Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Rise of  Liberal Fascism:  Eric Holder’s “Project Longevity” Targeted “Gun Violence” BUT FUNDED Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy’s NON-EXISTENT Newtown Massacre!

Scripted by Yale University Child Psychiatrist,   Dr. Robert A. King and St. Anselm's College Graduate Kathleen Koenig, RN  and investigated by 1983 Best Dressed Conn. State Police Keystone Cops.
  Welcome to the New Reichstag!!
  When Hitler burned the Reichstag in the late 1930’s and created False Flag attack in Poland,   Hitler never would never have imagined that a Black Liberal American President  Barack Hussein Obama and his sycophant Attorney General Eric Holder [Mark Rich’s Whore] would create a completely nonsensical narrative about a non-existent Adam Lanza and a confabulated Newtown School massacre.   
Of course, Hitler’s rise could not have been possible without the German Jews’ “Transfer Agreement”;  the Zionist assistance of Palestine;  the funding of bankers [Jews and non-Jews]; and the help of American companies like IBM [Watson];  Rockefeller Brothers [funded Mengele’s eye projects in Aushwitz]; and the greedy Ford Company.
  Money drives ideologies and wars.
  But real people die in real wars.
  And fake people die in fake wars or school massacres.
  Which is more terrible?
  Do the means justify the ends? 
Is a black president above reproach for having lied continuously to the American people about Osama Bin Laden;  Benghazi;  Newtown Massacre; and, of course, folks,  Obamacare?
Should the first black Attorney General Eric Holder be impeached for having created Newtown Massacre through his Project Longevity intended to decrease gun violence?   Or should Eric Holder should be impeached for lying about “fast and furious”,   IRS Tax investigations of conservative groups et al.?

When should Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy be recalled and  indicted for misappropriating federal funds from FEMA to create a Nonsensical Narrative and Stand Down called “Newtown Massacre.”????
  Dear readers,   I have waited a long time for the this so-called 7000 Page CONFABULATED “LANZA’S PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT REPORT.” 
It finally came,  as expected with a sordid,  highly textured,  conflicting,  deception by  Retired- Reuben  F. Bradford--the first black Connecticut State Police Commissioner.   Conveniently,  Bradford,  Holder's tool,   recently resigned.
  This coward,  Bradford,  working at the behest of the  Governor Malloy and his Multi-Masters:  FEMA,  FBI and Eric Holder’s Department of Justice,  did not have the guts to stay around and answer real questions about this completely nonsensical,  pseudo-psychiatric absurdity-called,  the Lanza’s Psychiatric Evaluation.     This report,  written by Adult Board Certified,  Child Board Certified,  Professor of Child Psychiatry:  Dr. ROBERT A. KING M.D.    Dr King is a  Psychiatrist,  Child Psychoanalyst who worked at Anna Freud’s Clinic in London and Worked EXTENSIVELY IN ISRAEL!!!
  Folks, remember this name!
  This is the Ultimate Judenrat!!  
The Jew who betrays his own people—Americans,  Jews,  Christians,  Muslims,  Hindus,  Atheists.
  Why do I indict him?
  Because he,  by his own incredible admission  "conducted a three-hour psychiatric evaluation of Lanza on OCTOBER 2006"…  Furthermore,  this unethical psychiatrist who should have never revealed any details of a patient’s record,  if he did see him.     He diagnosed the NON-EXISTING ADAM LANZA as  having  "PROFOUND AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER WITH RIGIDITY AND ISOLATION AND LACK OF COMPREHENSION OF ORDINARY SOCIAL INTERACTION AND COMMUNICATIONS. "
Wow!  Imagine that,  a diagnosis tailor made for the year long,  contrived narrative of the Sandy Hook False Flag!
  What is Dr Robert King’s purported expertise?
  Obsessive Compulsive Disorders and Psychoanalysis of Children!!
Very interesting that I,  a Jewish psychiatrist trained at Mass Mental Health and Harvard Medical college,  am criticizing the diagnosis by a Jewish psychiatrist trained at the same schools within a few years from the time I was there!!??  Such a coincidence!   
  Of course,  this is nonsense.
  It took a psychiatrist like me to disprove this ridiculous narrative and to give the legitimacy to the NRA and others who do not want gun control. 

But let's examine why the state of Connecticut is in such a sorry state.     Why would Governor Malloy and the chief of State Police go along with such a doosey of a false flag like Sandy Hook??     What do you do if you have millions of federal dollars at stake in FEMA,  Dept Of Justice,  FBI funds and you have terrible crime rates (especially black on black crime)  in your big cities like HartfordNew Haven (home of Yale: skull& bones, training center for many past presidents), and Bridgeport???    Wouldn't you go along to get a lot of money????

