Thursday, March 6, 2014

This is worth reading for the term "presstitutes"  commentary welcome


  1. Gerald celente has a fantastic knack of coining phrases regarding either the media or our leaders alike! One that never fails to make me smile is the term"wankers"!! His trends in the news is a must watch for its street talking delivery and New York style! Not unlike our very own Harlem cat Dr p!! Yet the serious nature of the Ukrainian subject is unraveling before our very eyes what with Nulands faux pas then there was the British government file mistakenly exposed revealing that the British government do not sanction military or economic actions!!! Its like I thought all along the UK/ USA have no MONEY!!!!! And Russia has more than us!!! So what financial/economic sanction we intend to impose is beyond me! One good media piece in the London guardian suggests the only sanction we could ever hope to impose is banning the Russians from Harrods or stop entry into our public schools such as Eton!!! Ouch I bet that hurts! My feeling is slowly people are realising and they will not stand for it any longer! And hey by the way who the hell in there right mind wants to join the EU????! And yeah them two broads Clinton and nu land talking that street talk up in Harlem down in Broadway your not native new Yorker's!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Another Barry is which I'm positive your more than aware of is "Payback's a bitch" unfortunately the world lacks straight talkers but be glad you don't have aristocratic flummery to contend with like us British as well as the bullshit!

  3. Whistleblower forced to leave CBS:

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