Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ukrainian President Victor F. Yanukovick Develops A ‘Cold’ in the Midst of a Civil War!
My Professional Diagnosis is that he IS suffering from “The Terminal Illness”,   I Call – A COUP!!   NOT A CROUP! 

  For the past several months,  many of us have been following with bated breath the efforts of Western-Oriented Protestors fighting against a corrupt,  Pro-Russian [also pro-Soviet] government led by Russian apparatchiks including former ex-President Yanukovych.    The president who is only 64 years old and was in excellent health suddenly developed a case of the ‘catarrh’ [fever, malaise, sneezing].
  Immediately,   I had two thoughts….

The first image was that of the character,  Adelaide,  in Frank Loesser’s brilliant Pulitzer Prize/Tony winning musical called “Guys and Dolls”.    In that musical there is a poignant scene where Adelaide tried to manipulate her miscreant boyfriend,  Nathan Detroit,   into marrying her by developing an psychosomatic ‘cold’ .    Needless to say that Adelaide’s wily methods do result in success.
  But the second image that I have about the Ukrainian President’s so-called ‘cold’ is of a coup that occurred against Mikhail Gorbachev in August of 1991.    As prominent Ukrainian journalist,  Vitaly Pornikov,  correctly remembers that on August 19, 1991 the U.S.S.R vice president announced that the then Secretary General Gorbachev had a ‘serious illness’ and the next day Gorbachev was in handcuffs and thrown out of power.     Needless to say,   Mr Putin conveniently arrived on the scene a few years later.

So let me share with you not the reality of the Ukrainian civil war;  but instead I would like to explain several of the different types of coups that will occur in the UKRAINE within the next few weeks.

First for those of you readers who might be interested in creating a coup somewhere in the world,   may I suggest Edward Luttwak’s practical handbook: Coup D’Etat: A Practical Handbook.    I know Edward and I can assure you that he certainly knows about his subject.    He even made a film on a certain coup.  However,   there is a more interesting nosology of coups - so those of you who are interested in developing different types of coups can garner significant information from the learned Harvard Professor Samuel P. Huntington.

Here are his categories and some of my favorite types of coups:
[1] Breakthrough Coup D’ Etat:  A revolutionary army overthrows a government in order to create a new power elite. 
Examples include: Col. Nasser’s Egyptian Coup in 1952;  Col.  Qaddaffi’s Coup in 1969; and a few coups in Africa.

[2] Guardian Coup D’Etat:  often described as the ‘MUSICAL CHAIRS COUP’.   Usually this type of coup is initiated in the ‘interests’ of IMPROVING PUBLIC ORDER,  EFFICIENCY AND TERMINATING CORRUPTION.
This type of coup is most often than not initiated by the RULING MILITARY OFFICER OF THAT PARTICULAR COUNTRY.
Examples abound here: In 1999, General Pervez Musharaff overthrew Pakistani Prime Minister Nuwaz Sharif.  Then Musharaff was ‘voted out’ in  a bloodless coup by Prime Minister Benazhir Bhutto.   Now Bhutto who was killed in a coup was no stranger to coups herself.   Both her father was overthrown in a military coup and her husband who became Prime Minister of Pakistan after having been jailed by the Pakistani military for eleven years.  No one can beat the ISI Pakistani Military for coups and counter-coups!

The sequence really does not matter.   What does matter is that a ‘failed state’ like the present Ukraine or Thailand will enter into some form of civil strife, often amounting to a ‘civil war’ and then … pooff!   the military takes over power.

