Saturday, December 7, 2013

Condolences on the Death Of Nelson Mandela!   However,  many Americans were involved in the take-down of South African Apartheid!

By now,  everyone in the world knows about the heroic stoicism of Nelson Mandela and his fight to eliminate the oppressive Apartheid Policy initiated by the Afrikaans.   Yet like most narratives glorifying the exploits of any individual or country,   there is inevitably major lacuna or distortions.   In this blog,   my intention is not to take anything away from the courageous Mandela.   I simply want to add my small part concerning the observations  that I had made during the Reagan/Shultz and Bush Sr/Baker administration regarding the tireless efforts that these Presidents and their respective senior officials made in working to take down Apartheid without any braggadocio  whatsoever.
As a matter of fact,   Reagan and Shultz were so modest about their efforts to influence the South African Afrikaners that I was shocked when I saw the film which portrayed Reagan as Anti-Apartheid and anti-black,  entitled “The Butler”.

Sidebar:  Most Liberals in Hollywood clearly forgot that Reagan had been President of the Screen Actors Guild.    To this day,   it is still the tightest union contract that protects actors of all religions,  colors and genders and ensures they receive equitable pay in a town that was notoriously abusive of labor and corrupt [rife with Jewish/Italian gangsters].   

First and foremost,   Ambassador Chester Crocker,   former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs,   spent eight years of his professional life [1981-1989] creating a very complex array of negotiations with Cuba,  Soviet Union,  and South Africa in a ‘constructive engagement.’    At the same time,  as a major part of eliminating Apartheid,  Crocker settled the terms of the independence of Namibia.    
Then I was sent to South Africa on a minor mission to determine whether the Afrikaans would fight en masse and kill millions of blacks if Apartheid was taken down.   The British Intelligence service went into South Africa and quietly engaged in constructive dialogue with the Afrikaans intelligence,  military  and police organizations to inform them that they would have to start to change their allegiances to an eventual black President.   That along with the “Truth Committees” initiated by America/Britain set the groundwork for a peaceful transition to a Mandela presidency.
The other real hero of this story which everyone forgets to mention is President de Klerk
Why do I consider him a hero?
  De Klerk  spent countless months in secret visiting Mandela on Robben Island [prison] to prepare for the peaceful transition from Apartheid to a democratic republic.  Unbeknownst to most people,   especially the self-loving ‘rabble rousers’  including the insufferable,  dangerous Winnie Mandela [who had killed thousands of her own countrymen in the name of Nelson] is the fact that de Klerk persisted to open up South Africa despite the constant DEATH THREATS from the BROOD BOTHERS [Afrikaans Blood Brothers commanded by de Klerk's own brother]. 
Next it was Bush Sr/Baker who made the final arrangements for the release of Mandela.
  Nowhere in the history of the Nelson Mandela story does the USA receive any mention other than derogatory remarks made by those who have a vested interest in an espousing political hatred and historical amnesia.
Rest assured my friends,  Nelson Mandela was a hero.   However,   he was not alone.    Let’s spend a little time to learn the true lessons of history and not the distorted portrayals of a movie like “The Butler”.
Learn and Earn!!
Knowledge,  History,  Psychology and Truth!!


  1. What's happened to South Africa and Rhodesia since their respective racist regimes were dismantled in favor of indigious rule only affirms and proves correct the opinions of the racists.

    In other words, the racists have been proven correct.

    Since indiginous negros have taken over both those countries the conditions of all people, including blacks, has sunken to the depths. Under negro rule the courts are all now corrupt, single party rule is maintained through blatant corruption, poverty and crime is rampant, emmigration has skyrocketed, and all the power and wealth is now in the hands of a tiny one percent.....

    This is the case everywhere in Africa where blacks rule. Blacks don't give a shit about anyone else's lives, happiness, justice, freedom, suffering....all mean nothing to them.

    The whites in Rhodesia and South Africa ruled by necessity according to racial distinctions because those are the epirically proven and tested factors in Africa.

    Mandela was a butcher, a torturer, and an opportunist who's "freedom movement" was nothing more than a tactic to gain the wealth of the country from others, and to out-maneuver rival tribes, particularly the Zulus.

    Dr.P if Mandela's party the ANC and anti-apartheid movements of the Reagan era were so noble why is it that the 2nd largest tribe in South Africa, the Zulus, never supported it???

    And of course the worse is having to listen to morons like Bill Clinton say, "Mandela wanted everyone to live in the kind of world we all wanted..."

    Okay Bill Clinton spend a week in today's South Africa and tell me that's the world we all want to have.

    Everything about Mandela in the west is pure myth...not one ounce of truth in any of it.

    If you're narrative is anti-racist today you can get away with any kind of distortion and untruth.

  2. All the years I worked in Sierra Leone I worked with one particular person who like all Africans was continually pulling different kinds of scams, deceiving and mis-treating anyone he could [particularly women] having large numbers of kids he's abandon...etc..........

    On one occassion I asked him if he'd ever considered doing something to benefit other people for a change. His answer to me was this........

    "Nobody ever does anything UNLESS THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO GAIN ! "

    That is Africa.

    That is the real Mandela.

  3. In Sierra Leone the people who gained a lot were anyone who could convince outsiders that they were struggling for a better Sierra Leone. Anyone who could get themselves on the map for having taken some kind of stand, fought for some justice issue, etc., had a ready-made ticket to all kinds of wealth and benefits from the outside world.

    Such people would soon be seen driving around in $60,000 Land Cruisers donated by the Open Society Foundation or one of the other NGOs......

