Friday, September 21, 2012

A Day of Shame- September 21, 2012

A week ago, four american heroes were assassinated in Libya.  Forty years ago, almost to the day, twice that number of American diplomats, intelligence operatives and Foreign Service Officers were brutally murdered in Tehran, Iran by a terrorist group called the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK).  The name means "People's Holy Warrior of Iran".

How do I know this?  I was there. I was present at the assassination along with my INR chief, who briefed me on every aspect of the MEK assassination activities.  As deputy assistant secretary of state,  I helped to develop strategy and tactics for the office of counter terrorism.  At the time, I truly believed I was serving my country and saving American lives.  Now, I have to admit that I was defeated and swallowed up by the incredible propaganda monster that was and is fueled by lies, distortions, greed and self-aggrandizement.

 Many years later, that propaganda machine has succeeded in "delisting" the MEK as a terrorist organization.  I am outraged that our civilian and military leadership, along with the DC lobbying firm (DiGenova & Toensing) has deemed that the MEK is no longer a threat….and according to Victoria Toensing,  the "MEK has given up violence"  Ironically,  its on the watch of Secretary of State Clinton that the MEK is "delisted" when it was her husband, President Clinton, who put the MEK on the Foreign Terrorist Organization List (FTO).  That's what lots of money and powerful friends in high places can do……erase murder.

Like most Americans, I feel betrayed by our corrupt political, financial, military and intelligence systems that seem to have been blown off course since at least the time of September 11, 2001.  I ask once again the question that was asked of the infamous Senator Joseph McCarthy, "Have we no shame?"


  1. Too much ingrained globalist financial structure to turn back now because of 'a few collateral damage casualties' on 9/11 and other WAE or World Altering Events.

    The only (non-warring) way to stop the rot is... discuss.

  2. Sort of like the ANC and Mandela and the KLA and Thaci, not to mention the betrayal of Rhodesia to Mugabe.
    The white farmers of South Africa currently being murdered by the thousand with entire families, totally unremarked by the pressitute media, the plight of the besieged Kosovo Serbs and the 250,000 Kosovo Serbs still refugees outside their own province and the diaspora of Rhodesians - can tell you all about it.
    MEK is just one of a bunch - corrupt and evil as it is.

  3. McCarthy is continually paraded as an example of 'right wing' extremism/oppressive government (certainly here in the UK when that period of US history is invoked) but when one digs deeper there was some justification for his paranoia over the 'commies'. I find the financing of the extreme left (eg Mao) and extreme right (Nazis) by the very wealthy a disturbing phenomenon but one that allows one to understand how we are being manipulated and how national interests are being ignored in favour of some collectivist agenda.

    I actually found an online copy of the Reece committee report (from McCarthy's era) into the tax exempt foundations - when they were created charity was last thing on agenda.

    1. The thing many overlook is that McCarthy was Right - at least in the beginnning, with the Hiss/Chambers situation. Granted, he went over the top and probably caused more damage than good in the long run, but he did root out some elements in government that had no business being there.

      This will likely turn out to be another "Assad is a reformer!" moment for SS Clinton.

  4. About Ambassador Stevens:

    Ambassador Stevens was an 'Arabist'. Of this I have no doubt. I also know he was a servant of current American foreign policy.

    What was that policy regarding Libya?

    Is there any doubt NATO wanted regime change in Libya?

    Ambassador Stevens was the pointman and contact for the Libyan rebels, who, in part, consisted of NATO supported islamisists.

    For all Gaddafi's faults, he was a dictator, had murdered political opponents, taken vast riches to himself, and practice cronism, the Libyan People were doing well because Libya was so rich with oil, and cheap oil at that, costing about $2 a barrel to lift from the ground, that with all his personal corruption, Gadafi still managed to make Libya the most advanced country in terms of public health, education, and average living standards on the continent of Africa (actually, South Africa, is pretty advanced, too, but has a large disparity between the rich and the vast poor).

    Gaddafi also had cooperated with the West for the couple of years prior to the NATO supported (and inspired) rebel uprising. Clearly, Gaddafi got double-crossed by NATO and literally stabbed in the back (or lower).