  Why Robert King?  from Yale?
  I don’t know him and I don’t care to know him.   But I do know a lot about him.
  First,  he was trained at the same psychoanalytically pathetic institution that I had trained in and left –Mass Mental Health.    King has the perfect credentials for RECRUITMENT into the CIA, FBI , BOTH and other INTELLIGENCE ORGANIZATIONS like the Mossad.    King is at best one of the countless number of psychoanalysts that were and are recruited by the CIA,  the American intelligence community /Military , and/or Mossad—he spent years in 'Neuropsychiatric Disorders'  IN ISRAEL.
  Why him?
  Why the big deal?
  I have no problem if a psychiatrist works for the CIA,  FBI, or any intelligence organization.    As a former DAS and an America citizen I was more than proud to work with the finest of the CIA,  the FBI,   and Military Intelligence.
These guys should work against enemies of the U.S.A.  not against American Taxpayers/Citizens!
Yale gets big money grants from FEMA,  Darpa,  FBI,  CIA….so they use the presidents of the Yale and its doctors/nurses to do their bidding,   even if it means lying/ falsifying narratives to manipulate and dupe the American public.    For those of you that want more,  look up the present and recent past presidents of Yale,  see for yourself their area of expertise.    Look at the massive increase in funding Yale received under its past president who just conveniently stepped down in October.     I am sure the similar things happened in Nazi Germany…..citizens wonder "How did this happen?" but its after the fact….citizens still take hush money or are intimidated to "accept the government story".     How many times do we need to show that the government lies!   9/11,  Kennedy assassination,  Benghazi,  Death of Osama bin Laden….

Back to Sandy Hoax…… 
What about the other idiotic characters in Eric Holder's nonsensical story called the Newtown Massacre?
The mother,   Nancy Lanza,  took her desperately autistic son to the shooting range?   Despite the fact that the good Dr King says he was on anti-anxiety/anti depressant medications.   Yet she was from a idyllic, privileged  background in Kingston N.H.?  
The father,   a big shot a GE capital,  escapes prosecution in Libor scandal but his colleagues get indicted. 
The killer himself,  will we forever be haunted by the amateur photoshop image of his sweet,  robotic face?
The Sandy Hoax Yale doctor,  Robert King,   who supplies the retro diagnosis/evaluation for the killer.  Where will his next big grants come from???  Big Pharma?  
The crisis actors that look so fake on the videos fed to us by the controlled media???

Let's look at the past/present political liars that have come from Skull/Bones Yale.   This is how this stuff happens folks…..dive in and see for yourself.    The funny thing is that the Sandy Hook story is so bad,  most people that are talking,  don't believe it.    
This is a federal government that is out of control and they are using your tax money to scare the crap out of you,  spy on you and send you off to wars or experiment on you with dangerous drugs.    Get rid of these people.   Start with Holder,  then Obama and down the line…..before its too late.  
Let's make this false-flag-filled "Project Longevity"  short lived!


  1. As I've stated before, I have no opinion whether or not this was a false flag operation. I have questions and I want answers. I got a highly redacted report released in a way and time so that it won't be read.

    See the comments I've made on the two previous prep posts to this story.

    Comment to Gawker's:

    J.K. TROTTER on GAWKER NEWTOWN Friday 5:32pm
    Cops Dump Heavily Redacted Sandy Hook Surveillance Footage

    I downloaded most of the report....same with any / most pictures. I understand both sides, as I certainly was not ready to see anything tragic (or having sandy hook siblings able to google the horror) but I am really surprised they even redacted Adam Lanza autopsy photos. Friday 5:50pm

    ALSO - I haven't made my way through all of this....but was there not a security camera that would have showed Adam Lanza coming in with a gun? Seriously, out of all the pictures and all the footage to show...wouldn't involve death...just a shot of this kid with the gun(s).

    Just to clear up any suggestions that maybe there was more than one shooter.

  2. There was a time when all Americans believed that the Nazis made lampshades and soap out of murdered concentration camp victims, and that every camp in Germany, including Daccau and fifteen others, all had homicidal gas chambers.

    But today not a single historian believes any of that because it's been completely debuncted, and there's no controversy that all those films and false claims were the work of US Army Intelligence [including the "recreated" gas chamber at Daccau].

    So should we also believe that the German/Soviet invasion of Poland was a "false flag?"

    I know I don't.

    What I think history shows is that the Germans tried and tried to reach a settlement with the Polish military Junta [the Polish government was NOT a democracy] over the persecution of Germans in areas given to the Poles after the Great War. Huge areas of what had always been Germany were simply split off and given to the Poles, who persecuted them just as they vicously persecuted Czechs, Russians, and others which were put into the newly-formed huge country of Poland. The new Polish state invaded Czechoslovakia, and Russia, and others on a rampage of aggression as well as persecuting all the new minorities within it.

    The Germans were making progress in these efforts but after the British and French pledged [falsely as it turns out] to defend the Poles they thought they had no reason to compromise and then broke off negotiations with Germany. Then they attacked many of the German communities, killing hundreds.

    If the same thing had happened to Americans living in Texas if it were given by the UN to Mexico I think the US would act, and I have no problem with what the Germans did. The problems the Poles faced by being conquered and divided between Germany and the USSR were inevitable given the aggression of their insane military Junta government, which was far more aggressive, nationalistic and militaristic than the Nazis ever were.

  3. It was England and France which wanted the Second World War, along with Stalin though for different reasons, not the Germans.

    After England and France pledged to defend Poland their diplomats told everyone they wouldn't really declare war on Germany if it invaded Poland, which was a ruse to deceive the Germans a la the US Ambassador in Iraq leading up to the invasion of Kuwait in 1991.

    The Germans fell for this and were certain the French and English wouldn't declare war when Poland was invaded, but they did.

    The English and French outnumbered the Germans 3 to 1 in men and 5 to 1 in tanks, and their tanks were much superior to the Germans. The German navy was a joke, and the Luftwaffe could not compare to the combined RAF and French air force.