    They'd get all kinds of money from donars, all kinds of assistance of every kind including buildings, transportation, stipends, and best of all free airline tickets and visas to go to the civilized world on junkets to speak and collect more money.

    In Africa being a "Nelson Madela type figure" is a common scam.

  4. During the anti-apartheid conflict of the 1980s the generation of blacks involved weren't even old enough to know anything about Mandela---- to them he was only a myth.

    He'd been in prison for over twenty years and what ever he'd done or said was merely folklore and propaganda.

    He became the indispensible man not because of truth but because of myth and distortion. Kids in S. Africa wore his banned image on shirts in the same way they were Che Guevara shirts today - but they don't know a damn thing about the guy.

  5. Oh and here's another thing Dr.P about Mandela and the ANC in the 1980s.............................

    Weren't they actually on the State Department's list of Terrorist Groups and Organizations?

    I think they were.

    In fact Reagan was always talking about terrorism, and among the groups mentioned by him and Schultz was the ANC, which at that time was headed by Winney Mandela and was on a rampage of terror and violence primarily against the Zulus and other rivals.

    No one can tell me that Reagan, Schultz, or anyone else in the USG at the time favored Winney Mandela and the ANC or THOUGHT OF THEM AS ANYTHING BUT TERRORISTS because I was there at the time.

    Nelson Mandela let his wife burn people alive with tires around their necks every night in the townships and now we're supposed to believe she was a devil and he A HERO??????????

    Dr. P please re-consider your views and memories.

    Pretty much EVERY YEAR of Mandela's incarceration he was offerred freedom with the only condition being that he publicly renounce violence.

    On every occassion he refused because the "armed struggle" [in other words terrorism] was Mandela's avowed tactic.

    Mandela = Osama bin Laden [only bin-Laden had a justifable cause]

  6. In my opinion the problem the whites had in S.Africa was that they wanted to be separate from the blacks but exploit them economically, and that was the root of their problem.

    If they had simply formed a wall between themselves and the blacks things would have been okay. However they wanted to employ the blacks as surfs, exploiting their labor, and at the same time denying them political participation.

    That was the hypocracy which brought down their system.

  7. Furthermore i don't think the only other alternative was to slaughter millions of blacks.

    If they had simply announced that Mandela had died of a heart attack in prison, and have assisted the Zulus against the ANC, and had done a lot of other things apartheid could be alive and well today.

    The pressure to take down apartheid came from political pressure in US domestic politics, and domestic political pressures in democracies everywhere. This is what led to the sanctions, and the whites in S.Africa weren't intelligent enough to counter these challenges.

  8. And of course we have to listen to Obama praise Mandela, and Obama tells us that his first political act in his life was to participate in a protest against apartheid.

    That's just fine.

    1. Actually it's clear that Mandela and Obama are exactly two of a kind.

      Both full of shit about caring about anyone but themselves.

      The heights of negro hypocracy and bullshit.

    2. It's because of these kinds of never-ending things that whenever I hear a negro speak about any subject I have no choice than to disbelieve whatever he's saying.

      Self interest and deception is at the heart of anything a negro does.

  9. Mandela's tribe, the Kossas, are the second oldest tribe in all of Africa, the oldest being the San people from which all humans are derived.

    The Sans and the Kossas have similar features, including the distictive asiatic eye lids, and speak with clicking sounds which were the first sounds in human language.

    The Kossas lived in southern Africa for 50,000 years before white people arrived. They lived in harmony with nature, in what we consider a primative life. Their happiness though ended 200 years ago when negoid Zulus invaded and attacked southern Africa, killing off many of the Kossas as well as other non-negroid Africans such as the Hottentott.

    If the whites who entered Southern Africa had just let the Kossas and others live their traditional lives and not tried to change or civilize them things would have been so much better.

    But these stupid whites had to change them - to teach them white technology and culture, to train them for employment, etc.

    This was the root of the desaster which followed.

    If the whites had done in Africa what was done in America it would have been a different story. But whites in Africa never want to conquer the land. They always love the place for its wildness and never want to convert it totally to their civilization like the Europe from which they fled.

    That's the heart of the matter.

  10. The whites in southern Africa loved the place for what it was, and therefore only took on half measures to conquer it.

    Having not therefore conquered it this is what's happened.

  11. Look at America, the Western Hemisphere, and you'll see exactly the same problem.

    In south America the Spanish committed genocide against the indiginous tribes. In those countries today such as Argentina, Chile, and largely Brazil there is peace and prosperity.

    But in Mexico, central America and places like Bolivia the Spanish wanted the indios for labor.

    The result is that the indigious peoples breed poverty and horrendous crime.

    The country with the biggest indios population is of course Mexico, and this is the reason why Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador, Guatamala.....

    Are now sufferring the most brutal and horrendous plagues of extreme violence mankind has ever known.

    In places where the indiginous tribes were exterminated there isn't any devil worship, decapitation, burning people alive, or other things which happen everday in Mexico or Honduras.

  12. In past eras Europeans knew well the barbarism from which their own cultures sprang, and drew sharp distinctions between themselves and all other non-civilized peoples.

    But with the growth of anthropology and so forth time has blotted out this knowledge.

    People today think all people everywhere are alike - but they're not.

    The difference between a civilized man and a savage are so extreme that it's unrecognizable, but try telling that to anyone today who's never personally seen it.

  13. When I visited South Africa, my tour group didn't even go into Johannesburg because we were told it was too dangerous. We stayed in Sandton. We of course visited Kruger National Park. A week later, I read that American tourists at Kruger were attacked in their cars at gunpoint.

