Thursday, August 8, 2013

On Behalf of those of Us Who Were in Counter-Terrorism,   I  Would like to dedicate this “Oldie But Goodie” 1964 Hit:

SILENCE IS GOLDEN to Senators Saxby Chambliss [R-Georgia]; Richard J. Durbin [D-Illinois]; Vice Pres. Joseph Biden; Rep. Peter T. King [R-NY] and Sec State John Kerry/State Dept.

By now,  you have learned one simple principle from me: “Terrorism is the creation of fear.”
It’s a tactic used to paralyze an opponent through words,  actions, or  implications.
  What is not—is  a group of ‘nervous nellies’ shooting off their collective mouths about impending ‘terrorist attacks’ all over the North Africa,  Middle East and especially America.
  In the case of the aforementioned legislators with special recognition of the most absurd co-conspiratorial nonsense ever pronounced by a Georgian legislator since the Civil War is Senator Saxby Chambliss’ in depth description of ‘chatter‘ heard at the NSA electronic surveillance just like the Pre-9/11 ‘chatter’ by ‘presumed terrorists’….hmmm.
Without the aid of any terrorist group,  including the ones that USG created like Al Qaeda, and many other erstwhile ‘allies cum enemies’,  Chambliss,  King,  Biden and the State Dept EFFECTIVELY CREATED A SCENARIO OF FEAR AND PARANOIA unjustified by any SPECIFICALLY ACQUIRED INTELLIGENCE.
  All the intel was vague and ambiguous.   But Sec State Kerry,  who has not yet learned how to be an effective leader or manager,  [after decades on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee] PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED THE CLOSING OF 22 US EMBASSIES AND CONSULATES.
  More valuable information was delivered in that inane PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT than was provided in the Benghazi Cover-Up.
  Now any so-called ‘terrorist’,  ‘rogue operator’,  ‘criminal group’ can TITRATE the PROPER AMOUNT OF FEAR –JUST ON THE INTERNET in order to shut down our embassies and ‘cause a mini-panic’ in the US.
  Stupidity and ignorance are no excuses for what had transpired.
  Once again,   the Obama Administration demonstrated a lack of sophistication and knowledge about how to manage a simple trail of ‘ambiguous SIGINT, ELINT’ ==INTELLIGENCE.
This administration,  as well as others over the past three decades,  have spent obscene amounts of billions of dollars of our tax money and gave Top Secret Security clearances to over 1 million Contractors [just for counter –terrorism].   I would suggest that the most basic of lessons:  KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!!!
  In other words,  in the absence of knowledge or counter-terrorism experience which is clearly event in throughout this administration---- I caution to remember that “SILENCE IS GOLDEN!!”
So that you don’t do more harm than you have already done,  creating unnecessary fear,  concern and paranoia about an event that will not take place---and BTW –what is an American Citizen supposed to do if there were to be ‘a Terrorist Attack’?
  Buy ‘Duct Tape’ a la Governor Tom Ridge’s famous advice after 9/11?

“SILENCE IS GOLDEN” was one of those Frank Valli & Four Seasons Hit Song in 1964 [written by Bob Gaudio and Bob Crew] which pretty much explains what the future strategy should be for this NEOPHYTE GROUP OF  POLITICIANS  WHO HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN CREATE UNNECESSARY CONCERNS FOR AMERICA AND INDIRECTLY ASSIST EVERY POTENTIAL TERRORIST GROUP IN THE WORLD BY THEIR “CHATTER” ABOUT NSA “CHATTER”.

Here are some  appropriate words of the song:

  As for me,  the words describe my attitude to this dangerous ineptitude:
"How many times did the Americans [ I changed the lyric from ‘she’ ] fall for this line?
"Should I tell the the Americans or should I keep COOL?"
"And if I tried I know that ‘this Administration’[ changed from “she’] WILL SAY I LIED [ my emphasis];"
"Silence is GOLDEN
But my eyes still see
Silence is golden, Golden 
But my eyes still see…"

The FOUR SEASONS and then the Tremeloes sang about our future (posted youtube video earlier).   But how innocent we were back then in 1964,  when we were just being lied to about a  NON WAR in a country Sixteen Thousand Miles away-VIETNAM!!!