    The English/French plan was to move forward into Belgium and hold the Germans off their while blockading Germany at sea, which in WWI is what caused German starvation and ended the war on allied terms. Additionally the British began building huge four engined bombers much larger than anything the US or anyone would have until the B-29. The English planned to use their bombers to pummell the Germans from the air as well.

    The English and French had every advantage and every reason to think they would finish the job left undone in 1919.

    This is why they brushed aside every German effort to reach a peaceful settlement in 1939 and 1940 until the Germans finally gave up and launched their attack in the west, which they thought would probably fail.

    No one was more suprised than the Germans when their final plan to attack France actually worked. Their initial plans were a repeat of the ill-fated Schlieffen plan of 1914, but continual revisions and changes by Hitler himself working with tank commander Heinz Guderian led to the final plan for the rapid encirclement of the French from the east.

    It was the tactical success of that plan which overcame the French and English advantages in manpower, armour and artillary as well as aircraft and supply.

  4. The German invasion of Poland was not a "blitzkrieg" but used conventional methods of envelopment, etc.

    The French campaign was the first in which tank units operated on their own without much if any infantry support and raced along roadways to surround enemies positions. The major reason why this was permitted by the Germans was because by that time they'd added radios to all their tanks and could coordinate them in detail.

    After the French campaign it became dangerous for tanks to move out by themselves without infantry support. Infantry became aware that tanks might be moving by themselves and devised various ways to approach and destroy them, quite easily in fact.

  5. Now as for Dr.Robert King............

    1.He looks like a nice Jewish Doctor to me. That picture is anything but sinister.

    2.When you say the USG should fight the "enemies of the United States" what enemies do you mean?

    We're in the 21st century here and except for the enemies the US makes out of others, these pathetic broke "jihadists" who have no money or support and can't even get here......

    The US has no real enemies to speak of.

    What the US has is huge bureaucracies and corporate interests and law enforcement agencies and unions all of which depend on this bullshit for their careers.

    It's all bullshit.

    And the public's scared to death of these exaggerated threats because the media makes more money by scaring them with over-dramatized and hyperbolic narratives and melodramas of our "heros" versus the "evildoers."

    It's all just a sick joke.

    It's what the public wants and those who can profit are gonna give it to them....right up the rear end if you get my drift.

  6. And is any of this different than 1917 or 1941?

    I don't think so.

    In both those cases the American people were lied to, falsely alarmed, and stampeded into unnecessary wars because of arms manufacturers and other interests who wanted it to happen. It happened before in 1898 and 1845 so they knew they could repeat it.

    It's the same old American horseshit.

    1. MITmichael you need to research the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY starting during the 18th Century! The ROTHSCHILD FAMILY are members of both KNIGHTS OF MALTA and the "ILLUMINATI" MASONS started by Johann Adam Weishaupt ((6 February 1748 – 18 November 1830)! Furthermore, the KNIGHTS OF MALTA and "ILLUMINATI" MASONS both report to the JESUIT ORDER (A.K.A.: The Society of Jesus)!

      The JESUIT ORDER has nothing to do with the actual worship of the "GOD OF THIS UNIVERSE" (A.K.A.: Jesus Christ (GOD through flesh))! The JESUIT ORDER worships and serves the "GOD OF THIS WORLD" or Lucifer (A.K.A.: SATAN); and the top leaders within the JESUIT ORDER are "SATANIC SORCERERS"!

      The ROTHSCHILD FAMILY became the greatest bankers in the WORLD! Therefore, the JESUIT ORDER indirectly control all the money! If you control the money, you control the WORLD! In addition, during the later part of the 19th Century, the JESUIT ORDER ordered, through the KNIGHTS OF MALTA, the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY to buy-up all the newspapers for various propaganda purposes! Currently, the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY own the Associated Press (A.K.A.: "AP")!

      The JESUIT ORDER indirectly control all CENTRAL BANKS in Europe, the I.M.F., and the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM in the UNITED STATES! Therefore, the JESUIT ORDER indirectly control all the MONEY!

      What do the JESUIT ORDER (HEAD OF THE "NEW WORLD ORDER") want??? The "MAIN AGENDA" of the NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that reports to JESUIT ORDER) IS THE SIGNIFICANT "MASS-GENOCIDE" OF THE "ENTIRE" WORLD'S POPULATION BY WELL OVER 90% (UP TO 99% OR MOST LIKELY 100% (AN "EXTINCTION EVENT")) (SEE THESE VIDEOS AT YOU TUBE: "population reduction after economic collapse" by George Green (YOU TUBE only); "Project Camelot Interviews George Green - Part 1 of 2" (00:00 to 08:32) posted by Project Camelot (AUTHENTIC VIDEO) on April 16, 2008; "Q1 - The Thermonuclear Threat" posted by Lyndon LaRouche PAC (AUTHENTIC VIDEO) November 10, 2013; "Q4: What is the significance of the 'Snowden affair' and Obama's Narcissistic response to it?" posted by Lyndon LaRouche PAC (AUTHENTIC VIDEO) on July 13, 2013; and Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Secret Societies, Plum Island, Police State, Great Lakes, BP Oil Spill, and "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura S03E04 Ozarks" (6 EPISODES FULL LENGTH AT YOU TUBE))! Basically, the NEW WORLD ORDER (George H. W. Bush Sr. (SKULL AND BONES) SPEECHES 1991) want to "MASS-GENOCIDE" about 7 BILLION PEOPLE out of about 7.2 BILLION PEOPLE WORLD WIDE; and OVER 90% of the remnant will be chemically lobotomized (vaccines with Mercury and/or Aluminum), made sterile (vaccines with Squalene), and made infertile (vaccines with Squalene) to make-up a POOL FOR HIDEOUS EXPERIMENTS (NAZI ???) AND MASSIVE PAGAN HUMAN SACRIFICES!

