Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Okay, no Alex Jones today!  Just got a call from info wars, canceling my interview.  I think Alex was intimidated by the very people and organizations that we were talking about.  Stay tuned, more to come.


  1. can you tell us THE EXACT WORDS that Alex's office used to excuse your attendance today?

    1. mike> chk this Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeks war on Iran to keep lid on 9/11

    2. I'd listen to a Pieczenik podcast with as much enthusiasm as I've listened to A.J. over the years - make it so, fella. Make it so.

  2. Many of the small group of people who really care about what really happened on 9/11/01 have known or suspected for years that Alex Jones has self censored his talks around this issue,especially
    as regards Israeli involvement.I actually had a hard time believing what I was hearing you say about Israeli involvement based upon the fact that you were saying it in an Alex Jones interview.
    His prisonplanet website was even used to attack me - not for 9/11 commentary - but because somone else posted my commentary from another website criticizing Ron Paul because he was lying about stocks being 'naked shorted'.And as it turned out Alex Jones like Ron Paul is connected to James Dale Davidson's,Bill Bonner's,UK Lord William Rees-Mogg's and Porter Stansberry's,'s Agora Inc. financial fraud and penny stock promoting 'business'and Jones did the voice over for for Porter Stansberry and Agora Inc.. James Dale Davidson,founder of Agora Inc and NTU began the 'naked short selling' lie in 2002 to distract from his illegal penny stock pump and dump scams or'share-money laundering ops',particularly Endovasc and Genemax and before it was over in 2008 even his pal SEC Chair Chris Cox was lying about Fannie Mae and Freddie Max and even Goldman Sachs shares among many others collapsing because of 'naked short selling' ! Ha.That's Alex Jones' pals.I'm sure from your Beltway connections you must be aware of these people as well who are as connected to the City of London as they are to Washington,D.C. itself and have been parasitising American investors for decades along with CIA and other D.C. and other internationally connected elites .
    Also I might mention I don't trust the 'anti-Jewish Jew', Menachem Atzmon,(I don't even like to say Semite because white people of European origin aren't 'Semites,of course), of George Tenet connected Gordon Duff's scammy who has never disclosed whether or not he is related to Menachem Atzmon of 911 Logan Airport Boston ICTS International 'security' infamy that allowed Mohamed Atta, to board that morning for their flight in the NY WTC in the first place.In truth I'm doubtful that Egyptian Atta and his Saudi pals ever boarded flights 175 and 11 from Logan that morning in the first place and Menacham Atzmon and his Shin Bet boys for all their supposed great 'Israeli technology' didn't even have 1980's Seven/Eleven video surveillence technology at Logan on 9/11 apparently !That appears to be the first time in aviation history that Israelis allowed Arab or 'Islamic' terrorists to 'accidentally' board a flight isn't it ? I don't believe it ever happened in Israel.
    I feel very sorry for Ellen Mariani who lost her pilot husband that day but at the same time am awed by her persistence and maybe
    foolhardiness in wanting to take her complaints about ICTS and NY Judge Hellerstein's coverup all the way to the U.S.Supreme Court.I feel that a jury trial would be the only possible level playing field as the U.S.Supreme Court is controlled by Zionist fascists and corp whores.
    I sure WOULD like to hear you discuss some of these people and issues on your site or with Alex Jones if he'd let you.

  3. Jonesy Can't talk about the elephant in the room

  4. I noticed, last time you were on, he was getting kind of weird about things you were saying. He's quite the odd ball. Memory like the Univac 1100 but speech impediments and nervous as a hummingbird. Don't get me wrong. I have listened for 10 years and hardly miss a day. But he starts getting on my nerves with his hyperactivity and other idiosyncrasies.
    Anyone notice half the time he puts b for v. Listen when he says Conserbative. David Icke becomes "Dabud". He also trills his B's. BbBbBbreak it down. And when he interrupts, even if he agrees, he doesn't say "Yes that's right" or Yes anything, he says NO. He'll actually say "NO NO NO that's right". He will even say "Yeah/No" a couple times per show. I have no idea what that means, where it comes from or what. I've heard other people do it and it freaks me out worse than "my bad".
    The poor guy had his head pounded in several times in his younger years. Maybe that's why Jessie Ventura's book "Demo-Crips & Re-Blood-licans" gets pronounced "Demo-Crips & Re-BLUB-licans".
    Today on the show he tried for the word Thalidomide and it came out Flablidamide or Flalidamide. He said he couldn't pronounce it but wow. For a guy who can remember hundreds of 10 year old headlines word for word and what paper they're from right off the top of his head, he sounds nothing like he should. It's wonderful to be perfect.

