Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Ukrainian Revolution/Civil War  is Fueled By Corrupt Oligarchs!
  Money! not ideology will determine the outcome of the Ukraine.
  A wise man [Roger Starr] said the following:
  “Money is the most EGALITARIAN FORCE IN SOCIETY [my emphasis].  It confers POWER [my emphasis] on whoever holds it.”
  When the Ukraine became independent from Russia,  most if not all of its major industries were privatized.   This privatization program resulted in the creation of a new class of KLEPTOCRATS called OLIGARCHS in Russia and the Ukraine.   Like many societies that proclaim ‘liberty’ or ‘independence’ , including our own 1776 Revolution,  the motivating force was and is money.   The political elite usually employs lofty words in order to cover a more basic truth when a HEGEMONY is torn apart,  like that of the Soviet Union.   In the case of the Ukraine, the words ‘freedom’  and ‘democracy’ were spewing forth like a broken spigot in 2004 during the Orange Revolution [OR].
  How many people realized that this OR was fueled by good old American greenbacks????
  I won’t identify the sources;  but there is some perverse logic in the fact that one of the major backers of the “OR” was an associate and co-conspirator of the discredited Drexel Burnham Lambert Investment Banking house of the 1980’s.  Now we have a similar but more interesting situation where politically corrupt oligarchs are backing both sides of the so-called ‘revolution’. 

  In the west,  Ihor Kolomoyskyi,  a banking/industrial oligarch has maintained direct lines of communications with the ‘rebels’.   On the other side of the financial chessboard called ‘the Ukraine’ is Rinat Akhmetov,  ostensibly the country’s richest political crook.
  Remember that none of these oligarchs,  including the ones in Russia, ever earned, worked or deserved their assets/fortune.   The Oligarch’s vast holdings which include steel,  coal,  gas, and other commodities,  were given to these ex-KGB officials as a form of political patronage.   No questions were asked.  No answers were given.   This transfer of state assets to undeserved political sycophants was swift and opaque.
  By the time that both Russia and Ukraine became cannibalized fiefdoms of the oligarchs,  both national economies went into the proverbial toilet.  The Ukraine, with fewer  resources,  descended into a financial limbo to the tune of 15 Billion Dollars which evaporated into the oligarchs’  Swiss bank accounts; Cayman Island off-shore banks;  USA real estate etc.
  Does this sound familiar?

Of course, we in the USA are no different. 
It’s just that we are far larger in size than the Ukraine and possessed of greater natural resources and the unique existence of a well-armed citizenry--both self-possessed and self-determined.  Unfortunately,  the Ukraine is very much controlled by the Russians.   Old loyalties to whomever was in power quickly shift to those who will determine the next succession of the power elite.  Therefore most,  if not all of the Ukrainian oligarchs, will quickly align their fate with the wishes and plans of Vladimir Putin. 
I may sound somewhat cynical; but I have seen this similar scenario all over the world during my thirty years of experience: 
Thailand [military coups]
The Philippines [Marcos to Aquino] 
Egypt [Mubarak to Military]
Panama [Noriega to corrupt politicians] 
Italy [constant corruption] 
South Africa [Mandela to Zuma, ANC] 
Cambodia [Khmer Rouge to Hun Sen]
Malaysia [Dr Mahatir to same party]
Clearly the most important considerations for the Ukrainian oligarchs is to be flexible in their political loyalties.  After all,  they must at any cost,  preserve their wealth even if it means the destruction of their own country.   For example Ahkmetov and Firtash,  two of the most powerful corrupt magnates, will move in whatever direction Putin will dictate.   As we have mentioned in the former blogs on the Ukraine,  Putin will use whatever force or show of force is required in order to once again establish Russian hegemony over the Ukraine.   The pathetic utterances of the Merkel,  Cameron,  Kerry, or Obama just add to the farce that we in the west have any conceivable leverage in which to threaten or manipulate Putin.
As we have said many times before,  Putin was trained by the masters of deception,  intimidation and threat—Markus Wolf [East German Stasi] and Andropov [KGB].   In contrast,  Obama went to private school in Hawaii.  He attended a second tier college—Occidental College,  L.A. and of course was recruited by the same CIA which created our own ‘false flag’.

  As long as we appoint losers as Presidents,  the Putins of the world will keep bullying any country anywhere in the world where our glorious outmoded navy may sail.   Thank you Presidents Clinton,  Bush, and Obama for placing the USA in a supplicant position;  posturing; and blustering like the Wizard of Oz on a broken track of cacophony.
We are now the very ‘super power’ that England had been around the 1900—bloated,  dysfunctional and self-delusional.   What we have in the Russian invasion of the Ukraine is not a geopolitical nor a historical imperative but rather a basic PSYCHOLOGICAL WAR…. in which the USA is not winning…. and will not win with our present motley characters of misfits and wannabes.  
  Boshen Daragoy! 
“When it is a question of money,  everybody is of the same religion.”


