Friday, August 16, 2013

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“James Clapper,  Director of National Intelligence Who Misled Congress To Establish Surveillance Review Group” by Luke Johnson (posted earlier)

So just when we think POTUS is getting his Sh#t together,  he goes and steps into again.
What do I mean?
  Some of you may remember that in former blogs,   I have discussed the need for ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ with FISA appointments.   Obama responded:  He appointed an ‘independent prosecutor’ over a ‘more transparent’ appointment process in FISA.    In short,  Chief Justice Roberts of the Supreme Court will have to be ‘held accountable’ in the process of ‘selecting eleven new FISA judges’.   Now, that was a good thing!!!
But then POTUS goes and appoints James Clapper to oversee the new SURVEILLANCE REVIEW group!
  No one can be more unqualified to lead an ‘independent surveillance review group’ than the ‘pathological liar’ and ‘incompetent  sociopath’ –former USAF LT Gen James Clapper.
  His history as the Huff Post pointed out is ‘rife’ with ‘lies’ to congress,  incompetent performances as Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and many other ‘ill-gotten’ positions in which he served with ‘blatant public stupidity/incompetence’.    Don't forget his big fat position at Booz Allen….yep, that's where our money goes.
But don’t believe me.

Let’s look at James Clapper, the penultimate “military careerist”:
[1] Obama said...”We are forming a high level group of outside experts to review our entire intelligence and communication technologies…. consider  HOW WE CAN MAINTAIN THE TRUST OF THE PEOPLE….”
We are supposed to TRUST the very Clapper who denied that the USG was monitoring the USA—to CONGRESS!  (see video posted earlier @ 5.35 mins in)
Sen. Ron Wyden [R-Ore] asked him if the NSA collects any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans’? 
Clapper responded emphatically “NO!!!!”   Then the liar added,  “There are cases where they could be INADVERTENTLY PERHAPS COLLECTED,  BUT NOT WITTINGLY.”
  Give me a break!
  Are we really that stupid that we are going to accept a ‘born/bred/brainwashed  liar’s feeble apology--- erroneous statement’.
If you or I answered in the same way,   I can assure you that we would have been brought up on charges of ‘perjury’ and ‘obstruction of justice’---mucho years in the ‘slammer’.
Wait,  you haven’t heard anything yet.
  But be it as it may,  here is what Clapper’s past history is like….
[2]  In 2003,   then head of the NGA,  he attempted to explain the absence of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION in IRAQ [ a war this general who never fought a ‘terrorist’ in real life’ vehemently supported],   replied that the WMDs ‘UNQUESTIONABLY’  SHIPPED OUT OF IRAQ TO SYRIA and other countries before the AMERICAN INVASION!!!
Clapper said this DESPITE THE FACT THAT HIS OWN AGENCY HEAD at the NGA,  David Burpee,  reiterated to Congress that ‘we could not provide  FURTHER EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT  CLAPPER’S CLAIM’
HELLo!   We have a serious ‘legitimacy and veracity problem’ with Clapper.   Are you there White House?
But it’s not over yet,  folks!
In an interview on December 20, 2010 with Diane Sawyer of ABC News,   Clapper indicated he was completely UNAWARE OF THE TWELVE ALLEGED WOULD –BE TERRORISTS WHO HAD BEEN ARRESTED IN BRITAIN THAT DAY. 
  In February 2011,  when mass demonstrations were bringing down Egyptian President Mubarak’s presidency,  Clapper told a House Intelligence Committee Hearing that:
"The term Muslim Brotherhood… is a UNIQUE TERM for a VARIETY of movements in the case of Egypt which has ESCHEWED VIOLENCE and HAS DECLARED AL QAEDA AS A PERVERSION  OF ISLAM.."
  Please tell that to the Egyptian Security/Military forces who are now PHYSICALLY BATTLING THE NON-VIOLENT MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD non-Al Qaeda connection.
In March 2011,  Clapper was heard at the US Senate Committee on Armed Services saying "that on the 2011 Libyan Civil  War .. over the LONG TERM  GADDAFI WILL PREVAIL."
  This position was questioned by Advisor Tom Donilon who had to disagree with the statement.   Thank God,   for Donilon’s intervention.   He is an ‘Old Carter’ foreign  policy hand.
I could go on and on….but you can watch the video I posted,  go to wikipedia and look up Clapper- see for yourself.  

