Saturday, June 15, 2013

Arrogant,  Self-Destructive Billionaire NYC Mayor: Michael Bloomberg!   On the Warpath to Attack Sen. Max Baucus  [D-Montana],   A Pro-Gun Advocate!  btw,  Bloomberg is on the Way to Destroy the Democratic Party

Bloomberg’s “Custer’s Last Stand”!!!! 
The Final Death Throes of a financial and political titan,  Michael Bloomberg is to rail about a passage of Gun Legislation that did not pass:  Background Checks of potential gun buyers.
Bloomberg’s behemoth possibly ‘ill-gained’ wealth estimated at 27 Billion Dollars is being splattered about the media supporting advertising attacking one of my personal favorite Senators,  “From My Former Home State” of Montana,  Sen. Max Baucus.

Sidebar:  Please read the excellent NY Times,  June 14, 2013 article “Bloomberg Reporters Tactics Become Crucial Issue For Company” by Amy Chozick.   My impression: Bloomberg devised computer terminals which stole and reformatted market news.    He was the first financial electronic surveillance and manipulator of the markets.   Information is king and the king manipulated the information accordingly—to garner personal wealth and fortune.
Alas! Background checks have a nasty way of coming back to haunt those who demand them!
  “Qui s’excuse; s’accuse!
  He excuses himself;  accuses himself! 
But now back to the ersatz psychoanalysis of Mayor Bloomberg and his final days--- 
Why is Bloomberg on personal vendetta attacking Max Baucus and other fellow Democrats Senators for their pro-gun votes—Sen Mark Begich of Alaska;  Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota?
Is it because, Bloomberg is so adamant about gun control?
  Me thinks that "The Mayor Doeth Protest Too Much",  not to make this ersatz issue of pro-gun legislation the raison d’etre of his self-anointed,  Templar Crusade to Jerusalem. 
Sidebar: Please remember the tragic ending of Shakespeare, “Macbeth”.
I think that Bloomberg has entered the twilight of his career--- or better stated—his “narcissism is out of control”.
Bloomberg has finally come to the sad realization that he will no longer be “The Mayor Of  The Most Important City” in the world—New York.
And who is going to write about him?
  Call him for emergencies?
  Greet him with homilies when he rides on the Express Subway Train like all the normal commuters.
  How can he even try to play the game of being just another New Yorker when he was The MOST IMPORTANT NEW YORKER?
Even the game of “false humility” is not his anymore.
  He has to become transparent and real in his everyday transactions and not assume anymore the posture of ‘being ordinary’ when in fact he knew all too well,  he was never really,  ‘ordinary’. 

So maybe,  27 Billion dollars in the safes and vaults of the Caymen Islands or JP Morgan Chase derivatives is not really all that satisfying when… HE HAS FAILED TO REACH HIS OWN IMMORTALITY.
  What do I mean?
I have treated many rich and richest business men [believe me there is no appropriate adjective to describe these guys—“superlatives squared” is not sufficient for their egos] and they all come in the same shape and sizes despite their interminable need to appear singular and unique.
The problem lies not in the wealth they had accumulated because they know all too well,  you can’t take it with you into the worm-infested soil of soil,  irrespective of your preferred ritual of death.  
For most of these guys,  the fact that the game of acquiring  money by whatever means is gone plays a far more salient feature to their sense of self-worth and identity than any accumulation of wealth.
Bloomberg’s houses in NYC,  London, Vail, or wherever are simply replicates of  limestone tombs harking all the way back to times of Pharaohs,  embalmed with their house hold possessions and even their pets.
  But for Bloomberg there is no such immortality.
  No one but his family,  or nearest friends, if any are left,  will visit his grave site and say the mandatory prayer that we, Jews,  are called forth to utter—“THE KADDISH”.
More importantly,  the political games of deception,  manipulation,  confrontation, and self-aggrandizement are fleeting,  if not completely, vaporized. 
What field of endeavor can be left for a voracious,  ambitious man of true accomplishments?
Question:  So what is left for a poor Jewish,  Brookline, Mass. “boyshik”,  who successfully overcame anti-semitism to become --against all odds-- a  banker; electrical engineer; business man; politician, and philanthropist?
Answer:  Self-Destruction!!!

