Friday, December 13, 2013

Memorandum 0f Understanding to The American People: Beware of Career Opportunist Stanley Fischer!

To: Congress and Mr Stanley Fischer,  Former Governor Of The Bank of Israel,  Native Of Rhodesia and Citizen Of Israel.  Former Professor Of Economics at M.I.T.
From:  Dr Steve Pieczenik M.D.,  PhD,  Former DAS for four American Presidents and Someone Who Granted Top Secret Clearances.
Problem:  Janet Yellen,  Chairperson of The American Federal Reserve Bank,  is about to appoint Stanley Fischer,  a distinguished Economist as Vice Chairman of The US Federal Reserve Board.
Solution:  ASAP-- Dr Stanley Fischer should resign on his own for any position in the USG.
Reason:  Fischer decided to serve Israel with the full plenipotentiary powers accrued to the Governor Of Israel Bank that means a full Top Secret Mossad,  Shin Bet Clearances as well as access to Israeli industries –particularly those affiliated with industrial/ military organizations.

Stanley Fischer is a National Security Risk to the USG!
  Mr Fischer has had a history of extremely successful opportunism.   He was born in Rhodesia.   He grew up on an extremely Zionist Kibbutz.   He then served as Governor of Israel Bank.   There is no reason to consider this particular candidate,  Stanley Fischer more loyal to the financial and political interests of America in light of  his tenure in a major Israelis national security and financial position.     In other words,   Mr Fischer,   like most immigrants who have never served our military or any other intelligence organizations in a formal way,  is not qualified to receive any clearances from the USG or any other financial organizations associated with the USG.
  On a more professional psychiatric basis,  I wonder how it is that Ms Yellen and Mr Bernanke would consider one more clearly Jewish,  clearly Zionist individual to join the Federal Reserve in light of the fact that at present our tenuous financial system is replete with Jews who have,  at best,  posed a great disservice to this great country of America.   It is neither anti-semitic nor self-hating to point out that we have had the following jews involved in American financial problems for the past decades,  calling into question the judgment and intelligence of the people or persons involved in this potential appointment.
Let me more specific:
[1]  Bernie Madoff - his trail of criminality continues to be exposed in more detail.  The nicest thing people have said is that we Jews deserve him!
[2]  JP Morgan Chase whose board is filled with Jews of ill-repute,  like Sandy Weil,  and many others has been indicted so many times that it behooves you to understand that Wall Street is under criminal investigation.
[3] Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geitner and Jack Lew were under severe scrutiny for ‘questionable financial chicanery’.
 Two more Jews.  And one major Orthodox Jew who does not work on the Holiday Day –which ever day he determines that one to be.
[4] Goldman Sachs and Blankfein- Ms Yellen must I go through all the sins that this German Jewish Banking House has committed?
 I don’t think that is necessary.
[5] Ben S. Bernanke was at best,  not the greatest Chairman we have ever had,  although these were trying times.
[6] Robert Rubin,  Lawrence Summers etc

Just because Stanley Fischer was Bibi's and Benanke's professor at MIT doesn't mean he is qualified for Vice Chair of the FED!   This guy is Israeli and never really had success in the real world,  he's a wandering Jew who goes around looking for prestigious opportunities.    America doesn't need this!

Ms Yellen!   as a former managing director of Kidder Peabody who assisted in taking down a $600M  GE financial travesty and someone who had to professionally take over several Savings and Loan Organizations in Maryland,   I really think that you should walk down from your intellectual ivory tower and smell reality.

  If you appoint Stanley Fischer to Vice Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board,   may I then suggest another candidate who has had a long history of providing successful social, economic and political systems for millions of people.   His name: Hassan Nasarllah.
  He is by chance the leader of an ex-terrorist organization called Hezbollah which successfully defeated the IDF with eight hundred so-called ‘terrorists’.  But Nasrallah is no more a security risk to the USG than Bibi’s mentor and an operative of Israeli intelligence who quite frankly never really built up his own successful financial organization like Hezbollah.  
Ms Yellen,  you are new and have not yet demonstrated your bona fides in your leadership role.    As a Jew,  I am offended by your choice!  It shows very poor judgement and makes the American Public mistrust you…..and if the people mistrust you,  well,  then you are nothing.   Jews represent an inordinate number of positions in the America finances,  not to mention the fact that Larry Summers was turned down for his own ‘miscreant’ financial behavior.    There are many,  many talented non –jews who have served brilliantly in former administrations ---for example, Volcker,  Zoelleck  [sounds jewish but he is not],  etc.
  I have lived in a world or Jewish quotas working against me  in College;  Med School,  State Dept., military, intelligence     I am tired of anti-semitism and anti-anything.   So get real Ms Yellen,  discard Fischer as your choice.    Let him go back to Eretz Yisroel and write a memoir.    Appoint an AMERICAN to the Federal Reserve!


  1. Mayer amschel Rothschild nailed it! And at least it was a frank assessment! I don't know anywhere near enough about the federal reserve save to say as far as I'm aware there's absolutely nothing federal about it and like the bank of England has far to much power so I'll end my thoughts on that there! What concerns me is this subject of dual nationality and Israeli dual nationality at that! What is that all about? Over here in the UK most politicians are members of a group called the "friends of Israel" and I know its the same in the USA so what is it about Israel? Yes we know the obvious and the history ect but why is it still steadfast? Having said that the geopolitical arena is changing fast with Iran becoming increasingly more welcome to the table and the climb down regarding Syria so maybe before too long our financial institutions will be ran by Sinbad and the forty thieves! The way its going financially people a magic carpet and a genie in a lamp will be a welcome change to Fagin and his pickpockets!!!

