Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The New American Whac-A-Mole Foreign Policy!
Just months ago,  we were talking of impending conflict between China and Japan over a small group of islands in the South China Sea.  Then we quickly shifted our foreign policy attention to the cauldron of conflict in Syria that has festered with increasing violence and countless refugees.  Without a moment’s hesitation,  soon after the splendid Sochi Olympics,  Americans were directed to a conflagration in the Ukraine.
  Apparently this street protest which had started months before attained a proportion of condemnation wherein the inestimable distinguished Ex Sec State  Hillary Clinton made the astounding pronouncement that Russia was like Nazi Germany in ‘invading Crimea’.   The world also heard the elegant profanity of a State Department Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland,  utter the words on a non-encrypted cellphone,  saying ”Fuck EU”. 
  What in God’s name is going on? 
I feel that I have entered an alter-universe,  unbeknownst to me or anyone  with any direct historical experience in American foreign policy,  where the characters are playing the childhood game of Whac-a-mole.
For those of you who may not know what Whac-A-Mole is,  it entails a very sophisticated level of anger and beating strokes to hit every mole-like character that appears suddenly in front of you to ensure that the particular mole does not arise again.  One must keep banging the table with a hammer and you must bang as quickly and randomly as possible.  Whac-A-Mole is a childish game of useless pursuit,  expressing nothing more than the ability to bang at a non-existent mole or in the case of foreign policy non-existent enemy.  
Have we Americans descended so low that an Assistant Secretary of State has purposefully used profanity as a ‘diplomatic way’ of explaining American disdain for their Nato/European Allies?

Have we come to the nadir of intellectual ignorance when the esteemed ex-Senator,  ex-wife of a President and most importantly the ex-Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton is so completely ignorant of the dynamics and historical facts of WWII that she compares Russia, an American Ally during WWII  to the rise of the Third Reich?  If she had been Sec State she would have been fired by any of the former Presidents with whom I had worked.  More importantly,  Hillary once again showed her opportunistic self-aggrandizement by espousing ill-conceived and dangerous concepts and ideas of war as she did in the Iraq Invasion, Afghanistan invasion, Libya Travesty and Syrian conflict.
Nothing brings out the sheer stupidity of people in power than the Whac-A-Mole game of foreign policy.
  [1] The game shows that we, Americans, after thirty years adrift still have no viable, sustainable foreign policy that serves our collective national security interests.
  [2] Whac-A-Mole often bears the trademark of covert operatives who without consent and advice of our congress [oops, our people] have gone AMOK and started all kinds of conflagrations around the world in order to entertain themselves at the expense of the American public and Republic.
  [3] Whac-A-Mole shows once again that Clinton,  Bush Jr, and Obama have no foreign policy and really has exhausted what little talent,  if they had any.

The ClintBubamas have not demonstrated any mature leadership skills on the world stage.  They act like children playing dangerous games.  These so called American leaders have a childish obsession with getting our country into needless wars and squeezing meaningless pimples of geo-political agitation that garner a distorted proportion of world wide attention.  Grow up!  The American people are busy living constructive lives and they have had enough of such nonsense!  Stop wasting our tax dollars!  Cut the wasted money that we spend on Military/CIA/Contractors!  Build roads,  replace infrastructure and get some clean energy so our grandchildren can breathe the air and have decent water to drink!



  1. Entirely understandable commentary! What has happened to the art of diplomacy? Seems people can't even talk decently let alone construct a basis for skilled negotiations! Little men (or woman) behind little desks whom spew contradictory rhetoric about international law breaking ect ect! John Kerry has been comical if late and the British not to be outdone on the comedy stakes had William Hague reeling off the one liners regarding international and sovereign law whilst British (and American) tax payers subsidise to the tune of billions invasions and so called coup de theatres in the name of humanitarian reason!!! I loved Israel's latest comment regarding Iranian missile capabilities crossing oceans! When Israels rockets only have to fly a handful of miles to kill Palestinian children!! Surely enough is enough? Americas financial woes are well documented but I'm more attuned to my own countries affairs! And both will end up third world at this rate! Yes bring it back home the manufacturing engineering ect ect and create wealth at home instead of misery abroad which could result in misery at home! It needs a radical shake up the present policy and I'd start with the very top two percent whom think we are not fit to make decisions! Hey who knows we could even trade with countries instead of blanket bombing them!

  2. The "diplomats" sadly representing us only recently (?) have taken up the practice reserved for congressmen: grandstanding ...

    Brennan here seems to speak more like a diplomat:

    You know that he knows that you know that he knows much more than he says... speaking of it as if it were all a big mystery: to us yes but to him no.

    1. He looks like the cat that caught the last canary. All we need now is a big cheshire grin with yellow feathers sticking out of the corner of his mouth. He knows he knows, thus the swagger.

  3. A rare dose of truth:

    Love the last line:

    "And for leaders around the world, it is very difficult to take seriously a guy whose face appears to be sliding off his skull as he searches for unicorns."

  4. Very good article Dr. P. The question needs to be asked, what does America stand for at the moment? What are our true goals?

  5. A very concise and perfect statement Dr. Steve. This is the reality distortion field. The scientific technocracy overwhelms
    human needs and wants and tortures perceptions and agitates
    our emotional comfort space. Everyone is in a state of disease and discomfort.

  6. Hillary Clinton's PLAYBOOK according to Kathleen Willey.

    Move it forward:

  7. The NEW WORLD ORDER (CITY OF LONDON, England that reports to JESUIT ORDER and George H. W. Bush Sr. (SKULL AND BONES) SPEECHES 1991) just wants to have a NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST to "EXTERMINATE" several BILLION PEOPLE "WORLD WIDE"!

  8. Not so sure this is wack-a-mole. It seems clear that the design and intent is to expand the EU and NATO at the expense of Russian influence.

    We did a good job of keeping the Russians in check during the cold war. Now, for different reasons, we seemed to have excelled at the task at hand.

    Russia is, or was, a great target of opportunity. I think its time to understand that they can afford to give no more. Further moves to expand NATO and the EU will come at great expense.

    The Russians are well positioned to move armies and grab bargaining chips for later use. The best we can do is stirr the pot with radicals that we fund.

    Why the EU would want to take on more welfare states is beyond me. Why Germany would want to participate with them is beyond me as well. Germanys best move would be to break from the EU and be the pivot between the West and the Russians. They would be laughing all the way to the bank.