    1. Another one of his weirdnesses is that when he is giving examples, he doesn't stop with the ordinary 3 examples, he goes and goes. I don't know if he's trying to show how amazing his brain is but he digs up every single thing he can. He will say something like, "I am talking about any vegetable, an onion, a carrot, a pea, asparagus, a rutabaga, a tomato, lettuce, chard, spinach....uhhhhh,...ib..dib..dib...dib...artichoke,..uh,,bibdibdibdib..uhh..cantaloupe,...ib dib dib.. yeah/no that's a fruit...yeah/no...........

    2. I dunno.. I would say someone as smart as you say is, well they exercise their brain more than their tongue. Also, providing as many examples as possible seems more of a scholarly thing to do, in order to provide a broader more complete context of the thesis they are presenting. And as far as saying "no, no, you're right!", I bet if you look at the context surrounding that statement, they are responding to statements or questions like "bla bla this doesn't make sense" and he is responding like "no, no it doesn't, your right", but leaving out the "it doesn't" part skipping forward to the content in conversation. There is a level of telepathy between people, sometimes through familiarity with the person, and other times through basic body language, and other times just a natural connection between two people. In those cases, much of the filler in language arts can be skipped. I can see how that would be annoying to a third party observer, being as that "telepathy" is not directed at them. If that person is a public figure than I think what you listed is actually a really good critique.

    3. Alex Jones shows all the signs of being a dyslexic, I know something about dyslexia, because I am dyslexic also. Dyslexics see things in pictures, like a mosaic, or a puzzle, they can see things in their head and put the pieces together that other people sometimes cannot even see. Dyslexics also sometimes interrupt people, I am accused of this rudeness all the time. Someone will be telling me something, but I see in pictures, so I interrupt them because I've already got the and want to move on. Sometimes people will say, wait a minute, you haven't let me finish! I don't need the person to finish, I've got it already even though they haven't explained everything because I see in pictures. I know Alex Jones does this also, it sometimes even irritates me because, maybe he got the picture, but his listening audience has not got the picture and would like to hear the other person's expertise without interruptions from Alex. I know how extremes listens to himself in his broadcast, and tries to discipline his outburst. I also know, that spiritually and as a Christian, that he doesn't have the full picture. He has Christian fundamentalist leanings, having been taken in by the deceptions of the Zionist. But, I actually believe he is a seeker of the truth, although he may not like the truth he finds eventually

    4. I know, he has a hell of a time with Ventura's Democrips and Reblublicans :).

      Personally,I listen every day. I have family members with ADHD and Dyslexia, and he is textbook classic. very smart though. foxlike.

      My biggest gripe with him was Occupy, he should have harnessed the energy when he could (and I told him so).
      AJ never really has any constructive strategies to fix these issues. .. let's just all worry about them a lot, and maybe all the globalists will go away.

      Alex still has not even given lip service to Dr. Judy Wood, even after Ventura tried desperately. That makes me a little suspicious.

      I think he is on the outs with Icke also.

  5. Before : Shocking 9/11 Mossad Connection Revealed!
    After : Insider: U.S. Ambassador Killing an Inside Job!

    Alex Jones Channel Removes Mossad Connection From Video Title .

    This is news in some places this week.

    It is almost like they are begging the aj is a zionsit crowd to speak out.

  6. Oh my gosh JD just provided me with the best laugh I've had in a long time (laughing to tears kinda laugh)with the Alex Jones diction analysis. SO TRUE. Drives me nuts. I think the hyper-examples thing might be a defense mechanism b/c he's had so many years of people not believing some of what he shares. Whatever is absolutely the truth. Still laughing. Thank you!

