Monday, March 3, 2014

Russia Invades Crimea!  Will World War III Breakout Between Ukraine and Russia??!!
  Not likely.
  Putin has just played the final move in a protracted exercise of patience and deliberate strategic movements.
  Putin has basically cleared out any existential threat [whatever that means in reality] from the doorsteps of the Russian Federation.
  For some time,  our Non-Governmental Organizations [NGOs] --- groups embossed with words like ‘democracy’, ‘freedom’, ‘foundation’ , ‘house’  have served quite pitifully as  “CIA cutouts” all over the world.    These NGOs have been stoking the flames of restlessness and revolution in Kiev,  Lviv and other western towns in the Ukraine.
Remember when a “paranoid” leader like Putin or Mubarak states publicly that there is ‘external intervention’ in ‘internal affairs’,  these autocratic leaders are usually correct.   Witness the ultimate failures of NGO interventions in Libya,  Egypt,  Syria and now the Ukraine.   The problem with NGO’s and CIA intervention is that there is no real strategy other than the simplistic tactic of Agitation Propaganda [Agit Prop].  For what end?
  As you know,  I have been involved in developing and implementing the ‘take down ‘ of the Soviet Regime.   We had no need of military forces nor major provocative pronouncements,  other than Reagan’s “Evil Empire” speech.   However,  what we had then and do not have now,  was a very strong President Reagan and Vice President G. H. W. Bush Sr. who were more than able and willing to use force and ‘statecraft’ when, and if needed.   For the most part, the ‘take down’ of the Soviet Union was a combined operation of CIA, MI, State Dept and the White House. 
  All of the aforementioned US departments spoke with one voice—that of Reagan’s.   Neither Schultz nor Baker went over to the Soviet Union as Sec State John Kerry is doing visiting Kiev, Ukraine, to gloat, instigate, or provoke an unnecessary psychological response of retaliation.
Currently we seem to have no foreign policy other than to go in and stir the pot and create unrest.   And those individuals supposedly responsible for US foreign policy –Susan Rice [WH] , John Brennan [DCI/CIA], John Kerry, Valerie Jarret and of course, Obama are exceedingly incompetent in executing any strategy or tactic.   Example:  during the preparations of the Sochi Olympics,  US sent the NGOs into the Ukraine in the belief that they could create a ‘Nationalistic Movement’ while Putin and Russian forces were busy preparing the Sochi Olympics.
  That was a serious strategic mistake.
  Putin is a KGB operative.   As I have written before his credentials in ‘agitprop’,  ‘psychological warfare’ are not only impressive [created by Marcus Wolfe, and Andropov] but significantly more credible than John Kerry’s.  (“Skull & Bones” recruitment into his father’s CIA notwithstanding).

Other than his continuous “selfies” during his Viet Nam days,  Kerry’s greatest gifts to posterity are his inane words about “failing Palestine-Israel Peace Talks”  and other foreign policy hot buttons such as  “Clean Air” and “domestic homosexuality”.  Kerry has become an embarrassment.
  Next Ms Susan Rice,  already burnt by Benghazi,  has not been able to steer in a direction other than a self –destructive course of making pronouncement about ‘Liberating Libya, Egypt, Syria’ from so-called ‘dictators’.   She knows all too well that we, as a people,  have neither the will nor the military capacity to engage in destructive attacks as we did in Libya,  Egypt, and Syria.   Our interference made a mess in those countries.   Susan Rice has demonstrated a malignant incompetency fueled out of arrogance and ignorance.   Rice chose to surround herself with neophytes and blustering fools like Samantha Powers and Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor.
  But who is really to blame for these foreign policy debacles?
We are! American people!