Lest you think that America has not had any coups,   please think again!
  The assassination of JFK was in fact a coup undertaken by both US military and civilian forces.   LBJ was the recipient as was many other economic/political interests.    Nixon was taken out by a ‘Watergate Scandal’ which in effect amounted to ‘civilian coup’. 
  What do I mean?
  Nixon was becoming inconvenient for many civilian /military/financial elements of the USG.    He was not part and parcel of the then established Northeast power or Texas business interests.    He was Eisenhower’s bête-noire as his Vice President and was in many ways of ‘out of control’. 
Similarly,   the stand down on 9/11 was and still is a Bush Jr/Cheney ‘bloody coup’ with participating member of our civilian/military/ financial community with help from Israel,  Pakistan,  Dubai and Saudi Arabia.    So these are the types of coup that have become somewhat popular in our times.
  Please don’t get so indignant or self-righteous.    As for me,  I realize that our great country, the USA,   is in effect a de facto military coup.
  Think about it!
  Every congressional district and Senatorial state has more military/industrial complexes than any ‘bloody coup’ could ever have accomplished.
 My favorite Republican President,  Eisenhower,   warned us about the military/industrial coup.    But  no one listened because he did not SPECIFICALLY USE THE WORD “COUP”….he used the word complex,  but he meant coup.
  When you think of all our military command centers---CENTCOM,  SOUTHCOM,  SOCOM—just in Florida; as well as CINPAC,  AFRICOM [which was ordered to ‘stand down’ in Benghazi’] –what do you think we are?
We are nothing more than a  garrison state or PAX AMERICANA or if you wish,   A ROMAN EMPIRE.    Our centurion guards,  the chiefs of the area commands,  patrol the world in over 720 plus military bases located in over 224 countries.    That constitutes in anybody’s language an IMPERIAL STATE with military control.    The civilians,  including POTUS,  are irrelevant.   I wish it were different but its not.    Americans have been asleep so long that they forgot that they had created a military that was loyal to no country other than itself.  

So,   Mr Ukrainian President,   don’t feel so bad when you find yourself in prison or political exile.
  Please consider…..
  Putin was trained by the best SPY MASTERS in the world bar none  (Markus Wolf and Yuri Andropov).
Viktor,    the worst that can happen is that we,   America,  will take you in as a ‘political refugee.’   You and Mr Gorbachev can even make some DINGI [money] by advertising Louis Vuitton Handbags from the back of a black Limousine.    If you are really good, we can even get you a book contract and then you can appear on the John Stewart Show or Steven Colbert—your choice.
The alternative could have been worse.
  Putin at least is not STALIN-  not yet!
Sidebar:  It is estimated that Stalin killed 4million Ukrainians in 1933 alone,  starved them to death!

Old Russian proverb:  The thief that stole 3 kopeks is hung,  the thief that stole 50 kopeks is praised!


    Sorry to go off topic with the first post, but this very long article on possible terror at tomorrow's Super Bowl must be read.
    “Live” Nuclear/Bio-Terror Attack Planned for New York City during Super Bowl XLVIII on February 2, 2014
    Posted: February 1, 2014
    David Chase Taylor
    SWITZERLAND, Zurich — At 6:25 PM (EST) on February 2, 2014, Super Bowl XLVIII will kick-off featuring the Denver Broncos versus the Seattle Seahawks at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Due to the fact that a state-sponsored nuclear terror plot targeting Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas on February 6, 2011, was ultimately foiled, a secondary nuclear terror plot targeting Sunday’s game is possible but highly unlikely. Predictably however, the designers of false-flag terror have introduced what they like to call a “wrinkle” which will allow them to simultaneously terrorize the MetLife Stadium crowd as well as the Super Bowl’s record breaking television audience without actually attacking the game itself. This particular twist will be accomplished by detonating an allegedly Iranian made suitcase nuke and/or a highly contagious bio-terror weapon in downtown New York City while Super Bowl XLVIII is being played. Although the surprise attack could transpire anytime during the game, it will most likely occur in the waning minutes of the 4th quarter when television viewership will be at its highest.

  2. the situation in the Ukraine is not a civil war. it is an attack by the failed state called the European union and wall street.this time Stalin is not in Russia he is in the west and is magically transformed into a Nazi storm trooper who mouths Nazi slogans. Ukraine is also not a failed state. your state of mind has failed on that one. but give the banking oligarchs a chance and they'll pull another holomodor on Ukraine like they did in the 1920's and they'll enjoy every bit of it. you are a banker and I hope you noticed that the European union will now add prostitution and drug sales income to their GDP. Can you imagine what kind of decrepit mind it takes to do that. and you think that is better for the Ukraine? C'mon Steve, get real, we're not fools out here. your thought process is still back in the CFR days and you have just blown any credibility you have.

  3. It is interesting that Steve Pieczenik thinks he is so much smarter than the average guy that he can trot out that old stalin thing as if we didn't know that stalin was a pawn of the same western bankers that now attack the Ukraine from the west. While Stalin was busy killing all those Ukrainians how many banks did he attack. The good Dr. is, in his own mind, is so much more brilliant than the average person, that he is completely attached to his audience. I expect to see love poems to the brilliant drug runner George Soros here soon. because of course, Soros' business will now add a great deal to the European union GDP.

  4. meant to say completely detached from his audience.