The Ultimate Game to which this incredibly talented Individual can perform EXQUISITELY…. AND WITHOUT ANY ONE ELSE'S ASSISTANCE!!!
  Bloomberg is the only one who can  self-immolate his own personae,  contrived or real. 
It is only he,  Bloomberg,  who can write the final ending to his life.  But unlike his autobiography Bloomberg by Bloomberg— his hagiography of real or imagined accomplishments,  there is no Theodore Dreiser or Sinclair Lewis  who can write the Titan or  There Will Be Blood .

Advice:  it’s time for, you,  Mayor Michael Bloomberg to lay off of Max Baucus!
  Max has served his state well and judiciously.
  He is a modest,  accomplished legislator who had chosen the public service arena for his own mark for immortality.
It’s quite simple,  contrary to your insulting,  prurient anti-Max Baucus ads,  the state of Montana loves Max and Max loves Montana.

Now it’s time for you,  Mayor Bloomberg,  to come to terms with your own immortality.
  Do you want to be remembered for your expansive accomplishments, whatever they may be?
  Or do you want to be honored for the Senators and political party that you purposefully destroyed,  intentionally or unintentionally?
  The choice is yours.
Rein in that nasty narcissism!
Become a ‘mensch’ again. 
Find something worthy to do besides,  rail like a dying elephant.
These final throes of death are deafening. 
The silence of achievement is mute… but noble.
  As we say in the casinos of life:
“ Les Jeux Sont Faits!”

You can’t place your bets anymore. 
The game of life is over!!! 


  1. I was on the same two tickets (Republican and Liberal) as Bloomberg in 2005 when I ran unsuccessfully for Manhattan Borough President. I was a sure loser--no Republicans win in Manhattan--so I wasn't allowed to speak to him or any of his people.

    He got on the anti-gun push immediately with his second inaugural speech in 2006 (the one where he falsely attributed to O. Henry an old New York saying). He has other issues, such as health, and he's given money to his alma mater Johns Hopkins.

    In business and in politics, Bloomberg has been both incredibly good and incredibly lucky. His timing for starting the Bloomberg terminals was just right. His timing in running for mayor (just after 9-11, with the blessing of Mayor Rudy Giuliani) meant that he would just squeak by and win.

    Bloomberg can be extremely petty and unforgiving when he doesn't have to be. For example, he came up to Albany and found a solitaire game on someone's computer. He found out who it was and had the poor guy fired on the spot. It didn't matter if the employee was on lunch break. He was non-union, so he wasn't given any sort of grievance procedural penalty. Bloomberg could fire this low-level guy, so he did.

    In early 2009, Obama had an "Air Force One" plane fly low over the city for a photo op by the Statue of Liberty. Citizens were terrified of another 9-11 of a plane going into a building. Bloomberg blamed others--he was outraged, OUTRAGED!, that he'd never been told about this flyover. But Obama's people did tell Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and someone in Bloomberg's office, low-level employee Marc Mugnos. Bloomberg didn't say anything at all in the press about Kelly, but told the press that he was FURIOUS at this low-level Mugnos guy. Mugnos took the fall and never spoke to the press; my gut tells me that he probably, at the very least, had discussed the matter with a deputy mayor (who also was not publicly punished).

    Bloomberg will stand by CEOs who screw up big time (such as the Con Ed CEO when power was lost in Queens for many days), but he'll castigate low-level people on the slightest whim. A true public servant should probably do just the opposite--stand up for the powerless and hold those in power to a high standard.

    1. To get elected in 2001, Bloomberg also went on the Independence party line. Many people voted for it, thinking it stood for "Independent." The party was run by anti-Semitic whackadoodles, as exposed in NY1 reports. Because the party had helped him at a critical time, Bloomberg always stood by these people or had choice "no comments," even when it was shown they were improperly using public money.

      Bloomberg was a Democrat, became a Republican when it was convenient to avoid the Democratic primary, and then became an independent when George W. Bush had made Republicans unpopular. It was all about what was best for him at the time. In the 2005 election, all the Republicans he was showering money to said that he was a true Republican. It was sickening to watch these paid stooges. In 2004, New York City held the Republican National Convention. Bloomberg made sure that there was never a photo of him next to George W. Bush. Bloomberg never went to the 2005 Presidential inauguration, and yet the New York Republicans stood by him all the way. (I didn't like Bush, either, but c'mon.)

      In 2001 and again in 2005, he made sure that no (weak) Republican ran with him for the citywide offices of Comptroller and Public Advocate. He also made sure that no other Republican got on the ballot for mayor to force a primary; he was especially aggressive on this in 2005, totally pulverizing a penniless candidate running on principle.