    I watched Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown "South Africa" CNN show last month, and Bourdain didn't even visit Cape Town because he was told it was too white. Bourdain treated Mandela as a saint and didn't really discuss the violence and the corruption that's going on. That's CNN, I guess.

    FWIW, I think real Mandela (not the myth) did both good and bad.

    Also FWIW, my cousin's husband's family (who I saw over Thanksgiving) is from South Africa.

    The most important question now is this--what will South Africa be going forward from this point? I don't think all of the world leaders going to Mandela's funeral really care. It's hard to see how things will get better.

    If you go to Google right now, you'll still see "Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, 1918 – 2013." Mandela died on December 5th. Google didn't even remember December 7th with anything at all. U.S. flags are still at half-staff and will be through tomorrow.

    The question now is what will the future leaders be like and where will they come from? My guess is that it will be someone with a US or UK education who plays well with Bill Gates and the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, bringing debt slavery and population control to the nation. Good luck with that.

    1. For twenty five years Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe treated the remaining whites with tolerance and then suddenly unleashed a torrent of violence against them and confiscated all their land.

      It's the same with Mandela and the ANC.

      There's been an era of tolerance which the west hailed as "forgiveness" but with enough time they'll unmask themselves as negros always eventually do.

      Go to Youtube and you can see the devestation, destruction and meyhem in South Africa today under negro rule.

  14. As stated many times on this website yesterday's terrorists become tommorow leaders what I'll find interesting is David Cameron British prime minister was part if a conservative party group that made posters advocating the hanging of Nelson Mandela and ANC members as well as being part of a fact finding mission to South Africa sponsored by a pro apartheid group who included Pik Botha as its leader so it will be interesting to hear him gushing in admiration! What I would simply say is that before Mandela came to power the townships existed and all the money and real power belonged to the whites! Well when Mandela gained power the townships existed and all the money and the real power belonged to the whites!! Having said that it was still no mean feat what was achieved regarding the change in power for the newly formed "Rainbow" nation and anyone involved in that process deserves due praise indeed! Having said that it seems the new leader there Jacob Zumba is it? Seems to have a hell of a lot of allegations of corruption against him so I'd suggest Africa has a long way to go yet

    1. "A long way to go" suggests that they are on a path of improvement.

      They're not.

      Zimbabwe and S. Africa prove that the interval after blacks take over is followed by more corruption...not less.

      Negros will always revert to their true natures when they no longer are compelled to pretend to be civilized because they are by nature uncivilized.

      Being uncivilized by nature is not a bad thing.

      It permitted them to survive in a state of nature for tens of thousands of years.

      But you cannot make a civilized person out of a negro, at least I've never seen it done.

    2. Okay maybe Nat King Cole, Billy Strayhorne and Luther Vandross, but the latter two were homosexual.

      Anyway I think all three were civilized and of course there are always exceptions.

  15. FWIW, from The Burning Platform:

    Posted on 6th December 2013 by Administrator
    Not only did Obama immediately order our flag flown at half-staff for the death of Mandela, he will be attending the funeral.

    He did not order the flag flown at half staff for the death of Margaret Thatcher, did not attend her funeral, and did not send any high level officials to represent the United States.
    Flags are flown at half staff for a Marxist loving terrorist, but not flown at half staff for a leader that helped bring down Communism and was one of our greatest allies.

    1. I'm sorry Barry but Margaret Thatcher destroyed the working class in Britain and the effects we still feel today

    2. She changed the working class employment picture but didn't destroy their employment. Traditional union jobs in state owned industries were dissolved but more and better private sector jobs were created, though in different parts of the country. Those who chose to stay in the coal mining towns lost but lots of others in other places gained tremendously.

      The problem with the UK's employment picture today isn't because of the loss of union power or privatization.

      The problem is free trade and the loss of domestic manufacturing from asia and the third world.

  16. George W., Clinton and Jimmy Carter are all going.

    I don't think Mandela was a communist by any means. Negros don't have political convictions, or convictions of any kind. They always govern in a cleptocratic way, simply looting any wealth around them they can lay their hands on. In the case of Mandela deformed hands. Look at the pic and you can see his digital deformities....

  17. RACE is irrelevant! There is NO ONE GOOD, NOT ONE; and this is according to GOD (BIBLE)! MAN is inherently "EVIL"! Was Nelson Mandela an "EVIL MAN"??? YES!

    Did Nelson Mandela work for the CITY OF LONDON, England??? Yes, in a very complicated way! Was Nelson Mandela a member of the KNIGHTS OF MALTA??? YES! This is the "KEY" to solving the PROBLEM! The underlying "DARKNESS" intentionally hidden from the PUBLIC and the WORLD! The greatest asset "DARKNESS" has is "DECEPTION"!

    Was Nelson Mandela really a "HERO"???

  18. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Recently (last about two (2) weeks or so), YOU TUBE has completely changed their format concerning posting comments to VIDEOS! This said new format allows YOU TUBE to screen certain comments, even through there is no threatening content!

    I posted this a couple of days ago, and YOU TUBE has hidden the contents (NO ONE CAN VIEW CONTENTS):

    This is the TITLE of the said VIDEO: "JFK - ASSASSINATED BY THE CIA BECAUSE HE STOPPED OPERATION NORTHWOODS!" posted by DougandDonna Bickford on January 16, 2011! In addition, Douglas Bickford posted his (Douglas Bickford) number: 360-773-1318.

