Sunday, July 3, 2016

From Patriarch


  1. Even times square is street...

  2. The BUSH FAMILY (four (4) generations of NAZIS and SKULL AND BONES MEMBERS) run THE C.I.A.; and THE CLINTONS, as stated in other comments, work for THE BUSH FAMILY! Furthermore, as stated in other comments, THE CLINTONS have been "in bed" with THE C.I.A. for OVER 30 YEARS (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "The Mena Connection - Exposing the CIA, Bush, Clinton, Iran Contra, And Drug Running" [This is a copy of "The Mena Connection"!] posted by 911operationgladio (YOU TUBE CHANNEL) on February 26, 2015)! And, both THE BUSH FAMILY and THE CLINTONS handle illegitimate (C.I.A. ASSET with a C.I.A. GIVEN NAME) Obama for THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE)!

    Since May 2007, the "entire" UNITED STATES EXECUTIVE BRANCH has been taken-over by THE C.I.A.! This is a "full explanation" of N.S.P.D. 51 and H.S.P.D. 20: During 2007, illegitimate (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy - 2004 - Full Length" [This is a copy of "BUSH FAMILY FORTUNES" originally produced by Investigative Journalist Greg Palast for THE B.B.C. during actually 2003!] posted by TriCorneredHat on November 18, 2012) George W. Bush Jr. (NAZI, SENIOR SKULL AND BONES MEMBER (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Bush / Kerry Skull and Bones Avoidance" [This is two (2) interviews conducted during the 2004 PRESIDENTIAL RACE!] posted by weirdlectures on August 18, 2011), and VERY EVIL CRIMINAL) executed N.S.P.D. 51 and H.S.P.D. 20 (SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "Jerome Corsi on NSPD 51" [This is an interview of Dr. Jerome Corsi Ph.D. concerning N.S.P.D. 51 and H.S.P.D. 20 (OFFICIAL PUBLIC VERSION)!] posted by zepa22 on October 5, 2008; and "Rep. DeFazio discussing NSPD 51" [This is an official HOUSE hearing concerning N.S.P.D. 51 and H.S.P.D. 20 (DETAILED "CLASSIFIED VERSION" DENIED TO CONGRESS)!] posted by zepa22 on October 5, 2008)! Pursuant to said N.S.P.D. 51 and H.S.P.D. 20, the "entire" UNITED STATES EXECUTIVE BRANCH is taken-over by THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES for THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE)) and F.E.M.A. (controlled by THE C.I.A.); and said N.S.P.D. 51 and H.S.P.D. 20 became effective immediately upon execution by illegitimate George W. Bush Jr. (NAZI, SENIOR SKULL AND BONES MEMBER, and VERY EVIL CRIMINAL) during May 2007, because illegitimate George W. Bush Jr. (NAZI, SENIOR SKULL AND BONES MEMBER, and VERY EVIL CRIMINAL) "declared" a "NATIONAL EMERGENCY" just after the "ATTACKS" on September 11, 2001 ("MAJOR" FALSE FLAG and STAND-DOWN OPERATION involving, but NOT limited to, THE C.I.A., BRITISH INTELLIGENCE, and MOSSAD (SEE THIS YOU TUBE VIDEO: "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura S4 E15" [This is a "very rare" copy of "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: 9/11 - The Pentagon [Season 2, Episode 8] (FULL LENGTH);" and this said YOU TUBE VIDEO shows substantial evidence showing a "MISSILE" (NOT A PLANE) hit the UNITED STATES PENTAGON'S ACCOUNTING OFFICE on September11, 2001, while there was an ongoing investigation over OVER 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS IN "MISSING FUNDS" (UP TO 10 TRILLION DOLLARS "MISSING")! In addition, said YOU TUBE VIDEO shows evidence showing Vice-President Richard Cheney "ordered" THE STAND-DOWN on September 11, 2001!] posted by Carley Dasilva (YOU TUBE CHANNEL "REMOVED") on December 19, 2015))!

    1. Since, as stated, the "entire" UNITED STATES EXECUTIVE BRANCH has been taken-over by THE C.I.A., pursuant to N.S.P.D. 51 and H.S.P.D. 20, Loretta Lynch is completely controlled by THE BUSH FAMILY and THE CLINTONS for THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE)!

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  3. I think there is at least one point of view that makes sense out of various items we've witness that seem incomprehensible:

    Why have this FBI meeting on the 4th of July Weekend? --- Why oh why oh why have this face-to-face meeting a few days before it? --- Why have the FBI order the press not to record it -- when you knew there was a high chance it would leak...?

    Why announce Transgenders in the military + their priority for health care ---- just before the 4th of July?

    Why announce you're going to put capable civilians into military command positions - bypassing career military people...?

    Why have this Refugee issue spark during an election year?

    Why encourage illegals to flood over the border in an election year?

    By this time in the election, we should be seeing the "dive to the center" portion --- where the media preaches ad nauseum that the Dem nominee is centrist centrist centrist. This is the time where the media starts doing all it can to bury bad news and promote the Dem nominee...

    We know Hillary was always going to be a difficult candidate to elect.

    We now know Trump has no support among the Republican establishment.

