Tuesday, June 11, 2013

“Catch Me if You Can”: Obama’s Successful Trifecta Strategy

[1] Productive Chinese-American Summit
[2] Edward Snowden,  ex-CIAex-Booz-Allen “Whistleblower” 
[3] AP, IRS Targeting and Benghazi Affair Disappear from News.

I have repeatedly stated that in the “Games of State” or to put it more crassly,  in the world of “manipulation, deception and distortion”,   the real province of the Nation State Intelligence—“NOTHING  OCCURS by ACCIDENT”!!!
When three different major news evidence occur at the same time,  the likelihood of their being connected somehow by some means is QUITE HIGH.
Let me go into specifics:
  First,  on June 9, 2013,  POTUS and President Xi Jinping met at the Annenberg Estate in Southern California in what I inferred to be quite a successful meeting concerning Chinese and American national security/economic interests.    But apparently the one area that they could ‘not agree upon’ was ‘cyber war’.   Hmmm.  Interesting point to remember.
Sidebar: For an insightful discourse on Chinese behavior and negotiation strategies,  please read Dr. Richard Solomon’s   ground-breaking book, entitled, Chinese Negotiation Behavior  published by the United Institute of Peace and RAND Corp. 
Secondly,  within about 24 hours of the conference,  Edward Joseph Snowden,  a 29 year old,  North Carolina high school drop- out,  who signed up in 2003 for the Army Special Forces training, and was hired at the BELTWAY BANDIT BOOZ ALLEN as a software systems engineer ‘leaks low level classified data’ concerning ‘USG Massive Surveillance Program’ and , most importantly for me,  Snowden requests a “CALL FOR PUBLIC DEBATE”.
Now,  this scenario is a bit far-fetched and let me tell you why.
  Apparently,  Snowden leaked his ‘secrets’,  ‘selectively chosen not to harm our national security’ and gave them to the British newspaper The Guardian and the American newspaper, The Washington Post. 
Next Snowden gave a very professionally staged video interview that was streamed all over the internet in which he declared his honorable intentions that he felt a moral obligation to inform the world that ‘China was not our enemy’ [most people missed that point] and more importantly that he supported the very policies that Senator Obama supported but POTUS OBAMA had reneged on.
  Snowden was repeating what Obama the Senator had stated early on his tenure as POTUS,  “Let’s review our massive surveillance program and have a PUBLIC DISCOURSE”. 
On the surface that seems very honorable and I personally have no problem with that very point.
  My problem stems from the following incongruities in Mr Snowden’s personal history and his sudden defection to China, albeit Hong Kong. 
  What do I mean? 
  Reportedly  Mr Snowden never graduated high school.   That’s interesting.   However,  not a very compelling background for his subsequent history…  He claims he joined the Special Forces and more significantly being CIA to work on information technology security serving first in Geneva.    Then in 2009,  Snowden joined the N.S.A as a ‘contractor’ in Japan,  where he watched "as Obama advanced the very policies that I thought would be reined in."
  What’s troubling me? And why can’t I stop harping on this story line?
  The narrative presented by Snowden to the Guardian does not add up.   Snowden well knows that as an ex CIA and ex-NSA employee,  he ‘blew the whistle’ to the two newspapers that are completely in COLLUSION with both the USG and BRITISH INTELLIGENCE.
  No secret there. 
Just remember that movie "Three Days of The Condor" when Robert Redford brings CIA secrets to the NY Times?   And then he is asked "how do you know we, the CIA, don’t control the media?"
  So much for disingenuous intentions and methods.
  Then, Snowden has a history of ‘moral obligations’ that seem to terminate his careers no matter where he is located.
  For example,  Snowden joined the Army,  Special Forces, in 2003, because he wanted to fight in Iraq. 
Interesting.   But here comes the familiar Snowden punch-line:
  “I felt like I had an obligation as a human being to help free people from oppression," n he said to the British Intelligence-run The Guardian
But then he added---watch his pattern of becoming “disillusioned”--- "he became disillusioned with the military."
  “Most of the people in training us seemed pumped up about killing Arabs,  not helping anyone.” 
  WOW !!That’s quite a revelation. 
  Now, in my experience, this type of attitude concerning SOF really blackballs you for the rest of your career,  be it civilian or military.
  But not in Snowden’s case. 
  Here is what happens next:
  He goes on to become a SECURITY GUARD at the N.S.A SECRET FACILITY on the University of Maryland Campus.
  That is  really stretching the credibility of the narrative.
  I happen to know about that facility and even with my previous TOP SECRET and other esoteric clearances,   I could not go to the bathroom without an escort- let alone hire a high school drop out who failed the Special Forces Training Program and disliked the Army.
  Give me a break!
  Did anyone who created this narrative remember that anyone but anyone who had anything to do with the N.S. A had to pass Polygraph and High Education Standards and Civilian/Military evaluations?
  You are getting the idea that I do not buy Snowden’s NOBLE effort to reveal State Secrets.
  This is a classical scenario where the WH, CIA, and other USG intel groups decided to open up a much needed discussion in a way that allowed Obama to save face from the fact that he had reneged on his former promises of transparency and restricted  intelligence surveillance. 
And Snowden’s TIMELY REVELATIONS AND DEFECTION TO CHINA where he declared [absurdly, I might add],  "that Hong Kong is a place for FREE SPEECH AND IS NOT CONTROLLED BY THE PRC."
  Oh, and conveniently adds, as a sidebar, ‘that CHINA is not the USG enemy’—only 24hours after a major US –China Summit.
All very propitious. But not credible.
For me in the business of Counter Intelligence,  I would say that Snowden played his part well.   He was convincing,  credible to the degree that  no one would check the inconsistencies of this back ground and most importantly he salvaged Obama’s Presidency for the next few years.
  What Snowden points out is legitimate.   How it was orchestrated was devious but clever. 
  The WH and others made sure that Snowden worked at an outsourcing contractor—BOOZ ALLEN—a company I know very well.
That company should be completely expunged.
  Booz Allen is nothing more that an expensive CUT-OUT FOR EX-CIA,  MILITARY AND GOVT OFFICIALS who can’t find work anywhere else.
  To get an idea how worthless and expensive BOOZ ALLEN has become to the American taxpayer,   please read  NY Times Article,  June 10, entitled “Leaker’s Employer Became Wealthy By Maintaining Government Secrets” written by Binyamin Appelbaum and Eric Lipton.

