Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter Blames Iraqi Military for Faulty/Absent USG Military Strategy in Iraq!
While Ramadi, Iraq and Palmyra, Syria fall to ISIS --Carter assumes no responsibility/neither does Obama Administration/White House.
Palmyra was a beautiful city and I had fond memories of the “Venice of the Desert” so I was deeply disturbed when this treasure of antiquity fell to hordes of ISIS (created by the CIA/Bush/Cheney/Jerry Bremer). Next I hear Sec Def Carter boldly declared that the “Iraqi soldiers have no will to fight” and another once beautiful city, Ramadi, is felled by a comparatively undersized and ill-equipped ISIS.

I wondered whether this effete physicist whose only real accomplishment was to manage his lackluster ‘Brooks Brother’s career’[thanks Col. Ralph Peters] had even prepared to be nothing more than highly paid consultant to the Temple Money lenders at Goldman Sachs [which is what he had been among other things unsavory].
When I was asked about his appointment, I shrugged my shoulders in disappointment. I had seen seemingly polished Ivy Leaguers [Yale Summa Cum Laude in Medieval History an Physics; Phd from Oxford] all my life in national security; as well as in my unique training at Harvard and MIT. They were all made from the same mold of growing up in a protective bubble where their parents [father a navy neurologist/psychiatrist] allowed Ashton to receive the best education possible.
Clearly, I don’t begrudge his educational accomplishments, other than the fact that even in his background there is evidence that he took the easy way out of academia. Going to Oxford to receive a Phd in Physics is close to the equivalent of buying a degree of little significance from one of our on-line commercial colleges. In fact, there is no evidence in his entire history of consultantships from Mitre [CIA fed] to an assortment of other prestigious anoxic organizations [CFR], that Carter had really been in the nitty gritty front of battle; fighting counter-terrorism; nor studying war strategies/tactics.  He is more on the profit-making side of war/conflict, please check out many of his “partner positions” and BOD appointments.

Carter is a man of the privileged classes in America where for the most part, he never got his hands dirty in the textured world of inhumane deaths and brutal executions of well-conceived strategies/tactics.  Yet he makes a good side income from the military-industrial complex. Carter, like Rumsfeld, and Bob MacNamara [whiz-kid of the Vietnam war who had a mental break down] are part of the sanitized and profit-oriented version of war—sterile and incompetent. I would call these incredibly credentialed ‘water walkers’ as ‘operatives whom I had to stay away from’ …or ‘neutralize’ in my past efforts to affect operational change in the field of combat/terrorism.
Now, I discover that this well-manicured, completely inarticulate civilian representative of our formidable fighting forces, has just blamed in public the very people whom our brave warriors has supposedly trained, equipped and instructed. Carter publicly crucified his supposed ally, the Iraqi army, for fleeing and cowardice in the field of battle. That is a very strong indictment of not the Iraqi soldiers nor even the non-existent Iraqi Government but rather of George Bush Jr and his coterie of neocon chicken hawks who created this mess a decade 

Moreover, Carter’s accusation is akin to a verbal boomerang which indicts himself and those military men who sacrificed their lives in order to select, train and ‘force’ this proxy army of ethnic strife to fight an entity which his predecessors created when they attempted to disband the Saddam Hussein’s Army. [thanks to Jerry Bremer and Rummie]. Carter demonstrated that in the blame game of this particular administration as well as the three previous ones, none of them had the slightest idea of what they were doing in the ‘human terrain’  of combat and sustained kinetic encounters.
Americans have had the privilege to fund in the trillions of dollars, a completely inept series of administrations, each of which had proffered the seemingly ‘best and brightest’ to the forefront of leadership. Again, many of those in leadership have profited significantly by this constant warring. The reality of the past decades concerning Iraq and Afghanistan is that we have wasted and discarded the most valuable assets America has to offer—the men and women who want to serve this country. How many of us who had been in Ramadi or Palmyra [ as I had been during the Second Iraq War] feel betrayed by the complete incompetency of our civilian and military leaders who are only to eager to write a book or work as a consultant for large sums of money. How pathetic it is that we, Americans, were offered to read the absurd memoirs of the dysfunctional braggadocios like  Bush Jr;  McCrystal; McRaven; Cheney; Panetta; Gates; Hillary; Obama in order to realize that there was no gravitas nor strategic sense in these representatives of the ‘best and brightest.’ 

