Monday, May 23, 2016

The Water Wars are Heating up on the Colorado River! Damn the dams and let the rivers flow naturally.
In a May 20th NY Times Op Ed, writer Abraham Lustgarten, implores the Dept.of Interior to eliminate most of the dams built in the 20th century on the Colorado River:
“Many of the West’s big dams— Utah’s Glen Canyon Dam; Nevada’s Hoover Dam; Arizona’s Coolidge Dam—have been proven far less efficient and effective than their champions for water reclamation had hoped. They altered the ecosystems and disrupted fisheries. They have left taxpayers saddled with debt”.

When I wrote the novel, State of Emergency, I warned the American people of the impending water wars that would occur over the Colorado River which could no longer provide the necessary waters to Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and California.The river was becoming depleted of its asset—water.
I posited that the federal government would have to intercede on the state and local level to arbitrate and even mandate the proper allocation of water required in these and other states.
“The losses of water [through the aforementioned dams] undercut the longstanding benefits of damming rivers like the Colorado, and may now be making the West’s water crisis WORSE.”
Despite the imminent, massive shortage of water resulting from the dams and climate change; four states will construct new dams as well as implement water diversion projects. All of this to partake in a greater percentage of water for their respective populations-- before flowing downstream.

This is a recipe for major water wars among the following states: Utah,Arizona,Colorado,New Mexico,Nevada,California and possibly even Mexico. For the most part, dam-building was a 20th century attempt to save water and redirect it to the major population centers in each of the respective states affected by draught.
Yet, dams have proven to be a major source of water loss. Facts: about 160 BILLION GALLONS of water evaporate from the surface of Lake Powell and another 120 BILLION GALLONS leak out of the bottom of the canyon into the earth fissures. Therefore, the amount of water lost by the Glen Canyon Dam [280 Billion Gallons] amounts to the equivalent of one year’s flow of the entire COLORADO RIVER.
Very little research has been dedicated to hydrology. Yet, the micro and macro study of water is critical to our future survival. There are the more obvious causes of water depletion which will have to be modified, curtailed or stopped completely. These include mining for minerals [phosphate]; animal husbandry; deforestation; fracking; oil-well digging; watering lawns, etc.
Clearly, I don’t propose to know all the answers. I do know that since I wrote my novel some twenty years ago, water wars have erupted in Syria; Egypt/Ethiopia [Nile River]; South East Asia [Vietnam and China over the Mekong Delta]; Middle East; Tibet/China; India/China.

Preserving water is our biggest national security problem in the next fifty years. Stop eating and you can live for over a week. Stop drinking water and your life is bracketed by days.

General George S. Patton said the following: “Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” 


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    1. Yeah well the progressives and the corporations love the fact that this country is adding two million people a year in population.
      If there isn't enough land or water that's just too bad.

  2. Sorry Raymond but as smart as you are, you are missing the mark on all this paranoia. Nobody wants to incarcerate you. When an officer says "See you buddy" that's a friendly gesture! Take it at face value for what it is Raymond.

    Besides they Didn't even put Mozillo, CEO of Countrywide Mortgage for taking $43 Million Dollars before your bank, BofA bought him out for 4.2 Billion Dollars!!!

    So even though we care about your plight, Weed and Seed is not interested in you Raymond! Nor the CIA, nor the KGB, nor the NSA, nor the Bush Family.

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    2. In the interim, there has been several individuals that approached me claiming to by THE C.I.A.; and one (1) of them, claimed to be a retired C.I.A. AGENT working my situation as a C.I.A. ASSET! One of the mentioned individuals claimed to be a computer expert; and I saw, to a certain degree, what he was capable of while working on a laptop computer!

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    3. I have given everyone here at Steve Pieczenik's BLOG the history of THE C.I.A., and THE C.I.A. amount to basically organized "EVIL"! Therefore, DO NOT TELL ME TO NOT BE PARANOID!

  3. Replies

      On a lighter note; Mendrick learns why commies don't drink water".

      Copy and paste youtube link above.

  4. Time to fire up the de-salinization plants Dr P, and lay some pipe to the oceans!!!

    1. HOT (RADIOACTIVE) WATER ANYONE???? The Pacific Ocean is highly contaminated, and this is because of the Fukushima Nuclear Incident during April 2011--especially the intentionally blown-up UNIT THREE FUEL POOL that contained several tons of Plutonium (one of the most "TOXIC" substances known to man (one micrometer of Plutonium ingested by any and all life forms is "LETHAL"))!

    2. Did you know about 40% of the actual rainfall due to fall on THE WEST (especially California) is being diverted by GEOENGINEERING (GOVERNMENTTAL WEATHER CONTROL, since at least the 1970's)! Top scientists have gone to Sacramento, California to discuss the matter with the Governor of California (Governor Jerry Brown); however, the office of the Governor of California does NOT CARE!

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  5. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

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  7. EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Pope Francis Converts To Islam!" [Alex Jones talks with INFOWARS Reporter Wayne Madsen, as he discusses the openly globalist Pope; and how The Pope is helping to push the NWO agenda. In addition, INFOWARS Reporter Wayne Madsen discusses with Alex Jones how THE C.I.A. is involved with Religion!] posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on May 23, 2016!

  8. When water itself is a weapon, From 2/5BZ: GEZiLLA 10000 YEARS

    - On 19 September 2014, all preparations for the camp and the festival had been completed. Everything seemed to be allright, until the we hear the devastating news about the massacre, on the first day of the festival.ISIS had attacked Kobane. People who tried to save their lives and escape to the other side of the border were attacked by the soldiers.We were confronted with companies trying to eliminate the habitat of millions of beings, states trying to control the water politics in the Middle East and the ISIS. I believe that it was the first time that we faced the most bitter form of the phrase "if i can't dance, i don't want to be part of the revolution"which was widely shared in the social media. This situation must have scared the State Water Authority, so the second day, they opened the dam shutters.The concert venue and the camp area right at the banks of the river Tigris (Dicle) were under control by helicopters whereas where everything was under the flood, The Festival continued with audio-visuals performance,enhanced with images and speeches of Yılmaz Güney and Gezilla footages continued. Hasankeyf Castle and it's caves which was closed to general public, have been reopened for visit and had been occupied on the third day of the festival. They opened the dam shutters and they applied this method later on, on the villages of Kobane, as well. -

    Last week, ISIS getting US assistance at the Faruq dam - Amaq Agency headline: "Dead and wounded fighters in the ranks of Kurdish units after a mistaken U.S. bombardment that concurred with an infiltration operation by Islamic State fighters east of the Faruq dam."

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  10. Dr Steve, This is one very interesting read! 'Iran Deal Shows Illuminati/Zionism not Identical'

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