Saturday, June 8, 2013

Obama Defends Mining Data: Why Should We Trust Him? 
By now,  most Americans are aware of the simple truth that for years if not decades,  the National Security Agency has been monitoring American’s phone calls.
  For many of us who have had the privilege to serve in the USG,   it’s not a complete surprise to know that the NSA,  often facetiously referred to as ‘No Such Agency’ because of it’s extreme level of secrecy and extensive intelligence activities has been rarely identified or even described in the media.  That is until recently.
  I had never worked at the NSA but I know its filled with very bright mathematicians and computer engineers.   They use all means of Signal Intelligence [SIGINT] and Electronic  Intelligence [ElINT] to monitor national security interests.
  As far as I know,  they have been quite responsible when I worked in the USG.   In fact,  when I requested an ‘electronic sweep’ of Americans overseas during the Jonestown Suicide Tragedy,  I was summarily warned by then Sec State Cyrus Vance  that ‘we don’t monitor Americans’.
  That was pretty much the whole story throughout my tenure with five Presidents.

However since 9/11,  the Patriot Act was instituted and all types of electronic data was ‘collected’.
  I was against the Patriot Act after 9/11 and now,  I am against the Patriot Act even more so.
  But my personal and professional belies a basic question.
  If POTUS Obama defended his steroidal use of the NSA as reported,  then certain questions must be asked of him.
Obama said the following:
“There are some trade-offs involved.   I came with a healthy skepticism about these programs.   My team evaluated them We scrubbed them thoroughly.   In the end, they help us prevent terrorist attacks.”
  So Mr POTUS,  we Americans also come with an extremely healthy skepticism  not only of the program called, “Prism Internet Surveillance” but also we approach the underlying assumption with even a greater dose of skepticism,  if not,  out-right disbelief,  that 9/11 was not ‘a false flag’ created by the Bush Jr Administration.
  It’s a simple answer that only you can make.   It requires a monosyllabic response—“yes” or “no”.
You see Mr President ,   if you want the American public to trust you,  then you have to trust us and tell us what you really do or do not know about 9/11.   This is not a conspiratorial issue or even a clever set-up. 
As an accomplished lawyer trained in Cartesian logic,  you would also have to ask the question,  was the “Patriot Act” really necessary for a ‘terrorist act’ that may have been created by the Bush Jr administration?
  Whatever your answer will be,  will determine the tenor and viability of the response of, we, Americans, of whom forty per cent now believe that 9/11 was a ‘false flag’.   If that is the case, then,  we see no need for instituted rigid,  if not suffocating, standards of monitoring the American populace.   This kind internal spying is akin to the habits of the East German Stasi of the now defunct Communist regime.
As you well know,  we have a Social Contract between the American people and it’s government.   That Social Contract depends on truth, transparency and accountability from both parties.
  As for me, I simply await your answer to us,  the American public.
  While we await your timely response,  let me remind you that 11 million of us,  served this country in countless wars and conflagrations around the world for two simple words emblazoned on my cap from Ft Bragg:
  “Veritas Et Libertas”
Don’t deny us that ethos,  Mr President!
“Truth And Liberty”!
  It’s just about all I have to say … for the moment.
May I remind you of very important sayings by one of your most famous predecessors---President Harry S Truman.
"Men make history and not the other way around."
  And then he added most presciently:
“I always consider statesmen to be more expendable than soldiers.” 
And of course, you must know this axiom:
  “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”.


  1. Dr, you treat this devil incarnate with too much respect. Ass-hole or Satan is a far more apt term.

    1. Satan is going to far, and A-hole is reserved for cruel people. I think the correct term for Obama is "criminal."

  2. Right on Dr. Steve. Rush Limbaugh is even using Anti-Patirot Act speech on his show. I listen to Conservative talk radio Mon-Fri while I'm at work which is more for a watchdog purpose than anything else to know what that spectrum on non-sense is saying. But to my surprise Rush was railing against the Patriot act boldly quoting Ben Franklin “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” So I'm optimistic about people waking up information is getting to people. Also on another note here is a link for a new Documentary coming out about Obamas dirty Wars

    1. I think we should all go get opiate prescriptions from our MDs so we can send Rush the tablets he likes to have as his MD doesn't give him as much as he likes!