      Bloomberg repeatedly said that he'd never run for a third term and he'd never overturn term limits, something that was voted on twice by New Yorkers. Yet he pulled strings in the city council and overturned term limits without an election, and then ran for a third term and won.

      People re-elected Bloomberg for a third term because the union-led Democrats are worse. In one city council meeting, it was revealed that city council members asked the school union people questions directly from the union's own cue cards! A city council member who chairs the education committee appears at many union events and even led a chant of "UNION! UNION!"--this, from the "impartial" people's respresentative who's supposed to negotiate a contract with the union. When the transit workers held an illegal strike and shut down the subways and the busses, all the elected politicians stood with the illegal strikers; the (union) politicians in Albany got their marching orders to make illegal strikes such as that one legal. So, yeah, the alternative to Bloomberg was worse.

      Bloomberg deperately wanted to become the first Jewish president and talked about it all the time, but Obama ruined his last chance. He pleaded for a vice presidential slot, but Obama knew that Bloomberg is not a #2 guy at anything. He polled on running as a third party candidate, but the polling numbers weren't in his favor. This--Michael Bloomberg, the leader of the world--was all he thought and still thinks about. He does not think about, say, being mayor and making sure the subways are maintained.

      The third term as mayor ends at the end of this year. The Republican party--always an underdog in NYC--is in complete shambles, in a city that needs its supposed business principles more than anywhere else.

      Maybe he'll continue his crusade telling you what soda size you should drink or what salt consumption you should have. He himself eats hot dogs and Cheese-Its.

      He sure won't retire to play golf. What will he do?

    2. Well, he could fight the good fight against The Powers That Be (TPTB), similar to what Ron Paul is doing except with billions of dollars to get out the message. He could fight for a dollar that means something and fight against the Federal Reserve money-printing, for example. But again, those are his friends, and he'll never do that.

      He could fight for Truth and Liberty and Justice in America, as corny as that sounds. He won't, but that's something we really need right now.

    3. I hate to be anti-semitic again, but your story about Bloomberg firing someone for having a game on his terminal reminds me of something I witnessed in San Antonio in the 1980s.

      In the early 1980s the largest owner of office buildings in San Antonio was an Israeli megalomaniac who lived in San Antonio and was also a Mossad agent who let Mossad set up a base in one of his buildings, the Ashford Oaks Building, which brought me into contact with him.

      One day he went into one of the men's rooms in that building and there happened to be no hand towels when he needed one so he immediately fired the entire janitorial staff.


      He had to bring in a whole team of Israelis for security at that building in 1984 because there was a cat and mouse game going on in which agitators were getting in and painting swaztikas in hidden places.

  2. It is a tale told by a fool, full of sound and fury but signifying nothing.

  3. Micheael bloomberg is part of an out of control elite and he wants to tell us what size soda to drink and how much salt to add to food.

    Authoritarianism... anybody?

    Why is it that so many of the elite want to control people down to the size of soda they drink?

    Yes, it seems if the elite get their unfettered way, pyramids will be built and human sacrifices offered.

    Not to gods, a god, or some higher power, but the sacrifices will be made to appease the elite.

    As their eventual goal (or at least a faction of the elite) is to replace God with themselves.

    They want to be the gods to lord over men.

    Will the common man, yet, again, allow an elite to rule over him with an iron fist?

    The next five years will be telling.

    Bloomberg is just one example among many.

  4. Then there was the 2005 "terror threat." The League of Women Voters scheduled a mayoral debate in Harlem that included a third party (Conservative) candidate, Tom Ognibene. Bloomberg said that he'd skip the debate and took a lot of heat in the media. The other two debates were one-on-one with the Democrat only.

    On the day of the debate, Bloomberg announced that there was a serious, credible and immediate terror threat against the NYC subways. People were frisked going into the subways--this cost the city many police hours. No one on the news was talking about the skipped debate anymore.

    Federal authorities confirmed that there had been a threat against New York, but it was far from credible or immediate. There was no reason to raise the threat level and the frisking was a waste of taxpayer money. Also, the "terror threat" had been known for weeks, but Bloomberg took action only on the day of the debate he would skip.

    Yep, this is the fellow who is taking aim at Max Baucus.

    Again, Bloomberg can fight the good fight for Truth and Freedom and Liberty and Justice, or he can fight the bad fight for tyranny and crony capitalism. Or he can play golf.

