Sunday, May 24, 2015

Thank You General Raymond Odierno for Reaffirming the Legitimate Concern: Our citizens DO NOT trust the government nor the Military.
Implementing the Pathetic Idea of “Invading” Texas in Order to Enhance SOCOM’s “Human Domain” just adds fuel to the fire.
A stupid idea deserves a proper answer: Stop the Wasteful $10B Exercise called Jade Helm 15.
It will do nothing but alarm the American citizens and reaffirm the fact that we, Americans, can not trust our civilian and military leadership to do anything effective except to appear as if they are implementing “martial law”.
Just when I was about to take sigh of relief while eating dinner at my local diner, three different veterans came up to me and asked me what did I think about “Jade Helm 15” ?  Initially, I had no idea of what they were talking about.  So I looked it up then I was completely shocked.

I read that General Odierno was going to spend over $10B to deploy a complement of troops throughout the Southwest of the USA—Texas, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado from July 15 to September 15.
Why is this exercise completely absurd and wasteful?
There is no way that any of our elite soldiers will learn about ‘human terrain’ of foreign enemies by playing these useless war games. Desert areas in America; as well as Americans have no correspondence to the topography, cultures and psychology of Arabs, Muslims or Bedouins. Remember: Odierno had the dubious distinction of being chief military advisor to Condoleeza Rice during the Iraq War.  I think he should be unloaded for poor performance and very poor decision making.

For many of us, this exercise reaffirms the incompetency and lies which have prevailed for over thirty years with the Clinton, Bush Jr and now Obama administrations.  Such leadership have proven countless times that they know nothing about the nature of wars or how to conduct an effective kinetic overseas action. Instead they have all proven to be indifferent and inured to the concerns of the American public which does not trust our USG.
Now General Odierno has literally transferred that mistrust and dislike for our present and past presidents to our failing military which cannot and has not won a war since WWII [and even then it was the Soviets who bore most of the burden].

Odierno, too bad you didn’t read my book entitled, State Of Emergency written twenty years ago in which I delineating the precipitant to the next civil war just like your actions of placing military troops into Southwest states—in my book it was Nevada, Utah, New Mexico. It would be less costly and less intrusive for you and your Special Forces to learn about psychology, national character and foreign languages at Fort Bragg without having to incur a wasteful 10 billion dollars and rightfully scaring our concerned citizens and Veterans.

Here is what you have to learn about our country and it’s basic needs and failures because like most political generals, you are wasting billions which can be used far more effectively for the following domestic issues:
20% of our children under 18 years old are in poverty.
17.5 million households [14%] were ‘food insecure’.
serious infrastructure problem and severe water shortage.
major deterioration in northern/midwestern urban areas
public schools standards and education of our youth on a downward spiral especially compared to other countries

General Odierno,  Eisenhower had warned us about toy soldiers like you and your comrades who are splayed all over the world, losing one battle after another for an indecent amount of years: Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan.  Are we supposed to be impressed with your accoutrements of faux education—Honorary Doctorate from the Institute of World Politics in Washington DC, along with multiple degrees from military/civilian institutions?  How did your Iraq strategy work out???  What about all the great advice you gave super star Condi Rice?  

I find it refreshing that Governor Greg Abbott had engaged in the proper action of ordering the Texas National Guard to monitor your incompetencies. Contrary to the hysterical NYTimes which thinks that the American people have no right to mistrust our civilian and military rulers when on Sept 1, 2001, we were lied to; insulted; and worst of all murdered in the ersatz name of ‘national security’ and the even more nonsensical term “War On Terror.”  In addition, I want to know where are the responsible voices in congress that say stop this archaic military madness that is so wasteful and so counter productive?  Did you get promised some campaign contributions to keep quiet?  Or are you just so out of touch with the citizens that you are supposedly elected to represent?
Over the past thirty years, our military has functioned below par yet has received more money to fight foreign wars for which they had never had the courage to refuse or implement effectively, leaving the inept civilians like Clinton [Bill And Hillary]; Bush Jr; and Obama as well as his novitiate WH coterie –to mandate kinetic actions overseas which lead to more mayhem and chaos a la Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen.  Meanwhile, back at home, our own country is deteriorating in quality of life for many (education, jobs, health, clean environment).

Message to Military and Government Leadership: Stop wasting money and being just stupid.  Americans are fed up with you.  


  1. One day I was playing around with Wolfram Alpha and worked out the US could have given every man, woman and child in America $14000 for the price of the second Gulf war and the Afghanistan campaign without one casualty or about 34 teaching Hospitals at $134m each. Another $10 Billion is next door to madness. Whoever is making such cretinous decisions should be horse whipped until they see some sense. As for the 'War on Terrrrrrrur!' You cannot fight a nominalization...because it does not concretely exist, you just cannot know when you have won, or maybe that is the point. Endless expensive War Ka-ching!