    2. What is NEXT??? The NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that reports to JESUIT ORDER) want to get this "PLAN" going during 2014!

      First of all, the NEW WORLD ORDER (George H. W. Bush Sr. (SKULL AND BONES) SPEECHES 1991) believe they (N.W.O. "ELITE") are terribly behind and desperately need to catch-up! For example, as soon as illegitimate Obama (C.I.A. ASSET and British agent) acquired the office of the PRESIDENT via FRAUD, illegitimate Obama (C.I.A. ASSET) went for the illegal confiscation of all "LEGAL FIREARMS" (violation of the 2nd Amendment of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION)! The recent purchases of millions of "LEGAL FIREARMS" (2nd Amendment) by millions of American citizens is the primary reason why the NEW WORLD ORDER (George H. W. Bush Sr. (SKULL AND BONES) SPEECHES 1991) can NOT GET THEIR "AGENDA" (RELEASE OF BIO-WEAPONS, implementation of "MARTIAL LAW," ect.) INITIATED! The NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE" need to know the outcome will work before they (N.W.O. "ELITE") implement the "PLAN"! Dr. Pieczenik take NOTE OF THIS, because this is an essential "state of mind" by the N.W.O. "ELITE"!

      OBAMACARE (NAZI CARE) is the most dangerous thing in the UNITED STATES at the current time! WHY??? Because, OBAMACARE (NAZI CARE) was intentionally designed to create massive CHAOS to give the excuse to implement "MARTIAL LAW"! At that point, there will be massive illegal confiscation of "LEGAL FIREARMS" (violation of 2nd Amendment), which will produce a CIVIL WAR! However, there is the "FALSE FLAG"! What type of "FALSE FLAG"???

      The NEW WORLD ORDER (George H. W. Bush Sr. (SKULL AND BONES) SPEECHES 1991) have trying for awhile to RELEASE BIO-WEAPONS on both COASTS (WEST (primarily vaccines) and EAST (primarily vaccines and subways)); however, as stated, the recent purchases of millions of "LEGAL FIREARMS" (2nd Amendment) has caused a significant set-back to the "PLANS" OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that report to JESUIT ORDER)! SEE THESE VIDEOS AT YOU TUBE: "population reduction after economic collapse" by George Green (only at YOU TUBE); "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Secret Societies [Season 1, Episode 5] (Full Length • HD)" (especially at 24 minute to END) posted by Justin Wallis on December 15, 2010; "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Plum Island [Season 2, Episode 1] (Full Length • HD)" posted by Justin Wallis on December 15, 2010; "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Police State [Season 2, Episode 4] (Full Length • HD)" (go to YOU TUBE CHANNEL to see hidden video) posted by Justin Wallis December 15, 2010; and "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Great Lakes [Season 2, Episode 6] (Full Length • HD)" posted by Justin Wallis on December 15, 2010! Said BIO-HOLOCAUST will stop a CIVIL WAR, and NORTH COMMAND with foreign UNITED NATIONS TROOPS will take over for CITY OF LONDON, England (PRIVATE COUNTRY)! TREASON (violation of ARTICLE III, Section 3, of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION)?????


      What about the UNITED STATES economy??? The NEW WORLD ORDER (George H. W. Bush Sr. (SKULL AND BONES) SPEECHES 1991) can indefinitely artificially stimulate the UNITED STATES economy with the "STOLEN MONIES" (TRILLIONS ????)! Therefore, the NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE" are always in a position to shut-down the UNITED STATES economy!

      Peter Schiff has some essential comments concerning the UNITED STATES economy (SEE THIS VIDEO AT YOU TUBE: "Peter Schiff - Market Crash 2014 | London Real" posted by London Real (AUTHENTIC) on December 1, 2013)! Peter Schiff has a YOU TUBE CHANNEL (SEE ALL VIDEOS)!



      The NEW WORLD ORDER (George H. W. Bush Sr. (SKULL AND BONES) SPEECHES 1991) have [correction] been trying for awhile to RELEASE BIO-WEAPONS on both COASTS (WEST (primarily vaccines) and EAST (primarily vaccines and subways)); however, as stated, the recent purchases of millions of "LEGAL FIREARMS" (2nd Amendment) has caused a significant set-back to the "PLANS" OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that report to JESUIT ORDER)! ....

    5. Raymond,

      Have you ever actually been in the Vatican or the Knights of Malta?

      Would it surprise you to know I have, and that I know people in both places?

      I can assure you the Jesuits, the Vatican, and the Knights of Malta have nothing to do with the crackpot alligations you've made.

      I'm on your side Raymond but you're barking up the wrong tree regarding these particular groups. The only thing the Knights did politically in recent history was network anti-communists in a lot of places. During Director Casey's tenure at CIA he used the Knights a lot in many of his wrong-headed and idiotic schemes. Take it from one who knows - the Knights are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. They reminded me a lot of the mentality of the clowns that ran the Nixon White House, particularly Chuck Colson and his ilk.