  5. I don't know if Bloomberg is a crook or not.

    But it's clear to me from his anti-gun, anti-soft drink crusades that he's just another dim-witted guy who has a screw loose who thinks he can do good.

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I think Bloomberg is classic among those who follow that path.

    He's just not that bright of a guy, got very lucky in a lot of things, and his luck and treasure went to his head - go figure.

    Hayek said the road to surfdom lies down such a path, and to an extent he was right in that the people seeking to solve all the world's ills are just like Bloomberg in that they are really seeking to work out their own, personal, issues without even realizing what's motivating them or that they're bringing harm to many through their crusading.

  6. Can't say as I am going to miss the democratic party all that much. All I see is petty bickering far and near and the Kiddish?...

    1. it is Kaddish, mourning prayer.
      Kiddush is the prayer over wine.

      i believe you mean mishagas (Stupidity, craziness, irresponsible behavior)

  7. Vanity vanity; all is vanity.

    "You're so vain.
    You probably think this song is about you.
    You're so vain!"

  8. On a "coming out" note,

    Here is a PHOTO of Bari Malik Shabazz's JEWISH baby momma, JO ANNE NEWMAN, sitting next to him at the Verizon Center NCAA Basketball game on 3-30-13.
    April 8, Article

    Read the May 2013 article too.

  9. No discussion of Michael's Bloomberg's terms as mayor is complete without talking about NYC school kids.

    When Bloomberg took office in 2002, Giuliani had finally won for the mayor's office the control of the public schools. For Bloomberg's 2005 election, the test scores had to go up.

    The test scores went up! Big. Maybe a little TOO big.

    From the City Journal:

    Diane Ravitch
    New York State Test Scores: Who to Believe?
    National tests cast doubt on New York’s feel-good story.
    28 September 2007
    The New York Daily News reported early in September that the state’s math tests in 2005 were easier than those given in 2002. A few days later, The New York Sun reported on a study which found that the reading tests of 2005 were also easier than in previous years.

    Easier tests! A brilliant election strategy.

    From the blog NYC Educator:

    Saturday, October 20, 2007
    What About Those Test Scores?
    With the New York City Department of Education all set to dole out merit pay bonuses to schools and teachers based on standardized test scores, we really ought to take a closer look at the claims the state and the city are making about their test score results.

    Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein like to claim they have raised test scores on both city and state tests dramatically since they started their first reforms of the public school system back in 2002.

    They like to throw around phrases like "record gains" and "best performance ever" when describing how well students are doing on tests now that they have implemented their reform and accountability movements (see this press release from for a sample of this kind of hype.)
    The whole thing certainly is a fraud - from the merit pay program based on suspect test score results to the school system that privileges tests and test prep over everything else.

    Ah, government education! Remember, it's all for the kids--except when it isn't.

    PART I:


    these documents are very valuable:

    in fact, i believe they are the linch pin:

    1.Bari Malik Shabazz SS#084-54-5926, was born in the West Indies by a AMERICAN NEW YORK jewish woman, joanne newman 10-28-59 and the only son of Malcolm X.

    He was secreted there.

    2. He lived in Queens 2 BLOCK AWAY FROM MALCOLM X's home, until he moved to Hawaii at age 20.


    4.Some time during this period he secured an alias with a new SS# 042-68-4425 (Harrison J. Bounel BORN 1890 DIED 1980)

    5. He used that alias to get into college as a foreign student for financial aid.

    6. However, he was in a car crash (TRAFFIC CRIME) on 3-12-82. He was driving without a license, even though according to the above document "Social Security change request" said he moved to Hawaii. He claimed he had a NY Drivers licence. most likely how he obtained those severe head scars)

    7. The case # is:1193041MO
    Go to the Hawaii traffic cour "eCourt Kokua";jsessionid=FDFF513AA90109AC4375A7CBE7C8AF36.

    Here is the case:

    8. Bari was served with a Bench Warrant for failing to appear.

    9. He continued to be Barack Obama with a new SS# while they were waiting for Bari's arrest.

    10. In 1994, Bari "died" without a death certificate. That same month August, now that he was "dead" Barack Obama was able to run for State Senator from

    Chicago without a criminal link of any past malfeasant record.

    11. In 2003, the case in the docket was "nolle prosequi" because he wanted to garner national attention. (July 27, 2004 DNC National Convention)

    12. In 2005, there was a final check (10-30-2005) to see the status of the case. IN JANUARY, 2005, HE WAS SWORN IN AS SENATOR FROM ILLINOIS

    13. Some time after 2008, he manufactured a selective service card because as a west indian, he didn't have one. he had someone in his circle get someone

    to steal a stamp and cut off the "20" in "2008" and invert the "08". That was the best they could do because there were no "1980" stamps found.

