Saturday, May 2, 2015

Chinese Chopsticks, Russian Borscht, and American Hot Dogs Trump the Failed SaudiArabian Military Assault in Yemen!
In a remarkable confluence of economic and political interests, America, Russia, China have quietly tempered the young Saudi Prince’s attempt to assert his desert prerogatives as royalty and decimate his tribal rivals in Yemen.
He failed!
In contrast, in a moment of glorious media silence,  American military/intelligence officers in concert with Chinese, Russia and Iranian national security advisors had conspired [that means ‘behind the scenes’] to blunt any misbegotten Saudi military initiatives in Yemen. This was accomplished through the old principles of Real Politik.
In essence, Sunni states like Egypt, Pakistan, and Jordan asked themselves what was more important: working in peace to establish a viable economic/political future in the East/Middle East or continue to harbor ancient hatreds that lead to nothing more than continued devastations?

Thanks to the quiet, mature interventions of President Xi of China, President Putin of Russia and the US military, Saudi Arabia was told in no uncertain terms that it would fail in its war against Iranian proxies in Yemen. The Chinese/Russia narrative of a newly expanded “Silk Road” through the northern tier of Eurasia has most of the leading developed Sunni Muslim countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Jordan, Egypt deciding to place their fortunes with the promise of a Chinese-led future, guaranteed by Russian geopolitical imperatives.
This means that China has promised all countries surrounding it that they all can participate in one large entrepreneurial endeavor to build large infrastructures through their countries leading in and out of China and Europe. I accept this proposition that China can and will build what it determines to be the best fit for it’s national economic/military/political future built on economic hegemony, and kinetic invasions. This has been a long time coming. Thanks to America which provided China with the technological advances needed to grow its formidable economy of 1.4 billion citizens, China is now in a more stable position to expand effectively through the development of major infrastructure projects like building new ports, highways, and civil societies.
Through its newly created Asian Infrastructure Initiative Bank[AIIB] China can compete with America’s economically flaccid World Bank and its’ subsidiary. More importantly, this complete change in the method of conflict resolution from kinetic destruction to a future laden with economic opportunities reaffirms the basic tenets that China has strongly embraced and America has lost: the benefits of capitalism over wars.

Once it was inconceivable that former communist countries like Russia and China could desire to excel economically beyond the restrictive bonds of ideology and want to enter a world that Adam Swift had defined primarily for the Anglo-Saxons. Now, the East [China, Russia, Turkey] will once again enter the pantheons of historical grandeur to assume their heritage of successful hegemony at different times in the course of history.

As for America, without a course-correction we will continue to lose our ability to successfully compete in the new economics of the global information age.We are now pre-occupied with a military that spans the globe as had the Roman Empire before its inevitable demise. We have no present or future promise of leadership which encourages me to anoint the next leader of our decaying Republic with the promise of true hope and proven past accomplishments. What we have now are stick figures like the young, immature princes of both Saudi Arabia and the undeservedly rich U.A.E who bluster and bluff into a vapor of inadequacy and incompetency.
For the most part, the most successful leaders of China [as well as Russia] have been those who have literally fought their way to the top, stopping at nothing, except to eliminate one contender after another, sending them to prison or exile. Instead we have potential criminals who have committed more crimes than Putin and President Xi combined-- both the Bush and Clinton families—who are the pathetic representation of spoiled, entitled sycophants. Neither one of these future candidates could ever achieve a moment’s success or accomplishment without a family member vouchsafing for their non-deeds.

Americans have a Patrician Class that has not served us well and will eventually ruin the Republic and make it into a province for their own corruptions. 
  Who will rid me of these “noisome pests”? I ask in the spirit of Sir Thomas More in the brilliant play,  “A Man For All Seasons” [By Robert Bolt].


  1. Yes Robert Bolt was a talented screenwriter and we have no such talents today.

    Well why shouldn't an American negro President conspire with a corrupt gangster slavic Russian Tcsar and a disgenic, corrupt and mis-shapen asian [Chinese] Plutocrat pretending to be a "communist".....LOL....and a bunch of sex-crazed towel-head mullahs in Iran!!

    America is led by a negro and his Jewish/Israeli zionist lapdogs like Axelrod and Exzekiel and his brother now the Mayor of Chicago and their terrorist father.....