    What most people do not realize U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL Robert F. Kennedy was doing an investigation into the various criminal actions of the C.I.A.! Furthermore, Lee Harvey Oswald was working as a "double agent" between the C.I.A. and U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE! At first the C.I.A. thought Lee Harvey Oswald was only spying on organized crime for the U.S. JUSTICE DEPARTMENT! When in fact, Lee Harvey Oswald was actually spying on the "agency" (C.I.A.) for U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL Robert F. Kennedy!

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    Immediately after the "BAY OF PIGS" incident, President John F. Kennedy fired several top people associated with the C.I.A.; and this included the DIRECTOR OF THE C.I.A. (Allen Welsh Dulles (April 7, 1893 – January 29, 1969)! John F. Kennedy found the C.I.A. had intentionally given false information that resulted in the "BAY OF PIGS" incident! Of course, this created serious enemies, especially with SKULL AND BONES MEMBERS!

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    The "HIT" was to be managed by SKULL AND BONES through the C.I.A.! The C.I.A. would hire foreign assassins (three (3) FRENCH ASSASSINS), contract out some work to organized crime (Jack Ruby to assassinate patsy Lee Harvey Oswald), and control Dalles through Vice-President Lyndon Banes Johnson! Vice-President Lyndon Baines Johnson was a career criminal in Texas; and both the C.I.A. and the very corrupt F.B.I. (Hoover) had "FILES" on Vice-President Lyndon Baines Johnson!

    To start with, as a precaution, the NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that reports to JESUIT ORDER) people (including L.B.J) "forced" Senator John F. Kennedy to take Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson as his (J.F.K.) running mate for the 1960 Presidential Election!

  19. I have not read or seen the short version for why Mandela is honored:

    Mandela is viewed as the person who prevented a bloodbath of whites being killed by blacks and vise versa.

    That was the huge fear upon a change in government from a white government to black government.

    A mass slaughter.

    If avoidance of mass slaughter has importance, then Mandela got the credit for that.

    Interesting that is basic reason for Mandela's veneration is not put front & center.

    Or am I missing something?

    And, is that enough for veneration?

    Poverty can go up

    Crime can go up

    Corruption can go up

    Crony Capitalism can go up

    Concentration of wealth can go up

    But if there is not mass slaughter, you are venerated.

    That is a low bar.

    Yes, I know the fear of racial slaughter when there is a power transition from one racial group to another, especially after systematic racial discrimination by one racial group by another racial group, is real.

    But for the sake of humanity, I hope we can achieve more than simple avoidance of slaughter.

    In fact, humanity has achieved much more than that, but apparently we, as a species, still struggle with the possibility of reverting into barbarism.

    And so Mandela is given credit for avoiding barbarism in South Africa.

    1. Slaughter was never in the cards.

      The reason why Mandela is so mythologized is because his imprisonment symbolized the fear that whites had for what he stood for - one person one vote.

      His long incarceration was easily portrayed as a kind of sacrificial strike, like a hunger strike, of oppressors over a single man who would never give in.

      Then when he came out he spoke about unity and foregiveness, as though he had any other choice........

      He became adopted by celebrities and activists as a reallying icon because the cause in SA had no other unifying symbols.

      It was a situation which made for highly effective persuasion though none of it is true.

    2. Mit, well, I'm glad "slaughter" was not in the cards.

      Taking Dr. Pieczenik's post at face value, it would seem that "slaughter" was not in the cards because, in line with Mit's above comment, everything was lined up in advance of Mandela's release from prison, one to make Mandela a unity symbol, two that it was understood that the transition was going to happen.

      Dr. Pieczenik, I'm glad there was 'constructive engagement' by the Reagan administration.

      Politically, Apartheid was not sustainable, in terms of American politics, but also internationally, as well.

      Although, credit has to be given to both the white & black citizens of South Africa.


      Because if each side, at the grass-roots level, had been determined to fight with physical violence, then it wouldn't have mattered what the political leaders wanted to happen.

      In fact, new leaders would have arisen, those who espoused violence, but that never happened.

      Perhaps, Mit and Dr. Pieczenik are correct and their opinions/statements are not mutually exclusive, but actually overlap. :-)

    3. One Caveat, South Africa had been existing with Apartheid for several decades, and doing pretty well, at least in terms of aggregate GNP. Possibly, South Africa would have continued to be able to sustain itself.

      Although, international sanctions would likely have cut into South Africa's GNP over time.

      But to the degree transnational corporations, based in the U. S., were operating in South Africa, then, with U. S. sanctions, and, likely, sanctions were coming down the road, if not with the Reagan administration, that would have hurt South Africa, and, multiply that "hurt" by other countries' sanctions, and limits on their corporations, then South Africa would have been in trouble.

      Moral of the story: If you want to keep internal politics of countries (read sovereignty) beyond the reach of international, world governance structures, then you need to keep transnational corporations from having a dominating economic power within your country.

      I think the United States needs to keep that in mind.

      Better yet, the American People need to keep that in mind.

    4. Again, I want to write my appreciation for Dr. Pieczenik's post.

      Here is another commentary on Mandela by Pat Buchanan, who was also in the Reagan administration and worked with Reagan on the issues of Apartheid and South Africa:

      Buchanan starts with a Reagan quote and continues:

      “Apartheid is an affront to human rights and human dignity. Normal and friendly relations cannot exist between the United States and South Africa until it becomes a dead policy. Americans are of one mind and one heart on this issue.”

      So said Ronald Reagan in his 1986 message to Congress vetoing the “sweeping and punitive sanctions” Congress was seeking to impose.

      Reagan equated the sanctions to “declaring economic warfare on the people of South Africa.”

      [The rest of Buchanan's piece is instructive. I ask the readers this question: Does Reagan's rationale apply in some measure to the sanctions on Iran?]