Basically what Snowden and his cohorts ‘exposed’ intentionally  but probably ‘unintentionally’ is the following RAPE OF THE AMERICA PUBLIC MONEY:
[1] Over the last decade most of the BOOZ ALLEN growth has come from selling ‘expertise, technology, and manpower’ to the N.S.A.—1.3 BILLION DOLLARS.  23 % of the company’s revenue.

[2] James Clapper, DNI, former Booz Allen AssociateJohn M. McConnell, Former Director of National Intelligence also Booz Allen executive.
 Folks,  you see how we are getting ripped off.   The CIA, MI and other rejects and ‘antiquated failures’ received their six figure govt pensions,  then went on to receive seven figure salaries and then go back into the ‘revolving door’ of ‘crony capitalism’ and 'political corruption'

[3]The CARLYLE GROUP (private equity group),  composed of ex- government officials many whom I have known use their influence and contacts to ‘buy out USG contract agencies’ and make them public.     A useless banking organization like Carlyle that adds no value to society buys out a another useless consulting company which derives most of it’s income from the INCOMPETENT FEDERAL GOVERNMENT,  charging you,  the taxpayer for services that you had already presumably paid for in having the govt agency.   For example,  sixty to eighty per cent of the intelligence community is OUTSOURCED TO BOOZ,  LOCKHEED MARTIN AND COMPUTER SCIENCES CORPORATION who are populated by ex govt officials already receiving USG pensions.

So we, the US taxpayers, are paying of the ineffectual govt agency,  then their outsourcing and their going public.
  Boy are we the suckers in this game.  Rip off of the millennium for taxpaying citizens!
  Forget about being monitored by Apple,  Google and FaceBook.   We have just been SCAMMED BY THE LARGEST MAFIA OF ALL:  THE USG , MILITARY /INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and now we are INSOLVENT.
  Get the point!!!
  Snowden is a set-up character who made the stupid mistake of not really allowing his narrative to make any sense –other than being a PAWN in the GAMES OF STATE.

 Let us remember the words of President John F. Kennedy:
“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution INEVITABLE”. 
"The time to repair the roof [i.e America] is when the sun is shining."