    Why not?

    But as for American interests it doesn't matter a shit which sex pervert child bride/slaver Arab dog rules in Yemen.

    The place is a shithole and always will be.

    Blow it off the map.

    1. 1. Oh cmon, WHITE RICH have to die, they lost control, US elite abolished progressive taxation, while before they kept eye and looked how many super rich are going to join them, now there are too much of them, while those who were controllers were abolished in coup of 2001, story is over, they all must die, also, they took all ... I mean to deregulate banking system and destroy capitalism, what we are talking about. This is mice party. We need military coup and nationalise everything of top 10%. Then we need to arrest Alex Jones so he can explain followers reason why Ted Cruz is not good, all on nationalised CNN. Next show have to be Noam explaining new corporate economic policies. Next on tv be Admiral of fleet, Pieczenik proclaiming police hour in occupied Germany, France and UK starting to sunk German navy. We Croats, Polish and Czech needs to go to Germany and to help policing streets and watch Turks. Then we can call some Kennedy and proclaim him to president, with preparations to crown him in NYC as new capital. Pope will come to give him crown. Negro will have to be armed and trained to hunt US german NAZIS around woods.

    2. Do you know what, Germans did on this 70th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation. German politician wanted to be relaxed, they decided to organise everything, so they ogranize everything from own hearts... Result... while German politicians were sitting around tables, and eating super food and drinking champagne former camp prisoners 80 of them were give to eat and drink from plastic dishes... I think God is preparing to start those camp working again. But this time for Germans, once for all. Chinese are much more above Germans as race, they are not so stupid and suicidal like Germans are, they had problems but they are intelligent to have own state. Germans will loose their state once again. No nazi Bush or those mice can save Germans for paying real needed price. German politician is something which does not have to exist any time in future again. Germany must be territory without state under protection of USA, France, UK and Poland, Austria under protection of USA, France, UK and Czech republic and Croatia. Switzerland under military protection of Israel. Octoberfest can be called Bushfest where turks will be allowed to shit on his head.

    3. Chinese are much much wiser, than collectively non functional Germans, and that is obvious, as collective they are dumb and stupid, they think that state it is same level of needed organisation like hunting in woods. We whites are guilty for always thinking that Germans are like other normal people even they are guilty for number of whites falling from 30% to 9% in 20th century, they installed communism in Russia. They seriously adopted genocidal racial theories against all economical reasons,,, Those crimes were not payed because of USSR, now when USSR is gone i think it is time to forget NAZI Bush.

    4. Chinese have better diplomacy, when they came to Croatia, they told us, that they are proud to come to country of greatest Croatian scientist Nikola Tesla, and they always see Croatia as important country on beginning of Euroasian land mass. And what we get from those NAZIS, explanation that we are not good enough, that we are lazy, and that we have to work more to work in bankrupt BUSH-CLINTON-BERLIN system. Go F. your self.

    5. It is true that we also are scum and lazy, but you do not say that in diplomacy.

    6. There is no evidence of gas chambers at Auschwitz, however thousands of people did die there of disease because of the inhuman manner in which people there was housed.

      The camps were not homocidal execution zones but people but they might as well have been.




      Nordic, tall and blonde skier Lindsey Vonn and negro golfer Eldrid "Tiger" Woods have just split up !!!


      The negro Tiger Woods never touches or fucks another negro, like all other negros finding them ugly and primitive looking like himself....

      All his female fuck buddies and wives are of course tall blonde Scandanavian beauties...but like most modern women their minds have been bent with political correctness and anti-racist garbage.

      Yes thank you Tiger Woods for showing us all what negro men really feel about other blacks...THEY'RE UGLY.

    8. I must admit that i liked that news also. But my uncle tells me that black are doing good job, as they like those rounded, imagine amount of anger in society if such would sit asides without needed exorcism.

  2. Now here's another bit of Hollywood anti-racist propaganda unmasked...

    Because it was free I watched "Twelve Years A Slave" on Youtube and was shocked at the craven barbarity of the slave owners and sellers depicted therein. I had to come to the conclusion that the original book must have been bullshit and propaganda because I know slave owners were not really that cruel or evil or sadistic...AT ALL.

    So I looked up information about the book and the film from historians online and guess what I found.....

