Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Beaucoup Coups: Thailand!
Soon to be Served Military Coup a la Mode!!
No country can boast the number of military,  civilian coups as Thailand.   It does not matter what is the issue.  It’s totally irrelevant who is in charge and who wants to be in charge….
  You can always be certain that if there is any sort of discontent anywhere up and down the Kleptocracy,  once called Siam,  then one or another military officer will initiate a coup.   More often than not,  the military coups are bloodless but the one that is about to happen now,  February 26, 2014 has already taken the lives of 21 people.  In addition,  the number jailed over the four month anti-government demonstration has risen close to 1000 people.

Interestingly,  Thailand is a country that was literally constructed for the “King And I”.    The king,  of course,  unbeknownst to his servile population is American born ---Cambridge Hospital,  Cambridge, Mass.    However,  the King does nothing but posture and grimace which seems to suffice the body politic.  The Thai King is treated as a God.     However,  be wary of saying anything negative about his ersatz king.  According to the Thai people the American King can do no wrong.   Therefore,  the pandemic Thai problems of  child prostitution;  dysfunctional civil institutions; and  rampant corruption/ constant military coups has nothing to do with this American born King.
  Wow! What a racket!
You could  have guessed that yours truly had been arrested in Bangkok for uttering the King’s name [whatever it was] in vain to Thai Airline employee.  Before you could say WTF?,   military officers,  policemen and officials of Thai Airline were confronting me in the First Class Lounge.  The issue was not clear then and it certainly is not clear now.   Apparently,  I had mentioned the ‘king’ in some manner that the Thai Airline official felt was ‘insulting’.   For that I refused to apologize.  They wanted to take my passport away.  I refused.   Eventually they declared me PNG—Persona Non Grata.   This PNG nonsense was absurd because I was not an official of the USG and just a passenger in transit to my more favorite country of Cambodia.
  Can you believe that dear readers?
  That a country where once the Khmer Rouge ruled and decimated became my favorite country—even over the puerile pleasures of Pat Pong—Sin City, Bangkok?
  The truth is that even as DAS for East Asia,  I never liked the Thais.   I found them supercilious, venal and completely without any moral integrity.    Once I even threatened to ‘take out‘ Pol Pot who was residing under Thai protection.   But that is another story for another time.
  Needless to say that Thailand was an,  is an ally to anyone who will pay its price of maintaining a standing army which for the most part,  kills Cambodians, Burmese, and Thais.    The Thai military,  like the king and queen,  are an ambitious testimony to hypocrisy and venality.
It is important to understand that Thailand has never been invaded for several centuries because they are clever enough to create Low Intensity Conflicts [LIC] on all their borders so no country would venture to traverse an ongoing LIC.   It would be militarily very costly and foolish.
  Therefore despite the fact that the present military officially ruled out a coup,  guarantees me that there will be a coup.    What is one more coup or so, in a country that has lived in cynical version of Roger/ Hammerstein’s Broadway  Musical –The King And I?
  What makes the hypocrisy almost unbearable is that every Thai military general with whom I had to work with,  informed me as a point of conciliation  [of what?] that they had to be Buddhist Priests for at least one year or more,  before returning to their vicious ways in the military.
There are only two certainties in Thailand and Bangkok—Venereal Disease and an accompanying military coup.    Please be aware that the Thai military controls and profits from the endless bordellos servicing all kinds of carnal/sexual pleasures for the straight and LGBT populations of the world.   All of which, I am certain, the effete American King has never partaken of……MUCH !!!
To the next Thai coup!   May it be at least as successful as the one before, and less tortuous than the next one. 
  Coup A La Mode!! 

Congratulations Thailand –you still have not evolved!!!! 


  1. Thailand has an American born king & America has a king of unknown origin, either Kenya, zindonesis, or Queens, NY.


    2. It is best to be concerned about our own coup...pending.


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    5. Mark the date: march 7

  2. Poor Yul Brynner! Cast as the king of seam then Taras Bulba the cossack on the Ukrainian steppe!! Then played the KGB official whom defects in the film Night flight from Moscow!!! One could argue the plot of Westworld wasn't too far fetched!!! I'm digressing but I'm all for the occasional light hearted view!!!

  3. ABC news and a "respected" Russian news agency claims ousted Ukrainian leader holed up in a Kremlin sanatorium in the outskirts of Moscow!!! Dr pieczenik this wouldn't be the very same place that goes by the name Barvikha would it? We read it here first! Once again!!

  4. Extortion 17 execution of navy seals
    MCRAVEN @!53 min mark


    Boston was convenient for people who want to impose tighter controls over the American population.

    “Defense Support of Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies”

    Shortly after Boston, the military quietly granted itself the ability to police the streets without obtaining prior local or state consent, upending a precedent that has been in place for more than two centuries....The Boston Marathon bombing produced the most drastic military presence on American streets since the Revolutionary War. A major American city was effectively shut down. There’s a reason why this had not happened before:

    It was illegal.

    And despite the militarization of urban police forces, there was still a significant distinction between the two: Police forces are civilian and they are accountable to civilians.

    The military is accountable to no one.

    Civilian Police can be removed from power. You can't remove the military from power.

    The "small" change is language that permits military intervention in the event of “civil disturbances". The rule can only be changed by Congress or the courts (both continue to undermine our civil liberties).

    "The Marathon bombing has been very convenient for people interested in further eroding the rights of citizens. With the corrupt assistance of the mass media, the U.S. government has successfully propagandized a majority into believing the hallucination that total surveillance “protects” them from “terrorists.”

    The citizens of Boston, who were forced to stay indoors but to open their homes to search by heavily-armed government agents, were more mesmerized by the lies that rather than protest this invasion of their rights and property. "

  6. IRS:connect the dots