Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Patriarch was right on!  Read this.
Hillary is being protected by NYTimes, won't work.


  1. Glad to assist. Happy Healthy New Year! Avoid hospitals; Obamacare will KILL!

    Bernie Madoff is claiming responsibility for Jamie Diamond's woes:

  2. An additional $700 a year is a lot for the millions who can't afford insurance and who need it and still won't be able to afford it under ObamaCare.

    For the young invincibles like me [54 years old and in perfect health and always will be because of my alternative health practices] $700 is a small price to pay to avoid paying hundreds a month for services we'll never use.

    I hope these $700 yearly contributions by millions will at least help the deficits just a little.

  3. Hillary won't be the nominee in 2016.

    She's very old now, looks terrible, has performed poorly at her recent posts, and her husband looks and sounds worse than she does. He's a frail old man and she's a wrinkled fat old lady.

    Take it from one who knows..........

    The Democrats realize they made a horrible mistake with Obama and some new face, someone like who people thought Obama was, will show up with the social networks buzzing and the internet all ablaze. Who will this new person be? I dunno, but there's it will be someone. The party's had it with the same old faces like Kerry, Clinton, Reid and that woman in the House. Practically anyone can take it away from these bozos.

  4. Maybe someone like this new Mayor of New York, DeBlazio, or someone like him who stands AGAINST THE 1%.

    The Democrats will nominate a liberal this time!

    I'm not joking.

    The country's had it with the 1% and Wall Street and NAFTA and all this struggle going on. In 2007 median income was 56,000 and now it's 51,000 and HASN'T IMPROVED A DIME!

    The Republicans are going to nominate a petulant right wing idiot like Christie and whoever the Democrats nominate will sweep the election, and that person will be....

    A liberal who favors the public option for national health care

    Pledges to close Guantanamo and end all drone striked

    Pledges to scale back the military and close foreign bases

    Pledges to increase the minimum wage

    Formulates an industrial policy to provide incentives for manufacturers to expand in the United States.

    Pledges to make college affordable

    Pledges to re-regulate the banking system

    Pledges to soften narcotics laws and prosecutions

    That person will be the next President.....

    Mark my words.

  5. The west coast will go Democrat, as well as the Atlantic seaboard.

    The south will go Republican, but the western states will be split with Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada going Democrat.

    Florida is a toss up.

    The midwest will largely go Democratic. Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois will go Democratic. Indiana, Ohio and Iowa could go either way.....

  6. It's gonna be hard to get Republicans in Florida and Utah to turn out for an abrasive New Jersey mouth like Christie.

    Whoever the Democrat is it will help if he's from the midwest or someplace like Colorado. If Gary Hart were still around someone like him would work.

  7. The future of the electorate is in places like Colorado, Oregon and Washington. These places are prosperous and their youth culture of pot smoking and tolerance and liberty IS THE NEW LIBERTAIANISM which America will embrace in 2016 !!!!

  8. 2016 will be the last year that Texas stays Republican.

    Texas is becoming an urban state in which minorities will soon dominate everything.

    The beer drinking fat old men of the W. generation are dying off and being replaced by hot young latina professionals who like to smoke pot and enjoy lesbian sex!

    Texas is turning into a paradise for latina girls who love to vote, smoke weed, and reject latin men. The latina vote will dominate Texas in a few short years!!!!

  9. Here in Texas most of the University students are asian girls and hot, super sexy hispanic girls.

    These super-sexed and horny women are the political and economic future of the state.

    They are hard workers, totally dedicated to building independent careers and lives, and are so horny they can't contain themselves. They crave sex =o)

  10. Hispanics in Texas have a lot of kids, and most of those kids are girls [happily].

  11. Mexican girls are genetically predisposed to poor vision and eyesight and about 90% require vision correction. Everywhere you see cute latinas you see most of them are wearing glasses.

    What I've noticed is that if a girl isn't good looking if she wears glasses she looks even worse...

    But if a girl is really cute she looks even cuter when she puts glasses on. I don't know why but it's a fact.