  5. You are partially correct Dr. Pieczenik. The NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE" are currently trying to "FORCE DESTINY;" because, as they (N.W.O. "ELITE") believe, illegitimate (acquired two (2) elections by FRAUD) President George W. Bush Jr. (SKULL AND BONES) failed to "ATTACK" ("ILLEGAL" [EMPHASIS ADDED] INVASION) IRAN ("TRIGGER" TO A NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST) during the FALL OF 2006 (YEAR OF DARKNESS)!

    SEE MOVIE "W" at the very END, when Bush Jr. is "day dreaming" of his father (Bush Sr.) coming into the Oval Office and scolding him (Bush Jr.): "200 years of work wasted" [paraphrasing]! This was a contained message to everyone "in the know" stating Bush Jr. screwed-up by NOT INVADING IRAN ("TRIGGER" TO A NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST) DURING 2006 (YEAR OF DARKNESS)!

    The SKULL AND BONES "COUP" began during the Reagan Administration, when Vice-President George H. W. Bush Sr. (SKULL AND BONES) took over after the attempted assassination on President Reagan! The said attempted assassination was done by a C.I.A. MK_ULTRA "wind-up toy," and the assassins brother was very good friends with Neal Bush (son to Vice-President George H. W. Bush Sr.)! SEE THIS VIDEO: "Ronald Reagan assassination John Hinckley Jr. [Bush family connection, CIA Mind Control, Mk Ultra]" posted by Truther Shirts on January 27, 2012!

    Several C.I.A. AGENTS tried to expose the very illegal IRAN/CONTRA situation! One of the said C.I.A. AGENTS (Gene "Chip" Tatum (Code Name: Pegasus)) was interviewed by the late (cancer) Ted Gunderson (former Los Angeles F.B.I. CHIEF). SEE THIS VIDEO: ""Presidential Secrets" Former Operative Gene Tatum Speaks" posted by BlindPlague on January 3, 2013. Gene "Chip" Tatum actually transported several pounds of powdered cocaine for Vice-President George H. W. Bush Sr. (SKULL AND BONES). Later, not to long after the said interviews, Gene "Chip" Tatum was assassinated by the C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES)!

    Everyone should know about MENA AIRPORT (SEE THIS VIDEO: "The Mena Connection Exposing the CIA, Bush, Clinton, Iran Contra, And Drug Running" posted by D Clinton on July 10, 2012)! Vice-President George H. W. Bush Sr. (SKULL AND BONES) was the "BOSS," and the assistant was Governor William Jefferson Clinton (SKULL AND BONES)! This is the REASON why Governor William Jefferson Clinton was given the WHITE HOUSE (ELECTION FRAUD ???)!

    After the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan, Vice-President George H. W. Bush Sr. (SKULL AND BONES) controlled the WHITE HOUSE! William Jefferson Clinton (SKULL AND BONES) reported to Bush Sr. (SKULL AND BONES)! Illegitimate George W. Bush Jr. (SKULL AND BONES) reported to Bush Sr. (SKULL AND BONES/RAN C.I.A.)! Illegitimate Obama (complete fabrication by the C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES)) is a "C.I.A. ASSET" and a "British agent" (violation of ARTICLE III, Section 3, of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION ???)! Furthermore, what about ARTICLE II, Section 5, of the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION (FRAUDULENT BIRTH CERTIFICATE)????


    As stated above, the NEW WORLD ORDER "ELITE" are currently trying to "FORCE DESTINY" (outside Biblical prophecy) and "EXTERMINATE" ABOUT 7 BILLION PEOPLE out of about 7.2 BILLION PEOPLE WORLD WIDE! What will happen? It will be an "EXTINCTION EVENT"! The "entire" EARTH will cease to exist!

    The SEVENTH KINGDOM (FINAL) OF BABYLON (STATUTE mentioned at Daniel Chapter 2 (BIBLE)) can NOT be achieved without GOD! This was to be the seven (7) year reign of the TRUE ANTI-CHRIST, who is actually EMPEROR NERO (Revelation Chapters 13 and especially 17 (BIBLE))! It was to be the NEW ROMAN EMPIRE for exactly seven (7) years (Daniel (BIBLE))!

    What is going to happen? As stated, an "extinction event"! Unless, the "KEY" is safe and secured [no harm]; however, this is highly unlikely! Because, my "entire" identity has been taken-out, after an investigation conducted by the CITY OF LONDON (England) and the Vatican (JESUIT ORDER)! This said investigation of me started shortly after I E-Mailed illegitimate President George W. Bush Jr. (SKULL AND BONES) and others during 2006 concerning IRAN being the "TRIGGER" to a NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST and to "stay out of IRAN"!

