Monday, September 24, 2012

Just watched an excellent interview - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by Piers Morgan CNN. A new perspective of a composed, elegant statesman who reflects thousands of years of Persian culture and clear, insightful, analytical thinking.  One does not have to agree with everything he says but see how rationally he thinks and how he answers the questions.


  1. Thank you - I saw Pres. A interviewed once on RT, and was immediately impressed by his manner and words. Saying he outshines the host is little compliment in this case, but I accept his candor at face value.

    Part 1

  2. CBS news previewed their interview with him tonight (the "full" version to be seen Weds. morning) - Charlie Rose and Nora O'Donnel (sp?) were trying to get a yes or no answer out of him on whether Iran is going to use nukes. The question is posed in a 'repeat after us: yes or no' manner -at that point he should tell them to go interview a parrot, but instead he makes the obvious point that if Iran used one nuke, the U.S. with its 5000+ nukes would obliterate Iran, so why should they wish to pursue nukes to begin with? He then spoke of Iran's history and rational character.