Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Need to verify but its interesting, bankers dying.


  1. This is almost like the classic lawyer joke, what do you call 10 lawyers at the bottom of the sea? A good start ! Here however, we have the bankers that can connect the dots so that too big to fail doesn't turn into too big to jail. Business as usual. I just wonder if the contractors put their money in their mattresses or in a bank.

  2. I made many comments (with story links) on all the dead bankers. I didn't think Dr. P. was interested, so I stopped pointing it out.

    1. sorry, not always good on replies. Always interested but sometimes get caught up in my day job. Please keep up contributions, Mr Popik!

  3. The forex division in lieu of flowers is asking for pillow top mattresses be placed under all wall street buildings. However you must first check with Mayor Blomberg on the specified thickness for the most restful sleep.

  4. Replies
    1. You're all welcome. I've been busy with "March Madness" today. The Los Angeles Times today did a wonderful article on the history of the term, tracing it to 1939 and Illinois high school basketball, Only problem is that I also researched the term "March Madness, and it's from Indiana basketball from 1931..

      Here's a poem for today, called the Bron/Brooklyn National Anthem:

      "Spring has sprung, the grass has riz..."

      FYI, I was featured recently in an Orange County, NY newspaper.

    2. Make that "Bronx/Brooklyn National Anthem."

      An invaluable tool to me in my false flag research (9-11, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon) has been YouTube. There's nothing like a good video presentation.

      Unfortunately, that's all ending. Google wants to shut anyone down who doesn't agree with the government. No questioning is allowed. There are many ways Google is doing this.

      First, Google has created 200 new "super flaggers." Who are these super flaggers? Well. at least ten spots are reserved for government. What's getting flagged? Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon videos. What a shock.

      Second, anyone can make a "strike" against your video, and you're guilty until proven innocent. Free Radio Revolution did a YouTube video today about its latest strike. The YouTube channels of Max Malone, Fijitime, and Cy Mulholland have disappeared.

      YT view counts for Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon videos are obviously undercounted. ThePoliticalPort has 10,000 subscribers, but noticed that her view counts dropped below 1,000. Her recent YouTube video asked everyone to comment "viewed." KateSlate11's last video also mentioned the view count problem.

      Freedom was fun while it lasted. Also, Barack Obama gave up the Internet to world government just this week.