  7. it is really simple and often overlooked... Osama Bin Laden did NOT send the Israeli's to America to "document the event". Uh Hello... ANYBODY IN THERE? foreknowledge maybe? Explaining this to the sheep is tiresome in and within itself.

  8. So Alex is human? Go figure! The Sam Adams of our age screaming from his lonely stump for years, only to find out that hundreds of millions are listening world wide, and by satellite no less! The Jones has realized that the whole world is an audience, and he's the one on stage! Would that any of us could handle it so well. Alex is right where we need him and is managing quite well. Pray he maintains balance and endures.

    1. Your denial and blindness is nauseating. Dont ever get too close or too blunt or too honest huh?

      Why wont AJ consider this information on his site? This is not some rabid "Arab antisemite" publication- its HAARETZ!

      Odigo says workers were warned of attack
      By Yuval Dror | Sep.26, 2001 Haaretz

      Odigo, the instant messaging service, says that two of its workers received messages two hours before the Twin Towers attack on September 11 predicting the attack would happen, and the company has been cooperating with Israeli and American law enforcement, including the FBI, in trying to find the original sender of the message predicting the attack.

    2. My problem is, I keep thinking of Breitbart, Wellstone, and a slew of other investigative reporters and politicians, who have either had heart attacks, mugged and murdered, suicided, or just flat out murdered with no one caught.

      Here is how it hurts us that Alex will not go down the Israeli rabbithole, example: Mossad is a creature of Britain as is the CIA. Neither work for their countries, rather for their countries patron, the illum families or globalists if you will. MI6 is the lead intel agency that the others report to.

      If Alex would go down that rabbithole, he is capable of finding connections between these three agencies and all the false flags around the world. Information needed is changing from when Alex first started. True, he is the original and broke many exposes, but now he is being left behind because others are WILLING to go down rabbit holes that he is refusing to do but should be going down.

      The single issue stopping him is Israel and for a while I blamed it on his concern for his family since his wife is Jewish as are his children that are half and given the penchant the internationalists have for offing investigative reporters, I can see where he might worry about his family

  9. Leander,
    Alex is right where some other people need him. Those people are the ones who can either elevate or destroy whoever does not carry the appropriate message. I suggest you listen to and read many sources and come up with your own sense of what is wheat and what is chaff. Alex is married to a jew and is loathe to carry on too long about Israeli mischief and manipulation. He may appear to be championing the release of ALL the information; however, he manages information and is just another gate keeper like Amy Goodman. As with all products, Caveat Emptor!

  10. I listened to the interview on Sunday.

    I think you covered some ground AJ wasn't comfortable with, which isn't a surprise, the players you mentioned, generally aren't covered by AJ.

    Frankly, I was surprised to hear those players mentioned on his show (although, you already have demonstrated you're fearless and say what is the truth as best you understand it to be), I suspect you didn't discuss prior to the show exactly what you would say (possibly to stretch the areas you could go into once on the show).

    I would've hoped with your credibility and experience, AJ wouldn't be afraid to cover those players, with your lead, but apparently, that wasn't enough (as you know the players mentioned usually are not mentioned because of the power they have and will use to dump on those that discuss them).

    AJ wants to go mainstream or get mainstream acceptance, so talking about those players, rattles him, threatens his ability to get mainstream acceptance. In a way, I can't blame him because they will "brand" you in an attempt to make you politically radioactive.

    I hope you can have a private talk with AJ regarding those players and maybe he will go live with it, with your lead.

    But I also wouldn't be surprised if AJ didn't because he thinks it will detract from his ability to reach more people.

    Although, when you shy away from solid information because of who or what it shines light on, then, that holds you back and hurts your credibility.

    Thank you for speaking out.

    Serious trouble is brewing and all people of good faith need to put an oar in the water -- thanks for being one of those people.

  11. I put up with Jones avoiding the Jew word. He lost me when he started pushing the holocaust lie. He even had the health ranger pushing it.