To SEE OUR GOVT DO SOMETHING TO US [that we don’t deserve];
Oh, don’t it pain to see AMERICANS CRY?
So, for want of a better advice to those who thing they rule us with ignorance, arrogance and ineptitude:
  I repeat the refrain,
“SILENCE IS GOLDEN,  But my eyes still see
Silence is golden, golden, 
But my eyes still see.”

IMAGINE---my dear readers,  a great country like ours,  without an INEPT FEDERAL GOVT BEREFT OF ARROGANCE,  IGNORANCE and INCOMPETENCY!!
Now, that’s my kind of country!!!
Now back to an old, old goodie:

“But my eyes, have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord,
He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.."

The Truth Is Marching On!!!
Glory,  Glory,  Hallelujah!!!!
You get the rest…..


  1. Didn't senator Saxby chambliss say " this is very reminiscent of pre 9/11"??? Well you can't argue with that sentiment can you!!! And the prison breakouts in Iraq ect!! Hundreds escape!!! My solution is simple get the hip hop record executives over to promote gangsta rap and gangbanging then invest in secure prisons then reap the rewards like they do in america!! Straight outta Baghdad Arabs with attitude

    1. I'm so happy that I didn't stick with my career in government.

      My generation of national security professionals turned out to be a bunch of feckless, immoral, cowardly trolls.

      If the US had never invaded Afghanistan and Iraq there would be no "al-quada in the Arabian Penninsula" or anywhere else.

      It was US aggression in the region which created all the "terrorists" which emerged after 9-11.

      What this is about is the creation of an enemy as the obvious but needed-to-be overlooked consequence of American aggression using the 9-11 event as a pretext.

      Now that the enemy has been created it's nature is being exaggerated and over-blown the same way that in the 1980s the Reagan team exaggerated and misled about the scale of the Soviet threat.

      All this is about at this juncture is the career interests of politicians and bureaucrats (like those from MIT, Rand, etc.) which exaggerate and misconstrue this pitiful threat in order to get more money and keep their pathetic jobs.

    2. OFF topic but very important....

      The four hour Sandia Lab documentary about the history of US strategic nuclear policy is now available on Youtube under: US Strategic Nuclear Policy - Part [1][2][3][4].

      This is an accurate and valuable account of the subject featuring interviews with William Kaufmann, Richard Garwin, Robert McNamara, Scott Sagan, James Schlessinger, Harold Brown, and others.

      It will remain the only film of it's kind on the subject as the participants are now deceased.

    3. And furthermore...

      When you search on Youtube for this film you will also get many other suggested films on the topic of international relations/national security by real scholars at Universities RATHER THAN THE PUNDITS AND PHONIES THE MEDIA USES FROM 'think tanks.'

      You will find appearances by sane scholars such as Kenneth Waltz, John Mearsheimer, Richard Betts, Robert Jervis, and a host of other knowledgable people.

    4. Pleased to read your posts MIT!

  2. I don't understand this post or where Steve is coming from. Is he pissed that the O admin is blowing all his best counter-intelligence plays from the last administrations playbook? I gotta admit EVERYBODY saw thru this closing embassy thing. Glen Greenwald nailed it. The closings were merely a ploy to induce fear, so Americans would take their eye off the ball which is the illegal NSA spying. Guess it didn't work too well, the ploy, that is. So is Steve pissed about that? who knows.

    1. What he is saying is the LEAKERS WHO FEED THE FRENZY OF LYING TO VOTERS believe the majority WILL BELIEVE THEIR LIES.
      Pathological liars who live a lie ALL OF THEIR LIVES LIKE OBAMA believe they can convince the masses of anything.
      They are serious mentally challenged
      Check out general Michael Hayden who is quite unstable & a contractor
      lobbyist" who was forced to resign because he lied to congress about a billion dollar boondoggle lemon software purchase while he was NSA DIRECTOR.
      Read about the vengeance he inflicted upon Thomas DRAKE, patriot @ whistleblower

      Now he is deflecting to Snowden.