  1. I have to say that I immediately thought this whistleblower got too much media exposure and my very limited experience reading such matters told me this usually isn't the case! As your readers will know there have been some explosive info by ex government employees and yet this never sees light of day as far as the general public are concerned! Its a sad fact that we can probably be monitored and probably have been for quite a while now! This new revelation reminds me of the saying "beware of Greeks bearing gifts" over here we've even had parliament called to answer questions regarding builderberg and that smells the same!! As does the navy seal called to give evidence in the manning trial regarding information found in bin Ladens compound but has memory loss!!!! Profanity is the last refuge of the unarticulated but "what a load of bullshit"

    1. Is there a 5th Column of JEWS in this country?

      No, really.

      I just saw Diane Feinstein defending the NSA and calling for Snowden's head. The other one doing this is the similarly ill-tempered Jew Peter King.

      All the politicians and others who are extreme about the "war on terror" or "the muslim threat" and who supported the Iraq war are all Jews WHETHER THEY ARE NEO-CONS OR NOT.

      And this is what really disturbs me.

      No one has been more fanatic about these issues than Joseph Leiberman and he's NOT A NEO-CON EITHER.

      We have to face facts and call a spade a spade and admit that this is not a NEOCON problem - It's a JEW problem.

      Now if there are Jews who don't contribute to this then fine, but their voices ARE NOT FUCKING HEARD AND THEY DON'T HAVE ANY PUBLIC OFFICE OR INFLUENCE LIKE THE FEINSTEINS, KINGS, SCHUMERS AND LIEBERMANS DO!!!!!!!!!!!

      I hate to say this but isn't this sort of like what the Nazis said the Jews were like in Germany, a fith column working for their own agenda AGAINST the vital interests of the German people?

      Hitler knew that NOT ALL JEWS were a problem, in fact he had Jewish friends like his own driver, and kept on tens of thousands of Jews in the Wehrmacht, etc....

      But the fact that the powerful Jews were all working against the interests of Germany, and were promoting Stalinism, etc., made a revolution against all of them a NECESSITY.

      Jews who are not traitors PLEASE CORRECT THIS PROBLEM.

    2. That picture of Snowden is eery to me because his appearance and behavior are identical to myself. And what he did is the kind of thing I've done before...


  2. I disagree that there are no co-incidences in these matters.

    In my career I found that there were nothing but co-incidences. Life is based on un-likely, improbable convergences. That's just the way life is organized.

    All your information is interesting but I can't believe anyone who was a CIA employee would be a high school drop out. I think I know something about CIA employment standards and I don't think they can hire anyone on as an actual GS-level employee who never finished high school. The only possible exception I can imagine would be if someone receive a GED and was hired specifically as a para-military because that person had a distinguished service record somewhere.

  3. I agree completely that Booz Allen is a huge, multi-billion dollar swindle.

    There's no justification for having a private, profit-making company doing the government's most sensitive work, and on such a vast scale.

    I understand that the government retires it's most senior, experienced, and skilled people, and that they are needed further.

    But the answer isn't to make them double-dippers because you don't want to train new people to do the work.

    All functions of the military and other agencies should be performed by those government departments the way it always used to be.

    There should be no government contractors for services. Materials only.

  4. Yes it is indeed a swindle! A money making racket and "jobs for the boys" its a subject touched on many times on here, the beauty of it is that the senior staff will comply because there is something in it for them! Another case of a huge transfer of wealth from the less well off to the already obscenely wealthy! Once again its simple follow the money! This whistleblower would not be afforded the time of day or at least hugely discredited if it wasn't for an ulterior motive, but if he is indeed genuine he may find himself zipped up in a holdall smeared in some sort of acid and placed in a bath only to be exposed as a cross dresser whom has a penchant for the finest labels known to humanity! Then an explanation would be he zipped himself in the bag and put himself in the bath!! Sound far fetched?? Well its already happened to an "operative" whom listened to phone calls ect over here in dear old merry england

  5. I'm coming to the conclusion that Obama's main role as POTUS 44 is to "normalize" the emergency powers Bush had assumed post-9/11. Remember that the provisions of the PATRIOT Act had an expiration date (which are nevertheless renewed every time the date arrives). Obama as a constitutional lawyer is well qualified to establish a legal framework for making permanent the war powers assumed during the Bush administration - a legal framework that essentially transforms the Bill of Rights into a dead letter. One must after all "know one's enemy" in order to destroy it.