It would be best if Carter would resign for having been rude, inappropriate and incompetent in all aspects of his short tenure. Not to mention, did anyone in authority realized that he was “mobbed up” by the war industry?  Talk about conflict of interest. Maybe President Obama had basically run out of possible sacrificial lambs. 
Our country has once again confronted the ineptitude of civility where the fighting grunts who have died and those who are willing to die—have to ask themselves as they had done in the Korean War, Vietnam War and the prolonged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—what am I doing? Was it worth being doomed to a hospital bed for life, trying to exist with half a body?

Americans must turn back to the times and methods when we were forced by necessity and limited time to select out a George Marshall; an Eisenhower; a Patton; a Curtis LeMay; and a Nimitz.  If we don’t address our real national security issue: the absence of effective civilian and military leadership then we,  the Republic will certainly disappear into the footnotes of history as an example of a country that had lost its way and destroyed itself through the pretense of having selected the ‘best and brightest’ when in fact they were the ‘worst and most cowardly’.


  1. Let s not forget... This young girl was sent to Auschwitz on request on German nazis in 1943 by local bosnian ottoman grown fascists who controlled occupied Croatia, because she was Jewish, she was young actor in national theatre. Germans aways cooperated with muslims and turks to control Europe. This is her letter where she is telling to theatre to find another girl to play cause next year she will not be able to play anymore because she is getting disturbed with problems. She died in train...

    1. Goal of tribal German barbarism was to destroy western civilization (which is Judeo-Christian) by destroying Jews. Same policies are today in EU.

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  2. Army is core of society, and flag is most important invention because if you do not have one other will have one. Who keeps army until end of war wins.


    Chris should know that two years before breakdown of that strange country called Yugoslavia about which he talks, and which was multinational federation where no national question of any of nations was solved, there was inflation of new laws just before breakdown. Soon in one month you would get so many papers with new laws you would be getting before in 10 years. Hitler was giving orders to imaginary units at end also. Government must be connected to reality if wants to protect reality from other governments.

  4. I thought Carter was from MIT because William Kaufmann used to refer to him, at least he did in 1985, as "Ash" when the topic came to him. I just assumed that "Ash" had studied with Kaufmann at MIT.

    Anyway "Ash" had authored a monograph on Ballistic Missile Defense and it was for a Congressional Office or something and I had the copy on the coffee table in the parlor of my cold apartment in Brookline, where I lived with my Puerto Rican girlfriend and the little Jewish girl from Miami Beach High School although she was now all of nineteen years old, and her name was "Laurie" and she was very permiscuous....

    Anyway the Ashton Carter monograph looked somewhat official because it had some Congressional seal on it and so forth...

    And when Laurie found it in the parlor she thought it was a secret document or something and asked me about it very earnestly and her eyes grew very big and from that time on she was extremely impressed with whatever I was doing....

    And then I didn't hear the name Ash Carter for decades.

    He's a technocrat and although I might not have said what he said I think his technical work was very good and like a lot of Defense intellectuals he is very good at analysis but not necessarily a good manager...and that was a problem with McNamara but not so much so Harold Brown. I thought Brown was one of the best ones, and he was a total techie egghead.

    At least he's not a goffball nut like the Jewish Casper Weinberger or the psycho Rumsfeld. There have been a lot of bad Sec.War or Sec.Def....

    I liked the whole bureau better when it was the War Department.

  5. Now Dr.P I do want to challenge your often stated critic that this or that person in National Security is "incompetent" or "inept."

    I don't think that the National Security melieu is one where "incompetence" or "ineptitude" exists in the normal sense.

    There is no professionalism or standards of professionalism or objective criteria in that field...there just isn't.

    I know from what you're said that the people you worked with in the State Department fancied that they had standards and that you view that problems arise in National Security because of sub-standard personnel...but that's not true.

    War and conflict happen because of common ways of thinking....commonly held assumptions....bureaucratic and national doctrines and dogma.....

    These things are misperceptions. And they are untrue, but everyone in a government, or most important people in the National Security bureaus...will hold those erroneous assumptons.

    It's not a matter of "incompetence" as though National Security work was like being a Doctor or an attorney or something....

    They all are highly trained and educated but they hold erroneous assumptions about international rivals...

