Saturday, December 28, 2013

Project Longevity,  Newtown Fake Shootings,  "Must create Public Outrage"…Eric Holder can't stop himself….here's a clip from his pre-Sandy Hook Connecticut visit.


  1. For the record, I have no opinion on the Newtown shootings. I simply want to know the truth. For a person to go into a school he had no connection to and to start shooting for no reason? Plus, he didn't own a gun or a car?

    The documents were released in a huge dump on the Friday after Christmas. The MSM, as usual, doesn't question a thing. I was surprised that even Alex Jones doesn't have a single article. Sure, it's a sensitive subject, but how do you find truth without asking questions?

    See the videos:

    Sandy Hook Adam Lanza's Clothing

    Sandy Hook Triage Never Used

    is there still no official video from the school or even from a police car camera?

  2. The calls are so interesting. Haven't heard them before. It is all so staged and blatant. Such audacity and so amateurish it is almost preposterous anyone believes this event is real.

  3. Here's more:

    Sandy Hook 911 Calls - More Evidence of HOAX - Crisis Acting!
    Sandy Hook 911 Operator Saying FAKE cleaned up by Michael Rivero - You can hear FAKE well

    I have a ton of questions.

    Why destroy the whole school months before the report is even released? There's no checking now--the evidence is gone.

    Why did Adam Lanza kill himself with a different gun? Why did he shoot himself in the back of the head? Who does that, twisting an arm to shoot one's self from the back?

    Was this originally a drill (a "fake")? Were these 911 calls a part of the drill?

    What happened to the person who was shot in the foot? Is this in the report?

    Again, I have no opinion if this is or is not a false flag. I just have some questions that need answers.

  4. More videos:

    Sandy Hook Final Report - A Completely Redacted Joke Censored Bull
    LIES! Sandy Hook Elementary New Town, CT HOAX EXPOSED

    The first video (from today) shows that they really don't want you to see any official video, and everything is redacted, anyway. The second video shows the movie RAMPAGE (2009) and a greatest interview hits with Robbie Parker and Gene Rosen.

  5. Off topic but this is a CORD MEYER REVISIT:
    1. In January 1963, Phillip Graham, the owner of the Washington Post, disclosed to a meeting of newspaper editors that John F. Kennedy was having an affair with Mary Pinchot Meyer.
    2. Reportedly sex and LSD were being used by Mary Pinchot Meyer to brainwash J F Kennedy, and get him to support a 'one world government'.

    1. 3. Mary Pinchot Meyer's former husband, Cord Meyer, was in the CIA and had an interest in CIA brainwashing.

      4, Phillip Graham may have been a victim of CIA brainwashing.

      5. Immediately after he had made his revelations, Graham was sedated, bound in a straitjacket, and flown back to Washington on Air Force One.

      He was committed for five days to a psychiatric hospital.

      6. On August 3, 1963, Phillip Graham was shot dead.

      7. In November 1963, J F Kennedy was shot dead.

      8. In October 1964, Mary Pinchot Meyer was shot dead.

      9. Immediately after Kennedy’s assassination, Mary Pinchot Meyer reportedly telephoned Timothy Leary, her supplier of LSD.

      "Highly emotional, she exclaimed to Leary, 'They couldn’t control him anymore. He was changing too fast. They've covered everything up. I gotta come see you. I’m afraid. Be careful.'

      Meyer was referring to President Kennedy's behaviour after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

      Kennedy had fired CIA director Alan Dulles and had promised to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.”

      10. Twenty-five minutes before the assassination of JFK someone phoned the Cambridge Evening News in the UK warning of 'big news' and suggesting the paper called the US embassy in London.

      "When this story emerged it was claimed the phone-call was anonymous.

      "However, later that day a CIA officer based in London sent a telegram to their office in Washington claimed 'some similar phone-calls of strangely coincidental nature previous received in this country over past year, particularly in connection with the Dr Ward’s case.'"

      11. Stephen Ward, an osteopath whose patients included Winston Churchill, Duncan Sandys, Ava Gardner, Mary Martin and Mel Ferrer. His friends included Prince Philip. His MI5 controller was said to be Keith Wagstaffe.

      After the Cuban Missile Crisis, Steven Ward told Christine Keeler that he believed John F. Kennedy would be assassinated.

      He told her and Eugene Ivanov: "A man like John Kennedy will not be allowed to stay in such an important position of power in the world, I assure you of that."

      Steven Ward reportedly worked for the British security service MI5.

      From 1956-65, MI5 was run by Sir Roger Hollis, who was allegedly a Soviet spy.

    2. 12. Maria (Mariella) Stella Novotny was born in 1941 in Prague.

      Her father was the brother of the pro-Communist President of Czechoslovakia.

      She lived in the Royal palace until she was 6 years old.

      Maria Novotny's father was in the anti-Communist underground.

      Maria escaped from Czechoslovakia, with a family friend, but ended up in a camp for displaced persons in the Soviet sector of Austria.

      In 1948 Maria was released, apparently through the efforts of a Mrs Capes, who had known her father when he was studying in England.

      Maria was brought to England where she lived as the daughter of Mrs Capes.

      She became a teenage model and met Horace Dibden, aged 57, at his Black Sheep Club in Piccadilly. They got married.
      Dibden was a friend of both Stephen Ward and Michael Eddowes.

      In 1960, at a party given by an American millionaire, Huntingdon Hartford, Maria met Harry Alan Towers, and went to work for his modeling agency.

      In New York, Maria found that modelling offers required sleeping with television producers.

      Towers arranged a lunch for her with Peter Lawford, the brother-in-law of President John Kennedy.

      She was introduced to Kennedy and almost immediately shown into a bedroom where she went to bed with him.

      Reportedly, Maria also got to know Robert Kennedy and certain UN officials.

      Mariella Novotny (aka Stella Capes) was a high-class prostitute 'controlled by Stephen Ward in London'.

      "Mariella was part Jewish, she was actually quiet proud of that and spoke Hebrew."

      13. At times Novotny operated in the USA where allegedly she was used by Lyndon Johnson to blackmail J F Kennedy.

      14. "At roughly the same time as the Novotny affair, Kennedy and half the Senate were also conducting a fling with Ellen Remetsch, an East German Spy."

      15. In 1978 Novotny announced that she had started work on her autobiography which would include details of her work for MI5.

      She claimed that her book would include details of a "plot to discredit Jack Kennedy".

      16. Mariella Novotny was found dead in her bed in February 1983.

      According to Stephen Dorrel: "Shortly after her death her house was burgled and all her files and large day-to-day diaries from the early sixties to the seventies were stolen."

      For more of the 6 degrees of separation:

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