  12. The dayz of hispanic women marrying a fat, lazy Mexican man and having ten kids is over.

    This new generation of Mexican girls are all putting on their glass and school girl uniforms and heading for college and careers. They rent apartments on their own, buy houses, smoke weed sometimes, and dream about finding a nice guy to have spectacular sex with. If they can't find the perfect guy they'll settle for someone else as long as it's not permenant, or they can find another girl and go together to the sex shop to obtain some toys! I know a lot of hispanic girls who do that together.

  13. The reason why Mexican girls are so horny is because they have higher testosterone levels.

    You can see this by noticing the slight body hair they have on their upper backs and in front of their ears like very faint sideburns, They also have sort of hairy arms. All this faint though present body hair in these particular areas indicates high testosterone for a female.

    If it were just non-testosterone body hair it would be on the legs and buttocks, but these girls have it on their faces, upper backs and arms, and that indicates high testosterone.

  14. As a group these are the most sexually responsive girls I've ever met, with the possible exception of Filipinas.

  15. I've been seeing this one latina who started using a contraceptive that reduced her testosterone level just a little and it resulted in her losing all of her sex drive.

    So she changed to a different contraceptive and when her testosterone went back to "normal" she became the wanton horndog she was before. The slightest touch anywhere on her body and it's off to the races....


  16. What do you expect from the "TOILET PAPER OF CHOICE" (The New York Times)!

    Everyone involved with the Benghazi "cover-up" MUST GO TO PRISON, because this is plainly a violation ARTICLE III, Section 3, of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION!

    EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS VIDEO AT YOU TUBE: "Steve Quayle: Collapse is Imminent" (especially at about 15:00 to posted 15:19) by the ALEX JONES CHANNEL (AUTHENTIC) on December 31, 2013! Alex Jones interviewed Steve Quayle! Who is going to prosecute, when all the good military leaders are being fired; and criminals are replacing them (prior generals and admirals)?????

    1. Steve Quayle is a moron.

      He believes Jack and the Beanstock is real and that giants used to live on earth.

      Please wake up and join reality.

      Life's too short.

    2. Steve Quayle is NOT A MORON; however, Steve Quayle is not always correct on the issues.

      There were giants walking the EARTH before the GREAT FLOOD (BIBLE), and there is scientific evidence showing the GREAT FLOOD did occur! The tallest "modern" man ever was about 8' 11" TALL! Robert Pershing Wadlow (born February 22, 1918 and died on July 15, 1940) sometimes known as the Alton Giant and the Giant of Illinois, is the tallest person in history for whom there is irrefutable evidence. Therefore, there are genetic anomalies during modern times; and during ancient times the genes were less damaged, because the diets were better (more nutrients in the produce because of better soil)!

      There are other giants to today--like Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal (7.1 inches tall and has a 22 shoe size), who used to play with the Lakers!

  17. Operation American Spring scheduled for DC May 2014:

    If the military obeys orders, we will have a repeat of the BONUS MARCH OF 1932. MacArthur, Patton & Eisenhower fired on UNARMED VETS. NO FIREARMS IN DC.

    Watch the 1932 veterans BONUS MARCH:

    1. Oh yeah that's all we need right now is a military coup.

      What have you been smoking?

      Do you live in Colorado or someplace?

    2. This has been discussed by the JOINT CHIEFS. This is the reason why illegitimate Obama (C.I.A. ASSET and British agent) is "FIRING" a lot of the MILITARY BRASS!

      2014 is the YEAR! This is the year they (NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE") will try to establish "MARTIAL LAW" by shoving OBAMACARE (NAZI CARE) "down everyone's throat"! At that point, they (N.W.O.) will try and illegally take the "LEGAL FIREARMS" (violation of the 2nd Amendment of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION)! To further "MARTIAL LAW," there is a very high probability of the RELEASE OF BIO-WEAPONS on both COASTS (WEST (primarily vaccines) and EAST (primarily vaccines and subways))! Basically, the NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that reports to JESUIT ORDER) want to have a bio-holocaust with a subsequent nuclear holocaust to "EXTERMINATE" about 99.99% of the UNITED STATES POPULATION; and the NEW WORLD ORDER (George H. W. Bush Sr. (SKULL AND BONES) SPEECHES 1991) want to "EXTERMINATE" about 7 BILLION PEOPLE out of about 7.2 BILLION PEOPLE WORLD WIDE!