  2. And into whose hands will that 10 billion end up?...

  3. 90% of gun violence is among negros and hispanics and they account for about 90% of all other social problems including sexual assault in the military and so forth....

    So most of America's social ills are because it's not entirely a country of virtuous races like Europeans and Asians like it was intended to be.

    But with that said here's how we can improve America...

    1.Get rid of the 20 million illegals driving down wages.

    2.Repeal all the free trade laws and return to a system of taxes and tarriffs on cheap imports.

    3.Re-instate all the former statutes on regulation of all industries such as the financial sector.

    4.Eliminate all corporate taxes on companies in the US and increase taxes on companies using foreign offshore tricks and dodges

    5.Institute a Tobin tax on speculation.

    6.Enact Constitutional Amendments limiting campaign contributions and codifying rights of due process and privacy.

    7.Get rid of the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s.

    1. what do you think about this, this would be very good for national unity, and would give great pretext to invade any country on world and invaded people could not stop thanking God for american liberators??

  4. Eisenhower made a speech about the "Cross of Iron" claiming that for every plane or tank built that it took away from schools and hospitals...

    But that's not true.

    Defense spending was high then...about 10% of GDP and 50% of Federal spending...

    But there were enough schools and hospitals and if the money were not spent on defense then those funds would have just not been spent on anything and the economy would have gone back to the way it was before the war....

    Defense spending in the post war years, after Korea, was very high but it was stimulating on the economy. That's the period where Federal spending became over 20% of GDP and the problem is the debt today and not paying for spending without using funny money, which is a system which works in that there is no inflation...but the interest is killing us and will destroy us. The interest on debt is colossal and just wait til rates increase....

    That will be the end of it all.

  5. But one of the biggest problems in America is the villification of racism in the media. Young people are fed a constant diet of racial equality and that negroes are superior to whites not only physically but morally and intellectually...

    And then when the white girls fall for this they wind up getting fucked, knocked up, drug addicted and abandoned and beaten and humiliated..

    Sort of like Barak Obama's mom.

    Racism needs to be once again adopted by all and reflected in media.

    Racism is necessary.

    1. A healthy dose of anti-semitism is needed also. Because of the excesses of bad Jews in business and media and foreign policy people need to once again be suspicous about Jews among us.

      I know plenty of good Jews but for every good one there are five bad ones and the ones that are bad are soo terribly bad and the worst white people anywhere....except maybe for Russians.

    2. you are right about Russians...


      Warren Buffet is deceiving, he is equalizing capitalists with inventors... and i think that we all believe that most capitalists are not inventors as most inventors are not capitalists

    4. I invite all Americans to go to the site and go to the "escorts" section.

      This section is America's bazaar for sexual entertainment. This is where girls and agencies go to reach the public in the sex business.

      if you look at the ads you will see almost all ads have the phrase "No African Americans" or "No AA" or some similar language.

      These girls who live in the real world will not see negro clients....period.

      In the sex industry girls and their mongers will not do business with negro men. They will not see them and provide services for matter how much money.

      In the sex industry where only the facts matter girls are disgusted by black men. They consider them physically disgusting, and this emotion results from their association of black men with aggression, rape, humiliation, and all the malevolent characteristics which are the actual ones of most black opposed to the fanciful depiction in media.

      Yes in the real world racism is alive and well, and the anti-racist rants of media and the depiction in television and film of the "Dennis Haysbert" or the "Morgan Freeman" of the senior figure in government or society who is more moral and intelligent than his white counterparts is a rank obscenity.

    5. I point to the following as distorted images in media.

      In the series "Blacklist" the protagonist played by James Spader has only one person he trusts for his security....a negro from Sierra Leone name "Dembe."
      This of course is the opposite of reality altogether.

      As well the FBI task force is led by a negro who is depicted as manipulated by the US Attorney General who is a corrupt and feckless white man. In this depiction the black FBI senior task force Chief is the moral agent while the white man is the malfactor...the opposite of reality.

      I cite all films in which Morgan Freeman has appeared in which he portrays senior government law enforcement figures who are always full of morality and integrity and intellect as opposed to every white person depicted in the same film...

      As well as in the film "Unforgiven" where he plays a negro who has such a conscience that he cannot shoot and kill the criminals he's paid to......That's ridiculous. No black man would behave that way.

      I cite Dennis Haysbert as the President in the horrible series "24."