    Contrary to what the public was told and what the film pretends....

    It has nothing to do with the book !!


    The book doesn't have any of the cruelties or events depicted in the film!

    The book is a true story which depicts the slave owners as kind and considerate to the slaves! Nothing that appears in the film is found in the book!


    i guess the ugly nigger director Steve McQueen who won the "best director" award for this lying peice of shit...

    Well he's just another lying nigger.

    Just another ugly lying nigger.

    Now you see why I'm becoming such an un-reconstructed racist?

    What a load of shit.

    1. I think there may have been similar problems with 'Roots'.

  3. In the same way that the asshole lying director Ridley Scott made a film about the lying nigger Frank Lucas claiming that the NYPD SIU and Robert Leuci took bribes from Lucas..and that Lucas put away scores of NYPD officers...and that Lucas got his heroin from Thailand because he was such a slick nigger...


    In the same way the Scott portaryed Lucas as the opposite of what he really was, and that he was just another dumbass nigger thug.....

    In the same way now hundreds of millions of people are going to think that slave owners were a bunch of sadistic animals when in fact it is the niggers who are the sadistic thugs and animals and slavery was never...never what was depicted in this lying film.

    Hollywood film-makers are lying scum.

    They should be put to death.

    1. If you wanna know who the real sadistic animals are in the slave question look at Haiti and Liberia where slaves gained power....

      Look at the history of what the former slaves did in those two places and tell me who the savages were and who they were not.....

    2. There was actually a slick negro heroin dealer in NY at that time, and he was also from North Carolina...

      But that negro was Frank Matthews, and NOT Frank Lucas.

      Lucas was just a lying dumbass nigga thug.

      Matthews was intelligent and he made an escape before any law enforcement could put their hands on him. No one has seen him in decades. He was much bigger than even that dumbass Nicky Barnes.

      Matthews was still a nigger though and used to beat up his white girlfriends like all niggers do.

    3. I am sorry but in Argentina, Paragway, Honduras and Moldavia white holds power. It is much worse than in Angola, Botswana, Bahamas or Trinidad, UAE is not white

    4. Bernie Sanders talking about normal stuff, why should not USA look more like Scandinavia, why not? If i were capitalist i would try to save my a.s

    5. Sorry but I have been to Botswana, the Bahamas and Angola and can tell you they are far...far worse than Argentina or Paraguay. Argentina, Paraguay and Uraguay are good places, as are Chile and Equador.

      The bad places there are Peru, Columbia and Veneszuela. Mexico is by far much worse though than any of those still.

      But as bad and horrific as these places are they are better than Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, Guinea, Cameron, Congo, Senegal, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Angola, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mosambique, Swasiland, Benin, Sierra Leone, Mali, Zambia, and so forth....

      I've been there. It's a hell.

  4. "noisome pests"... Unlike some people around here, Dr. P. has a knack for subtlety... (though he was recently almost kicked off the Alex Jones show for being less than subtle regarding a certain PM we all loathe -except for Patriarch)

  5. We live in a time in which is it assumed that negroes are the equivalent of other races, morally and intellectually, and out of that assumption lay all policy and social values which have been adopted in the last fifty years...

    And yet there isn't one shred of social or scientific evidence whatsoever to support this assumption.

    Not a shred of evidence whatsoever.

    With time opinion will and must reverse. And with time majority opinion will comport with facts and evidence. With time opinion will once again concur with the terrible truth that negroes are morally and intellectually vastly inferior to all other races. When this happens society will re-structure once again to what it was before this grand dream...this great experiment based on nothing but idealism and wishful thinking....

    And then negroes in all places like America will once again return to the second class status to which they are entitled.

    It's a terrible truth and one which defines a disenchantment with what was a beautiful dream, the dream of racial equality.

    1. Yo yo yo...bust dat bitch. Bust her yeah. Yo yo yo....

    2. Dr. William Cosby Phd.

      Your race owes you a debt for unmasking their true nature for us all.

    3. The Reverand Doctor Martin Luther King.

      You're real name was never even "Martin Luther King," but Michael King....

      Is everything else about you phony as well?

    4. I'm just looking for that one black exception....

      Just one.


    5. And thank you Tiger Woods for showing everyone what black men really think is beautiful in a woman....

      Tall, blonde and Nordic.