    Wittingly or not, by initiating a "national conversation" (recall that language post-Sandy Hook as well) about "striking a balance" between privacy and security, Snowden is thus being exploited by those who would prod the American sheeple meekly into their cyber-pens, since any "compromise" between the two will doubtless constitute a ceding of previously enjoyed "inalienable" right.

    As for Greenwald, I haven't doubted his sincerity in the past -though he is in many respects a limited hangout- and will give him and by extension Snowden the benefit of the doubt. But I fear they may have been outwitted here (praying I'm wrong).

  6. Very interesting Dr. P. Only a shrink could analyze behavior patterns.
    He did get his GED if he did not fake his identity ( birds of a feather).

    Based upon ALL THE FALSE FLAGS SINCE 2009 , your hypothesis appears to be another.
    That was my first hunch something was not correct:
    Now he can throw CLAPPER under the bus for lying to Congress & to ANDREA MOOCH HILL.


    So who was the architect?
    Certainly not OBAMA, boy PRINCE. He has zero creative strategic abilities.
    They took a huge risk with the 4th amendment.

    ALEXANDER "briefed" all of Congress yesterday in secret away from the public.
    He played them also?

    Only 36% believe liberty SUPERCEDES national security.

    So are you offering another MEA CULPA today?

    Snowden reminds me of Tim Mcveigh, PATSY, who was also in the SPECIAL FORCES.
    Did McVeigh really die or is he in a PROTECTION PROGRAM WITH NEW ID?
    SNOWDEN GETS ONE TOO? Never to be seen or heard of again.

    Were the reporters played or were they in on the chess game?
    If this is a figment of our imagination, then we are giving Obama too much credit for CLEVER DECEIT.
    Then again - Snowden was In a $$$ hotel for 3 weeks---who COVERED THE TAB?
    Laundered black ops heroine profits?

    W-A-G T-H-E D-O-G!
    "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." (Ben Franklin 1775)

  7. It seems to me ... when you take into account all the leaks, revelations, scandals, and purges...that there is an internal power struggle/war going on. I agree that something is not quite right about the latest leak.
    For being a HS dropout...he was pretty articulate and more polished in the video than one would expect. It seems that the conflict has escalated, in that there is a willingness to offer up sacrosanct organizations and capabilities for sacrifice, and thus destroying what both factions seek to possess. This implies that this little conflict is for all the marbles and demonstrates not only a willingness to sacrifice chess pieces .. but, also a willingness to trash the chessboard. Of course, this demonstration of a willingness to destroy the board could be a strategy to convince others to back off or risk having no spoils of war to win.

    1. INTERNAL POWER STRUGGLE...Well well well-- CIA Dep Director Morell JUST RESIGNED!


    2. "For being a HS dropout." You're right. He was articulate.

      And so what? Think his skills weren't investigated by the CIA against that backdrop? He got his GED. Reports today quoting one of his colleagues say that he was a "gifted" programmer and systems person. I have advanced ivy league degrees up the wazoo and have spent the last 14 years undoing the damage and false sense of knowledge and history they gave me. Give me a street smart kid with a high IQ and a sense of how people 'work' any day.

    3. Buddy you said it.

      How do you think the Cubans got away with planting over 40 agents into the CIA as doubles over the past thirty years LOL!

      US Universities are fine, but to succeed at HUMINT you have to have a criminal mind, repleat with a suspicious nature in which you expect everyone is lying to you and will kill their best friend over fifty dollars!

      Try living like I have over the past twenty years in which much of my time has been spent with drug addicts, prostitutes, drug dealers, factory workers, con men, etc., and you'll finally learn the skills that can help you survive in intelligence.

      For the last thirty years I haven't even so much as had lunch with anyone with a college degree.

    4. White House INSIDER replaces CIA Morell (who wants to spend "more time" with his college age kids)

      Petraeus REDUX.

      He will join the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board.

  8. Whistleblower Thomas Drake, who did suffer for following the chain of command objecting to what he saw at the NSA, wrote in this article that Hayden, (head of the NSA and Director of he CIA), declared while Drake was there , "We need to own the net."

    That decision is not Hayden's to make when it violates US constitutional rights about freedom of speech and search and seizure. Take the electronic/digital component out of this discussion which is blinding people all over the net to the issues. Substitute the words 'postal service' for 'net'. [And you'll notice they are trying to privatize it as I write.] Since when does a government agency head self-determine that he has droit seigneur over a country's communication system, and can violate its privacy and search/seizure laws, without public debate or a vote on it?