  1. All you ever needed to know but were AFRAID to ask:

    The readers' digest version for those who are in need of a refresher:

    "Time for the Antidote to the poisonous “Obama” Identity Lies.

    "Identity Lies that poison every person who works at every level of government, supporting his fraud of an Administration. Identity Lies that bitterly poison the leaders of nations with whom he conducts world business."

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  2. Touché
    "On 26 February the Russian information agency RosBusinessConsulting reported[199] that Yanukovich was in Moscow. According to their sources Yanukovich arrived at the Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow (often referred by its former name as "Hotel Ukraine") on the night of 25 February 2014. Then he moved to Barvikha Sanatorium, the health resort of the President of Russia in Moscow Oblast."

  3. Charlie Rose PBS 3-20-14

    SUMMARY: "The atmosphere of distrust is so great..."

    Part I:

    (Bremmer is most widely known for advances in political risk; called the "rising guru" in the field by the Economist and, more directly, bringing political science as a discipline to the financial markets. In 2001, Bremmer created Wall Street's first global political risk index, the GPRI (Global Political Risk Index). Bremmer's definition of an emerging market as "a country where politics matters at least as much as economics to the market" is a standard reference in the political risk field.)

    "Sanctions are real & they have real economic impact. Russian oligarchs are taking flight.

    Putin is very popular.

    Kerry will cause aN ECONOMIC destabilization with his threats. Ukraine is the single most Russian economic national interest.

    Obama/Kerry believe Putin has blood on his hands, but the deal cut was abrogated & the USA jumped on that, although if the tables were turned & it was the USA, they would not have tolerated it

    If OBAMA is going to continue to ratchet up sanctions, escalation will continue...Russian will be dangerous destructive wherever they have a geopolitical economic interest: Iran, Syria, Poland, Astonia.

    Trade wars are coming. Putin wanted to write a $15 billion dollar check to the Ukrainians.

    Do not underestimate the capabilities of PUTIN-is NOT going down. Russia will not collapse.

    *Obama is misguided: No feasible achievable reasonable sanctions by USA WILL SUCCEED. Majority of Russians don't believe the USA has their interest at heart."

  4. Chsrlie Rose

    Part II:

    II. Stephen Cohen:
    (a close personal friend of former Soviet Pres. Mikhail Gorbachev, advised former U.S. Pres. George H.W. Bush
    Since 1998, Cohen has been professor of Russian Studies and History at New York University, where he teaches a course titled "Russia Since 1917." He previously taught at Princeton University.)

    "Constant expansion of NATO on Russian border for years led to this.

    We are 3 steps from war with Russia & 2 steps from a Cuban missile crisis (then war is one step away) .


    Putin wants a moderate government in Kiev without Neo-nazi fascists in control. He wants a continued economic relationship.

    He would then recognize the new Ukraine government and assist them economically.

    Putin believes the USA crossed HIS 'Red Line' in Georgia in 2008, & now UKRAINE.

    On 2-21-14, EU signed agreement to keep Viktor Yanukovych in office, & get the Neo nazi protesters off the street. The EU & USA DID NOTHING to enforce that agreement so Putin believes they are complicit.

    3-3/14 KISSINGER: "Demonization of Putin is an alibi for not having a foreign policy." Washington Post

    American diplomacy is regrettable:
    * BIG PROBLEM: PUTIN PERSONALLY DOES NOT TRUST Obama & Kerry: "We have been betrayed & deceived."

    *PUTIN DOES NOT LIKE OBAMA & has his number: Obama is irresolute, has a short attention span, & backs out of agreements."

    III. Rose ( flabbergasted! ): "How can that be? They talk on the phone ALL THE TIME!"

    * "1. OBAMA promised not to bomb LIBYA. HE MURDERED Qaddafi in a no-fly zone, (Qaddafi complied & did not take his planes up & bomb the Insurgents.) Obama defied the UN ORDER.

    2. He did more for George a Bush re: 9/11 & Afghanistan than any other leader INCLUDING NATO. THEN BUSH EXPANDED NATO.

    "You are appeasing AMERICA & it has to stop!" members of Russian Parliament.

    * 3. Putin will not trust Obama in resolving conflict.

    Negotiations ONLY with Merkel as a CO/signing partner, not Obama.
    MERKEL speaks fluent Russian, & Putin speaks fluent German.

  5. Chsrlie Rose
    Part III:

    IV. Stephen Sestanovich: (Professor at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. Expertise includes Russia and the former Soviet Union, the Caucasus and Central Asia, and U.S. foreign policy. He served as ambassador-at-large and special adviser to the secretary of state for the new independent states of the former Soviet Union under United States Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. )

    "PEACE is threatened at the most dangerous moment since the end of the COLD WAR.


    Problem is not Crimea, but rather to make Ukraine succeed, not dismember it by Russia.

    New Ukraine govt wants a relationship with EU & Russia.

    New government is trying to unite, Russia is threatening that.

    NATO MEMBERSHIP is not on agenda.