    14. Because he was hacking into all of his opponents court records, he believed that others thought the way he did, and was deeply worried he would be found out.

    1. Hey buddy that birthdate of 10-28-1959 IS MY BIRTHDAY!

      Now how eeery is that!

      [just to imagine that the world's most evil person and it's most devine were both borne on the same date] he he


  11. PARTII:

    15.Intellus tracking addresses:
    Malcolm X and his family resided at 23-11 97th St. East Elmhurst, New York, from July 1960 through February 18, 1965, three days before his death.
    BM Shabazz (Bari M Shabazz)
    B 10/28/59
    D 8/94
    SSN 084545926
    1 3226 98TH St Apt 1
    2 3298
    Quantico, VA
    4 1 HQ CO MCDEC
    6 99999 MILITARY APT
    QUANTICO, VA 22134
    QUANTICO, VA 22134
    9 99999 MILITARY APT
    QUANTICO, VA 22134

    16. To summarize, Bari Malik Shabazz was using an alternate identity to secure foreign aid as a student. He did not use his phony ID WHEN HE WAS ARRESTED FOR A CAR ACCIDENT. But after that he used Barack Obama so he would not be found. Bari disappeared and faked a death and no longer had but one identity,

    Barack Obama, but the SS# belonged to deceased Harrison J bounel. He recreated himself and with the help of con men, was elected by voter fraud in every election he ever won.

    HERE IS HER PHOTO ON 3-30-13
    April 8 article:

    THE FTC 800-438-4338
    SSA 800-772-1213 AND IRS 800-908-4490

    Here is the information form for the IRS:
    I have already made the call and filled out the form and attached the above malik shabazz id docs and the barack obama everify and merlin database docs proving he has committed id theft.



    ask any PI for help. they will merge the 2 identities.

    1. Haha, I admire how consistent Patriarch has been in asserting that Malcolm X is Obama's father.

    2. Then there is Dreams from My Real Father, a 2012 documentary that claims that Frank Marshall Davis is the real father of Barack Obama. Obama did mention Davis many times in Dreams from My Father (1995). Of the two "who-is-the-father" theories, if I had to choose, I'd go with Frank Marshall Davis.

      Now, back to Michael Bloomberg, the mayor who cares New York City's kids. In 2011, Bloomberg selected someone (a friend, without the usual nationwide search) who had no education experience to lead NYC's schools. She lasted only three months. In The New York Review of Books in April 2011, education expert Diane Ravitch (the one I'd choose to lead the schools) told the story:

      The Education of Lord Bloomberg
      Diane Ravitch
      April 7, 2011 was a day that should be remembered as one of the strangest in the history of the public schools of New York City and New York State. On that day, by coincidence (or not), the Chancellor of the New York City schools, Cathleen Black, and the State Commissioner of Education, David Steiner, both resigned. Black was replaced by longtime city official Dennis Walcott; a successor for Steiner, who will leave by August, has not been named. Hopefully, there will be a national search. Black’s tenure of three months was certainly the shortest ever in the history of the city’s schools. For his part, Steiner lasted less than two years in a job in which his predecessors typically persisted for a decade. The reasons for Black’s sudden departure are obvious; we will have to wait a bit longer to get the inside story about Steiner’s equally abrupt exit, though his handling of Black’s appointment may have undermined him.

      When Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced last November that he had selected publishing executive Black to be chancellor of the school system, he described her as a “superstar manager,” just the person needed to oversee a sprawling organization that enrolls 1.1 million children. Critics were immediately outraged that there had been no public search for a successor to Chancellor Joel Klein, and even more upset that Ms. Black met none of the legal requirements for the job. State law is very specific in describing the experience, education, and certification necessary to become a superintendent. Black had never taught, never worked in a public school, never been a principal, held no degrees in education, and obviously did not have a superintendent’s certificate. But the law did permit a waiver for a candidate whose unusual experience was equivalent to the legal requirements, and Mayor Bloomberg dismissed the criticisms of Black.
      The educational “miracle” of which the mayor boasted never happened. (The debunking of the higher test scores may have hastened the departure of Joel Klein, who took a job with Rupert Murdoch, selling educational technology.) The mayor has never acknowledged the collapse of the “miracle” and speaks instead of building on nine years of dramatic improvement.