    There are solid basic issues that are being ignored here.

    From Wikipedia, hardly my best source, but this is from Hayden’s bio:

    “In May 2006, USA Today reported that, under Hayden's leadership, the NSA created a domestic telephone call database. During his nomination hearings, Hayden defended his actions to Senator Russ Feingold and others, stating that he had relied upon legal advice that the White House order to build the database was supported by Article Two of the United States Constitution executive branch powers (in which the President must "take care that the laws be faithfully executed"), overriding legislative branch statutes forbidding warrantless surveillance of domestic calls, which included the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Previously, this action would have required a warrant from a FISA court. The stated purpose of the database was to eavesdrop on international communications between persons within the U.S. and individuals and groups overseas in order to locate terrorists.[15]"
    [15] Transcript of National Press Club interview of General Hayden regarding wiretaps

    As for those expressing doubt about Greenwald: he has more journalistic integrity than many others in US papers that I can tell. And if he winds up discovering he’s been duped, he will be the first to say so, if past is prologue.

    1. Here's my point: digital does not give you dominion. Digital is a delivery system that increases speed. That's all. Facebook, for example, is nothing more than AT&T's 1910 switchboard/hub structure for the 21st C. It is not structurally advanced. So your fingers are substituted for a mouthpiece in a handset. So what? And in return for $0.015 worth of storage space, you get spying for free because then 23-year-old Zuckerberg allowed it?

      The KGB and Stasi would have killed for the capabilities of Facebook before 1990.

      The people who invoke my greatest derision are the 'I have nothing to hide' and the 'privacy's gone anyway' people. If they can lock the electronic door at the NSA, if they can give Obama a bullet-proof Blackberry, if they land a buggy on Mars, the government has the electronic digital capability--or quantum as is the case now--to first demand, then protect the digital security of every American citizen.

      The right to, and protection of, anonymity in this country created it. When you give that up, when you let the ignoramuses in DC convince you that you have to, you're in totalitarian land.

    2. Part I:
      ...a toxic mix of bid-rigging, cronyism and fraud involving senior NSA officials and several of the nation's largest intelligence contractors.....

      When the NSA's inspector general investigated the TRAILBLAZER project's first three years, it found "inadequate management and oversight" of private contractors and overpayment for the work that was done.

      NSA Director Michael Hayden (1999-2005), for the first time, began handing out multimillion-dollar contracts to companies to acquire high-tech equipment and services.

      "In 2005, Hayden told a Senate hearing that the Trailblazer program was several hundred million dollars over budget and years behind schedule. In 2006 the program was shut down...]the project was a "wasteful failure".

      The NSA’s budget is unauditable, & one is unable to determine where most of the money was going except at a very general level. NSA officials and their contractors found it easy to line their pockets with taxpayer money.
      The database that contained all the NSA systems, projects, and components for outsourcing work was code named "JACKPOT",
      the database of NSA contracts in which contractors and NSA retirees enriched themselves.
      For CSC, SAIC, and certain NSA officials who spun through the revolving door after retirement and landed high-paying jobs with the contractors, it certainly was a JACKPOT and one that NSA, Q Group, the FBI, Department of Justice, and the White House earnestly want to cover-up in the trial of Thomas Drake. fraud

      Hayden the SpendThrift was exposed,when his TrailBlazer funding was cut. The Peter Principle Prototype soon climbed the Corrupt Puppet Ladder.

      "60 Minutes"
      “Do you have any idea why General Hayden decided to go with Trailblazer as opposed to Thin Thread, which already existed?” Pelley asked.

      “I believe he was convinced by others that going with a large-scale, industrial strength solution was the approach that NSA needed to take. You can’t really understand why they would make that kind of a decision without understanding the culture of NSA,” Drake said.

      Asked to elaborate, Drake said, “Careers are built on projects and programs. The bigger, the better their career.”

    3. Part II:
      Backstory of Telephone Surveillence:

      Binney said on Hannity Wednesday night that Hayden needed to inflate the NSA budget which is why they did not select "ThinThread", a far more efficient creation and much more cost effective.

      This Whistleblower claims it could have detected and prevented the 9/11 terrorist attacks. But NSA officials ignored ThinThread in favor of Trailblazer – a much more expensive program that not only ended in total failure, but cost taxpayers billions.