MEMO to National Security Advisor Susan Rice:   please rethink your appointment if you want the American people to have ANY TRUST.   RETIRE CLAPPER NOW!!  SHUT down the DNI, its useless and COSTLY.  We need the money for other things….


  1. Stinks of corruption yet again! Interesting that booz Allen is owned outright by the Carlyle group and I'm sure people are aware of that band of philanthropists! Not to mention the fact that the bin Ladens were investors as well! Crapper....sorry clapper said the wmd's were "unquestionably" shipped to Syria ect blah blah blah! Funny anyone finds a ww2 grenade on a beach here and the beach is cleared for bomb disposal yet these WMD'S get transported about Arabia like frankincense on the silk road!! You really really can't make this up! Jobs for the boys and the usual suspects I'm afraid to say yet again! Regarding the current Egyptian crisis I would like people to look at Oded yinon on Google and his report on his blueprint for Israel, I found it pretty relevant but I'd welcome opinion on this. A slight digression but is it possible booze Allen could own the logistics company who transport these wmd's?? The amount of times that these have been moved must be a money spinner for someone!!! A feature film should be made with Kris Kristofferson reprising his role as rubber duck

    1. I don't know if Kristofferson is up for any more roles. That bedraggeled old trubador isn't looking so spry of late. I long for the boyish lad with Hollywood hair he once was when he played leading roles such as in "Heaven's Gate."
      "Heaven's Gate" is one of my favorite films, and a very good film by any standard, which was destroyed by Hollywood politics against what was one of the few good directors to emerge from there, Michael Cimino. The whole experience of being pummelled and picked apart by others out of pure jealousy left him a broken man, and his works thereafter were simply junk. Cimino was a painter, and a scholar of painting and art, the talents of which explain his eye for composition as well as emotion and narrative charateristics which made his two masterpieces work so well (Deer Hunter and Heaven's Gate). In the future perhaps generations of film students will be impressed with those works and ask themselves what happened?

      Kristofferson is kind of a genius. Few people know that he wrote "For the Good Times," which was recorded famously by Ray Price. Fewer still know that Kristofferson was a Rhoades Scholar and an officer in the Air Force before he flipped out and took a job in the facilities department of Capitol Records so he could meet people in the industry, the first friend he made being Johnny Cash.

    2. Ultimately I think also Cimino was about the hypocracy and hollowness of the American myth, and this came at the time when Reagan was just elected and the hostage crisis in Iran was in full swing.

      Cimino was a truth-teller at just the moment when the public was more receptive to people like John Milius [Red Dawn] and Warren Skaaren [Top Gun].

      The early 1980s was the era of "Facist Cinema" in America.

    3. For that matter Dr.P is as much involved as anyone in this era of American film. "The Hunt for Red October" was as phoney and facist a story of pro-Reagan rubbish as there ever was.
      I have no doubt that Clancy wrote the book, as it's full of nonsensical elements betraying amateur as it's author. Clancy's other works were more solid, and I doubt he wrote them at all or by himself. Regardless they were all of the same mythical and phony pro-American cast, with the noble American CIA officer doing battle with evildoing terrorists and other American-hating malfactors. I never found one element of any of Clancy's writings to have anything to do with the CIA I knew.

    4. If anyone cares about the CIA I knew there's a new documentary on Youtube in five parts: "Counter Intelligence....."

      It's a pretty accurate account of the history of CIA from the beginning to the present. The individuals featured are knowledgable. If I had to recommend one film to explain the CIA to anyone that would be it.

    5. As for Clapper and the Muslim Brotherhood and such....

      Look what do you expect?

      Do you think anyone in that job is going to say the truth?

      That would be suicide.