    3. EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS VIDEO AT YOU TUBE: "The Police State in 2014" (especially at 7:39 to 9:23) posted by the ALEX JONES CHANNEL (AUTHENTIC) on December 31, 2013! The "RED LIST" is the first 200 million people to be taken-out (bio-holocaust, F.E.M.A. "DEATH" CAMPS, and CIVIL WAR (NORTH COMMAND with foreign UNITED NATIONS TROOPS))! The "BLUE LIST" is the UNITED STATES MILITARY and POLICE being taken-out by the foreign UNITED NATIONS TROOPS! The "GREEN LIST" or now the "YELLOW LIST" will be also "EXTERMINATED" but not necessarily immediately (SEE THIS VIDEO AT YOU TUBE: "THE CIA RED, BLUE LIST, AND DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES - The Truth" posted by Sc Cr on October 20, 2011)! This particular VIDEO might seem a little weird and silly; however, the information about the F.E.M.A. "DEATH" CAMPS IS VERY REAL AND VERY SERIOUS!

    4. Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. please contact Alex Jones and go on the ALEX JONES SHOW! According to Alex Jones, his cousin and his uncle have this strange disease; and said strange disease already killed Alex Jones' cousin, while Alex Jones' uncle is still in critical condition! What is this stuff??? According to Alex Jones, the doctors have never experienced this type of disease before! I know this is absolutely NOT disinformation by Alex Jones; this is real! And, this said strange disease is "TERMINATING" MILLIONS IN TEXAS--"QUIETLY," with hardly any coverage from the MAIN-STREAM MEDIA! Could this be the NEW WORLD ORDER'S "planned" bio-holocaust being initiated in Texas (VERY LARGE POPULATION), because most of Texas is "wide-awake" to the NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that reports to JESUIT ORDER)????

    5. [CORRECTION] It sounded as if a "MAJOR" PANDEMIC was on the way; however, at the current time, only "a lot" of people are infected and possibly dying from said "STRANGE DISEASE" inTexas!

      Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D. please go back on the ALEX JONES SHOW and discuss this particular issue, along with other very important FOREIGN ISSUES, such as, the C.I.A. funding the Russian terrorists (Al Qaeda from Saudi Arabia ???)!

      Will there actually be an Olympics in Russia, with all this terrorism??? What is Russian President Putin going to do with this one??? President Putin did outsmart the NEW WORLD ORDER over SYRIA, and President Putin to prevent a nuclear holocaust--an invasion of SYRIA by the WEST, with illegitimate Obama (C.I.A. ASSET and British agent) leading N.A.T.O. to W.W.III (THERMONUCLEAR WAR, with Russia and China annihilating the UNITED STATES)!

      The worst government in the WORLD is at it again! This is the totally illegitimate government of SAUDI ARABIA! This was a creation from BRITISH INTELLIGENCE-- a cesspit to extrapolate extremist militant groups [Al Qaeda for "HIRE"???] for various covert intelligence operations! I hope that everyone gets that the "Lawrence of Arabia" movie was one of SATANWOOD'S better "inside jokes"!


    There have been a number of websites putting up outstanding Sandy Hook videos and recent updates:

    The Paulstal Service
    IC WhatGoingOn

    The official story is that Adam Lanza (who no one remembers) has Asperger's (but hasn't been treated by anyone for five years, so, remarkably, there's not one lawsuit against a doctor or drug company). He stays at home and plays video games (that are years old, on a crappy tv). He's a kid who has no digital footprint on Twitter or anything else. Although he has mental problems, he perfectly and completely destroyed his computer's hard drive.