  3. Glad you are safe Dr. P. in the past you have dropped in once in a while; when we don't see a note, we are concerned, so let us know you are here from time to time.

    This is all on schedule for JEB TO BE INSTALLED NEXT..

    Harry Truman also said " the buck stops here."

    It is well known OBAMA DESPISES his foil, Give 'em Hell Harry-my signing the GI BILL HE GAVE A VERY POOR BOY WITH NO FUTURE A PROSPEROUS ONE.
    There should be more productive appropriations bills as that one was.

    ....It was POPPY Bush who gave his CONSENT for Obama to be POTUS BY FRAUD....WITH THE AGREEMENT that he went with the NWO ORDER PROGRAM...WHICH HE HAD TO FOLLOW WITH DOTTED i's & crossed T's...
    Hence the swift removal of the BILL OF RIGHTS, 1 at a time.


    NSA IS WAY TOO COMPLICATED FOR OBAMA aka BARI MALIK SHABAZZ, illegitimate son of MALCOLM X SHABAZZ & a J.A.P. from Long Island ny.
    The only thing of import to Bari is how to navigate a golf match on the taxpayers dime:
    To wit golfing in Palm Springs with his Hawaii pals AFTER HIS "summit" in there....all PREMEDITATED with his avaricious nefarious MENS REA.

    Bari cannot handle details: aurora benghazi sandy hook boston IRS ap NSA PETRAEUS email spying cystic fibrosis transplant.
    Bush 43 was equally as dumb: DUMB & DUMBER.

    He only knows how to burn $$$ in your pocket. He is ON THE DOLE & like the IRS -- only knows how to spend taxpayers $$$ on HIMSELF--EXTRAVAGANTLY.

    Obama is a FEEDER NOTHING MORE IN HIS $5k suits & obtuse vacations, he gets from taxpayers hard earned labor.

    Why did the Feds create AURORA, SANDY HOOK,& Boston to coincide with the UN ARMS TREATY (2nd Amendment Destruction)?
    Why did the IRS STOP FREEDOM OF SPEECH? (1st Amendment Destruction)

    Obama GETS A DISCRETIONARY PASS BECAUSE HE IS DUMB & on drugs most of the day?

    Bush 41 is running America from his wheelchair.
    He threatens Obama with exposure if he doesn't follow the PLAN.
    Obama will be a billionaire if he lasts, but Poppy has a propensity to renege on his agreements.

    The deal was one black man via VOTER FRAUD FOR 2 BUSHES BY VOTER FRAUD....all to destroy AMERICA & its Bill of Rights in exchange for GRANDDAD PRESCOTT's dream (DREAMS OF POPPY's FATHER).


    Obama, if he plays THE PART BELIEVABLY, will have become a VERY WEALTHY USEFUL IDIOT. When all that matters is a FORTRESS in Hawaii on a golf course by age 55, "what me worry?"


    If you want the source of RICO, POPPY BUSH IS THE CONSIGLIERE.


    Not one American has standing in the SCOTUS when our BILL OF RIGHTS HAS BEEN SUPPRESSED:

    1. Oh please....

      Poppy Bush is no more the mastermind of Obama then I am.

      And I beg to remind you Dr.P has had nothing but positive things to say about George Bush I as President.

    2. He SPEAKS- Edward Snowden, a brave patriot, who loves America, the way it is supposed to be, not what it has become.

      The World of George Orwell is upon us. The doublespeak and DOUBLETHINK, AND DOUBLE ILLOGICAL SCAPEGOATING by those Gestapo robot TRAITORS to the Bill of Rights in the Secret Government deserve incarceration in Solitary for the rest of their lives.

      The Constitution supercedes any subsequent cloak room rammed in secret law.