    6. The far right in Italy is like the Keystone Cops of the international politics. Their leaders, like Burlesconi, Finni and the like, have all self-imploded like the wackos they always were. The Italians live in a place drowning in socialist debt where nothing can thrive because of the collectivists among them, so consequently they always think the next step is Stalinist or Titoist tyranny. Fear of communism drives them always into lunatic schemes and plans.

    7. MITmichael did you know the QUEEN OF ENGLAND, some of the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY, Nelson Mandela, and other significant people of the NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE" are all members of THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA????? As stated ABOVE, the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY and the BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY want to "MASS-GENOCIDE" about 7 BILLION PEOPLE out of about 7.2 BILLION PEOPLE WORLD WIDE (SEE THESE VIDEOS AT YOU TUBE: "population reduction after economic collapse" by George Green (YOU TUBE only); "Project Camelot Interviews George Green - Part 1 of 2" (00:00 to 08:32) posted by Project Camelot (AUTHENTIC VIDEO) on April 16, 2008; "Q1 - The Thermonuclear Threat" posted by Lyndon LaRouche PAC (AUTHENTIC VIDEO) November 10, 2013; "Q4: What is the significance of the 'Snowden affair' and Obama's Narcissistic response to it?" posted by Lyndon LaRouche PAC (AUTHENTIC VIDEO) on July 13, 2013; and Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Secret Societies, Plum Island, Police State, Great Lakes, BP Oil Spill, and "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura S03E04 Ozarks" (6 EPISODES FULL LENGTH AT YOU TUBE))!

      If you are a member of the KNIGHTS OF MALTA, I fully understand your position on the issues! However, you have got to consider what THEIR "PLAN" is ("MASS-GENOCIDE" about 7 BILLION PEOPLE)????

      I only have an issue with this particular part of the "PLAN" (ENDING ME and "ENDING" about 7 BILLION PEOPLE)! I do NOT really care about the rituals and worship of SATAN! I only have a problem with the HUMAN SACRIFICES! In fact, I personally know Lucifer, because I am the ELEVENTH COUNSEL MEMBER (ORIGINAL "13")!

    8. The Queen of England and her consort are a laughing stock, as is that whole family of nitwits and morons.

      They are not sinister because to be sinister requires some planning, intention and guile which are wholey lacking in the British Royals.

      End of Story [if I do say so myself]

    9. Who do you think runs the BILDERBERG GROUP??? It is THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY and the BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY! The 7 agents of the 13 ILLUMINATI FAMILIES run the BILDERBERG GROUP! The two (2) TOP ILLUMINATI FAMILIES are the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY and the ROCKEFELLER FAMILY! As stated in prior comments, the ROTHSCHILD FAMILY and the BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY run the CITY OF LONDON, England (PRIVATE COUNTRY); and the CITY OF LONDON runs the BILDERBERG GROUP (SEE THIS VIDEO AT YOU TUBE: "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Secret Societies [Season 1, Episode 5] (Full Length • HD)" posted by Justin Wallis on December 15, 2010)!

    10. When there is psychotic morons in charge, this is when situation becomes the most dangerous!

    11. I think the Bilderberg Group is a bunch of self important geeks who don't really have a say in anything as much as Beyonce and Miley Cyrus have.

  7. This is INTERESTING!


    When Hitler burned the Reichstag in the late 1930’s and created False Flag attack in Poland, Hitler never would never have imagined that a Black Liberal American President Barack Hussein Obama and his sycophant Attorney General Eric Holder [Mark Rich’s Whore] would create a completely nonsensical narrative about a non-existent Adam Lanza and a confabulated Newtown School massacre.


    ...."his sycophant Attorney General Eric Holder [Mark Rich’s Whore]".... [SPECIFIC POINT]

    Mark Rich's Whore?????

    I wonder if both Eric Holder and Mark Rick are "BUTT PIRATES" at Bohemian Grove, California???? Dr. Pieczenik are you sure Eric Holder has not "hooked-up" with William Jefferson Clinton (SKULL AND BONES) or George W. Bush Jr. (SKULL AND BONES) at Bohemian Grove???? Both William Jefferson Clinton and George W. Bush Jr. are bi-sexual! Just look on the internet at all the "EVIDENCE" showing all the male prostitutes going to the WHITE HOUSE during the BUSH JR. ADMINISTRATION! O.K.. It is consensual adults doing what they like to do! However, what about the morality of our leaders--especially when they are hypocrites--like George W. Bush Jr., who claimed to be a Christian while being a member of SKULL AND BONES and a "BUTT PIRATE"????

    1. Dr. Pieczenik what do you expect from the "BUTT PIRATES" of Bohemian Grove, California???? Why do not we hear from President Nixon on "nasty" Bohemian Grove is???? SEE THIS VIDEO AT YOU TUBE: "Richard Nixon: Bohemian Grove is Gayest Place on the Planet" posted by Mark Dice on July 11, 2013!