      What Reagan Got Right About South African Sanctions

      Buchanan continues: "For in declaring, “we must stay and build not cut and run” from South Africa, Reagan, whose first duty was the defense of his nation in the Cold War with the Soviet empire, saw not only the moral issue but the strategic imperative.

      In 1986, there were 40,000 Cuban troops in Angola, where South Africa was a fighting ally and backer of anti-Communist Jonas Savimbi.

      In Zimbabwe, Robert “Comrade Bob” Mugabe, having butchered thousands of Ndebele of rival Joshua Nkomo, was communizing his country. Southwest Africa and Mozambique hung in the balance.

      Reagan was determined to block Moscow’s drive to the Cape of Good Hope. And in that struggle State President P. W. Botha was an ally.

      Second, as Reagan declared, the sanctions ban on sugar imports would imperil 23,000 black farmers, and cutting off Western purchases of natural resources would imperil the jobs of 500,000 black miners.

      “The Prime Minister of Great Britain has denounced punitive sanctions as immoral and utterly repugnant,” said Reagan in July of 1986, “Mrs. Thatcher is right.”

      “Are we truly helping the black people of South Africa—the lifelong victims of apartheid,” said Reagan in his veto, “when we throw them out of work and leave them and their families jobless and hungry in those segregated townships? Or are we simply assuming a moral posture at the expense of the people in whose name we presume to act?”

      Zulu Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi had come to see Reagan to implore him to block sanctions, as they would harm his people."

      Perhaps, I run too long with the quotes from Pat Buchanan, but I want to persuade readers to click the link and read the entire commentary. It is complimentary to Dr. Pieczenik's post.

      Correction: Reagan vetoed sanctions, but the veto was overridden by Congress (by the Senate 78 to 21, the House by 313 to 83).

  20. I prefer to believe everything is going well in Africa and improving daily. I prefer to believe the key to Africa's success is based solely on running out the white devils who are doing nothing but holding Africa back.

    I predict the NFL will field some teams out of Africa in the next 5 years and they will dominate the NFL and no other team will every win a Super Bowl again, that is unless Mexico fields a team or two, then it is on...

    1. I agree that white people should stay the hell out of Africa.

      Let the Africans rape and slaughter each other by themselves.

      I would point out that the NFL is 90% negro, and therefore that negros make better football players, but that would be racist.

    2. Those same type of sentiments got Jimmy the Greek fired. But it makes sense.

  21. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

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    President George Washington (33rd degree FREE MASON) was aware of the infiltration in Europe; and George Washington tried to counter the infiltration within the UNITED STATES during the late 1700's! Obviously, George Washington lost the battle; and by the late 19th Century, the "ILLUMINATI" had fully taken over all the FREE MASON LODGES in Europe and the UNITED STATES! Hence, there are very few actual FREE MASONS, and now they are called "ILLUMINATI" MASONS or just "THE ILLUMINATI"!

  22. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    SKULL AND BONES was formed by 'ILLUMINATI" MASONS William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft during about 1832! At the time, CITY OF LONDON, England money was needed to support the various "agendas" of SKULL AND BONES! Therefore, SKULL AND BONES started to get into gold mines, diamond mines, drug trafficking, and other ventures! Eventually, SKULL AND BONES would become self sufficient, and currently, SKULL AND BONES is worth over a TRILLION DOLLARS! In addition, a lot of the said acquisitions were done via FRAUD, coercion, threat of assassination, or by being illegally bought off!

    SKULL AND BONES formed controls a lot of intelligence organizations, such as, BRITISH INTELLIGENCE and THE C.I.A.! Therefore, SKULL AND BONES is connected to top "world class" assassins! As a result, SKULL AND BONES has been involved in most of the "MAJOR" political assassinations within the UNITED STATES, such as, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, and the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan! Furthermore, SKULL AND BONES has been connected to various organized crime families within several different countries!

    The BUSH FAMILY has had four (4) generations of SKULL AND BONES MEMBERS! Prescott Bush's (SKULL AND BONES) father-in-law was a member of SKULL AND BONES! Prescott Bush was a member of SKULL AND BONES, was a co-founder of the C.I.A., and helped finance Adolf Hitler for CITY OF LONDON, England! George H. W. Bush Sr. is a SKULL AND BONES member, manager within the C.I.A. during J.F.K. ASSASSINATION, C.I.A. DIRECTOR during the FORD ADMINISTRATION, connected to the assassination (C.I.A.) of President John F. Kennedy, the assassination (C.I.A.) of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, the attempted assassination (C.I.A.) of President Ronald Reagan, was complicit to the "attacks" on September 11, 2001, and started the illegal "deregulation" of illegal or questionable corporations, such as, certain oil companies, banks, and chemical corporations (primarily Monsanto)! George W. Bush Jr. was a member of SKULL AND BONES; helped set-up the "attacks" (C.I.A., BRITISH INTELL, MOSSAD, SAUDI INTELL, various other groups, and controlled from CITY OF LONDON, England) on September 11, 2001; helped set-up the illegal merger of Canada, the UNITED STATES, and Mexico; furthered "deregulation" of criminal corporations; signed the illegal N.S.P.D. 51 and H.S.P.D. 20 for the C.I.A. "take-over;" signed the the unconstitutional Patriot Act; and formed HOMELAND SECURITY to act as the illegal UNITED STATES "Gestapo"!