  12. “Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu will be responsible for the next Holocaust of the Jews,”

    on Sunday 16th September 2012, Dr Steve Pieczenik (a CIA agent for twenty years who was allegedly the inspiration for Tom Clancy’s ‘Jack Ryan’) talked with Alex Jones about i) president Jimmy Carter kicking out 4,000 operatives from the CIA, ii) Wolfowitz, Abrams and Chertoff all hiding behind Mitt Romney and gearing up for Jewish World War Three and iii) “Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu will be the death of the Jews,” stating that he was part of 9/11 etc.

  13. @James

    Piecznki kicked AJ's ass on that interview... AJ was besie himself & couldn't handle the info in real time & had to constantly ask for breaks...

  14. There needs to be a record of the Dr.'s knowledge of affairs. You would think AJ would want to be the curator of records but he is ??????Not allowing it??????

  15. I heard a lot of things regarding Alex Jones, one of them is that he never talks of any israeli or zionist involvement. He prefers to talk about spooky freemasons, satanists or bilderberg. Although i have no idea what this means, and i never saw one of his shows, i accidentaly ended up on the Pieczenick interview he did and i thought "well...turns out he does speak about this stuff". Thats beause i thought he knew Steve would talk about that. Now he cancels the next interview? Weird...
    Its just a disinfo agent for me, a misleading person who takes real facts and blurs them with simplistic explanations..

    Any thoughts?

  16. Yep this definitely confirms that Alex is scared and will not talk about certain topics.

    I always see people exposing Alex Jones on youtube regarding this looks like they are even more credible that previously thought.

    Damn Alex you real are full of shit.

    Dr Steve P in probably my favourite guest I always listen to what he has to say and there is no bullshit with him.

    Glad he speaks his mind at least someone does.

    Oh yeah when Alex says about he's not afraid of the opposition etc... Alex lies he doesn't talk about certain group.

    He's a front.


  17. Dear Steve,

    First of all, I agree with almost all you said in your AJ interview and I truly admire your bravery. However, one can easily tell that this kind of public communication is new to you. Here's why.

    If you look at your AJ interview as a psychiatrist, you'd have to admit that the amount of information you communicated and the way you did that was to say the least rather weird... To put it blankly, you looked qiuite like a typical conspiracy theorist who recently found out who pulls the strings, connected some dots and rushed out to the public to share his chaotic revelations. The clear and present danger is that if you carry on like that you'll be soon labeled as a weirdo conspiracist... Beware.

    Please, don't get me wrong, but this is what it looked like for most viewers, albeit they might not be consiously aware of that.
    You are a psychologist yourself, so do yourself a favour and analyse your interviews as objectively as you can.

    The facts are that if you carry on like that you'll end up as just another self-named whistleblower who will fade away pretty soon and not be listened to anyone but few.

    Please, carry on and reveal the Zionist agenda, the international banksters agenda, etc. But remember, if you loose credibility and talk whatever comes to your mind, you'll get nowhere.

    Just follow the best characters of your novels....


  18. Hello everyone!

    It appears that what Mr. Pieczenik said is so very true.
    Ru_Net (Russian inet segment) is full of messages of whats' happening in Jerusalem right now. Details of on-going massive military maneuvers and preparations are coming from russian speaking israelis. Tanks, anti-aircraft installations in the city itself.
    Wish you all luck.

    With best regards,

  19. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the great interviews you did so far.Maybe you should broadcast you own weekly or monthly podcast online.You can explain than things without all the interuptions .I would love to learn more about israelian politics and history.

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  21. I'm with marnix, a regular blog or podcast would be an awesome and welcome feature from you.

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  24. Hate to say it but Alex Jones is a Zionist shill--plain and simple. I always suspected it as, for 16 years, he has always steered clear of discussing the role Zionism has played in destroying the US (and indeed the world) as we know it.

    His Jewish wife is employed as his "handler." Jones is connected to the Zionist Bronfman family through his legal counsel. Worse yet is his boss, a Mr. Jeffrey H. Smulyan.

    Mr. Smulyan is Jones' direct superior and highly influences what he says, how he says it, and what ads for shady gold dealers and water filter vendors go in between.

    Mr. Smulyan is the owner of Emmis Communications. Emmis (Hebrew for "truth") is ultimately in control of precisely what Mr. Jones has to say.