We accepted a Democratic candidate who happened to be black/white without vetting him or his wife and entourage.  Just because Geo Jr sucked,  we didn’t have to take Obama at face value.   Obama is the product of a CIA mother, maternal Grandmother and Maternal Grandfather.   He was recruited early on his life, went to the CIA college of choice,  if you are not every bright—Occidental College in Los Angeles.   I have known many an operative from that college.  Believe me, we owe Jimmy Carter a BIG THANK YOU for firing 4000 HUMINT personnel.
However,  like cockroaches,  the CIA reconstituted itself,  not with the bright and talented  but with the dregs of American intelligentsia.  This re-born CIA is oblivious to the proud heritage of Don Greg,  James Lilly, Paul Rodman et. al. 
This is why Obama, by birth and education demonstrates little ability to execute an effective strategy toward Putin.  Why antagonize when we could develop cooperative tech strategies, energy innovation or space exploration.  All Obama can do is make major pronouncements which amount to worldwide embarrassments for the American public and our military.   Examples: “red line”,  “sanctions”, “consequences” and “threats to leave G8” (whatever that means).   By contrast,  we have Putin who plays this chess game like a master.   He knows his chess board and can figure out his movement five steps ahead of anyone.
  Gone are the days when Sec State Henry Kissinger bluffed the Soviet Union into submission when Nixon was completely incapacitated.
  Gone are the days when Reagan/Bush Sr quietly implemented the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
Is there any leadership in the white house?  Give us a sign!
The tables have turned and  we,  Americans find ourselves in the humiliating position that Putin once found himself when the drunk incompetent Boris Yeltsin steered post-Soviet Russia into failure,  retreat and complete dysfunction.   We need some serious Americans in foreign policy!  otherwise we will continue to create dangerous blunders as we have in recent years.   Nor more Clintons (CIA), nor more Bushes (CIA) and no more Obamas (CIA) in the white house!  Americans must get rid of the chicken hawk shit stirrers and start to implement strategic long term policies that are mutually beneficial to all great powers.  Time is running out and America is losing its edge.



  1. "And somewhere Tom Clancy is smiling and nodding his head. In his last co-authored novel, Command Authority, published in December, the Russian president, a ruthless former KGB agent, seeking to return Russia to its glory days, invades Ukraine."- perhaps he knew something & refused to talk?

    In your earlier posts you prognosticated that Putin was in financial trouble with the economy.
    You omitted that as a factor in failing to expand the nation state here.

    Sarah Palin compared Putin & obama - in "mom jeans who equivocates". "
    The hypocrisy of the COMMUNISTS IN THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH WANTING TO DESTABILIZE THEIR KINDRED SPIRITS...more of an oxymoron...or merely MORONS on their own merit.

  2. I think it is healthy to think in terms of the worst case scenario and work your strategy from there. Given the current players on our side, that does set the stage for a greater war. Russia and China are not hearing a voice of sanity within the US regarding Ukraine, and that poses a great threat to the world.

  3. Meanwhile Putin declares, if they(UK/ USA) want to attend the G8 summit in Sochi we'll be glad to see them there! If not fair enough!! I know nothing of the intelligence community but I'm not bad at spotting character and pur in has this in spades whilst the western rhetoric about imposing sanctions!!!! Do me a favour we haven't got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of! So I await with baited breath regarding sanctions! Oh yeah I've got it send some of our TV programmes and so called media over for the Russians to watch so they can become an idiot nation full of idiots

  4. Update: nazis & fascists in charge:

    These provinces are agitating to be returned to Mother Russia where they certainly belong. They are determined not to be part of a neo-nazi regime that will be looted by Western bankers and corporations and be forced to host US missile bases that will make western Ukraine a target for nuclear annihilation, like Poland and Czech Republic.

    1. Excellent post patriarch! Also Paul Craig Roberts partakes on a podcast regarding Ukraine alongside Stefan moleneux(hope I spelt that correctly) not sure how to repost but easily found if you Google freedomain radio or Stefan moleneux youtube

  5. Dr. P.,

    Thanks for your commentary and a stroll down memory lane. Not sure the good old days were really that with revelations about the UK governing class absolutely ate up with pedophiles (Thatcher was completely surrounded) and here in the U.S. the revelations of "The Franklin Scandal" and groups such as "The Finders" not to mention MKULTRA.

    The more I research history over the past two hundred years the more it seems to me that the West has fallen under the grasp of a Satanic Priesthood of Pedophiles, using the term priesthood in the Nietzschean sense.

    With the internet, this grasp is becoming more and more tenuous and before they are willing to relinquish power - abandon their Nietzschean Will to Power - they will collapse the whole world around them.

    This is The Final Struggle for the Soul of the State in the Western Spenglerian cultural lifecycle. The final decisive battles will be fought in the heartland of America.