Friday, June 28, 2013

Both POTUS Obama and Bush have disappeared at the American Taxpayer Expense Into “The Heart Of Darkness”Africa. 
Let them remain there for their respective restitution and irrelevancy to their own homeland!

Although both Joseph Conrad and I are of Polish extraction,  I have no pretense nor audacity to claim his acute observations as a riverboat pilot of the Congo River,  nor his literary talents as one of the English Literature grand masters [although he spoke ‘pidgin english’ according to the American Poet William Carlos Williams].
But I will,   through literary courtesy,  attribute the atrocities inflicted upon the 10million denizens of the “Heart Of Darkness” by Belgium King Leopold II to Bush Jr’s similar egregious atrocities committed against the citizens of our fair country.   I am speaking of the thousands of innocent victims he had slaughtered on behalf of his self-delusional grandiosity called, “The New American Era”. 
For those who may doubt my analogy,   I offer an open invitation to those to review my medical observations of any VA Hospital such as Walter Reed Medical  Center or Bethesda Naval Hospital.
There you will witness the similar atrocities that King Leopold of Belgium II committed against the Congolese—creating humans without legs,  hands or any other assortment of minor body parts---like genitals.
But these crimes which Bush jr committed in the name of “Democracy” were spread throughout the “Heart Of Darkness” in Iraq, Yemen,  Pakistan,  Somalia,  Afghanistan,  all the interest of ‘free commerce’,   just like King Ludwig II.
For his miscreant deeds,  Bush jr inveighed himself against the sins of mankind and found his own restitution by returning to Africa to ‘treat and cure’ unknown peoples for whom he ‘seemed to care more’ and ‘prevent the spread of HIV.’ 
  How noble can a man be who can love the world so much that he cannot love his own countrymen,  I ask?
But let  Bush Jr’s poor soul lay in restitution,  as his benevolent,  omniscient mother, Barbara Bush,  pronounces the end  of the ‘Bush Dynasty’.
As for our present POTUS Obama,  he too seeks restitution in the same land as Bush jr  but for other reasons.
  His journey to the “Heart Of Darkness” is not one of ancestry or congeniality,  but one of perdition. 
For at last,  after continuing Mad Ludwig’s II “Killing Spree”,  all over the Middle East,  Obama has found a place where he can seek solace in contemplating his complete IRRELEVANCY to the AMERICAN EXPERIMENT CALLED “DEMOCRACY”. 
No President in modern times has achieved such heights of power in such little time with so little skill,  merit or capacity as Obama.   He is the ‘nowhere man’ incarnate.
  Nothing is known about him.   He has achieved nothing of merit in the past.   He continues to abhor the democratic process of ‘give and take’ as if he were ‘borne to the manor’.
And so for me,  the participant observer,   I witness a decisive moment of truth in the sudden disappearance of Obama into the Heart of Darkness as a relief in knowing that Obama, in particular,  is not needed in any way fashion or form [least of all his tireless ‘teleprompter’ stale palavers].
  In fact,  I have realized from the very beginning of his administration,  that Obama was really irrelevant to the pursuit of our democracy or,  more importantly,  to the running of the nation state.
  In fact,  he has been an impairment,  as had been Bush jr and many recent other presidents to the development of a country endowed with an ethos of riskhard work and individualism. 
Obama and this present congress demonstrate what Ross Douthat calls correctly ‘The Great Disconnect’ the Obama administration and the American citizenry.
  If you can’t be part of the solution of building this great country of ours,  then you are part of the problem.
  And that has been the prevailing problem inherent in an overbleachedunderdeveloped  ruling class,  both civilian and military,  bereft of experience, wisdom and integrity of any sort.
Sociopathy has become the keystone of political transactions.  Words substitute for deeds and deeds have long been forgotten and misplaced into the acrid solvent of political dissonance.
So this experiment called ‘democracy’ must continue for the 21st century,  without rancor, without remorse and without fear.
  It’s now time,  for the citizens of this great nation,  to allow ourselves a respite of temperance and tolerance in order to allow us to enter the most challenging experience of all—A New American Democracy bereft of Hypertrophied Executive Power,  Legislative turpitude and Crony Capitalism. 
  In order to achieve this New American Democracy,  we,  citizens,  have to be willing to enter the “Heart of Darkness”,  not into Africa,  nor any other continent,  other than the one bestowed upon us by the blessings of nature, God, and our Founding Fathers.
It is into ourselves,  in concert with our fellow citizens,  that we must reformulate the New American Democracy.
Be certain that war must be declared a waste!   We have failed in over fifty years of wars!   Leave wars to our Corporate Hessians to rape and pillage for riches that we do not need nor want.   Let their dollars bleed through the twisted bodies and souls of innocent men,  women and children.
 “American expansionism” found the limits of it’s Manifest Destiny.
We must covet no foreign lands.   Nor allow any foreign land ever coveted us.   And so it must continue for us to progress as an enlightened citizenry. 
The days of bogeyman,  phony terrorists,  makeshift enemies and ‘fairy-tale military expeditions overseas’ are over.
 We have met the enemy and he is us.  So says Pogo. 
A superpower that cannot feed nor educate it’s citizenry is but a mockery of judeo-christian values.
And a nation that cannot nor will not endeavor to help itself grow constructively without harm to persons,  freedom or inherent basic rights has no place to go but backward into the darker sides of the “Heart Of Darkness.”
  It’s with full faith in our citizenry and full mistrust of ossified,  irrelevant,  outmoded political system,  that I call for a Convention to begin from the bottom up and consider how we, americans,  should approach the 21st century. 
  We must become RELEVANT TO OURSELVES and OUR INHERENT VALUES OF FREEDOM,  DEMOCRACY, and the right to differ from those within our own government without repression or persecution.
Nor should we sacrifice the collective good for those few who indulge their insatiable greed with instruments of  mercantile subversion and chicanery…i.e. the Corzines of the nation are a good example.
  Penalties must be accorded for such miscreant deeds.
  They cannot and will not go unpunished. 
This is the American Way that I had fought for!!!!
  I cannot and will not accept the purview that the most enlightened of all “ENLIGHTENMENT PHILOSOPHERS”,  Voltaire expressed:
  “The best government is a BENEVOLENT TYRANNY  TEMPERED by an occasional assassination.”