    Governor and President William Jefferson Clinton is a member of SKULL AND BONES! As Governor of the State of Arkansas, Governor William Jefferson Clinton (SKULL AND BONES) helped run IRAN/CONTRA with Vice-President George H. W. Bush Sr. (SKULL AND BONES)! IRAN/CONTRA was primarily used to illegally smuggle very large amounts of powdered cocaine into Arkansas; and at that point, illegally distributed to the various major cities via the C.I.A., such as, Los Angeles and "freeway" Ricky Ross! President William Jefferson Clinton (SKULL AND BONES) helped further the "deregulation" of the criminal banks for the purpose of setting-up fraudulent derivatives and intentionally bankrupting the UNITED STATES!

    Illegitimate Obama was created by the C.I.A. (controlled by SKULL AND BONES) and currently works for the C.I.A. (controlled by SKULL AND BONES)!

  23. [CORRECTION] SKULL AND BONES formed [correction] and controls a lot of intelligence organizations, such as, BRITISH INTELLIGENCE and THE C.I.A.! .....

  24. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    I have tried to post comments twice, and both times the comment would not post. It just disappeared! WHY??? This was really frustrating, because the said two (2) comments were long comments! I wonder if the C.I.A. and the N.S.A. are trying to edit your BLOG!

  25. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    The "PLASTIC BAG" I lost on October 29, 2013 is more significant than I thought! Deep within said "PLASTIC BAG," there was a "KEY" to my P.O. BOX D-237 (Biz Support)! I feel my P.O. BOX D-237 (Biz Support) has become compromised, especially since my said "PLASTIC BAG" was stolen on October 29, 2013 by C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED)! Biz Support is located at 3941 S. Bristol St. Suite D Santa Ana, California 92704)!

    For the past several months, I have been, for the most part, only receiving Bank of America overdraft cards for my Bank of America checking account! There should be a lot more mail! Last year (during 2012) I put in at the POST OFFICE (location 92703 on First St. Santa Ana, California) a forwarding request to forward mail from 2515 W. First St. Santa Ana, California 92703 (CROSSROADS TRANSITIONAL LIVING)! Michael Cades is the OWNER and DIRECTOR at CROSSROADS TRANSITIONAL LIVING; and furthermore, Michael Cades was a career felon (9 violent FELONY STRIKES)! Therefore, Michael Cades is a very good liar!

    As stated in other comments, I resided at CROSSROADS TRANSITIONAL LIVING from July 11, 2006 to December 4, 2006 at about 1:00 a.m.! On December 4, 2006, at about 1:00 a.m., Michael Wilkerson called the SANTA ANA POLICE; and when the four (4) SANTA ANA POLICE OFFICERS arrived, Michael Wilkerson gave FALSE STATEMENTS! As a result, I was arrested, booked, and parole (C.D.C.#:V434141 (illegally modified by C.I.A. and support)) was notified! This incident became a ORANGE COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY "REJECT," and my parole agent (Quan Nguyen (SANTA ANA I)) "continued [me] on parole"! I was subsequently released from California Institution for Men (CHINO PRISON) on December 12, 2006 by Quan Nguyen (SANTA ANA I)! According to the C.I.A. and various WEED AND SEED personnel (Sheriff's Deputies), all of my PAROLE HISTORY was being illegally modified to substantiate an illegal "IDENTITY SWITCH"!

    I later sued Michael Cades and Michael Wilkerson in SMALL CLAIMS COURT (Department C51 at ORANGE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT (700 Civic Center Drive West Santa Ana, California 92703))! The said SMALL CLAIMS CASE was: 30-2006-00004555-SC-SC-CJC! As stated in other comments, I subsequently sued my two (2) subsequent landlords in LIMITED CIVIL COURT (WEST COURT (WI) and CENTRAL COURT (C64 at the time))! According to the C.I.A. AGENTS and WEED AND SEED personnel, all three (3) of my mentioned CIVIL MATTERS have been illegally modified to substantiate an illegal "IDENTITY SWITCH"!

  26. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    I originally opened my P.O. BOX D-237 at Biz Support to receive my new Bank of America A.T.M./VISA CARD (during 2012 lost card in outside drive thru A.T.M.).

    Immediately after opening my said P.O. BOX D-237 (Biz Support), my "KEY" (D-237) was pick-pocketed from me while I was sleeping outside (C.I.A. and support ???)! At the time, I was residing behind 2227 and 2229 S. Main St. Santa Ana, California)! I immediately requested a new "KEY" (D-237)! The store manager stated it would only cost me a couple of dollars, because she (said store manager) was going to switch the "LOCK" from another BOX. The said store manager switched the "LOCKS," and I received a new "KEY"!

    A short time later, while trying to access my mail at night, the door code to Biz Support was changed; and at that time, I could NOT get access! There was a note on the door informing everyone to contact the store manager for the new door code! The very next day I requested the new door code! The said store manager denied me the code, because there was an incident with another homeless man; and because I was also homeless, I was NOT ALLOWED THE NEW CODE! According to the said store manager, this per the instructions of the OWNER of Biz Support! I believe this was all total B.S., because of all of the strong circumstantial evidence (C.I.A. and support manipulating Biz Support) connected to me!

  27. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    There has been two (2) C.I.A. AGENTS visiting Biz Support on a regular basis concerning me! There was a white female about 40 years old, very attractive (38-30-34), long blond hair, about 5' 10" TALL, about 140 lbs., sometimes carried a laptop computer or used the store computer (at the time public computer)! There was a white male about 40 to 45 years old, heavy set (about 280 lbs.), short brown hair parted on the side, some facial hair (at the time), 5' 11" TALL, always carried a laptop computer, always wore a suit, stated he (said male white C.I.A. AGENT) was a salesman, and handed out business cards! However, the Biz Support store personnel states in a "sarcastic manner" that he (said male C.I.A. AGENT) was law enforcement on a couple of occasions! The C.I.A. are supposedly a kind of law enforcement!