      All this somehow began in the 1980s in the series "Spencer for Hire" in which Spencer had only one person who he could trust in his underworld affairs...a negro played by Avery Brookes. This of course is total nonesense as in the real underworld in which I'm too familiar there is no negro with any intelligence or integrity whatsoever and each and every one of them is just an animal with no loyalty to anyone.

    6. I cite also the recent James Bond films "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace" where the CIA officer from the franchise FELIX is now played by a negro.

      This of course is bad enough because there are no negros with the qualifications and integrity to pass into the CIA Career Training Program even though CIA has sought to find them....

      But what's worse is that this FELIX is depicted as having great integrity and his boss at CIA is a weak and disgusting white man who has no integrity by comparison whatsoever. So once again we have the moral depiction of the white man as evil and feckless while the negro is pure and moral...

      And this of course is the exact opposite of reality.

      This is a carry over from the social view that white men who conducted slavery in the past must have all been weak and evil men while the black men they enslaved must have not been....and this of course is the exact oppostie of reality in that wherever the black men enslaved became free and took power they showed themselves to be monsters who were much better off as slaves and deserved to be treated with brutality...

      I cite Haiti and Liberia as well as the negroe of the south in later Reconstruction who looted the treasuries of the southern jurisdictions they controlled.

    7. And then of course there is the film "Blood Diamond" about the Sierra Leone war with which I am intimately familiar having been there....

      And so the protagonist is a black man who's boy has been taken by the rebels and the protagonist spends his life seeking to rescue him and bring him back.

      In reality this is not how Sierra Leonean men behaved.

      In reality when a child was lost to the rebels the only reaction I ever saw was...

      "Oh well I can always have another son. Bring me a wife so I can have another."

      That's how African men REALLY THINK.

      The way they're depicted in media is the way a white man would behave...and NOT what any black man would do.

    8. Now let's look at Denzel Washington.

      His last film "The Equalizer" is of course more of reality turned on it's head. The Equalizer series was a white man from England or South Africa or someplace who was morally driven to seek justice for the weak...

      No negro would ever do that. No negro has ever done that. Negro men are not motivated by empathy or sentimentality over the weak or seeking to put down evil men....they ARE the evil men.

      So this depiction is of course the opposite of reality once again. And also his depiction of a negro commercial pilot recently. I've never seen a negro commercial pilot...NOT EVEN IN AFRICA.

      Go to Africa and you won't see negros piloting their planed....LOL.

      Now there was one film called "Training Day" and that film was an accurate depiction of what black men are like. That was accurate.

    9. And for those of you who believe the propaganda about how terrible slavery was as depicted in stories by Frederick Douglass remember that there was never any cooboraton for any of the tall tails told by Frederick Douglass...none at all.

      Remember that Douglass made a huge personal fortune by telling these fables, and he used his fortune to seduce white women....which he did in droves like all black men seek to do.

      Remember that Douglass when he got married only married white women...remember that.

      In contrast the book "Twelve Years a Slave" was an accurate and verifiable depiction of slave life and it's writer did not depict slave owners as cruel or evil, in fact the opposite.

      Unfortunately the lying sinister and ugly nigger Steve McQueen and his evil partner Brad Pitt made a film supposedly based on this book was contained nothing of the content of the book on this issue but was a total distortion.

    10. Hi hi hi, in non-aligned movement we white Croats were again their bosses, of whole 3rd world, all under wise policies of our illuminated saint Josip Broz Tito who was 1st real communist (non state capitalist), who only on world introduced workers self-management.... So because of that our supreme system often had students coming from Africa which were mostly sons of local tribal leaders, and they were mostly situated in our public socialistic student dorms. And as they had more needs, their rooms were one with non shared toilets... But, story goes this way, one of those wished prostitute, and one was found, but after 15 min she started to yell and scream, monkey started to bite her breasts, little too much, i guess that was because of cultural inequalities...

    11. In socialism you had to be retarded mongoloid to be professional prostitute, but there was some exceptions... As we can see from my next story. One lady was known among soldiers as one who give very much to all, mostly for nothing, so when she was asked about such reputation, she said: "Ah, poor our army, what they can do..."

    12. this was dorm, ... you see sign there now that animals are not allowed ...

    13. "Animals not allowed" is an accurate reference to negro men.

  6. Thank you Dr. Pieczenik as always. I've gotten nothing but hate and vitriol within the spec ops community from former and current members namely columnist and lawyer Kurt Schlichter and author of Pike Logan novels Brad Taylor talking about Jade Helm demanding it be ended and exposed. Thank you for standing up for what's right. Money better spent elsewhere indeed.