    One day, for no reason whatsoever, he decides to shoot his mother, then drive to and break into a school he has no connection to, and shoot 26 people. He carried an amazing amount of weapons for a 6'0" person only about 125 pounds (and he wore and 8 1/2" shoe). His shot was perfect, killing almost everyone instantly. No one was sent to triage and only three unknown people were sent to the hospital. He then shot himself, leaving no blood on his clothes.

    Dr. P, the state shouldn't be able to get away with its highly redacted report. At the very minimum, the public must see photos of the alleged shooter, Adam Lanza. There must be a lawsuit for freedom of information. Can you do it or do you know someone who can?

    If this was a false flag, it must be exposed. This stuff has to end.

  19. Bin laden used a crappy tv also in the photos released...must be someone's signature symbol.

    1. It really is a joke. Not even a flat screen tv, and that's all this kid supposedly did all day for years.

      Check the websites above and see just how badly the Lanza house was staged. It really doesn't look like any kid lived there for the past three years.

      We must sue for a single crime scene photo. This is (or was) America!

  20. “According to every internal document I’ve seen and read, and from the few people I’ve spoken with who understand what’s going on, preparations have been finalized to respond to a crisis of unprecedented magnitude within the United States. The response will include the use of lethal force against U.S. citizens under the instructions of Barack Obama.”...
    the collapse has already started. It’s incremental, like a snowball rolling down a hill. It gets bigger and rolls faster. Well, this snowball is well on its way down the hill.”..

    “I don’t mean to sound repetitive, by I can’t stress this enough. Contrary to what you hear, we’re already in an economic collapse, except that most people haven’t a clue. The ‘big bang’ comes at the end, when people they wake up one morning and can’t log in to their bank accounts, can’t use their ATM cards, and find out that their private pension funds and other assets have been confiscated..."

    “I’ve seen documentation of multiple scenarios created outside of DHS. Different plans and back-up plans. Also, please understand that I deliberately used the word ‘created,’ as this is a completely manufactured event. In the end it won’t be presented that way, which is extremely important for everyone to understand. What is coming will be blamed on some unforeseen event out of everyone’s control, that few saw coming or thought would actually happen. Then, another event will take place concurrent with this event, or immediately after it, to confuse and compound an already explosive situation.”

    The response will be controls and restrictions on travel, business, and every aspect of our lives, especially gun ownership and speech that incites people against the government. I guess some people would call it Martial Law...

    “Please note a few final things. The relationship that exists between DHS today and the executive branch is well beyond alarming. DHS and other organizations have become the private army of the Oval Office. The NSA, and I’ve got contacts there, is taking orders from the Oval Office. The IRS is under the virtual control of the Oval Office in a manner that would make Nixon cower. Even though all roads appear to lead to the Oval Office, they lead through the Oval Office. It’s not just Obama, but the men behind him, the people who put him there. The people who put him there are the ones who created him.” I asked who created him.

    “First, ask yourself why there was such an all out effort to marginalize anyone talking about Obama’s eligibility in 2008. Even so-called conservatives pundits fell for the lie that such questions were nothing more than a diversion. They were following a specific drumbeat. That should tell every rational adult that he is a creation of the globalists who have no allegiance to any political party. He is the product of decades of planning, made for this very time in our history. He was selected to oversee the events I just disclosed. Who has that ability? He’s a product of our own intelligence agencies working with the globalists. He should be exhibit ‘A’ to illustrate the need to enforce the Logan Act. Need I say more?”

    As often said by another of my sources, the U.S. is a captured operation. The lie is bigger than most people realize or are willing to confront...."

    1. I bet anyone on this board $5,000. that none of the descibed conditions above comes to pass.

      Anyone who believes such nonesense is totally out of touch with reality.

      Come on big boys put up or shut up.

  21. Be afraid AMERICA. Hillary is RELENTLESS,

  22. Scathing letter to BOEHNER about Benghazi.
    BOEHNER has been compromised.
    He will either lose the speakership or find a horse head in his bed.
    He has been DISROBED FOR ALL TO SEE his self aggrandizing persona.