    Looking at things right now, we could say the Elite Establishment has more chance of Impeaching a President Trump early in his first term than it does of stopping him from winning or assuring a Clinton victory...

    In that light, things they are doing now --- that were bound to make much of America angry --- things that didn't need to be done in an election year -- things that look stupid if you trying to win the election --- make sense if they are trying to prime the pump for getting Trump out of office as quickly as possible - if he does win.

    --- Eradicating the 1st Amendment is obviously among the goals of the Elites now...

    Throwing the nation into a Constitutional Crisis and chaos over trying to nullify a presidential election before the ink dries on the results ---- does stand a chance of causing so much conflict within the society, they could stand a better chance of fundamentally altering the most important portion of the the Constitution....

    It's a Machiavellian idea - but it's not stupid or incompetent.

    If you want to eradicate the 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment and more, you can't get it done with Business as Usual. You need extraordinary times...

    Looking at things unfolding in the nation today --- can't you see we are entering extraordinary times?

    This is like no other presidential election cycle I can think of...

    1. Lynch and Clinton could have communicated with each our in total blackout conditions easily.

      They did it In Your Face - for all to see - in an election year for Hillary...

      There must be some method to this madness...

  4. Illegitimate (C.I.A. ASSET with a C.I.A. GIVEN NAME) Obama is a complete and total creation of THE C.I.A. (created and controlled by SKULL AND BONES in association with KNIGHTS OF MALTA ("intelligence section" controlled by THE JESUIT ORDER controlled Vatican) for THE CITY OF LONDON, England (BRITISH EMPIRE) that reports to THE JESUIT ORDER (A.K.A.: The Society of Jesus)); and THE JESUIT ORDER (A.K.A.: The Society of Jesus) has completely controlled THE VATICAN since September 22, 1774 (assassination of Pope Clement XIV by THE JESUIT ORDER)! SEE THESE YOU TUBE VIDEOS: "Cold Case Posse - Obama's Birth Certificate Investigation - Sheriff Joe Arpaio MCSO" posted by MCSOColdCasePosse's channel (AUTHENTIC) on March 9, 2012; "Sheriff Joe Arpiao - Cold Case Posse Obama Investigation Press Release 7-17-2012 Full" posted by Tea Party Tribune (AUTHENTIC) on July 20, 2012; "Sheriff Arpaio: Obama's Records Are Missing + Mike Zullo, Jerome Corsi Full Interviews." posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on March 31, 2012; "Sheriff Arpaio: Obama's Records Are Missing" posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on March 28, 2012; "Obama's Shocking Past Revealed" [Alex Jones interviewed Lt. Mike Zullo of the M.C.S.O. Cold Case Posse!] posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on July 15, 2013; "Mike Zullo on The 100% Forged Obama Birth Certificate" [Alex Jones interviewed Lt. Mike Zullo of the M.C.S.O. Cold Case Posse!] posted by The Alex Jones Channel (AUTHENTIC) on July 30, 2013; and "Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura S02 E07 The Gulf Oil Spill" [This is a "very rare" copy of "Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: BP Oil Spill [Season 2, Episode 7] (FULL LENGTH);" and this said YOU TUBE VIDEO contains an interview between former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura and prominent international lawyer Alfred Lambremont Webre! Alfred L. Webre found by sound research illegitimate Obama is a C.I.A. ASSET!] posted by Wendy Meyer (YOU TUBE CHANNEL) on March 12, 2016!

  5. To Dr. Steve Pieczenik M.D. Ph.D.:

    Today (July 3, 2016 at about 4:30 p.m.), while I was on the computers at Microsoft Store (SOUTH COAST PLAZA in Costa Mesa, California), two (2) Costa Mesa Police Officers approached me concerning a call by a South Coast Plaza Security Guard over my cards (several former gift cards, an Bank of America A.T.M. CARD, and a couple of other credit cards with my "BIRTH NAME" on them)! This was weird, because I have been coming to SOUTH COAST PLAZA since April 2011 to work on the Computers; and both Santa Ana Police and part of Costa Mesa Police knew about my "entire" situation [Some of the Officers (S.A.P.D.) told me, after having a very brief encounter with me!]! Why today? Because, IT IS SUNDAY and a WEEKEND; and maybe the Officers (Costa Mesa Police) do NOT know about my situation; therefore, serving the warrant attached to ORANGE COUNTY CASE 11CF0028! As stated in other comments, since February 16, 2012, I have been illegally removed from said 11CF0028; therefore, if I would ever get a lawyer, I would not be able to reverse the damage and have said 11CF0028 dismissed on the GROUNDS of "FRAUD ON THE COURT BY THE ARRESTING AGENCY"! However, the said warrant is still attached to my "expired" California Identification Card (expired on 1-5-2015) and Raymond Carlson (A.K.A.: Raymond Howard Carlson) born in California (my new fabricated identity since on or about December 30, 2010)! Therefore, I might be arrested today (July 3, 2016) by Costa Mesa Police!

  6. I am confused over the actions of the elites these days I cannot work out if they are very dumb or super bright and operating at a higher level. It all feels like smoke and mirrors.

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