    1. The spec ops members of the Vietnam generation and others in the past were largely normal people who often sufferred terrible psychological problems from what they did because they were not sociopaths...

      But the current generation are sociopaths and they were reared on violent media programming and video games and course nigger hip hop culture...

      The current generation are ativistic "warriors" who love violence and meyhem and love to kill ordinary people and torture them because of their personalities combined with the culture they came from and live in.

      Chris Kyle and his lies and infatuation with violence are typical of those assholes.

    2. The film "Harsh Times" depicts this generation in an interesting an largely accurate way.

    3. It's telling that in the sex industry that girls who provide services for money will never agree to see a black man.....

      Black men cannot find a white girl who will agree to be with them for money.

      But there are plenty of stupid white girls who are so ignorant that they will gladly be fucked by a negro for free and think it's cool because of what they see in the media.

      That's insane.

    4. You're so right about all you say. Hip hop gangster culture you can also blame on Zionist Jew owned Hollywood and American media.

    5. Yes I have to agree that the Jews in Hollywood are largely a terrible influence, however the non-Jews there are just as bad. The horrible film-maker Ridley Scott makes film about the opposite of reality such as "American Gangster" in which he portrayed the thug negro killer Frank Lucas as a hero who was oppressed by the NYC Detective Squad Special Investigative Unit headed by Robert Leuci. In fact Leuci was a hero and it was Lucas who was the liar and none of the the things depicted in that film were true----particularly that Lucas put away any police based on anything or that Leuci killed himself. The whole film was untrue but claimed to be true and Scott isn't even a Jew but an Englishman I think.

      The problem is with Hollywood and the kinds of people who want to make a living in that business.

      Now there was a good Jew who made a very good film about the military called "The Messenger" with Woody Harrelson, whose father the hit man Charlse Harrelson was an occassional guest of my family here in Texas before he killed Federal Judge John Wood in San Antonio in 1979.

      I can't remember the name of the Jew/Israeli who made this film but he's a good Jew and the film is very good and a rare example of some truth.

    6. In Israel there are several good Jews who make interesting films about the evils of Israeli life and the evils of the occupation and so forth but those films would never be made in the US. Jews and Zionist Christians in America would never tolerate anti-Israeli films made here but the Israelis do make them over there....

    7. The most interesting assignment I ever had was working with a "cleared" psychiatrist who treated and monitored Spec Ops operators from the Vietnam/Korea era as well as some CIA operators who worked as assassins in theater of war and outside theater of war.

      But this psychiatrist was also known as a forensic psychiatrist and he testified in court a lot about the future tendencies of individuals for violence in the future, therefore he was supposed to monitor these Americans to tell if they were going to pose a danger to society because of the violent histories they had doing "government work."

      And so I got to know several of these characters and only a couple were sociopaths. One of those had depression because he'd worked himself up to kill this guy in Vietnam and the guy didn't show up so he couldn't kill him and that sent him into a depression...

      Go figure.

      But most of these guys were not sociopaths but just patriotic guys caught up in something they didn't understand and they became suicidal later in life and just drank themselves to death and were alienated from everyone....

      Now one of my Israeli contacts told me that he worked with a four man team of "avengers" after the war and they hunted down Germans and killed them.

      He told me of the four man team that three of them had committed suicide.

      So you see this kind of thing is horrific for people who are not sociopaths.

      Anything Dr.P might add on this topic would be welcome.

    8. Now the biggest personality I met in that game was of course Lt.Col. David Strier, who was the most "famous" assassin the CIA ever had. And he and I got to be "friends" as much as anyone could be friends with someone like him. He had brain leisions which made him suffer from "occassional dis-control" and couldn't control his rages or impulses very well at all and had no friends of any kind except for myself.

      Anyway he was a strange case because he had this physical condition and he also grew up in the 1930s in a mob family in NYC and in a culture of violence.

      To me I never concluded if he had a conscience or not but I referred several times to others who had killed themselves or had these terrible symptoms and sufferring and he just brushed it off.

      He didn't have that kind of self loathing and such but he was totally alienated from everyone. The other issue was that when he slept he had horrific nightmares and when he was hospitalized later in life the staff at the hospital had a terrible time with him because of his nightmares.

      So I don't know about guilt but he had PTSD in a major way.

    9. Strier was Jewish and he murdered several Germans after the war just on his own initiative when he discovered that they'd been in the SS. He did this with no authority at all.

      See this is the problem with Jews in government in America and I saw this first hand and it's horrific.

      Jews in government have their own agenda and they don't care who gets hurt.

    10. A major problem was that many former SS people were working for CIA and they worked in the Directorate of Intelligence.