    3. All this speculation about the fatherhood overlooks the more important and critical issue of the "Dreams of My Father" is that IT'S A PACK OF SHIT.

      He never knew his father, and all you have to do is listen to his brothers' descriptions of him and you can clearly see that Obama's description is all pure fantasy.

      Obama's father was a typical African ogre, a lying, wife-beating, perverted con man who came to the US and fucked Obama's teen mom, got her pregnant the way all African men do, then married her and abandoned them both!

      He was married to someone else the whole time, and when he went back to Africa he fucked a whole other group of bitches and had more kids with them, none of whome he gave a shit about.

      Obama's brothers say he was a violent asshole and malicious mother-fucker. So what else is new about African men?

      Obama is a full of shit about his monkey-faced, aboriginal cave-man father as he is about every other subject and matter. Obama couldn't tell the truth about any subject to save his life.


      As for claims that his mother in Hawaii isn't his real mom just compare Obama to his mom's Dad's face and you'll see they are virtually identical. Obama's Mom had a Dad with a very distictive, unusual face with a long pointing chin and other features which Obams has in spades [so to speak]. Obama got his facial bone structure from him, his real grandfather, and very little from his tribal-looking, monkey-faced Kenyan Dad who used to beat all the women and children in his pitiful monkey life.

    4. He's the image of Malcolm X with slanted eyes.
      no itinerary planned for Kenya on his $100 million free trip to Africa. GUESS he's not interested in showing his girls (spitting image of Malcolm's daughters) his "birthplace."

      he can't get enough of his frivolous theft of taxpayers' good will.

      I have been quite depressed this week. our country has been taken over by PIRATES...CALL IT A CONPIRATCY...LAND HO!

      Gary Webb, Andrew Breitbart, Aaron Schwartz, Philip Marshall, Michael Hastings, RIP
      No wonder the "journalists" ARE MOCKINGBIRDS, NOT GUMSHOE REPORTERS.



    DHS is a spendthrift glass house of cards: Muslim terror is a charade: the Jews were the PROBLEM IN EUROPE AFTER WWI.
    Hitler was elevated.
    Now bush CHENEY Rumsfeld pulled the same BS WITH Arabs.

    THE ENEMY IS WITHIN-it iis the evil incompetents who run the ATF FBI DHS IRS DOJ
    THEIR AGENDA IS TO STEAL $$$ from taxpayers to enrich themselves via redistribution to cronies & kickback laundering- nothing more than mobster racketeering.
    Anyone who speaks TRUTH TO THESE COWARDS ARE CHARGED AS "DOMESTIC TERRORISTS" according to the unconstitutional PATRIOT ACT.


    You will never hear TRUTH FROM SPOOK ALEXANDER. He has to keep AMERICANS in the dark In order to keep millions of security cleared contractors employed.
    FRAUD WASTE & ABUSE OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS. & the moral & physical decay of my BELOVED country.

    Everything congress does is an ECONOMIC CATASTROPHE.
    Never such a collection of DUMBELLS in one place unworthy of the largesse they acquire deceptively.

    "Well, come on generals, let's move fast;
    Your big chance has come at last.
    Now you can go out and get those reds
    'Cause the only good commie is the one that's dead
    And you know that peace can only be won
    When we've blown 'em all to kingdom come.

    And it's one, two, three,
    What are we fighting for ?
    Don't ask me, I don't give a damn,
    Next stop is Vietnam;
    And it's five, six, seven,
    Open up the pearly gates,
    Well there ain't no time to wonder why,
    Whoopee! we're all gonna die..."

  13. Seems clear from the comments: Bloomberg is a dick.

    1. He's a typical short man.

      Every short man I've met in my life is a dick.

      I won't do business with or even speak to short men anymore.

      They are malicious.

    2. Some short men have very large penises, for whatever reason.

      But I don't care.

      I'm not gonna ask someone to show me their Johnson first to speculate if they have the pervasive inferiority complexes short men seem to all share.

  14. I'm also a persoal trainer, although I don't train anyone anymore. I'm six feet tall and that makes me the tallest person in the strength training/resistance area of the gym on almost any day because almost all men who are into body-building are SHORT.

    Short guys feel a need to bulk up in order to feel equal to taller men.