      Never another bantu black jackass like yourself.

  6. You will be glad to hear that 130 Cocks are safe tonight as reported by Hollywood Reporter that Steven Seagal in his Police 'Tank' crashed through a Cockfighting arena. My Chickens Roadrunner, Mrs Oliver and Hattie Jacques would like to thank him. Might be wrong but his boss seems to be the Sheriff who was after Obama's real place of birth. Overhear they still have dog fighting run by mindless louts, its so 17th Century.

  7. However if the Saudis or any other cretins want to be war like, as I have indicated before let them 'Duke it' out in an arena. Suddenly the Princes, Dick, Tony or any Neo-Cons will get real peaceful real quick!

    1. Oman is monarchy and it is great country, next to it is yemen, republic and it is shit hole... I would like to be attacked by Saudis and liberated by them.

    2. Serbs used to say, let s declare war to Canada so that Canada occupy us.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Dr Steve, Another very spot on article:::"Suicide Mission: Why a War With Iran Will End in Another Defeat for the U.S. Military Machine"

  10. Dr Steven, Have you watched this following Y/T video "Hellstorm - Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany"
    This is their website::::

    1. This is nazi propaganda, they are real mafia, it reminds of Serbian propaganda, you see that pagan rounded disc in beginning it practically have 20 swastika on edges, than you see that homosexual statue of great nordic superman flashing for millisecond, it is physiological weapon. You should not watch if, because they can send to message via media some time in future and you will start going out on street demanding what they want. This movie is mostly for German soccer supporters, stupid orthodox Slavs on booze and of course; intellectual Arabs, Indians, Chinese, and Japanese included.

    2. Did you see how in centre of Texas, KGB just sent one message and you had communist flag on street, hey in centre of Texas. On other hand capitalists kept May Day in lowest form ever in history, it is war... Capitalists are loosing it because they are most ideologically bound toward their neoliberal capitalism which is joke because it is dead, but they are ideologically unable to change anything. Western capitalists are so stupid that they think that they can compete with other capitalists, they always wants same playing field to compete, while Chinese are cheating them by changing field all the time and joking with them. Beside why should world accept anything from US liberal capitalists if chinese capitalists are more adoptive and not so ideological. Ideology = break down. You must always reform, but never reform two things in same time, never change political and economical model in same time, because that is breakdown, reform just one. For US now it would be best to start with workers cooperatives, and to elect Hillary or Bush. If not than elect Bernie Sanders and keep this economical shit party going.

    3. Also they lie, like hell, Germany did not have sanctions at all after WW1. Germans had to give everything only in their currency, so they created inflation and payed with that worthless currency. Germany had every needed help to start war again. France and UK wanted war between Hitler and Stalin to enter with army in to Germany and Russia, US waited for war between all to enter with army in to France, UK, Germany and Russia. But USA was pussy so they did not bomb Moscow and Tenkograd with nukes in 1946, because Stalin had war army. And UK and France would not like that to see. Hitler cheated on all with Stalin-Hitler pact.

    4. Chia Cha, You said "this is nazi propaganda" I suggest you read this article "Stalin & Castro:The Jesuit Connection" The facts are that the Vatican and her Jesuits were deeply involved in fomenting not only World War I, but also World War II. During World War II the Vatican supported not only Nazi Germany, but also the other Fascist regimes in Europe, such as Mussolini’s Fascist Italy and the Catholic-Fascist state of Croatia. In fact, Roman Catholic Knight of Malta Franz von Papen and the Roman Catholic Centrum (or, Zentrum) Party in Bavaria put Hitler into power! On the other side of the European continent, we find a Jesuit-trained monster named Joseph Stalin running the Soviet Union during World War II, with help from his Jesuit-trained friend, Cardinal Gregory Agagianian. (Both were trained by Jesuits who taught at the seminary in Tiflis, Soviet Georgia.)
      Also know many are aware of this fact "Karl Marx Was Rothschilds' Third Cousin"

    5. Oh, cmon WASP capitalists ruel.

  11. Reading the news today; "Garland Texas is not Paris"....No shit Sherlock!

  12. Do any of you clever folk in Internet land know of any good books or sources on the French Revolution? As my knowledge is sketchy and consists of being able to duplicate the noise of a Guillotine with a ruler sliding on the edge of a desk.One of my Boys has an important History exam which in the main is that and Gladstone and Disraeli.