  7. of course what the west really wants from the Ukraine is to be able to move it's missiles into to tighten the noose on Russia. they hate putin because he has raised the Russian birth ate and lowered the Russian death rate. such a pity for the slave masters of the banks. that's just the opposite of what they want. the basic pig mentality of the bankers likes it when death rates greatly exceed birth rates. in this case the animal bankers will start a nuclear war if necessary. But not a word from Dr. P on that.

  8. Today (February 1, 2014), during about 10:00 a.m., Manny (Hair Salon owner's son (2227 S. Main St. Santa Ana, California)), decided to threaten me over cleaning the parking lot. Manny stated he (Manny) could call the police and have me removed, unless I swept the parking lot. Therefore, I swept the said parking lot; however, I made sure my finger prints were NOT on the broom handle or the trash scoop. I knew it was a "set-up" (try to possibly "plant" illegal substance into the trash can); because, as stated in other comments, Manny is associated with WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS (put together by former SHERIFF doing 5.5 years in Colorado Federal prison), and WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS is "in bed" with the C.I.A. (controlled by SKULL AND BONES)!

    There is "NO WAY" that I could possibly be doing any illegal substance whatsoever! First of all, as mentioned in other comments, I only make by panhandling about $20.00 or less per day. Some days, I make more; however, this is NOT OFTEN! Second point, I am being surveillanced by WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS and the C.I.A. 24/7! The last time I actually used was on February 18, 2012 (mentioned in other comments)--almost 2 years "CLEAN"!

    There is a chance Manny might call the police (S.A.P.D.) in the future to force and produce police contact. Remember, Case 11CF0028 (FRAUD ON THE COURT BY THE ARRESTING AGENCY) is still quite active! Even though the SANTA ANA POLICE DEPARTMENT is fully aware of my "entire" situation, if they (S.A.P.D.) are "forced" to, they (S.A.P.D.) will have to do normal operating procedure!

    During 2012, I had over a dozen contacts with S.A.P.D.; and on every occasion, normal operating procedure was NOT done to avoid being involved with criminal misconduct! The SANTA ANA POLICE DEPARTMENT want to be professionals NOT CRIMINALS--like the various very corrupt parts of WEED AND SEED OPERATIONS (corrupt ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPUTIES)!

  9. Keesha Rodgers, senate candidate in Texas, intervenes at a Texas A & M event Against Simpson-Bowles Genocide Event. The Simpson-Bowles committee is known as the cat food commission because of their policies of killing people in favor of giving money to the Stalinists on wall street. Supposedly the old skull and bones scumbag and traitor to America George H.W. Bush and his wife are in the audience.

    This is fun - watch it:

    Read more here:

  10. Not every party is a part, but when Ms. Nuland is passing out refreshments to protesters, the U. S. position is clear.

    Neo fascists are storming government buildings.


    Because Ukraine didn't sign a one sided deal?

    This is brutal interference with Ukraine by the West.

    Senator John McCain takes pictures with a force attempting a coup of a democratically elected government.

    The same John McCain who took pictures with al-Qaeda in Syria.

    No Dr. Pieczenik, this is all wrong.

    There are Ukrainian elections for president and the parliament in 2015.

    These protesting parties and their brown shirt rioters have shown utter disregard for political norms.

    Peacefully protesting is one thing, storming buildings to force a coup is another.

    You got a problem Dr. Pieczenik.

    Anybody who does any research know this is a western power grab.

    "In the heat of recent exchanges and deaths of protesters in Ukraine many have lost sight of the insidious role key players in Washington and certain EU countries are playing. Their agenda seems to be to force an immediate end of the elected Yanukovich government in Kiev and lock Ukraine into the EU and, ultimately, NATO. Washington’s agenda has little to do with “democracy and freedom,” and a lot to do with destabilizing Putin’s Russia." -- F. William Engdahl

    The West needs to back off.

    This is a fateful step to WWIII

    It is craven to the U. S. and certain EU countries subvert democracy and the rule of law.

    Outside intervention is plainly documented.

    Similar attempts at intervention in this way in American politics would be totally shut down and rightly so as a threat to sovereignty.

    This hypocrisy can't go any higher.

    Mr. President you are a liar.

    Sorry Dr. Pieczenik, this president and his administration have forfeited any morality and legitimacy.

