Monday, May 20, 2013

sums it up,,,,need ten minutes.


  1. She's annoying. I never liked her. She has an Italian name but she has this whinning Jewish/New York American Princess look and attitude and voice....

    It's people like her that make Fox News a hoot.
    I love watching it, but I can't take Pirro seriously. It's people like her that explain why I left New York, which is a hard place to leave because it's an awesome place.

    1. ! Yawn ! She told the truth or ........ ? I don't really care if she don't give you an erection.

  2. I wish Steve wouldn't align himself with FOX news - even though she is right about what she is saying i guess - her motive is as all of FOX news is political and not interested in telling the truth. It just takes away from Dr. Steve's credibility in my mind at least.

    1. Gosh Dave, "even though she is right about what she is saying" and then show your ass with "I guess". and then to impress further you say "her motive is political and not interested in telling the truth" and then, in your (mind),"it just takes away from Dr. Steve's credibility. Credibility is suspect here, but not Dr. Steve's.

  3. She is quite inconsistent:
    She already tried and convicted the Tsarnaevs in the Boston Obama-Brennan Attack on the Boston Marathon-based upon the mockingbird propaganda drip...this Shrew was a Judge in Westchester County!

    She wears a crude wig and her dresses are too short. She is close to 70. she's a phony and a whiner; just wants ratings.

    Joel Skousen, calm & introspective, is a far better connect-the-dots speculator:
    Listen: beginning 35 min+ then: 1hr 20min to end

    Moneylaundering unit of Homeland Security Seizes BitCoin!

    Bernacke is sabotaging gold value:

    1. also:"A conspiracy of Omission"
      begin at 2 hour 11 minute mark to the end

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  5. Strange but couldn't agree more with MITMichael …as a New Yorker living in Texas: the Jeanine Pirro's of the world constantly reminds me the a sanctimonious rant does make you sacrosanct.

    1. I don't watch Fox but this is still a powerful indictment of the Obama admin and Judge Jeanine
      turns 62 in June and is of Lebanese decent.

    Board member of BRZEZINSKI's Jamestown Foundation?

    Does he realize he has contributed to a Pandora's box?
    WHO IS HE TRULY??? CIA loyalty to False Flags?

    I have lost my respect for him.

    "...Its board of directors have included the author Tom Clancy who gained fame by penning thrillers that pitted the United States against the Soviet Union in Cold War skirmishes...
    ..It is clear that the CIA requires reforming if not outright abolishment. It was the sincere wish of the late New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan to see the CIA abolished with its analysis division rolled into the U.S. State Department. Since that will not happen anytime soon, reforming the CIA could start with cutting out its fringes, such as the Jamestown Foundation and similar tax-exempt groups that carry out covert operations while fleecing the American taxpayers."

    1. Moynihan was an idiot.

      The reason why CIA was established was to collate intel from State along with the Pentagon, etc., so the President and others could benefit from a combo.

      But then they incorporated their own secret intelligence bureau, and then used a loophole in the enabling statute to start doing covert action and it grew from there.

      All this came about because the crowd from OSS wanted the mission, and the only way they could get it was to argue that other agencies weren't up to the task [which was a ridiculous proposition]. They won this argument not on merit but because they partied in Georgetown with Presidents and their friends - they were society people while the slugs in the Pentagon and State were mere bureaucrats and civil servants.

      And that's the only reason why we have the CIA.

  7. After CIA started doing covert action after Korea, when the Office of Policy Coordination was put into CIA...

    CIA was rogue from that point forward. They had their own ideology and agenda and they did what they wanted without any guidance from the President. Claims to the contrary are all garbage.

    But that actually changed with the ending of the Cold War in 1990.

    From that point on CIA really did become what many claim - merely a tool of the President.

    With the end of the communist menace CIA no longer had a real mission, and therefore they became just another agency wishing to please the President.

    The reason why CIA has been doing horrible covert action since 2001 isn't because they're rogue -- it's because our Presidents have been rogue.