Saturday, May 28, 2016

State Department Inspector General [IG] Claims ex- Sec. State Hillary Clinton DID NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO SET UP HER PRIVATE SERVER!!!
When the State Department Inspector General [IG] condemns Hillary’s use of a private email server, then you know HC is in real trouble. Moreover, the IG also ruled that she had never asked for permission to have a private server; and had she asked, she would have been denied the right to have one.In simple terms, Hillary committed a federal crime intentionally.
That’s right!

She knew from past experiences [WH, Senator, POTUS Wife, Secret Service, etc.] that she was not allowed to use or create a private server [let alone one in a Colorado bathtub]. Therefore, as she was wont to do, she ignored the proscriptions and tried to bypass the federal laws and decided to break them, anyway. 
As a full blown sociopath, HC thought that she above the intricate systems of checks and balances that pervade the State Dept.’s tightly kept security systems. Once again, she insisted on breaking federal rules.

There is very little to add to what is already known about these moral dwarfs called the Clintons. The missing element in most of their collective transgressions has been judicial probity. Other than an impeachment for lying about sexual transgressions in the WH by Bill, nothing serious had been implemented to stop the onslaught of Clintons’ ravenous greed and skewed political ambitions.
Now, the State Dept. has courageously stepped forward in the guise of the IG to stop Hillary’s inane, childish but exceedingly dangerous private phone activities. Hillary has slipped through the cracks of temperance and judicious behavior when she blatantly lied about the fact that she had received no “Classified-Marked Documents”.
The truth is far uglier than she might want to state publicly. She has, over the years at the State Dept., effectively compromised METHODS AND SOURCES of highly sensitive information which reflexively belonged in the categories of TOP SECRET[S] and above .
She  knew it!
For over two or more decades, I have refused to receive a TS clearance. The reason was and is simple.I realized that whatever assignment I had overseas, I knew that if I were to be questioned by the opposition forces [ie. Syrian Intelligence, Jordanian military, Mossad, etc.], I could honestly say that I knew nothing and wanted to learn less than nothing.
Special credit should go to former Assistant Secretary of Diplomatic Security, Eric Boswell, a distinguished Foreign Service Officer [FSO], who bravely stated on Fox News that “Hillary had a non-secured blackberry which she used in highly sensitive, non-secured areas of the seventh floor”.
She had committed a crime, not once or not twice but many times more.

I make my last and final plea to FBI Director James Comey and his boss, Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. Please execute the law as mandated in such a blatant travesty of national security. For me, this is the defining case for our internal judicial system in the 21st century. 
Will they do what the law requires them to do? 
And convict her?
Or, will they kowtow to POTUS who summarily and illegally dismissed the severity of Hillary’s transgressions? We live in a cauldron of political upheaval.The center of the storm is the indictment of Hillary. That will decide the course of our nation for the next half-a-century… or more.
There is an old Hindu proverb:
“Dictators ride to and fro upon tigers from which they dare not dismount.”  


  1. Nobody wants a wrinkled old woman to be their President! The American public would rather have Sanders or even Mitch McConnell before they'd have that. The very idea of it is just stupid.

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  3. But if she used a govt. server her private server could not be erased in a cover up! She used deductive reasoning. Logical. Calculated. Effective.

  4. One half of the G seems out to get Hillary and the other half wants to protect her. I do not think our nation security could stand Huma on the NSC along with another 8 years of Samantha Powers and Susan Rice.

    8 more years of that and what little is left or US dignity will be gone. What a wretched state of affairs. In a past era we dreamed of placing men on the moon. Now we want to place men in the women's restrooms and visa versa.

    Without the nobility of morality we are nothing. The biological family unit that served us since creation is being destroyed. Now robots are taking over for the sexual needs of men.

    Robot cops, robot soldiers, robot workers, robot sex kittens. We have exceeded the decline and fall of the Roman empire by far.

  5. I wonder what her 'brains trust' will come up with to avoid the debates with Trump? Or maybe a Bush Junior earpiece so as to answer his questions.

  6. Rumours are that Bill is fucking a big tittied blonde now his security calls "Energizer." Fake tits and a nice ass.

  7. Watch Trump Praise Hillary

    This video will bury Trump!

    Don't be fooled by this impostor!

  8. Trump likes attractive women. That's one point in his favor. How anyone could remain married to a woman who balloons out to become a fat cow or a blimp like Hillary is disgraceful. So many girls after marriage let themselves get all fat and ugly. It's disgusting.

  9. Another great article, Dr. Steve! I can tell that this case strikes particularly close to home for you (considering your State Dept. service).

    I must admit that I haven't thought of this case as being as serious as what you present. You make compelling points as to its severity.

    I was recently tasked with studying the pending United States v. Texas SCOTUS case and came to to know a term with which I was not previously familiar: prosecutorial discretion.

    Sounds like Obama is pushing for more of that. Interestingly, te Supremes (before Scalia's death) added a question to the previously-mentioned case.

    It is a rare (unprecedented) request for both sides to answer whether the DAPA program violates the "take care clause" of the Constitution.

    Seems like the same thing is at issue with Hillary's illegal behavior.

    Will the SCOTUS finally perform an actual check on the overly-powerful executive branch? It's what they did to Congress in 1995 with their decision in United States v. Lopez (that the "commerce clause" had finally been overstepped with the Gun-Free School Zones Act).

    I sure hope the AG and FBI director are taking your words seriously. Burckhardt considered the state as a work of art. Ours seems to be becoming a finger painting exercise.


  10. Thursday 6-2-16
    Hillary just opened the door to her lioness den today.
    The woman is OBVIOUSLY overmedicated & cognitively challenged.

    Why else would she acquiesce to her campaign manager & proceed to skewer Trump on foreign policy?

    Her Foreign Policy record is GUNRUNNING MURDER TREASON & CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY....while others whisper it, Trump will take you in a walk through her historical record.

    THIS PSYCHOPATH has become a danger to herself.
    Someone must Baker Act her.

    1. Lynch will not indict Hillary, because she will expose obama in ger email contacts.

      Those are her smoking gun.

      Lady MacBeth in real time.

  11. "As a full blown sociopath, HC thought that she above..."

    Isn't she? Until I witness her taken down by the government, I have to believe the answer is Yes...

    The Clintons have openly built a war-chest and infrastructure of power that should keep them in the game much like the Bush family. How is Chelsea doing with her children and her own path? The foundation is set, but mom and dad won't live forever...

  12. "As a full blown sociopath, HC thought that she above..."

    Isn't she? Until I witness her taken down by the government, I have to believe the answer is Yes...

    The Clintons have openly built a war-chest and infrastructure of power that should keep them in the game much like the Bush family. How is Chelsea doing with her children and her own path? The foundation is set, but mom and dad won't live forever...

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