      Dr. P. is inferring that government poodles are exposing secrets which are lies & should be prosecuted as criminals. Only the common man metes that charge, however.

  3. Glenn Greenwald interview Transcript:

    Part I:
    .."For eight straight years, literally, Democrats, every time there was a terrorist alert or a terrorist advisory issued by the United States government in the middle of a debate over one of the Bush-Cheney civil liberties abuses, the Democrats would accuse the United States government and the national security state of exaggerating terrorism threats, of manipulating advisories, of hyping the dangers of al-Qaeda, in order to distract attention away from their abuses and to scare the population into submitting to whatever it is they wanted to do. And so, here we are in the midst of, you know, one of the most intense debates and sustained debates that we’ve had in a very long time in this country over the dangers of excess surveillance, and suddenly an administration that has spent two years claiming that it has decimated al-Qaeda decides that there is this massive threat that involves the closing of embassies and consulates throughout the world. And within literally an amount of hours, the likes of Saxby Chambliss and Lindsey Graham join with the White House and Democrats in Congress—who, remember, are the leading defenders of the NSA at this point—to exploit that terrorist threat and to insist that it shows that the NSA and these programs are necessary...
    Dutch Ruppersberger is the second leading recipient in the entire United States House of Representatives of money from those industries. And he then gets placed on the very committee that the Church Committee created in the mid-1970s to exercise oversight over the agency and the community that basically ensures that his coffers are stuffed full of cash...
    ...There is an 86-page ruling issued by the FISA court that says the government has been systematically breaking the law and violating the Fourth Amendment in how it spies on us. And not only can we not see that ruling, because it remains a secret at the insistence of the Obama administration, even our elected representatives in Congress, who we’re told are exercising robust oversight, are blocked from seeing it...
    ... Mr. Snowden, made the claim, that as an analyst sitting at his desk, he could wiretap the Internet activity of anyone, including the president. And he was attacked as being a liar by the GOP chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Mike Rogers,(former FBI LOYALIST ALUMNUS) and others for having said that..this is the XKeyscore program that essentially allows a person to do exactly that... "

    1. Part II:
      ..The Bradley Manning trial is about creating and bolstering this climate of fear in the United States where would-be whistleblowers are afraid to come forward to disclose what is being done by their government that is corrupt and illegal and deceitful, to basically enable the government license to break the law by scaring and intimidating whistleblowers and journalists from reporting on it. Mr. Snowden’s behavior is so powerful, and the reason it has scared the United States government so much, is because it shows that people are willing to defy that climate of fear. Daniel Ellsberg said, is no longer a safe place for whistleblowers, but the case of Bradley Manning is a huge national disgrace...
      ..In 2005, The New York Times revealed that the Bush administration was spying on Americans in exactly the way that the law makes a felony, and not only were there no prosecutions from that, but the Democrats and the Republicans in Congress joined together, with very little public backlash, and essentially passed two bills in 2007 and 2008 that legalized that criminal eavesdropping program..
      this extraordinary and unprecedented coalition of conservatives and liberals and tea party and centrists join together and defy the White House and the leadership for serious reform in a real way, to see huge shifts in public opinion, to see the national security state for the first time really on its heels, to see numerous countries around the world defying the United States, to see a worldwide debate in multiple countries around the globe over what the United States is doing, to see huge amounts of public support for what Mr. Snowden has done, has not only been really gratifying, but, yeah, honestly, it has been surprising..."

    2. Ummmm I dunknow.

      I agree with your implication that he's a hero and he's being persecuted, but that's because I'm outside of government and I can be objective and make moral and fact-based distinctions about the subject.

      But from the point of view of government bureaucrats who must believe in the false doctrines which underlie their missions and careers it's the opposite.

      From their point of view Manning is an evil-doer because he pretented to be one of their trusted brothers working to make the world safe and he betrayed their trust and violated sacred principles which allow the government to do its vital work of protecting the innocent from evil.

      They're not so much sinister and purposeful as you claim as they are ignorant, selfish, indifferent, cruel, sactamonious, and a host of other bad things which are normal and common for most human beings.