  In the tradition of my favorite write Joseph Conrad,  a Polish Compatriot,  I will sign off on this blog as “Alexander Court”, my other alias.
Who knows,  he may be “The Secret Agent”?  



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  2. The Hague is after Obama and Bush!
    Charges have been filed: 200 pages

  3. When I worked in Sierra Leone in the 1990s I was told that the RUF rebels under Foday Sankoh adopted amputation because Sankoh learned it from the Congolese when he served there in the 1960s.....

    The Congolese learned it from their Belgian masters, who used it widely as punishment for not filling production quotas or any other capricious accusation.

    Obama is going to Africa because he's not loved anymore in America or Europe.

    When he was younger he went to Africa and found love, acceptance and belonging there.

    But true to his African/negro nature after he left Africa he never lifted a f**king finger to help his family there who embraced and welcomed him [they hoped they'd get money out of the deal].

    Nor has Obama since he left there thirty years ago done anything for anyone in Africa not his relatives, which is typical indifference of negros for other negros. The truth as opposed to the rhetoric is that negros hate themselves and each other and don't do anything but live for whatever thrill they can find for the moment in a life which has made for them a daily disphoria of self-loathing and pain. That's why they [such as Obama] need each others company, but can't stand each other at the same time.

    For an example of all this look to Obama's hero, the now weakening Nelson Mandela. The man never did anything to help anyone in his country after he took power, and merely lined his own pockets with money and let his fellow negros lie around and starve just like all other AFrican leaders do.

    He's a Chief afterall, and Chief is a despot which lives to be served by the people..NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

    MIGHT IS RIGHT IN AFRICA. They are not and never will be civilized or there or anywhere.

  4. As for Bush he goes there out of guilt and his self-delusions about being a Christian. A lot of people need the negros to have someone to be patronizing too....for their own reasons.