    In short Doctor P, I do not believe that you will ever be asked to speak on the "Alex Jones Kosher Konspiracy Klub" again. Please know that I thank you whole-heartedly for getting out the important information that you did. Mr. Smulyan did not like it--but that's exactly what is so good about what you did.

  25. What is unfair is that AJ wont hesitate to indict every US offical who is NOT jewish that was behind 911- Cheney, Bush, Rice etc but lets the jewish perps off the hook and gives them privileged protection. Pieczenik took a great risk with this information and has a history of established credibility and accuracy with Jones. Not to mention heavy-duty bona fides. Doubters always "prove" 911 wasnt an inside job by saying that its too big a thing to keep secret- "someone would leak it". But then when some one does, they find a reason or way to ignore or marginalize them. Either Dr P should record his information here on his own site for listeners and/or give contact info where those willing and grateful to publish what he reveals can reach him and interview him. This deserves to be heard and NOW before more mayhem is unleashed.

  26. Doctor Pieczenik,

    Our community on Reddit (specifically r/conspiracy) would be very happy if you could do an AMA (ask me anything) for us or perhaps just come over and join the discussion? We are 80,000 strong and we are all ears. You are very respected in our group.

    You are a true patriot and have incredible information to share. We all respect you and have for many years. Please think about it Doc! Get a Reddit account and come visit!

    Thank you for all that you do in the name of Truth.

  27. Alex has something being held over his head. He has called out Israel, Mossad, Jewish mafia, ADL. He has already done whole segments on it, but he won't give those subjects the time they are due.

    He does this for a few reasons:

    1) If he gets labeled as hate speech (which is very easy to have done) he gets banned in pretty much all of Europe.
    2) Like other people have been pointing out, he is owned by, and closely affiliated with, Jewish interests who are subconsciously asking him not to focus on Zionism.
    3) He has already stated that of all the organizations he thinks are globalists, the ADL is the only one he fears, because he knows they can shut down his whole operation if he ever gets too into Jewish conspiracy theories.
    4) He may be under some form of blackmail by his boss.

    Basically, he has to maintain the illusion he is a Zionist sympathizer, and that is how he maintains his program. That's why he let Dr. Steve to go without interruption, while not really saying any of it himself. I could see that Alex was glad it happened. It works for us, either way, because he is a gateway drug for growing conspiracy theory.

    1. This is actually a very good, well thought out statement.

      I thank you for posting it! It made me think and of course you are totally on the right track.

    2. Please research his past stuff. Alex had broadcast very early in his career pointedly zionist statements. "I believe the land of Israel is for Israel only, the Arabs have all that other land..." etc He is a true believer. Or else lied to seduce his bosses. He went so far as to make the ludicrous claim that 'Arabs control Hollywood'. But then he also claimed to have predicted 911- a blatant lie. He picked that info up from Navy Vet William Cooper's July 2001 broadcast and claimed it as his own prediction, so who knows how far he'd dissemble? He's made alot of good contributions but those facts still need be considered to get the full pix. As for Pieczenik's intv? Jones genuinely seemed blown away, but like he'd love to have Dr P back on for a followup. Higher ups put the kabosh on that- not Alex. Maybe they were also afraid of the date setting causing a panic? Just a thought.

  28. Thomas Brinkley you said,'Basically, he(Alex Jones) has to maintain the illusion he is a Zionist sympathizer, and that is how he maintains his program......'' Hee Hee,apparently he must maintain the 'illusion' that he is a far right wing nut and Texas gun nut as well and in fact does a pretty good job of it.He even tried to claim that the young idiot Jared Laughner who shot Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was a 'hippie'or a left wing 'liberal'(hee hee) when obviously his political slant and love of gold among other indicators showed his greatest influence was from right wing 'libertarians' a la Alex Jones and Ron Paul,

  29. I'm surprised everyone is heading down this track - I assumed that Alex/Infowars' panic had more to do with Dr. P's reference to how Netanyahu should be "dealt with" at this point?

    To the good Dr. directly - thank you so much for your honesty and courage. It's indicative of the times that your comments have spread far beyond the Infowars silo, and have been republished/reposted across the net. I just noticed an article on Veterans Today that picked it up as well.