    I'm troubled by Mr. Pieczenik's claim Hillary Clinton is doing a good job as Secretary of State.

    For whom? For what?

    The NATO aerial bombardment and support for groups clearly linked to Al Quaeda (a destabilizing force in the Middle East and possibly under the control of the West) left Libya in ruins with 30,000 dead and infrastucture wreaked, and black Libyans persecuted and murdered.

    Hillary Clinton publically braged: "We Came, We Saw, He Died [Gaddafi]."

    If this statement isn't revealing of Clinton's mind-set, I don't know what is. Clinton wanted Gadafi dead and she got her wish.

    But was it a moral policy that American can be proud to support?

    Can somebody be proud of wreaking a country and leaving its inhabitants in choas and death?

    Hillary Clinton's and Obama's policy (and Globalists in general) in Libya was to make Libya a NATO puppet regime. Democracy and humanitarianism had nothing to do with it, rather, the doctrine of Responsibility to Protect was a figleaf for naked hegemonic aggression, and damn all the suffering little people of Libya. Evidence exists, despite Gaddafi's many flaws and eccentricities, the Libyan People supported Gaddafi. (Could a despised tyrant ride in an open car standing up with head and shoulders exposed with people lining the streets if he was truly hated by the vast majority?)

    Which brings me to my purpose.

    There is a resistence movement in Libya called the Green Movement based on Gaddafi's form of government and the results it brought to Libya over the course of its 40 year rule (as stated above Libya was prosperous because (and sometimes inspite of) Gaddafi's policies.

    The best evidence currently available is that the Green Movement was responsible for the murder of Ambassador Stevens because he had been the pointman for NATO and, yes, he was the pointman because he was an Arabist, but, he used his expertise, not to advance Arab interests in harmony with America's moral and best, long-term political interests, but to advance Globalist, imperial interests, which in the long-run will not serve the soverign & independent national, self-interest of the United States.

    Now, let me say I'm aware of Mossad transgressions against the U. S. and their neighbors, the Arabs, but in this case, Mossad was not responsible for Ambassador Stevens' death, nor was Saudi Arabia.

    The Green Movement was responsible.

    1. The Green Movement was responsible.

      I am not at all surprised.
      Who could blame them?
      In fact the manner of his death including the raping was almost mirror imaged to the assassination of Gadaffi.
      Let us not forget the pictures released showing quite clearly a NATO soldier looking on as they murdered Gadaffi in the most barbaric way.
      Let us consider the this statement.
      They murder us because we bomb them. True.
      They murder NATO diplomats because we murder their leaders.
      Logic really.

  5. For evidence of the above assertion, please, see, Global Research, Benghazi Attack. Libya’s Green Resistance Did It… And NATO Powers Are Covering Up

    [sub headline]

    US Ambassador’s Killing Had Nothing to Do With Al Qaeda, Islamist Blowback or Anti-Islamic Video

    The link will furnish the reasoning and evidence I rely upon to assert the Green Movement is responsible for Ambassador Sevens' murder.

    But the NATO powers and their corporate media don't want it to be known that a popular resistence movement to the NATO imposed puppet regime exists because it destroys the narrative that NATO was only helping a popular revolution and, thus, being a just & moral policy.

    Nothing could be further from the truth and claiming Mossad, as selfish and wrongheaded as Mossad's tactics and strategy can be, and Saudi Arabia were responsible for Stevens' murder is a diversion from the basic reality on the ground in Libya -- the place is in shambles and there is an active popular resistence movement to the NATO puppet regime because it was, itself, never a popular revolution, but instead a cynical scheme for imposing a controllable regime which would allow domination in such a fashion, as which Gaddafi never allowed.

    America can do good in the Middle East, but the current policy is not a 'good work'.

    Libya and, now, Syria, of which Hillary Clinton is responsible, are not 'good works', but rather cynical and immoral policies which potentially lead to a Clash of Civilizations and regional and even possibly world wars.

    These are not policies one, of a moral character, would want to be associated with, nor saying Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, is doing a good job.

    Good has nothing to do with it, and I would submit it is not even beneficial to America's long-term national self-interest.