    2. It is Marc Richs rich wife who is BJ CLINTONS Whore! A Worcester mass heiress, she renounced her US citizenship recently, & took off for London, where the $$$laundering is. Marc Rich died in exile this year- not on TCM's memorial list like Tom Clancy however.
      Holder did what Clinton told him to do, including pardoning the Puerto Rican terrorist clan.
      Holder looks like a rat In a Walt Disney movie.
      He was Clinton's moat & now he is OBAMA'S moat. He is wired, has taken graft & is insulated by handlers to complete the racketering assignment.
      Obama was right about transparency regarding holder.
      He is a terrible bluffer...a criminal does not want to emulate him..he wouldn't last one shakedown.

      Obama & holder are merely the fixtures in a castle high atop a mountain of EVIL. TAKING DOWN OBAMA WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. BIDEN HAS BEEN WIRED & taken graft. & Hillary is part of the team. Don't kid yourself. BOEHNER & Mcconnell are compromised or they would have ended this CATASTROPHE 4years ago, after the SCOTUS CHIEF ROBERTS FLIPPED under DURESS: fear of being outted, & having 2 ILLEGALLY ADOPTED KIDS FROM IRELAND VIA SOUTH AMERICA---child trafficking!

    3. If you grew up a fatherless hillbilly in Arkansas you'd be obcessed with the rich and famous as well. Both the Clintons always craved for the world of the Marc Rich's, the Blankfeins, the Lehmanns and other words, the world of Ishkadoodle.
      Is it any wonder the Clintons have secretly becomes students of the Kabbalah? Is it any wonder than Bill Clinton, who was never circumcized in the barnyard Arkansas back bedroom he was borne in, was recently given his own Briss!


      I have it on the highest authority that Bill Clinton underwent the whole ghastly ritual, with a Moyle imported from Haifa just for the ceremony, at a Temple outside Pretoria on his last visit to see Nelson [ "kill the Boers" ] Mandela. Mandela also converted to Judaism, though he was already penis-clipped at a rights-of-passage ordeal of his own Xhossa tribe.

      Mandela did serve as a witness though at Bill's penis-slicing, at which time Bill whaled, "Oh Holy God I didn't know it would be like that!!"


      Bill Clinton has been the foremost advocate of adult circumcision for Africans, supposedly because he claims it will reduce the incidence of HIV infection among the darker-raced men if they lop off their foreskins.

      This dubious and unproven claim is of course nonesense, and is totally the result of his own obcession with having the rest of MAN-kind lose also what he so carelessly threw away.......

      Sorry Bill but having everyone else lose it ain't gonna make it any better!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Dr. P, please ask the person who manages your blog to use better pictures. The pictures he chooses occasionally adds a cartoonish quality to your posts, which makes what you write hard to digest at times. I'm with you for the most part in regards to the content of this post, but a few of the pictures are ridiculous.

  10. A bombshell comment from the blog Random Acts of Awareness:

    Tuesday, December 17, 2013
    Why I Think #SandyHook Is A Fraud
    7. NO surveillance footage has been made available to the public, even though mainstream media KNOWS people are not buying it, as evidenced by how they felt the need to 'debunk' those 'crazy conspiracy theories' surrounding Sandy Hook.
    9. Adam Lanza is listed as having died on December 13, 2012.
    Adam P. Lanza: Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record
    Name: Adam P. Lanza
    State of Issue: New Hampshire
    Date of Birth: Wednesday April 22, 1992
    Date of Death: Thursday December 13, 2012
    Est. Age at Death: 20 years, 7 months, 21 days
    Confirmation: Proven
    10. There is very little evidence that 'Adam Lanza' ever existed.
    11. Peter and Nancy Lanza are documented as having only one child Adam Peter Lanza, 22 years old (ie: Ryan Lanza now)
    Logan Farriss said...
    Im 16 and I believe that It was a fake. My family owns the surveillance cameras and it shows them acting out. No blood is shown whatsoever. WE have our different opinions but I have proof that it was a scam.
    December 29, 2013 at 10:34 AM
    Chad Lilly said...
    Logan Farriss - I would love to speak with you about this and get more information. Are you on Twitter? Or what is the best way to contact you?
    December 29, 2013 at 10:47 AM

  11. Also on this website is the theory that there was only one son, Adam Lanza, and that he changed his name to Ryan Lanza. I can't verify this. Are there any photos of the two together? Again, there is no school video of Adam Lanza and no autopsy photos of Adam Lanza that we can look at.

    Unknown said...
    Thank you for what you are doing to expose this fraud!

    Here's another item to add to your list.

    In an online search, see the book, "The Vital Records of Kingston, New Hampshire, 1694-1994," by Judith L. Arseneault, published 1995.

    Here's the link...

    When doing a search in the field, Nancy Lanza (maiden name Champion) is shown as being married to Peter Lanza, and having ONE son, named Adam. Further, the book only shows Nancy in the index, since she was actually from Kingston, whereas Peter or Adam were not. This is proof that had Ryan existed, he too would have been listed within the book, like Peter and Adam.

    The only conclusion I can draw is that Adam changed his name to Ryan, so that the now non-existent Adam could be used as the murderous, propagandized scapegoat.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.
    December 29, 2013 at 7:00 PM

    Chad Lilly said...
    Unknown - Thank you much for the intel, and I have updated the blog to include that link. I think you're exactly correct. This explains why Peter and Nancy are documented as having only one child (22 years old), as well as why no one remembers 'Adam'.
    December 29, 2013 at 7:50 PM

    1. There is a picture of the older brother, it looks very similar to a 'snap shot' of "Adam Lanza.

      The evidence continues to mount:

      Sandy Hook was a false flag:

      Hard to believe as it may seem to many people, nobody died. Yes, it was all a hoax.