    Now I was in the locker room once when this really short Dude stripped down and I was freakin amazed at the size of this guy's cock. He was huge, and it just sort of hung there like a third leg on this short yet muscular person. He always worked out with his girlfriend too, who was hot as shit, and I guess she was into all that meat. Some girls are but most are not. Having run several brothels and call-girl services I can tell you most girls DON'T like big cocks! It's a myth that they do. In fact some girls I worked with would simply reject anyone who was too big because afterwards they were ruined for the rest of the day...or two.

    1. Anthropologists say that men have large penises because women ARE attracted to men who have large penises WHEN AT REST. They say that women like to see a really huge RESTING PENIS as opposed to a tiny one, and this is why humans have big penises. HOWEVER when those penises become erect then it's a different story, and girls don't like to be pounded by a large cock. Women love to be pounded but by a penis that's not tiny and not too large either, but one that's just right sort of like the Goldilocks legend, which of course many are going to claim, perhaps correctly, is in fact a story about a young girl seeking fullfillment by finding the partner with the correct size member. Let's face it - instense sexual satisfaction is an important factor in adult bliss, and without it life is not complete, and any marriage is wanting.

    2. I wanna correct what I just said. It's arrogant of me to say that "without it [sex] life is not complete."

      I think there are many people who live totally satisfying lives without having an active sex life. An active sex life is important for people who ARE MEANT to have that, for people who feel that it's there birthright or purpose, etc., but that's not everyone.

      Clearly there are many people who just aren't sexually attractive, are not "fit" in that particular way, and they have lives which are meant for other purposes altogether.

      I should refrain from making such broad, sweeping statements when it comes to human beings. Humans are way more complex than that.

  15. Now while we're on the topic of resistance training I will share with you another vital lesson regarding human nature which I learned without any guidance from any psychologists, anthropologists, or the like of know-it-alls...

    Growing up I was tall but thin, like a lot of tall people, and was not a jock by any standard. I was a professional artist when I was a teenager, and was a high school debate champion, etc..NOT A JOCK.

    However when I left government work in 1986 I felt PHYSICALLY THREATENED by a lot of somewhat dangerous circumstances which arose, and therefore I set about to bulk up to reduce symptoms of depression and stress that I was undergoing.

    Within a year I had bulked up tremendously. I had a large frame anyway, and both my parents were athletes so it was easy to do. I wound up with a 33 in waist and a size 47 jacket size. I can never buy a suit off the rack again, as I have a small stomach and huge chest muscles and very broad shoulders.

    But the point is this...

    Since this transformation happened so rapidly I was able to notice something that persists till this day...

    Ever since I became this way people, mostly men, treat me entirely differently.

    Whenever I'm in public other men treat me very politely, which they used not to do.

    Ever since I became so large they smile and hold doors open for me, excuse themselves, and otherwise are extremely polite and almost ubsequesous...and they are all that way regardless of their status, income, etc.

    It's really strange and totally unexpected but that's what happened. I know hot girls are treated with extreme attention by all men, but I never read or heard from anyone that other men would be so RESPECTFUL to power appearing men. And I don't think they're even aware of it.

    1. I mean really I think someone should do their dissertation on that.

  16. This Bloomberg story involves mismanagement and two deaths.

    The Deutsche Bank Building, on Liberty Plaza, was damaged on September 11, 2001, but was still standing. The estimate to demolish it was a few million and a few years, but it took about $100 million and 10 years and 2 lives.

    The Village Voice tells the story in detail:

    Bloomberg's Biggest Scandal—The Deutsche Bank Fire—Should Be His Downfall. Why Isn't It?
    By Wayne Barrett Wednesday, Jul 22 2009
    Mike Bloomberg's worst scandal cost two firefighters their lives. If we lived in a media world in which facts and memories mattered, the nonchalance at the highest levels of the Bloomberg administration about the hazards and warnings at the Deutsche Bank building, where Robert Beddia and Joseph Graffagnino died on August 18, 2007, might cost him his re-election.
    The docket of pre-fire municipal malfeasance starts with the collapse of inspectional regimes at the fire and buildings departments, which combined to miss a 42-foot breach in the bank building's water-supplying standpipe for months, leaving firefighters without working hoses for more than an hour in what the Graffagnino family now calls a "death trap."