    3. When was the United States ever so great?

      When it was slaughtering the native Americans?

      When it was stealing land from the Mexicans and Spainish at the point of a gun...

      Maybe when it fought on the side of Stalin in WWII? Or when it invaded Vietnam under the pretext of aiding an ally when the Vietnames just wanted to be neutral? Maybe when it killed a million Cambodians by bombing their villages with B-52s? Perhaps when it backed the Indonesians in murdering 300,000 villagers?

      If this is your idea of a great country you can take all your talk of "patriotism" and stick it where the sun don't shine...

    4. Truman had some good quotes as did Winston Churchill but I don't think their motives were purely honest. Five thousand Marines died so we could use Iwo Jima as a landing for crippled bombers returning from bombing Japan. Nuclear bombs were dropped for the benefit of the master plan. the Cold War & so W could say WMDs. We had won WWII with traditional bombs & a good plan. The Father of the Atom bomb was Robert J. Oppenheimer from the Banking family that set up the Bauer family with an introduction to Prince William the I & may have ordered the name change.
      Point is, Truman allowing the nuclear bombs to be dropped was part of why we are in the mess we are in.
      I implore Dr. Steve to do a show on Karen Hudes and World Bank scandal. She is convinced that if large numbers write their Governor we can get the country back. She is the only one who is not asking for money, just letters. Look for kahudes. She lost her job & was arrested by Holder so go to her Web page & write your Governor.
      If you wonder, the alternate news is as silent as the corporate networks on this patriot.

  4. Hey what happened to my post about the Central Security Service in the NSA?

    I thought it went up and then it dissappeared...

  5. Now off topic but really critical...

    I've been commenting on the fact that the US military is composed of rapists and sexual predator and fiends.

    Now the Congress has finally after decades come around and recognized that this problem exists.

    It's disgraceful thought that they're framing it as an issue which effects the "effectiveness of the services...."

    What the Fuck!

    "The effectiveness of the services?"

    What about the victims? Or what this says about the KIND of people who compose the officer corps of the US military?

    Can you imagine the kind of rapes these people are doing in Iraq and Afganistan, etc..all these years and getting away with it?

    In the Nazi/German army rape was PUNISHABLE BY DEATH.

    This is one of many reasons why I have become a neo-Nazi sympathizer.

    1. I think these Congressmen and women who think the "effectiveness of the services" is more important than what happens to someone when they are raped should be gang-raped themselves and then see what they think.

      This country is an evil, sick nation of evil-doers.

    2. I used to say that from my knowledge that every single cute girl who joins the military will be raped.

      Now from what's come out in testimony it appears that every single cute girl who joins the military is RAPED SEVERAL TIMES DURING HER CAREER BY DIFFERENT 'OFFICERS' WHO ARE PROTECTED BY COMMANDERS WHO ARE ALSO RAPISTS.

      Apparently most commanders are themselves sexual predators, and if you knew the American military as I do you wouldn't be surprised.

    3. Congress was slow to act on the military rape issue because they were busy with the Senate pages. If you think Congress wasn't crooked when they made, 'Mr. Smith goes to Washington'
      then tell my why they made it.
      Like the man said The idea of America is great but except for the period of union elevated wages the cop with the club dominates our history. The unions are all but gone, now, so there is no voice of opposition. Patton figured it out quickly so he was killed. First they rammed his car with a truck & then rammed the ambulance. If at first you don't succeed...These people will never quit. We must weed them out & shove their own Roundup down their civil rights.
      Write your Governor & tell him you want the World Bank cleaned up & END the FED.

  6. Every American should go to Youtube and see the 2008 BBC production of "World War Two: Behind Closed Doors, Stalin...."

    Based on de-classified Russian documents it portrays the depravity of the Americans and British in seeking to promote Stalin's take-over of Germany and eastern Europe even though the Americans and British knew of the Russian's murderous killing of 20 million of their own countrymen and the slaughter of millions in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, etc.....

    Having watched this program I can now see that the claims of the Germans after the war and the claims of the neo-Nazis today are in fact correct.