      Not a hoax, that suggests some kind of mild humor, it is a vicious and ruthless act of deception in order to achieve policy objectives.

      I've seen statements from a long time Sandy Hook resident that the Sandy Hook parents moved into the area about a year before the incident and have been moving away since the event.

      An event planned long in advance.

      Obama won't get impeached because too many Republicans in Congress are complicit with larger Obama goals.

      Opposing gun control was a matter of political survival for Republican office holders.

      But big stroke foreign policy, military intervention, and police state spying are okay.

      If this was supposedly completely domestic, then why is so much redacted as if national security was at stake.

      Sandy Hook was the domestic equivalence of 911, in terms of policy objectives: Grab the guns of the American People.

      It's almost like Sandy Hook was the pay-off to Obama for letting 911 go unchallenged. Well, the fake bin Laden death (and very real SEAL team six deaths) was also a payoff -- I stay silent about your false flag (911) and you stay silent about my false flags (Sandy Hook, bin Laden and others).

      911 was worth many smaller false flags in return for silence.

      This is sick. It's dangerous. And I'm not sure they are going to be stopped.

      As many people who know Sandy Hook was a planned in advance deception, there are millions more who believe the whole government narrative and get mad and attack anybody who questions the official narrative.

      But again, like the bin Laden fake death, there is no substantive, objective evidence that anybody died.

      Obama should be impeached, but who is going to do it?

      Each side has "mutually assured destruction" evidence against the other.

      Both political parties are seriously compromised.

      "You show that to the American People and we'll show this to the American People."

      American sovereignty is the answer.

      This governance by lie... and another lie... and another lie. It is spreading like a cancer and it will kill the American Republic.

      But in the long run, maybe that's the point.

      A democracy of informed citizens with representatives in republican form of government can not long survive an executive branch systematically lying to the American People with silent complicity from the legislative branch.

  12. Alex Jones, where the heck are you? No reporting in the MSM and little in the alternate media. No one asks questions. No one.

    This is from Blacklisted News:

    December 29, 2013
    Photos allegedly showing Adam Lanza’s autopsy have all been redacted. So there is no proof of Lanza’s dead body or that a proper autopsy was ever conducted on said dead body. Lanza’s mental health records were also redacted from the report. This is all of course assuming a person named Adam Lanza ever existed to begin with.

    Photos showing the inside of the school are heavily redacted as well. There is no evidence shown that anyone was killed. There are no pools of blood, no dead bodies or anything tangible shown that proves a mass shooting took place. There are however lots of photos showing door handles and other unimportant areas in the building but that’s about it. Conveniently a Connecticut State Law forbidding the release of photos or video showing homicide victims was passed this summer after pressure was brought forward from the families of this alleged tragedy. The law puts Connecticut in a minority amongst the states with such a law on the books but more importantly the timing of this new law appears to have been passed to specifically cover up material relating to the Sandy Hook investigation. This is why we are seeing a whole lot of nothing in the photos and video.
    To conclude, the material released shows absolutely nothing to prove that the Sandy Hook mass shooting took place. Compare the information we have on Sandy Hook with this 2011 Associated Press report covering a mass shooting in a Brazilian school. With the Brazilian school shooting there is surveillance footage showing people running for their lives, video of the gunman and even amateur footage of people bleeding from gunshot wounds. This was made available just days after the incident took place. We have seen none of this with Sandy Hook and a full year has already gone by. Once again this shows that the Sandy Hook incident is nothing more than a gigantic hoax designed to push more gun control and other political initiatives. The people who have participated in this fraud should be held accountable and put in jail. 

    1. Where is Alex Jones?

      He's enjoying the holidays and the millions and millions he's made spewing out crap that his gullable followers believe.

  13. This was an excellent post, & informative. I am relieved to see that dr. P. Has arrived at the platform & is about to board the REVOLUTION TRAIN. HE MAY BE TOO WEARY TO TAKE UP ARMS, BUT HIS Megaphone & Wisdom are desperately required.

    Retired general Paul vallely has called for a MASS MARCH ON DC before we cannot.

    I was a little boy when the wwI soldiers marched & were attacked k KILLED by Mac Arthur & only heard it on the radio.
    Here is the newsreel. Will history repeat? Seems that way.

    An addition to those who were enriched by Hitlers agenda was PRESCOTT BUSH, POPPY's poppy. He worked for Brown bros, HARRIMAN ( avrii who married Pamela Churchill, whomClinton appointed ambassador to France & died. "Suddenly" of a stroke)


  14. Whistleblower Binney explains war. & fear in AMERIKKKA:
    Part I:

    Move it forward to your contacts.

    Part II: the NSA SCAM


  16. If you want to watch four hours of a whole lot of nothing and "CONTENT REDACTED" messages, see this new YouTube video:

    Sandy Hook Final Report - Video Compilation Of Interior, Exterior and Yogananda "evidence"
    The Paulstal Service
    Published on Dec 30, 2013

    The most interesting thing is that this occurred on December 14th, in an elementary school, and there is not one snowflake or "Merry Christmas"/"Happy Holidays" sign or Santa or reindeer or Christmas tree or Jewish menorah or Kwanzaa candles or anything to indicate the winter holiday season. I have a kid in elementary school. This is just not possible to have nothing ANYWHERE.Just bizarre.

