Monday, September 17, 2012

This is my first blog so please forgive me for any typos etc.  What I write and say is very serious yet I do not take myself that seriously.  Please listen to me tomorrow at 1:30PM EST on Alex Jones Infowars. I will be discussing the latest happenings in the Middle East as well as the developing conflict between China/Japan....which I wrote about 20+ years ago in my novel BLOODHEAT.  All my novels will soon be available in ebook format.


  1. Dear Steve,

    Your new Web Site is Great. The Blog area is an excellent idea. Keep on developing Your great ideas.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed your last interview with Alex Jones. From what I have quickly gathered about you and your background, I humbly recommend a book for your perusal...

  3. Dr. Piecznick, I am delighted to find your new website, but I am not sure yet how much interaction there is with you on this blog. I can understand that your website is primarily to sell books. That is a good thing. I would like to know more about you. I get Alex Jones, but I am quite unclear about you. One thing is clear, and that is that you could easily be "messing with" Alex Jones as I know you are totally capable of a disinformation campaign just for the fun of it. I would really like to know if you are "just guessing" about the death of Osama bin Laden (for instance), or if you really have good solid information gained from your "insider" status. I have given my life to correctional education for people less fortunate than myself. I am angry beyone words about what I perceive to be the terrible injustice in the world today and I want to take "informed" action. I am not the dumbest man on the planet, but I do not know what or who to believe. It would be interesting to talk with you. What say you, sir?

    1. I am back to say hello. I am sorry that you have not taken the time to reply to my note. I would like to talk to you about several issues. If you are too busy, or simply not interested, please just say so. I think you are a fascinating individual and would like to know more about what you know about some issues. Thanks. aln

  4. sorry about not acknowledging your first post, unintentional but not polite of me....rather than answering direct questions (I get too many), I use my reader's posts for inspiration for future blogs. Please allow me to continue this practice and stay with me, give me feedback.....I will eventually cover the subject, as I get "more technically" savvy, I will publish links to articles that I think will help to educate my readers. I appreciate your service to our country/young people, we need more like you! As far as selling books, that's nice but certainly not my primary aim....really my main goal is to get the TRUTH out there.....