Hawaiian-born..."


    3. Please provide a reference source for the Clinton-related deaths. If they are real I'd like to look into it.

      As for Colby....

      Colby was involving himself in non-CIA matters, such as investigations of local corruption in municipalities and other issues for which he was ill-suited.

      As for damaging information he may have included in a book....

      Colby was a liar and a cover-up artist.

      He was involved up to his neck in every kind of crime, and worked hard to cover these matters up.

      His role-playing in disclosure of "family jewels, etc." to Congress was a "limited hangout" to convince everyone that what he disclosed was all there was - IT WASN'T.

      Also his rivalry with Helms over the issue was theater. It was intended to support his credibility and therefore that of the hangout.

      I seriously doubt Colby would have included anything in a book that would have been any different.

      If his death was a murder it could have been for any number of reasons. It could simply have been for revenge, as good a motive as any. He fucked a lot of people.

    4. Colby was a strict-acting Roman Catholic, and held a stern, rigid view of life. But he was also a hypocrit and a liar. He embodied the worst characteristics of sanctimonious religious hypocracy.

      He was a very small man. He was short, un-manly, wore glasses, and was skinny.

      He was a zealot in the OSS, and was a commando supporting behind-the-lines combat and killing conducted by French communists against Germans and their French collaborators.

      Colby was another un-manly wimp who spent his life trying to prove his masculinity to himself and others.

      His kind of wimp is the most dangerous. You find the same thing among un-manly wimps like Lindsey Graham, and all the dikes and faggots who want to join the military so they can dress up in leather and shoot big weapons.

      Colby was a sick puppy. People I have worked with called him, "Mr. Peepers" because of his ridiculous appearance.

    5. As long as you behave & refrain from being a sewer mouth and comport yourself with deference, I will assist you:
      The link is under the Colby paragraph above.
      NOW BEHAVE!!

    6. What I asked for is the Clinton homicides..not Colby.