      His job and the careers of a lot of people depend on keeping this thing going, and that means supporting unsupportable doctrines and myths.

      What's new?

    6. For EVERYONE: The C.I.A. was created and initiated by SKULL AND BONES! Prescott Bush (SKULL AND BONES), an individual that financed Adolf Hitler, was a co-founder of the C.I.A.! Furthermore, Senator Prescott Bush (SKULL AND BONES) helped puss through the N.S.A. ACT through the UNITED STATES CONGRESS!

      Pursuant to N.S.P.D. 51 and H.S.P.D. 20 (DETAILED CLASSIFIED VERSION DENIED TO U.S. CONGRESS), C.I.A./F.E.M.A. takes over the EXECUTIVE BRANCH during a "DECLARED EMERGENCY"! Illegitimate George W. Bush Jr. (SKULL AND BONES) executed N.S.P.D. 51 and H.S.P.D. 20; and both N.S.P.D. 51 and H.S.P.D. 20 became effective immediately upon execution, because illegitimate (won two (2) elections via "VOTER FRAUD") George W. Bush Jr. (SKULL AND BONES) "DECLARED AN EMERGENCY" just after the "ATTACKS" on September 11, 2001 (FALSE FLAG STAND-DOWN OPERATION/"INSIDE JOB")!

      Between the work of AE for 9/11 TRUTH and Dr. Judy Wood (top Physicist), all three (3) W.T.C. BUILDINGS (especially W.T.C. BUILDING 7) came down by "CONTROLLED DEMOLITION"! Said controlled demolition occurred while Marvin P. Bush (younger brother of illegitimate George W. Bush Jr. (SKULL AND BONES)) and his (Marvin) cousin were in charge of W.T.C. SECURITY! Therefore, the whole thing was an "INSIDE JOB" (C.I.A. ran by SKULL AND BONES) connected to CITY OF LONDON, ISRAEL (controlled by ZIONIST MOVEMENT (Rothschild and CITY OF LONDON)), and SAUDI ARABIA (additional evidence with Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.'s WEB PAGE (!

    7. [CORRECTION] .... Furthermore, Senator Prescott Bush (SKULL AND BONES) helped [correction] push through the N.S.A. ACT through the UNITED STATES CONGRESS! ....

  2. Hi, Dr. Pieczenik.

    This are getting more interesting! WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS and the other very corrupt parts of the GOVERNMENT (including the C.I.A.) are trying a NEW WAY TO PLAY THE GAME! It is NOW: "HE IS BANNED FROM THE PROPERTY"! Even though I was never formally banned from the property, they (said very corrupt GOVERNMENT) are getting the property owners and business managers to ban me in SECRET! Therefore, said very corrupt GOVERNMENT can get a WARRANT (trespassing) connected to my NEW "BOGUS IDENTITY" and FORCE S.A.P.D. to assist in the service of said warrant! This is meant to circumvent the situation concerning 11CF0028 and the rigged bogus paperwork, that substantiates an illegal "IDENTITY SWITCH"! I tried to mention this in earlier comments, and some of those said comments, unfortunately, you have erased!

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    1. Concerning my four (4) felony arrests, they (said felony arrests) are all violations of California H & S Code Section 11350(a)! There are a couple of misdemeanor cases connected to some of said felony cases. These are all violations of California H & S Code Section 11364(a) (possession of a "CRACK PIPE"). Yes, I am a "crack head"! However, this is what GOD wanted, along with the former fallen immortals! WHY??? Because, this was part of the "GAME" that HE (GOD) was playing with the former fallen immortals concerning me between 1985 and 2005, when GOD and non-fallen immortals met me in an alley (Fairview St. and McFadden Ave. Santa Ana, California)!

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    2. Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D., during the past couple of days, there has been NO BANK FEES! BANK FEES??? I use my A.T.M. CARD to produce an alibi that is connected to my BANK RECORDS at Bank of America! Unfortunately, my enemies (CITY OF LONDON and the JESUIT ORDER, with their subordinates) have been trying to sabotage this effort!

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