    You don't fake deaths like bin Laden, so you say, and destroy Libya, then Syria and have any legitimacy.

    F. William Engdahl writes:

    "Enter the Neo-Nazis

    Demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails at riot police from the top of the Dynamo Kiev football stadium in central Kiev beginning January 19. Police responded by using stun grenades and tear gas against the mobs. Vehicles were torched by the hooligans from the neo-nazi Pravy Sektor. More than sixty police were hospitalized from barrages of rocks, stones and Molotov cocktails."

    Is this what the sick and desperate EU has to support to get what it wants?

    Is that what U. S. foreign policy has come to?

    This goes against everything the United States is supposed to stand for.

    US and EU Brazen Interventions in Ukraine

    Engdahl's article exposes the actors and the West's indefensible intervention in a functioning democracy with an election just a year away.

    The U. S. has slipped into thuggish international relations -- it can't even be called diplomacy -- it leads the U. S. into positions that can not be justified in the face of the American People's sense of fair play and honor.

    An independent Ukraine is a benefit to both Russia and the EU.

    Using rioters to stage a coup is testament to the imperial strategies of dominance & control.

    Is that what America has come to?

    America doesn't need to be like that.

    1. "Anaconda, you are naïve, U. S. foreign policy hasn't 'come to that', it's been acting this way since the 1950's."

      Okay, hard to dispute that, but aren't the geopolitical stakes higher today and part of a pattern of conduct remarkable for causing a head on collision with Russia, certainly, and China, eventually?

      Whether a clash of civilizations or geopolitical power blocks, the steps taken and can be taken edge us ever closer to the cliff of global military conflict.

      So, while this pattern isn't new, by any means, the danger at this stage is out of control terminal velocity, which can't be ended, the ride doesn't stop and let you off ... you can't create your own reality... other actors have a vote.

      This is Old World subterfuge American Diplomacy should reduce (lowering the temperature on the geopolitical pressure cooker) or not be a part of, as Our Founding Fathers envisioned for a Republic protected by vast oceans and non-threatening neighbors.

      America is still protected by vast oceans and Washington's advice is still valid.

      For those interested in a Republic and not an Empire.

      All Empires collapse, and there are many signs of imminent decay & dysfunction in today's American version.

      Empire survives on fascist principles... and we are literally seeing a revival of the use of this tool out of the geopolitical toolbox used by the U. S.

      Dr. Pieczenik, remember your history, when has an empire not eventually collapsed?

      Hubris. you've used that word, here, a time or two.

      With the combination of hubris and dysfunction, the potential for miscalculation & disaster is exponential.

  11. the fact is the bankers are out of bullets just as Russia is regaining its footing under putin. the transatlantic system is collapsing under the weight of its own bullshit while Russia's economy - and population - grows.

    the fact that Ukraine said no to the EU scum means that it is much harder to make war against Russia. there was/is a clause in the EU deal would NATO in charge of military matters in the Ukraine. with the rejection from Ukraine now all that can be done is take Ukraine apart at the scenes by outside intervention by the Nazi's/Bolsheviks (they are one and the same)supported by Dr. P.

    Dr. P is all screwed up in his military priorities. he must have spent too much time in the CFR. Russia and china are our friends - yes competitors too - but neither want war, that war wind comes from the west. we should work with both Russia and china for all our economic prosperity.


    Interview live NOW ON FOX NETWORK ( not cable ).

    1. Time Capsule this for his LIE-BURY:

  13. Dr. P - the challenge is on you. If you want to be a voice for peace and sanity now is the time. tomorrow may be too late.

    Remember Smedley Butler: "War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses. "

    NATO's Rasmussen Delivers the British Queen's Nuclear Threat to Russia

    While tens of millions of Americans basked in the stupor of the modern version of the Roman Arena known as the Super Bowl, seemingly oblivious to all reality, the British Queen continued her relentless drive towards threatened thermonuclear confrontation between NATO and Russia.

    NATO secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen used the occasion of this weekend's Munich Security Conference to threaten Russia to stop being so "bellicose" as to dare protest over the U.S. and NATO's continuing deployment of a ballistic missile defense (BMD) system on Russia's perimeter. That BMD system has been repeatedly cited by Russian president Vladimir Putin, his predecessor Dmitri Medvedev, and the country's highest-ranking military authorities, as an existential threat to Russia's very existence whose deployment they will not tolerate.



    1. Update:

      Guess "security " is merely a ruse -a psyops-
      To instill fear into the sheeple.

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