    And then you add to that bureaucratic and institutional interests which shape the commonly held beliefs....

    And so you get highly "competent" people who make totally wrong choices because their assumptions are completely out of touch with reality.

    And then in war situations there is in my opinion a huge emotional and psychological factor at play in these decisions which these people don't want to acknowledge even exists...

    But in my opinion the decisons for war are almost completely emotionally based no matter how "competent" the actors are...

    It's mostly emotion when it comes to the use of lethal force.

  6. Look at the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 1962....

    All of Kennedy's advisors, all of whom were more "competent" than anyone around today....

    To a man they said..."This is unacceptable and we must strike!"

    Well it wasn't really unacceptable. Raymond Garthoff and others at the time worked it out and the missiles in Cuba didn't have any big strategic effect.

    Only one intelligent dissenter...just one guy named Adela Stevenson said,

    "We can avoid war by offerring a compromise. We can trade our forward based missiles in Turkey for their forward based missiles in Cuba. That would be fair."

    BUT HELL NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    HELL NO WE ARE NOT!!!!!!!


    Well after a couple of weeks of finally having to come around and see reality.....

    It turned out that trading the missiles in Turkey for the missiles in Cuba was the ONLY workable solution.

    Stevenson was right all along.

    But nobody wanted to see it at the beginning because they were acting emotionally and slamming their dicks on the table because they believed that just because the Russians were evil, which they were, that the Americans must always be right in everything they think....

    And they were not.

    So it was all emotion but even these "competent" people took weeks of study of the problem to see the simple facts which Stevenson saw at the very beginning.


  7. Every war in the modern age was totally avoidable and based on emotion....

    The First World War, and the Second World War and Vietnam and on and on....

    The one exception might have been Korea because it really did have to be defended and the Koreans acted because the US before the war said that the South wasn't important...but the US then changed it's mind.

    It was a total failure of deterrence and that was really INCOMPETENCE in that US officials kept saying that South Korea wasn't important to the US when in fact it was and when the invasion came the US found it impossible to just stand back and let it happen....

    So that was based on incompetent communictions and process in the State Department and the NSC...

    And also CIA dropped the ball everywhere because they didn't see the attack coming and they didn't see the Chinese coming in and all CA was leaked to the communists....

    It was a cluster fuck of the early Cold War and those matters had to be cleaned up.

  8. When Eisenhower came in he really was over-estimated by everyone and he was not the highly intelligent person many thought he was.....

    He was only a staff officer and his role in WWII was the "Supreme Commander" was really no commander at all. He didn't "Command" anything except he made decisions about the promotion and removal of Generals and coordinated with the allies....just a bunch of staff stuff.

    But Marshall made a huge mistake in making that position of the "Supreme Commander" which put Eisenhower in that spotlight and garnered so much public praise for him. The allies could not have lost because their mission in Western Europe was a forgone conclusion given that the Germans were already defeated by Russia....

    Eisenhower was not a good President and his reaction to Korea was to put the Dulles brothers into total power over everything and Eisenhower let them run totally wild...and he didn't supervise a fucking thing. Now what kind of a manager is that????? Not so good.

    People I knew in CIA at that time had nothing good to say about Eisenhower or his personality or anything about him.

    And he used nuclear bluffs again and again which was a terrible policy. He allowed CIA to get totally out of control with CA unsupervised by anyone and they formed their own culture and made policy every day.

    Eisenhower was a total disaster.

  9. This is what led to the coup in which Kennedy was killed, and at the time Truman wrote in the NYT that the CIA was totally out of control....

    And then after he did that Allen Dulles went to Missouri to try to talk Truman into retracting what he had written...LOL

    But Truman and Kennedy and everyone knew that CIA had become a monster under Eisenhower and then at the end Eisenhower finally learned what had been going on and he said it was all a mistake.....

    A mistake??? He said they left him only a "legacy of ashes?"

    Well whose fault is that???

    Where the fuck were you when they were doing all of this??

  10. Then after the Bay of Pigs Eisenhower HAS THE FUCKING GALL to meet with Kennedy and tell him that he was asleep at the switch and told him that he would have managed things differently because he didn't trust these guys himself....


    Eisenhower was a fucking liar. He trusted these guys totally even though he would say that he didn't.

