Friday, March 14, 2014

Den of Vipers Finally Biting Each Other! Senator Diane Feinstein Vs. John Brennan, DCI.
Like all venomous creatures in the animal kingdom,  eventually they start to attack each other for want of any external threats or fear that the other may pre-emptively attack.  These two vipers are not exempt from the Darwinian reality that only the strong survive.    Senator Diane Feinstein has accused DCI John Brennan and his CIA staff of ‘snooping on her legislative staff’, “breach of the separation of power between the Executive and the Legislative branches of government”.
Of course,  King Viper,  John Brennan of 9/11 fame, counters Lady Di’s accusations as ‘complete fiction’.
This Gunfight at the Senate “OK Corral” was bound to happen.
When you run out of lies that one can tell the American  public and you have nothing else to do,  except to garner more power in order to maintain one’s political position,  then all bets are off.
  Allies turn into enemies.   And enemies turn into greater enemies.
If someone like Lady Di pronounces one lie after another as she did in the enactment of the Patriot’s Act after the ‘false flag’ of 9/11,  she becomes a victim of her own lies.   This truism also applies to a ‘professional liar’ like the Director of the CIA,  John Brennan.   The DCI eventually becomes eviscerated by the constant falsehoods he has to propagate [for one reason or another] on behalf of the White House and its minions. 

This became clear to me while watching John Brennan lie.  Brennan seemed to be channeling “The Man Nobody Knew’---the honorable, extremely Catholic man of faith and duty, William Colby, the former DCI.
In a brilliant documentary by Carl Colby, the son of William Colby, one watches in bewilderment how a brave American former OSS Officer becomes eviscerated by the Senate Intelligence Committee, led by Senator Frank Church [D-Idaho] as they probed the dark secrets of the CIA and its ‘illegal’ operations during the Vietnam War. 
This inchoate conflagration between two political animals,  Lady Di and DCI,   reminds me of how disposable both entities are. They can be manipulated out of history by the fourth and fifth estates of our nation.   Or these Vipers can be destroyed by the whimsical  indifference of our body politic that cares not for governance nor rule of law.  Both requirements for a vibrant democracy, such as it may be. 
  One only has to see the history of William Colby in order to capture the redundant nature of such political sophistry and its inevitable lethal consequences.  Rightfully or wrongfully,  Colby ended up to be the scapegoat of three Presidents and countless years of operational deceptions in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.
Colby was literally ‘forced’ by Senator Church to reveal the ‘family jewels’ of the CIA,  much in the same way that Lady Di is forcing Brennan to reveal his  secrets about his electronic surveillance over the Feinstein’s staffers.
Unfortunately, there is no new moral imperative that I can foresee in this duel between these two old vipers.  Their confrontation was and is inevitable. 
Political alliances based on lies and mistrust must end in the eventual destruction of not one party but of both parties.  Call it the ‘implosion theory of dual mistrust’.
Nothing can be done about these two vipers attacking each other.   Predictably one will kill the other and the victorious viper will have been so wounded and delegitimized that he/she will have won a pyrrhic victory.
  Therefore, citizens of Pax Americana,  enjoy the Gladiators fighting each other to the death, lest they start to take down the Republic with them.
In time, citizens of our grand Republic, all the Centurion Guards ‘protecting’ the Empire will seek revenge and recourse to those who set them on the path to ignominious self-destruction. 
I am writing this blog not to ‘bury’ Brennan nor Feinstein … but to…. PRAISE THEM!!!
The fault lies not in the stars but in us,  the American people. 
Citizens must learn from history.


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  2. Obama has not been vetted for a security clearance due to current Federal Law.

    All Members of Congress have access to intelligence by virtue of their elected positions. They do not receive security clearances per se.

    Congressional staffers who require access to intelligence in connection with their official duties receive security clearances based on background investigations conducted by the FBI. They are not required to take polygraphs. As a general rule, only committee staffers receive clearances; those in Members' personal offices do not.


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