      And here was Strier working for Ray Rocca under James Angleton in Italy and elsewhere in the Counter-Intelligence staff and he was killing these same Germans that the other part of CIA was either working with or was seeking to recruit.

      That's how fucked up it is when you have Jews in government.

      And I wont' even go into the Iraq War and who was behind that but it was exactly the same situation.

    11. I am going to name the person who was my Israeli contact because I think he's now dead.

      His name was Melville Mark and he was the founder of the Golden Rose film festival in Switzerland. Mel Mark was an English Army Officer who smuggled Jews into Palestine after the war and used his English Officer uniform to go into prisons and use his credentials to free captured Jewish terrorists. He basically turned on his own country of England to pursue his zionist mission like the others of the "Jewish Brigade" did. But he was full of ambivolance about the vengeance teams and the members who kiled themselves.

      His team was made up of only English Jews who went to Cambridge University I think and one of them was a girl and she killed herself.....

    12. cool, work for government is task from God, God will produce any stupid reason for you stupid head to do something you would never do, like for government, because every government comes from God, directly...
      Imagine going to WW1 to die for capitalists, only God can create such situation in you head to do such stupid move. God is omni powerful.

    13. I recall they had a few problems at Fort Bragg with Special Forces types returning from Afghanistan killing their partners because they had not been suitably deconditioned from the theatre of War. So they over responded to normal life challenges. I think meaning is important here if you are killing people because some arse of a Politician thought it was a good idea, it is unsurprising you get nightmares. However if they have killed your family or wiped out your race I would suggest it gets easier. It is not natural to want to kill or hurt people, that is why Armies have to work so hard at it. But of course we all have a shadow self or dark side which can be harnessed, most easily in protection of someone else. When I have taught Martial Arts/Self-Defence one big problem is everyone is too nice for some of the feral folk they will meet. I show them how to have a filter/blueprint to drop into place so they can override their 'niceness'. So with a woman I get them to imagine they are protecting a baby, boy do things change then! I remember once training a mountain of a man who was a gentleman. I had to provoke him verbally and by rubbing a training pad in his face. When he exploded he went for me rather than the pad, then he laughed when he realized what he had done and that he could turn it on. One should have enough of the Devil in one, to keep the Devil off one.

    14. That is why everyone wants first create reason to destroy you. Only why to not give him reason and play his game, is to over escalate situation so suddenly and in such new direction that attacker must abandon first plan and create new for you to have time to run away or hit his throat. Best thing is to look in direction behind attacker and yell to imaginary person: "You want also to join in, who the hell are you?"

    15. Like your distraction method Chia Cha. Also fun to say 'you are fucking with the wrong Mexican!' like Machete, especially if not a Mexican.

    16. I'm very impressed with all you post CIA Operator. Are you on facebook or twitter at all? I'd like to chat with you more especially here and elsewhere. Are you willing to give out your full name at all or for obvious safety reasons do you choose to remain anonymous?

    17. You remind me other former CIA folks like of course Pieczenik and another named David Corso who also like. Hes likeable and a straight shooter:

    18. AC Griffith is another, he recently passed away. He blew the lid on chemtrails and other things on radio shows and such:

  7. "But most of these guys were not sociopaths but just patriotic guys caught up in something they didn't understand and they became suicidal later in life and just drank themselves to death and were alienated from everyone...."

    I know someone who fits this profile - he's a wild man at parties, loves whiskey, and for instance at a NY eve party one year he stuck his finger into a Xmas bulb socket for kicks. He says he burns a scar into his arm for each "soul" he takes. He tries to run to Jesus with his guilt, but our mutual friend who is an ex-cultie has to break the news to him, there is no god. I haven't heard from him in some time, and all his phone numbers are dead, so I'm a little worried...

    I have to wonder, has he been redeployed? Is he in E.Ukraine? Did he just pick off Mozgovoy? Though he's getting a little old for that kind of work. He was rated a top Army sniper in his day, and received honors from Ronald Reagan himself.

    "Kev-dog" where are you?

  8. Those of us working in the 1980s are old now. My "Miami Vice" days are long gone. Please don't say to anyone that there is no God because that's not accurate. I'm not endorsing any religion but "God" definitely exists.

    1. aaa 1980, best decade ever...

    2. There most certainly is God who has a great sense of humour evidenced by the great software program of the Universe. It of course has nothing to do with Religion with silly men wearing dresses and hats! When you see the DNA of just one species, the mathematical sense of proportion of the Universe or taste a Mango, it all becomes evident. I have always wondered if we are some kids School Science project to be judged, hope we do not come second!


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