    You are correct when you say that Americans are intelligent, and that we know what's being done to us - but it's a great help when someone who can't be written off as a 'conspiracy nut' speaks the truth. My five kids and I appreciate both your boldness and your remarkable knowledge of the countless quagmires this country has stepped into and now needs to navigate. We have a lot to learn about the Truth over the past 50+ years...with each of your blog posts parting the veil, I trust we'll all be throwing more sunlight on things in the months to come.

    Thank You

  30. The killing of Stevens was a riff on a tactic used often by NWO- notably the false flag hit on Schlomo Argov justifying invasion of Lebanon. Killing Stevens was meant to be the Tonkin Gulf/next Pearl Harbor 'forcing event' as Michael Mukasey put it.
    Thanks again Dr P, your publicizing the date may well have bought us more time. However, the "America division w/ Israel" theatrics in the press are not matched by what is and has been really going on backstage. US continues sending extensive offensive military hardware to ME, prepping periphery nations as platforms for Iran attack etc. Dennis Ross and Dershowitz just announced "Obama has Israel's back" vis a vis Iran bombing- which clinches it for me- that grandstanding notwhithstanding, the game is ON. Dr P- is it too late to stop it?

    1. Belated, but here's the smoking gun!

  31. As an Australian, I occasionally view an Alex Jones show on YouTube. I have never known what to make of him. Then I watched the show where he interviewed Dr P. Having never heard of Dr P, but being impressed by his credentials, then by his knowledge of Middle Eastern affairs, I was amazed at what Dr P appeared to have knowledge of. Alex promised a longer interview in a couple of days’ time, but when I searched, I couldn’t find it. Then I discovered that it had been cancelled. A deeper look and now I understand. Sorry, but as far as I’m concerned, Alex has lost his credibility. How can anyone believe what he says after this? Who is pulling his strings? However, Dr P has my vote: You have to continue getting the message out there! Good on you!

  32. Steve - I am not a fan of Alex and I loved your interview. I am the host of Inside the Eye - Live! on Oracle and would love to bring your message into our audience. Inside the Eye - Live! has a very sophisticated audience with a global reach. Not sure how to contact you so Inside the Eye - Live! is the site and you can reach me there..would love again to have you on.

  33. I agree with the people suggesting that a Dr. Pieczenik podcast would be incredible. For one thing, there would be a large, diverse record made for future reference. Secondly he wouldn't be interrupted for commercial breaks or host interruptions. There's a novel idea.

  34. I'm not sure what to make of all the different opinions on AJ, but I do appreciate a lot of the information and awakening I've received from his broadcasts over the last few years. Perhaps the most valuable information of all, however, came from his interview with Dr. P. Alex brought me here and now I'm a solid reader of this website. The same goes for Paul Craig Roberts, Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell and many others. Regardless of how you feel about any of these individuals, the diversity of information and views is eye opening and life changing. I'm really glad to have found YOU ALL here!

  35. If it has not been mentioned here, Dr Pieczenik you blamed Israel and the Jews on AJ's show and he and or his sponsors won't allow that!

  36. On today's AJ show at about 45 min into hour 3 AJ said Pieczenick had been invited back but so far had refused to come on the show.

  37. Dr. Pieczenick can you respond to that accusation for clarity please? Although your initial statement is sufficient I am wondering if you care to address Alex's version of the events, if he did in fact say what Iwill12 reports.

    1. Didn't mean to post an accusation. I've downloaded the 3rd hour from Genesis radio 0926123.mp3. At 42:57 AJ says "By the way we've invited Dr. Pieczenick back on the show. He has not agreed to come back on yet."

      I'd like to hear more from Dr. Pieczenick. On AJ or somewhere else.

  38. Sorry Iwill12 I was not suggesting you were posting an accusation I was suggesting Alex was accusing the Dr. of refusing to return to the show.

  39. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    looking forward to more info from Dr Steve

  40. it's becoming well known, now, that he has a former stratfor employee in his employ, molly maroney

  41. Michael Rivero had the exact same problem with AJ.

    It is simply because AJ is a Christian Zionist.

  42. ////If it has not been mentioned here, Dr Pieczenik you blamed Israel and the Jews on AJ's show and he and or his sponsors won't allow that!///