    Since the beginning of November 2013, Biz Support has completely changed the interior of the store! There are no more chairs, no more WIFI (C.I.A. ???), no more public computer, no more coffee machine, and no more long table with chairs. Was the said changes due to the various visits by the C.I.A.??? Furthermore, there has been a managerial change! WHY???

    Today (December 9, 2013) I went to Biz Support to acquire my mail. The new store manager stated I only had one (1) piece of mail; and she (said new store manager) handed me a Bank of America overdraft card! I also requested a new "LOCK" and "KEY" for P.O. BOX D-237! The said new store manager stated she (said new store manager) was told by the prior store manager: "The "LOCK" (D-237) was already changed"! I stated: "It was not changed!" I had not paid the required $10.00, and the prior store manager did NOT change the "LOCK" (D-237)! The said new store manager insisted the "LOCK" (D-237) was changed! I further stated: "NO." At that point, I request a new "KEY" to the current "LOCK"! The said new store manager denied a new "KEY" (D-237), because, she (said new store manager) stated: "You have a "PROBLEM" with "KEYS"! This was obviously complete B.S.! I stated: "I only lost two (2) keys in a year and a half! This is a PROBLEM?" I again requested a new "KEY" (D-237)! She (said new store manager) denied a new "KEY" (D-237) again; and she (said new store manager) stated she (said new store manager) would have to discuss the matter with her (said new store manager) superiors [PLURAL]! She (said new store manager) stated she (said new store manager) would get back to me on a couple of days! Remember, there is ONLY ONE (1) OWNER AT BIZ SUPPORT! PLURAL??? Is she (said new store manager) a C.I.A. "PLANT" or a WEED AND SEED OPERATIVE???

  28. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    As stated in prior comments, when I requested a new "LOCK" (D-237) and a new "KEY" (D-237) from the prior Biz Support store manager, I was told it would cost me $10.00 for the new "LOCK" (D-237); and she (prior said store manager) was NOT GOING TO GIVE ME A NEW "KEY" (D-237)! WHY???

    This goes back to the said "PLASTIC BAG" stolen from me on October 29, 2013 (Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California (SOUTH COAST METRO AREA near SOUTH COAST PLAZA) behind vacant restaurant building and behind transformer)! The said "PLASTIC BAG" was stolen between about 1:00 p.m. and about 10:30 p.m. on October 29, 2013! This would not be a "big deal," if my "IDENTITY" (ALL RECORDS illegally modified) was not being illegally "SWITCHED"!

    As stated before, since during 2012, I have been believing most of my mail going to 3941 S. Bristol St. Suite D Santa Ana, California 92704 is being illegally intercepted by C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED)! And, this said intercepted mail is going to the individual selected from a "LIST" (individuals with a significant criminal background) that is illegally getting my "IDENTITY" (illegal "IDENTITY SWITCH")!

    Dr. Pieczenik I still have sufficient "EVIDENCE" (various government documents) to substantiate my CLAIMS and show sufficient PROOF of the said illegal "IDENTITY SWITCH"!

  29. Raymond, why do you think everything is CIA based? The stores change things all the time, and none of it seems like CIA to me. They have real terrorism shit to deal with plus all the other shit they create by themselves, you know blowback and all, why do you think they give a damn about a Bank of America ATM card and your key? I think you are making all this shit up… a mountain out of a mole hill. And even if it was the CIA who gives a shit, except they would be wasting a shit load of tax payer money bothering with your Bank of America ATM card and your postal box key. Raymond this just sounds like too much to do about nothing !!!!! You are worried about Nothing !!!! Do you know how many people try to get their criminal records expunged and cannot, and here you are claiming that they did it for you? Great !!! Why complain about a good thing? Let them keep getting rid of your criminal past and they will make you an upstanding citizen real soon. Sounds good to me !!! You couldn't even pay a high priced attorney less than $300 per hour to do that for you I bet, and here they are doing it to you for FREE !!! Wow !!! In short Raymond my advice don't worry yourself about it, its just a key and an ATM card. And by the way Raymond, the postal annex clerk or whomever, is just some poor schmoe trying to eeek out an existence at minimum wage, no CIA operative to worry about there. The copy machine is just that and not a time machine, and the computer that was public probably was converted to business use to keep people FROM LOITERING. And the same goes for the COFFEE and Table as well. They are sending a not so subtle msg. They do not want patrons hanging around becoming a nuisance asking for keys and shit ! And if they don't like you, or you don't like them, let your feet do the walking and find another postal box. Problem solved Raymond !!! P.S. I think your posts are pretty fucking cool !!!! By the way, I was at a drive thru window for mexican food the other day…. I asked for a taco and rice, the lady at the window gave me a taco and fries ! I did not think this was a CIA Plot Raymond !!! Just a simple misunderstanding damn it. She asked me if I wanted ketchup with my order, bewildered I said "NO ! " I mean who puts ketchup on their taco and rice? Well it wasn't until I opened my brown bag that I realized she must have thought I said FRIES ! YIKES ! Mystery Solved ! There was no international incident as result thank GOD ! I mean I could have let my imagination gone fucking wild with that one. A COMMUNIST PLOT PERHAPS? NO ! Just an error in semantics. A speaker that garbled my speech maybe? Or perhaps the fucking NSA bugged that drive up window too? Maybe Obama himself is hiding in the fucking kitchen of the taco shop, spying on the drive up patrons? Who the fuck knows. Any way I was so disgusted by this intrusion of my personal privacy that I almost couldn't eat the fries! But for the fact that I eat when I feel bored, nervous, empty, etc etc or possibly SPIED on ! So yes Raymond I downed the fries, and I drowned them in ketchup. It was a bloody hell mess Raymond. I exacted my revenge one Fry at a time. They wiggled and squirmed but I bit them in half anyway Raymond, imagining each one to be a Skull & Bones Chieftain, and yes it was satisfying, I say with guilty pleasure. I chewedém up into a consistency of mush ! I am KING OF THE WORLD RAYMOND ! Ok, my manic rant is done. Quit worrying Raymond, be happy !

