Sunday, May 5, 2013

Homework for tonight's post

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  1. Dr. Steve. I just recently saw you for the first time on Alex Jones. I must admit i never heard of you before. I am impressed with your knowledge and experience and you insights to all this crazy stuff that is going on. I have just recently started to pay attention to Alex Jones. I think he is really doing a lot for uncovering things, but he is so radical in a way that a lot of people are turned off to him. So i hesitate to reference or post any of his infowars stuff to my friends as they will just dismiss him as crack pot conspiracy theorist. Also i got turned on to Wesley Tarpley on his show, who is also exceedingly intelligent and insightful. I wonder how you view him or how much you agree with him. I would love to see you two together in a conversation. I am making a blog called "Conspiracy Realist - Conspiracy Theories for Dummies" The idea being to summarize and simplify these different issues like 911 and Benghazi etc. and then linking to sites like yours to more fully explain it and give credibility. This is mainly for my many Liberal and conservative friends who seem blissfully unaware and support Obama still after all the crap that has happened. Rather than just tell them to go listen to AJ or whatever, i want to sort of filter it first if this makes any sense. If i actually find the time to make any of these blog posts, i was wondering if i could pass them through first in some cases to see if i am understanding things and factually correct. Don't know if you have the time. Anyway that is enough for now. Looking forward to reading more of you post. Really would like to get a clearer understanding of the Benghazi thing. Thanks

    Dave Bennett