    The Nazi cause in seeking to destroy Stalinist communism was a justifiable use of extreme force for the purpose of saving europe from barbarism.

    The Soviets were the only perpetrators of mass barbarism in the Second World War, and all of the claims of such by the Germans have proven to be false.

    I hate to say it but Hitler was right.

    1. Hitler may have been right also about the slaves being un-civilized. These were the people who comprised, willingly, that system. Even when the Politbureau had the chance to dismiss Stalin in July 1941 THEY CHOSE INSTEAD TO RETAIN HIM BECAUSE THEY LIKED THE WAY HE DID THINGS!!!!!!

      Stalin was simply a reflection of the sadism, cruelty, barbarism, and savagry of the slavic peoples.

      Hitler was right about the slaves.

    2. In the 1930s Stalin starved to death seven million Ukranians.

      And all the American public hears about is that the Germans killed six million Jews in the Holocaust, which now not even the most strident Holocaust scholar will say is true.

      Most Americans want to be good, but they are led around by evil-doers.

      "So you think this is a democracy?"

      -- Gordon Gekko

    3. The International Bankers financed the Communist Revolution & Adolph Hitler. Hitler got his Eugenics from groups in America in particular California and Long Island.
      A sub group of the Illuminati called the Fabian Society worked with Carl Marx to produce the Communist Manifesto.
      Why would Bankers finance Communism? Nothing uses oil like war and nothing else creates instant debt. When Communism collapsed in on itself, which would have happened without outside provocation, the Bankers turned on THEIR true enemies. Moslem Religion forbids usury & that is exactly how the Bankers have enslaved the world. Christianity forbad usury, as well, but we were sold out by our churches.

  7. The snooping & spying on Americans is the incipient creation of an electronic Stazi which metaphorically or is it "metadatically" knocks on your electronic door in the dead of night and searches your electronic communications underwear drawer.

    You are either with the people who support the creation of an electronic Stazi or you are against it.

    This is directed at the American People to TRACK their communications for internal, domestic control and prediction of future habits for later analysis and ultimately control.

    I do not want my electronic habits put under surveillance by the government.

    It is offensive and wrong.

    Yes, it has been going on for years, started by the W. Bush administration, but it has been expanded by the Obama administration, and it now has been officially acknowledged to be happening.

    It's one thing to suspect activity is taking place -- spying on Americans -- it is another to have official acknowledgment of this spying.

    So-called experts say, "Move along, nothing to see, here." But these so-called experts have their financial livihood involved in supporting a surveillance, national security state.

    These so-called experts have been "swimming" in the self-justifications for the need of spying on the American People, many for their entire professional career.

    The elected representatives, for many, particularly leadership in both parties, have been steeped in this surveillance state for much of their elected careers via secret briefings from intelligence agencies and via campaign contributions from the surveillance & security complex industries.

    There is a whole "secret" oriented culture in Washington D. C.

    There are rotten apples in the barrel of politics in Washington D. C.

    Who stands firmly against this surveillance state, aka, police state, will be a tale of who stands with the American People.

    The "war on terror" has been overblown dramatically to justify this kind of internal, domestic spying.


    What will we do about it?

    That is the answer & actions which will decide what kind of society we and our children will live in.

    1. Oh, if the government says it only does XYZ, then it is likely also doing ABC in secret beyond the XYZ.

      Secrecy is the swimming pool that abuse & corruption swim in.

      Secret policy is bound to lead to abuse & corruption.

      Secret policy fundamentally misleads the American People.

      Actual policies must be transparent. Sometimes tactics should remain secret.

      This police state surveillance is a secret policy not put to the people for consideration and either support or rejection at the ballot box.

      That is the first step... make this an election issue in 2014.

    2. Amen!

      The so-called 'war on terror' is a phoney pretext to give bureaucrats and national security wonks and adventure-seekers something to do.

      In the mean time the powers they have are being used to target anyone opposed to US policy.

      This is a typical American-type situation - evil.