    1. There was an obvious C.I.A. AGENT that visited Biz Support on a regular basis; and on several occasions at McDonald's Hamburgers (Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California), I have met several C.I.A. agents, C.I.A. assets, and FUSION CENTER people! In fact, one (1) of the said FUSION CENTER people was "TERMINATED," when the C.I.A. decided to completely "switch" my S.S.A. RECORDS! Why! Because, said FUSION CENTER person was putting together a FEDERAL MATTER over the $12,000.00 I had received during 2011 in S.S.I. CHECKS "DIRECT DEPOSIT" to my checking account at Ban of America, while CASE 11CF0028 was still an OPEN MATTER--especially after March 9, 2011! Said FUSION CENTER person did NOT want to be part of the very criminal activities concerning my S.S.A. RECORDS being illegally "modified"! I learned about his (said FUSION CENTER person) "sudden" heart attack from one (1) of the C.I.A. ASSETS at said McDonald's Hamburgers!

      The C.I.A. had already modified all the S.S.A. HEALTH RECORDS attached to my S.S.I. CHECK, that I received "DIRECT DEPOSIT" into my checking account at Bank of America! During 2012, the C.I.A. modified the six (6) questions asked to verify identity, along with other critical records; therefore, my S.S.A. FILE was completely modified to substantiate the illegal "identity switch"!

      While I was at SANTA ANA COLLEGE (Santa Ana, California) from FALL 2009 (short semester) to FALL 2010, there was a C.I.A. ASSASSIN (actual "WET TEAM" SUPERVISOR) visiting the computer lab on a regular basis! How do I know this??? He admitted to me that he was an assassin and in charge of a "WET TEAM"! He also admitted he was working for the C.I.A., and on occasion, he presented C.I.A. credentials to the FRONT DESK at the said computer lab! Of course, NO ONE will state anything concerning this--because of who he actually is! In addition, he always wore a special forces cap with a pin (air jumps)! Since the C.I.A. was at SANTA ANA COLLEGE during 2010, I believe my some of my school records are illegally modified!

  30. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Today (December 10, 2013 at about 1:00 p.m.) I visited Biz Support located at 3941 S. Bristol St. Santa Ana, California 92704! I asked the new store manager about acquiring a new "KEY" (D- 237) for my P.O. BOX! Said new store manager denied a new "KEY" (D-237)! I asked: "WHY!" She (said new store manager) replied: "You have too many problems with keys, and your keys are being "pick-pocketed". Therefore, it would be better just to hand you your mail. The prior manager already discussed this with you." At that point, the prior manager came from behind the boxes and concurred with what the said new store manager had stated to me!

    1. Reasonable??? Last year (2012), someone (C.I.A. ???) "pick-pocketed" my "KEY" (D-237)! Then, on October 29, 2013, C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED) stole my "PLASTIC BAG" (Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California/behind vacant restaurant building and behind transfer); and within said "PLASTIC BAG," there was a "KEY" to my P.O. BOX 237! Therefore, two (2) "KEYS" (D-237) were stolen within about 1.5 years, and these said "KEYS" (D-237) were the "only" two (2) "KEYS" (D-237) I lost during the last said 1.5 years! Reasonable? This is absolutely NOT REASONABLE! This is C.I.A. and support (including WEED AND SEED) totally "F***ING ME" with NO "PREPARATION 'A'"! Dr. Pieczenik M.D. can you prescribe me some "PREPARATION 'A'"??? Oh, that is right; there is no preparation "A," unless there is special order from Bohemian Grove! They (Bohemian Grove) have "CASES" for all those "TIMES" in the woods, when THE BUSH "bends you over" with the attached "DICK" Cheney (the "Vice-Prick")!

    2. [CORRECTION] ...... stole my "PLASTIC BAG" (Callen's Common and Bristol St. Santa Ana, California/behind vacant restaurant building and behind [correction] transformer); ......

  31. Where the heck is Mitmichael when you need him? Raymond, I have a theory, that the guy who died of a heart attack, died from eating to much McDonalds food! Look at my previous post where I claim Ronald McDonald is a terrorist!

  32. The man in the computer lab with the special forces hat looks like a picture of you when I Google your name under Google images. You are playing a guitar in that same picture. Right Raymond?

  33. Mandela was a known communist. He killed innocent white men, women and children with bombs at public places. He led Umkhonto we sizwe, the terrorist wing of the ANC. Would the next generation venerate me as a hero for killing black children at taxi ranks in order to 'liberate' my nation from marxist black oppression? does killing innocents justify my political agendas? More commercial white farmers {mostly elderly} have been murdered by black militants since the end of apartheid than the US military lost soldiers in Afganistan. The second ANC revolution still has to start where the plan will be to drive the white man into the sea. Will you write a nice article to commemorate the death of a whole ethnic race Dr, or would you justify it as something we deserved? You cannot be too bright sir, if you call this terrorist a hero...your judgement is skewed