    The truth is he didn't really trust any of them but didn't give a shit and just let it ride......

    He just didn't care.

    And then all of a sudden he'd wake up and make an emotional speech about how terrible it all is.....

    But aside from that he didn't really supervise a damn thing.

  11. Eisenhower apologists today paint a picture of him as contrary to the detached image the public had of him at the time...

    But that is all bullshit.

    The press saw very clearly at the time that Eisenhower was detached and indifferent. And they were really shocked because in WWII they assumed that all these successes happened because of him....

    They happened IN SPITE of him.

  12. Now here's some inside drivel....

    At the beginning of WWII there was a huge purge of officers in all the services, and this included the commanders of the Army and Navy at Pearl Harbor....

    And the public has always been told that this happened because it was somehow magically known by Marshall and younger ones like Eisenhower, who was only a Colonel at the start of the war.....

    That somehow it was magically known that all these senior officers were all shit and they couldn't do a good job as though there was a secret list of these guys who were known to be idiots and if war came this list would be pulled out of Marshall's asshole and then they would all be purged...

    Not possible.

    The truth must lie elsewhere.

    The truth can be found in some of Gore Vidal's writings about the political culture of the officer corps and their opposition to the British Special Operations office in New York and the activities of the British in blackmail of Congressmen and planting phony press stories about the Germans....


    By 1941 most officers were aware of the British propaganda trying to get the US into the war. The US officers were furious with the British and hated the communist Russians and were totally against war with Germany.

    About 90% of American officers wanted war with Japan ONLY.

    And this is the real reason why they were all purged.

    The only left were the milk toast idiots like Bradley or the psychos like Patton.

    All the good professional ones were OUT.

  13. And this of course was totally political as it was FDR and his socialist/communists buddies who wanted war with Germany to help Stalin and promote communism and to repeat the glory of WWI.....which the officer corps thought was a total mistake and accomplished nothing in 1918....

    So it was all ideology and politics in that FDR wanted to repeat WWI and the officers didn''t and he wanted to help communism, which they absolutely WOULDN'T DO!!

    There was in fact a risk of a military coup by these officers if they had not been removed.

    In the Spanish Civil War these officers were all in support of the Franco forces because the "Republican" forces were all controlled by Moscow...

    But FDR and his group supported the "Republicans" as did Hollywood....

    There would have been a huge problem if these officers had stayed...a HUGE problem.

    In fact there wouldn't even have been a war with Germany. It couldn't have happened.

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  14. I was watching a good film about Elizabeth 1 starring Helen Mirren, what struck me as they spoke of Wars with Spain was all the talk of Gold and money. Also in those days the leaders led from the front, not the 'Royal stand backs' like Dick Cheney. War is always about money of course, but for the folks back home it has to be painted as something else. My greatest surprise is that every generation of parents offer up their sons and daughters to the mincing machine, I would have paid my boys not to join. Most join for other reasons, lack of opportunity, chance of education, see the world, meet interesting people...then kill them. In a way fighting in the middle east makes sense, with all that desert. Maybe Armies should be shipped out to the great Australian deserts where there is even less stuff to shoot up. Or maybe a virtual war then divide up the spoils without real carnage and the Politicians paid off as usual. However although logical War Gaming would never satisfy the blood lust of the people that run stuff. They are all just pissing up lamp posts marking their territory. I find the needless provocation of Russia and China at the moment by the Brains Trust, pretty fucking asinine.It is like flicking the nose of a 600 pound Gorilla and hoping he does not get too pissed off. Oh by the way I hear Tony Blair is stepping down from public life, one less war mongering cretin.

    1. yes, they are afriad of any strong individual on west, typical plutocracy, of course tony had to resign... now about spanish, they did not invest in gunnery enough, they slept and did not test enought, as they did not invest nor liked pirates enough, and english did not have gold so then why to invest in to guns... the most important thing is to win in propaganda war against own people, who wins that he will win war, refrigiation is also very important to split number of dead bodies per day to get some more pleasant number.

  15. Patton was real. And of course he had to be psycho, tell me if you own bussiness, would you reather put some capable manager there, so capable he can run bussiness alone and without you, or you would put some loyal idiot who will listen you... I would choose that other one. If i really need competence than i would put competent pedophile to control him or some psycho.

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    1. [minor spelling corrections]

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