  2. Lots of good insight in this post

  3. Oy veh is Dr. P. going Tila Tequila on us....?

    1. I'll listen to anything Tila says because she's so cute saying it.


  4. there is one thing left unsaid in this post. It really doesn't matter who runs the federal reserve. the fed has no reason to exist anymore. The fed has been incredibly stupid, lazy and greedy. The fed has had a long run of making a lot of money doing nothing but creating paper. Paul Volcker once said that the best thing to come out of the banking system was the ATM. that's the only thing of value they have ever created for the economy.

    The bankers have now awoken a sleeping giant. In their rip-off of Detroit the banks have made it clear they hate humanity and know they have to go down. and go down they will. America will now have to take control of their own money. Glass steagall will be passed and an American credit system put in its place in order to revive the economy.

    These things will now be done because there is now no other option to save America. The fed and the banks have spoiled their own party with their greed treasonous and now will have to pay price. The sooner the better.

    1. I don't think bankers "hate humanity" or anything of the kind.

      They're ordinary typical human beings who use creative means to make as much money they can.

      It's up to the rest of us to regulate them and circumscribe their actions when they bring harm to the rest of us.

      Glass Stegall and the other reforms of the 1930s are a must.

    2. MIT if you look at the take down of Detroit where Detroit retirees will now have their pensions taken to pay debt to bank of America and other banks keep in mind a couple of things. A previous administration entered into a swap deal of some kind that Detroit lost badly on. The value of these swaps was dependent on the LIBOR rate which we came to find out was manipulated all along by the banking interests. No wonder Detroit and everybody else lost bad on the swaps. keep in mind also that Detroit retirees are not eligible for social security. they now will have both their pensions and health insurance taken from them. seeing as these folks are too old to go back to work what are they supposed to do? go off and die in a corner of the world where the rest of us can't see them so our conscience won't be bothered?

      You can also ask the folks in Greece and Cyprus, where they are facing falling birth rates and rising death rates, what they think of these bankers bums view of humanity.

      Please don't humor us with this talk of these supposed humanitarian good-fellas who are creative money makers. these guys are a bunch of creepy fraudsters. and, they hate humanity.

  5. Lincoln probably never said "American will never be destroyed from the outside." It appears to come from the 1940s and 1950s.

  6. Dr.P,

    I agree with your observation that Jews are over-represented in finance capital, but then Jews are also over-represented in other professions which require intelligence, creativity and discipline.

    Jews have the distinction of having on average higher IQs, and a very high percentage of individuals with genius level IQs.

    I agree Zionism is a problem, and I'm concerned about anyone who favors it, but within Israel there are many doves, many peaceful people, and even many who don't want the state of Israel to exist.

    I'm open minded to this person serving on the Fed. If his intelligence and integrity allows him to rise above the prejudices which would bedevil lessor men because of the circumstances of his upbringing.

    It could well be that his intelligence and knowledge might benefit us more than any assumed alliance with the far right in Israel. For all we know he might be a dovish peacenik.

    The Fed needs all the help it can get.

    1. Good luck with that. America is mentally ill MItt and you have pointed this out many times. The growing surveillance state insures greater dysfunction and lunacy. More escapism and unpredictability regardless
      of IQ. I suspect the only real sanity will exist in rural areas that have a degree of self sufficiency and a state government that can build something off the grid and somewhat independent. Islands in the storm sort of thing.

    2. MIT there is nothing that can help the Fed and it has to be dismantled. If did a real audit of any bank in the transatlantic banking which would be required under glass-steagall - and you say you support glass steagall) you will find every single bank is hopelessly bankrupt. They are filled with some 700 trillion dollars of worthless derivatives of a various nature (a conservative estimate) and under glass steagall these banks would be deemed insolvent and closed.

      Therefore the objective of us who support glass-steagall is to kill the dead. it is the only way to revive the American and world economy and create and manufacture things of real value. there is no real value in derivatives.

      We recently saw the Ukraine turn away from the European union and turn east towards Russia and asia. the main reason was they saw the end game of transatlantic banking system which was to shut down their manufacturing economy and have their raw material resources exported. They rightly saw that most of their manufactured finished product were to the east so they went that way in political affliation. there was no motivation to associate themselves wit a bunch of lazy, stupid greedy and treasonous bankers who down know how to create anything but shitty pieces of paper and call it debt.

      The best thing we can do to help the fed and its affiliates is to put them out of their misery and take them down lock, stock and barrel as quicky as possible.

    3. The first sentence of the second paragraph should read: Therefore the objective of us who support glass-steagall is to kill the banks dead. This is not about killing people. we have had enough of that. I'd like to see a peaceful and legal transition to a better banking system. We shall have to see if those in power now will allow a peaceful and legal transition.

  7. Dr Steve, Nobody has touched upon the fact that the Rothschild family have been the guardians of the Vatican treasury since 1823 a person only need to research the information on this site 'The Rothschild Bloodline' to understand that this family controls all the global central banks except 3 countries now, the more research you do the more you realize that this Rothschild family rule our everyday life from the Vatican, as they say all roads lead to Rome!

  8. This piece should be subtitled, "MOB RULE".

    As soon as the DC circuit's radical hippies (or their offspring) are packed as "Judges" due to MALEVOLENT REID's removal of the filibuster for nominees except the SCOTUS, it will matter not that AMERICA FALLS TO SERFDOM, as that is the means, motive, & opportunity of BARI's MOB BOSSES, which is also why Miss Yellen , like BARI is the face behind the MOB....and so goes the WORLD ECONOMY...