    Again, I have no opinion on Sandy Hook. How can anyone have an opinion when there is no evidence we can see in this, the final report? All I have are a lot of unanswered questions--more questions than before.

  17. Sandy Hook could well be the hoax that breaks the camels back if it is pushed forward in a focused way. Things are wrong here and anyone with a brain knows it. It has only been a year and this story is going to implode I am sure...this empty tale has to be really well flushed out.

  18. OK, so I went to Alex Jones' Infowars again today (December 30th) and this is all that's there--a brief link to an MSM source. Don't work too hard over the holidays, Alex!

    No Adam Lanza motive for the shooting in the report released to the public. No Adam Lanza on any school video in the report released to the public. Adam Lanza autopsy photo in the report released to the public. Case closed!
    Full Police Investigation Into Sandy Hook Shooting Released
    Pamela Engel
    December 27, 2013
    The State’s Attorney of Danbury, Conn. has released its full report on the Dec. 14 Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.
    Authorities released a summary of their report last month that said investigators weren’t able to determine a motive for Adam Lanza’s massacre. He killed 20 school children, six adults, and his own mother before shooting himself in the Newtown, Conn. school.
    The full report is several thousand pages long and contains additional evidence from the investigation. The case is now closed.
    Read more
    This article was posted: Friday, December 27, 2013 at 2:26 pm


    DUMP HER -- you ended your membership to the CFR. DO IT WITH JILL. SHE IS UNPATRIOTIC & compromised.

  20. Happy New Year 2014. 2013 was tough for me, as I was penniless and hospitalized, and saw my health insurance tripled and then canceled thanks to the "Affordable Care Act." I presented groundbreaking new historical information on "Uncle Sam" not known for 200 years, and no one would publish it.

    YouTube's KateSlate11 has been doing work on Sandy Hook and asking questions that Alex Jones used to ask (and the MSM is supposed to, but never does). In her New Year's video, she shows an officer stating that Adam Lanza was found dead in the hall. The official report says Lanza was found dead in a classroom.

    Just one of hundreds of things that make no sense, starting with Adam Lanza's motive, and who he is, and what he actually looks like--all still a mystery.

  21. Thanks for the website. Have been snooping around since it is a first anniversary of this event. I really don't believe Adam existed or rather Ryan and Adam are one. It is totally improbable that a family can have no picture of them together or that no picture exists of the two brothers together. This does not happen. Ever.

  22. Dr. P,

    I have grown very fond of a folk singer, Lori Mckenna who played Club Passim last week. She encouraged us to check out Brandy Clark, Twelve Stories. The first link is Crazy Women. This video and song combo has us ladies howling with laughter! I wanted to share it with you.

    Not funny, but another one relevant to your field by Brandy, Take A Little Pill

  23. SouthernBelle,

    Check out the all-acapella top 40 hit by "Lorde" called "Royals."


    The folksy days of Simon and Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez that our generation loved is done and over.

    This PROLONGED recession and POVERTY of white middle class people IS FINALLY RESULTING IN A REBELLION.

    Go to Youtube and see the "with lyrics" versions of "Royals" and you will see the message is now clear among the youths.

    The young people will demand their rights, and Wall Street and Obama will shit their pants.

    The 2016 election will be won by a democratic LIBERAL.

    just watch.

    Hillary and others of her generation will all be pushed aside.

    Popular culture is the key.

  24. Nothing any of us say on this board matters a shit because within our bankrupt generation we will always be the marginalized minority.

    Obama came along and fooled the young idealists who because of what he did will never be idealists again!

    They've learned to be cynical and demand results!

    The young people will make the needed changes.

    The young people will fight the struggle.

    It 's up to them....not us.

  25. Wow! A modern song with no instruments and words that mean something.

    I'm impressed.

    1. Lori Mckenna is impressive as well. The Kitchen Tapes, Bittertown are excellent works. (She referes to herself as a townie on a youtube intro for her new release, Massachusetts.)

      I will listen to Royals.

      Have you ever listened to Deborah Tavares re: The Wetlands Project?

      I have little hope for change. This has all been war gamed out on their supercomputers.

      Make Every Word Hurt

    2. Judy Collins and our generation are wonderful and I crave all the folk of our past [except for Bob Dylan who's a phony].....

      However when someone actually composes a song with concise and elegant lyrics about the issue of hopelessness and drug addiction is the reality of youth today then SOMETHING HAS CHANGED.

      This has never been done before and it means more than all the "occupy this and that" ever could.

      The keys to understanding any society lie in it's popular culture, and if I ever get around to finding the energy I would explain this from an analytic/psych warfare perspective.

      Today Colorado de-criminalized marijuana.

      That's a colossal step.

      Uraguay also has leagalized marijuana.

      These steps portend enormous changes in social trends.

      When the person the youth thought was Barak Obama really becomes President the earth will shake like it did in 1933.

    3. What the song says is that hopelessness and drug addiction is cause by....

      LACK OF MONEY !!

    4. "My friends and I have cracked the code.

      We count our dollars on the way to the party

      Those who know us know we're fine with this.

      We didn't come from money."

  26. In 1969 a film came along called "Easy Rider," which singularly signified a total change in film-making and what the public and artists would believe and respond to...

    This is that kind of event.

    Ever since November 22, 1963 this country has been in a shitpool...

    After 50 years is there a change?

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