Monday, December 16, 2013

60 minutes interview with Keith Alexander.  Transcript posted as well.


  1. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Illegitimate Obama (C.I.A. ASSET and British agent) now has competition! Let us "play a game": Who is the GREATEST LIAR????

    General Keith Alexander, I THINK, is a better "LIAR"! Illegitimate Obama (C.I.A. ASSET) is just too obvious!

    Given the Patriot Act (unconstitutional and illegal) and N.D.A.A. ACT (unconstitutional and illegal), the "DATA" they (N.S.A. (primarily covers-up THE C.I.A.'s various criminal activities), C.I.A. (controlled by SKULL AND BONES), F.B.I. ("IN BED" with THE C.I.A.), and other FEDERAL AGENCIES) are actually looking at is certain individuals against the NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that reports to JESUIT ORDER)! In addition, the N.S.A. (primarily covers-up C.I.A. criminal activities) is NOT GIVING all the information concerning what is actually going on within the N.S.A.!

    I do NOT believe Edward Snowden actually down-loaded over 1 million documents or essentially the "CROWN JEWELS" of the N.S.A.! All Edward Snowden did was down-load the specific documents that he (Edward Snowden) believed were controversial, possibly illegal, and possibly unconstitutional; and Edward Snowden exposed those said documents to the WORLD!

    The N.S.A. is obviously spying on UNITED STATES citizens; and this has been going on for several decades--possibly since 1947, when the N.S.A. was formed! Therefore, the "DATA" the N.S.A. collects is for the CITY OF LONDON, England to further their (CITY OF LONDON, England) "control" of the UNITED STATES!

  2. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    If Edward Snowden actually did down-load the "CROWN JEWELS" of the criminal N.S.A., this was done for leverage to counter assassination attempts! Edward Snowden did admit that his (Edward Snowden) life was basically forfeit immediately after exposing the controversial, possibly illegal, and possibly unconstitutional documents! Both THE C.I.A. (controlled by SKULL AND BONES) and THE N.S.A. (primarily covers-up the various criminal activities of THE C.I.A. (controlled by SKULL AND BONES)) "HATE" getting embarrassed by a "no body" like Edward Snowden, who actually now a HERO!

    There is another thing! C.B.S. and all the other channels of the mass-media are controlled by THE BILDERBERG GROUP (SEE THIS VIDEO AT YOU TUBE: "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Secret Societies [Season 1, Episode 5] (Full Length • HD)" posted by Justin Wallis on December 15, 2010)!

  3. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    When are you going to be on the ALEX JONES SHOW????? You need to on the ALEX JONES SHOW and talk about OBAMACARE (NAZI CARE, similar to Hitler's T4 (1933 to 1945)), THE N.S.A. actually spying on EVERYONE in the UNITED STATES, and the WEST (controlled CITY OF LONDON, England) agitating both Russia (implementation of European missile shield and moving nukes to the boarder) and China (controversial South Pacific Islands and setting-up C.I.A./INTELLIGENCE BASES around China)!

  4. Hi Dr. P,

    Sorry to go off topic but I just read this. I think it's bunk but was wondering what you, as a vitamin maker, thought of it. It was posted on drudge so it is getting a lot of reads.

  5. Dr. P,

    I agree with your portrait of Obama as a feckless phony who's nothing more than a crook, however I don't think he's a "sociopath" and I don't think his family worked for CIA. Nor do I think Clinton had anything to do with CIA. As for George Bush I'm certain he worked for CIA all his adult life, and as for his son the aptly named "dunce" I think he did not.

    One of the few things I liked about Clinton was that he disliked CIA immensely, and thought of it the way lefties of his generation usually do, having grown up with the usual revelations of the Church Committee, Phil Agee's book, etc., etc. Clinton thought the CIA was rouge and inept, and he never went to Langley and rarely met with his own DCI.

    I don't believe Clinton was involved in Mena either. I do believe their was a vast right wing conspiracy against him led by Mr.Scaff and others who fabricated a lot of shit from Little Rock.
    Ken Starr was relentless in seeking anything to pin on Clinton and he failed miserably.

    With all this said Clinton was a weirdo and a creep who was a wounded child personality like Obama, and was an obcessive people pleaser who loved rich people, holywood and gave the keys of the country away to Wall Street because he wanted to be one of them. His idiot wife even moved to New York so she could run for office from there even though she had no connection to the place other than her ambitions to be one of the New York elite.

    If Obama or his family worked for CIA I think they would have had a very different profile and lives. I don't see them in a position to have done anything for CIA. What I do see is a screwball family of socialists who let their daughter get fucked and knocked up and beaten up by a negro from Africa who was married to somebody else. This is what stupid lefties of their "Guess who's Coming to Dinner" generation did --- NOT WHAT people would do if they were TRYING TO CONVINCE THE WORLD THEY WERE SOCIALISTS WHEN THEY WERE NOT.

    The question as to whether the Dunhams were really stupid liberals or really clever CIA agents pretending to be is answered in one name --- Barak Obama Sr.

    If the Dunhams were really arch conxervatives pretending to be communists do you think they would have let their daughter be fucked and abandoned by THAT UGLY TRIBAL NEGRO from Kenya!

    That's really a laugh.

  6. Barak Obama is a guy who was abandoned and rejected by his father and mother and sent to live with his grandparents, who were crazy socialists with idiot social views to cover up for their own failings.

    Obama grew up with an obcessive need for acceptance, and also with a cynicism about social convictions of any kind.

    He grew up having learned that it's easy to convince other people that you care about their social convictions when you really don't.

    He learned that people want to help him, and see in him what they want to see. He always used this to feather his own nest and build a comfortable career for himself.

    The trauma of the George W. Bush Presidency, with it's lies, incompetence and plutocracy set up the young and the gullible for Obama's lies of "hope and change."

    Now only a year into Obama's second term all but the most fanatic of Obama's followers finally see him for what he is.