      "As ThinThread was being tested, word spread throughout the intelligence community that the NSA had a "cheap Trailblazer" that could help with surveillance. One day, Charlie Allen, a legendary figure who was head of collections for the entire intelligence community under George Tenet, came to see it. "But Hayden never visited the SARC," says Binney. "Not once." Yet on August 20, 2001 — "at 4:30 in the afternoon," — Maureen Baginski, the agency's director of signals intelligence and number three in the hierarchy, behind Hayden & Bill Black, informed him that ThinThread would not become operational. Why? "It would have made Trailblazer meaningless," says Binney"...

      "No NSA director did as much damage to the agency as Gen. Michael V. Hayden," said Binney. Hayden is now a principal with the Chertoff Group, the intelligence advisory company led by former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. His primary job there is advising government agencies and corporations about cybersecurity, which keeps him in constant contact with the NSA.."

      "...By using the NSA to spy on American citizens, the United States has created a Police State with few parallels in history: "It's better than anything that the KGB, the Stasi, or the Gestapo and SS ever had." said Binney. He compared the situation to the Weimar Republic, a brief period of liberal democracy that preceded the Nazi takeover of Germany. "We're just waiting to turn the key," he said."'s_crackdown_on_whistle-blowers?page=1

      Dr. Steve Pieczenik...

    4. Here's Bill Binney on RT. Great interview, just to amplify what you're writing about, Patriarch.

      'NSA 'bamboozling' lawmakers for access to Americans' private data' - agency veteran

    5. Thanks for the information on Hayden.

      I never trusted that bald little toad.

      He's the little techie troll to brought all of this about.

      I don't trust un-manly "men."

      Another little toad I once met and who's hand is in this is that faggot Poindexter.

      Poindexter [the Admiral] was a suspiciously meticulous, un-manly sailor boy who a little light in the loafers and was the first to put forward this shit about "total information awareness."

      We need to keep the homosexuals and others with masculinity fantasies and insecurities OUT OF THE NATIONAL SECURITY AREA!!!!!!!!!

      They love DOMINATION and BOOT-LICKING.


    6. And I'm not joking about this.

      People with insecurities about their masculinity, or homosexuals or lesbians with masculinity fantasies love domination and power games. They will always opt against equity, fairness, and simple PEACE.

    7. The opposite of this is Danny Ellsberg, who is a whistleblower, a humanitarian, and a stud who has banged more quality ass than the rest of MIT combined.

  9. Here's another good article to read:

    "Top National Security Experts: Spying Program Doesn’t Make Us Safer, and Spying Leaks Don’t Harm America"

    P.S. I know it's droit de seigneur. Sorry for typo above.

    1. Thank you for that article.

      I said the same thing on this board about twenty times because everyone in the field, which includes myself, is well aware of this.

      Whenever you see some intel bureaucrat on TV or testifying in Congress to the contrary they are LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Mueller behaved like he was incontinent today in the house judiciary least about to have a diarrhea attack.
      he is a criminal proxy...can't find benghazi "attackers" in 10 months but "found" in 10 miliseconds and staked out the Tsarnaev boys for 5 years and groomed them to assassinate them...disposable patsies.

      Catch it on CSPAN.ORG

    3. Once again, for treason to apply someone has to be working on behalf of a foreign power to further their interests in wartime, or the like.

      That's the modern definition of "treason."

      I hate to think that we have reverted to the monarchical definition in which any act of subversion against the crown, or state, was "treason" whether it benefited a foreign power or not.


  11. former NSA employee Wayne Madsen on the Secret Q Group:

    1. Bamford is credible, however Madsen is a lot like many former intel officers in that he's not particularly accurate or honest. He's a confabulator and exaggerator.

  12. The some of the same people who did 911 are privy to this surveillance.

    No, I don't want a pack of criminals keeping tabs on my electronic communications & transactions, my whereabouts, my schedule, my habits, my associations, my personal electronic papers, and effects.

    This is spying.

    This metadata, Main Core, PRISM, collection of personal information is a "search" of a person's "papers, and effects."

    Fourth Amendment to the Constitution:

    "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

    Oh, and no, I don't think these data collection methods constitute "reasonable" searches.

    It is a police-state tactic and ultimately a strategy which turns Americans into subjects of their government.

    It turns the relationship between a citizen and the government on it's head.

    Dr. Pieczenik is a creature of the so-called "modern" surveillance state, so, of course, he is down with such authoritarianism.