    Though FDNY regulations require inspections of construction or demolition sites every 15 days, the department never inspected the bank building in the six months of work that preceded the fire.
    But the record of miscalculation is not limited to inspectional dysfunction. It extends into the upper reaches at City Hall, where the mayor's most trusted deputy, Dan Doctoroff, disregarded warnings from DOI commissioner Rose Gill Hearn in favor of the reckless predilections of Bovis, a company that had built the Lexington Avenue headquarters of Bloomberg's media company and prospered in the Bloomberg administration. Bovis insisted on making a mob-and-accident-scarred firm its prime demolition subcontractor at the Deutsche site, and Doctoroff bowed to the selection over the howls of Gill Hearn.
    Once the recipient of hundreds of millions of dollars in Bloomberg and Doctoroff largesse at nearly a half-dozen city agencies, Bovis averted indictment only because it was too big an employer to fail, according to Morgenthau.
    The only supposed culprits punished for the inspection breakdowns are people the mayor does not know or didn't appoint—line staff at the FDNY and the DOB—while the executives at these agencies, led by Fire Commissioner Nick Scoppetta, have yet to elicit so much as a critical word from him.

    Scoppetta resigned under public pressure in October 2009.

  17. It's hard for a person to suffer from clinical depression when they're physically muscular and bulked-up.

    Depression is a function of the death process, and the dissipation of motivation which accompanies WASTING from desease or injury.

    The corollary to that is muscular mass and perceived strength.

    I can take any person who is suffering from depressed affect/mood and reverse his symptoms by increasing his muscle mass through training.

    The greatest benefit of strength training is mental, i.e. on mood and energy.

    In addition there are other inputs on mood related to insuline stabilization effecting the available energy levels to the brain.

    The brain uses a lot of resting energy and anyone with insuline resistance or diabetic tendencies will have an energy starved brain, and this is effect the mood as well.


    ACE OF SPADES HQ: Is Michael Bloomberg Using City Resources For His "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" Group?

    TWITCHY: ‘As a NYC taxpayer, I’m pissed’: Is Mayors Against Illegal Guns using NYC resources for its website?

    For the Montana interest, see the Washington Examiner:

    1 in 12 on Bloomberg’s gun victims list are crime suspects
    BY: PAUL BEDARD JUNE 21, 2013 | MODIFIED: JUNE 21, 2013 AT 8:16 AM
    A preliminary analysis of the list of shooting “victims” New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s group Mayors Against Illegal Guns is reading at rallies for new gun control laws finds that one in 12 are crime suspects killed by police or armed citizens acting in self-defense.
    A separate analysis looked at 13 gun deaths in Montana listed on the Slate list used by Bloomberg’s group. It found that more than half were the result of police shootings or suicide.

  19. If you take away the negros and latinos who use guns in crimes the rate of gun violence in the US is lower than that of Belgium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The US doesn't have a gun has an ETHNIC CRIME problem.

    Here are the facts...

    60% of gun related killings are suicides
    80% of people shot in crimes survive
    97% of people shot in crimes are shot by negroes or hispanics
    only 3% of victims are shot with rifles

    There's no case for gun control there.

    As a person of Germanic/Scandanavian ancestry I'm not at any risk to commit any crimes against society with my wonderful collection of firearms.

    In the town I grew up in, New Braunfels (a german community) in 1898 there were 92 gun shooting clubs.

    Where I come from everybody shoots, and no one commits any crimes, with or without guns.

    That's because I'm German and German-Americans commit no crimes. Neither do Scandanavian-Americans either.

    Now can you see why I'm a racist?

    Hard to argue with that.

    1. We've all heard of Jewish crime organizations, Italian Crime organizations, Irish, Russian, Nigerian, Mexican...

      Never any German. Huh? I wonder why?

      And never and Swedish or Norwegian.

      Gee I wonder why?

      Take that you leftist, politically-doctrinaire liars of racial tolerance and inclusion.

    2. But this speaks to a large issue, which is the evil nature of the United States as a society.

      The US is going down the tubes culturally, financially, morally, and in every conceivable way.

      Except for it's material wealth it never had any advantage anyway.

      The US is composed of the worst peoples from all over the planet - negroes, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Irish, French, Italians, on and on.....

      And as for the originating elite of English, well...

      What group of people have done more mischief than the English? Is there any group of people in Europe more depraved, more venal, less moral, more violent than they?


      In all of Europe the English are THE WORST.

    3. Just look north to Canada and you can see what I mean.

      Canadians have a higher standard of living, no poverty, almost no crime, and much better upward mobility.

      And of course they aren't a country full of negroes, Mexicans, Pureto Ricans and Cubans also.

      They've done a good job of overcoming their British and French roots.