    1. Book??!! A book... why book?
      For more propaganda... Ask me--- tell him this.
      Seems that i need to write book.
      French revolution as first civil revolution, USA and UK still did not have one but they took goodies.
      1. France was second largest country in world behind China, as they had 40M people even back than. Meaning revolution could happen somewhere else on west, but France was most populated and organised.
      2. Both China and France had capital in towns which could overcome power and capital of rural feudal system BUT revolution happen in France not in China because: look a 1 again, plus:
      A: French had strong enlightened absolute monarchy, meaning power of evil feudal caste and even plutocracy was suppressed in coordination between monarch and small crafts and free royal cities as way for monarch to suppress power of nobility. That is reason why there was foundation for civil revolution, to be more precise there was civil class. In non western style that is absolutely impossible because at them King can never assume position stronger that oligarchy. In Christianity that is only possible because there is order of Jesus, what is of God to God what od King to King. Meaning Pope gives crown to King which comes from God to rule as sovereign. No sovereignty from nobility and oligarchy, no chance for sovereign to create free royal cities as way to go against oligarchy and plutocracy or today capitalists, as places where capital is protected from local bandits (oligarchy, plutocracy, capitalists). In ottoman empire emperor was elected by military junta, in china he was living statue not moving from palace ruled by confucian bureaucratic oligarchy which assumed such ruling positions because they were in beginning needed for empire to work. East is anarchy that is why when you remove one and only God out of equations it is impossible to invent any kind of order with any kind of autonomy for capital to protected, like now in USA, with this liberal capitalism taken from pagan and poor east. Unchecked capitalists are destroying western civilisation because they won against Kings. Authority is removed, and paganism do not work. Paganism does not exist. Soon american cities will look like cities of ants or those slums of South America and Indochina. They removed there also kings. You can function some time as someone who goes against king, but when you remove king out of memory than you are gone. It is important to know that there is king, america forgot that, meaning america will have hard time to beat those just another pagan 3rd world nation in line. America will compete on same footing with China as equal :)))

    2. Mongols could not also keep empire because King was also not absolute, he was elected democratically in their tribal shamanistic democracy.. Mongol had to stop invasion of Europe because they had to go back elect and fight among klans to get new Khan. So they split them self at end among Muslim Khans and Buddhist Khans (you still have buddhist in Chechnya). Confucian created Yuan dynasty in China, so by 1380, all connection between Mongols was erased. Yes central asian muslim Timur Tamerlane tried to conquer China later one after he destroyed all other Muslim mongol competitors like Ottomans, Il-Khans in Perisa and Golden Horde who kept Russia but that year in 1499 he died. Meaning on east when ruler dies everything is gone, there is no succession. Meaning culture always beat everything. And Christian one always beat pagan cultures. Soon USA will have to be beaten by some other Christian entity. That is just mathematics. Everything is set up that way. We in Christianity are still hostages of Roman Empire and it laws. That empire and second civilisation ended in 2008.

    3. There are also some not important stupid reasons for French revolution.
      1. France lost Northern America to UK so people were little nervous and they decided to not first make fleet to finaly defeat English and burn London but as real Froggies go first take Europe and than hope to find someone who would do job properly. Problem with Catholic monarchies was that they never liked to put pirate as admiral, they learned that from Spanish because how can you put pirate on ship caring gold from south america, you will put some duke there. Gold destroyed them.

    4. Cheers, I will pass it on.

    5. and not 40 but 26 mil people were living in 1789....

  13. Sorry lapsus, Timur died in 1405, he was from family of Ghengis... Also his successor Babur created Mughal Empire in India, wet dream of UK masonry and liberal capitalism, real multi culti cocktail. Subjects were hindu majority, there was muslim sunni minority, ruling family was Mongol, culture was shia Persian, official religion muslim but in minority, total decentralisation, people dumb and stupid, there is enough food so that rich can do what ever they like and get richer and people will not riot... Mmmmmmmm

  14. Now a lesson from History.In 1977 when Elvis died there were around 170 Elvis impersonators in the US. Now there are 85,000 plus. At this rate of growth in thirty years 1 in 3 Americans will be Elvis impersonators! You have been warned.


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