    But most Americans are not simple creatures of the federal government.

    "Don't tread on me."

  13. The Smoking Gun

    "..what's happening now to us: a kind of bureaucratic coup d'etat in which the legitimately elected government overturns the established relationship between the individual and the State and replaces it with something very different; a relationship that no one voted for, saw coming, or imagined could happen so quickly and so quietly...

    ...Never before have our politicians and our news organizations had a better opportunity to demonstrate just what happens when we vote carelessly, elect a zealot who appoints operatives with no sense of honor or comprehension of right-and-wrong, then parties with rock stars while his coup d'etat unfolds....

  14. Dr. P,

    Pepe Escobar from Hong Kong on RT talking about the China/Snowden connection:

  15. You know it's possible that Congress will address this on budget grounds alone.

    If all the government can show for these methods is some very dubious claims of minor successes than the budget people may eliminate it.

    It's evidently the most expensive program being run, at billions per year, second only to space imaging.

    It's ridiculous to spend billions and billions every year and not produce any solid results.

    I think the cooler heads in the budget Committees on the House side will address this.

    READ THE ENTIRE PLEADING. It is self-explanatory:

    "1787: 'Well, Doctor, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?' 'A Republic, if you can keep it.'- Ben Franklin- The essence of an American Experiment...We are now at a tipping point in America because of internal threats, not external ones:
    By 1794, we were in a Depression. Patriots (regular folks) pushed on.

    Sir Alex Frazier Tytler, Scottish Historian
    "A DEMOCRACY CANNOT EXIST AS A PERMANENT FORM OF GOVERNMENT. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy." (In Greece, patriotism and freedom became GRADUALLY CORRUPTED BY POWER AND SPLENDOR.)

    Patriotism always exists in early periods of nations & operates with greatest force where it meets with greatest difficulties, but once the nation experiences ease & safety, it LANGUISHES AND DECAYS...IT IS A LAW OF NATURE, that the rising grandeur & opulence of a nation must be balanced by decline of its heroic virtues.

    Most govenments last in 200 year-cycles from a Natural evolution from initial virtue to eventual corruption and decline: Bondage to Spirtual Faith to GREAT Courage to Liberty TO Abundance to Selfishness to complacency, to Apathy, to Dependency, back to Bondage.-Henning Webb Prentis, Jr., 1943.

    "WE ARE AT A TIPPING POINT THE LIKES OF WHICH WE HAVE NEVER SEEN. Great movements are born of Great Difficulty. Push hard and be of Great Courage."

    Mark Sanford, excerpts from his speech at the Faith & Family Coalition Conference. 6-14-13

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    that is US, AMERICA---crying for OUR FREEDOM!

    Work from home theory is fast gaining popularity because of the freedom and flexibility that comes with it. Since one is not bound by fixed working hours, they can schedule their work at the time when they feel most productive and convenient to them. Women & Men benefit a lot from this concept of work since they can balance their home and work perfectly. People mostly find that in this situation, their productivity is higher and stress levels lower. Those who like isolation and a tranquil work environment also tend to prefer this way of working. Today, with the kind of communication networks available, millions of people worldwide are considering this option.

    Women & Men who want to be independent but cannot afford to leave their responsibilities at home aside will benefit a lot from this concept of work. It makes it easier to maintain a healthy balance between home and work. The family doesn't get neglected and you can get your work done too. You can thus effectively juggle home responsibilities with your career. Working from home is definitely a viable option but it also needs a lot of hard work and discipline. You have to make a time schedule for yourself and stick to it. There will be a time frame of course for any job you take up and you have to fulfill that project within that time frame.

    There are many things that can be done working from home. A few of them is listed below that will give you a general idea about the benefits of this concept.

    This is the most common and highly preferred job that Women & Men like doing. Since in today's competitive world both the parents have to work they need a secure place to leave behind their children who will take care of them and parents can also relax without being worried all the time. In this job you don't require any degree or qualifications. You only have to know how to take care of children. Parents are happy to pay handsome salary and you can also earn a lot without putting too much of an effort.

    For those who have a garden or an open space at your disposal and are also interested in gardening can go for this method of earning money. If given proper time and efforts nursery business can flourish very well and you will earn handsomely. But just as all jobs establishing it will be a bit difficult but the end results are outstanding.

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    Diet food
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    Thus think over this concept and go ahead.