Sunday, June 30, 2013

Power! Thy Name Is Ms. Valerie Jarrett!

Over thirty years,  I have witnessed,  embraced,  defied and taunted power.    Like PORNOGRAPHY,   I have never really been able to define it precisely.
For me,  it’s taken many a novel and even an eight hundred page doctoral dissertation written as fiction,  Terror Counter Terror,   to even try to define the limits or gravitas of power. 
Perhaps,  it is the solace of a man with perspective [read: age] that allows me to try to resuscitate my efforts in explaining power to myself and you,  my dear readers.
These nostalgic reflections come not from a personal encounter,  but from perusing different articles on a African-American woman whose name happens to be Valerie Jarrett and how she ‘wields power in the White House’.
I do not know her personally,  nor would I presume to say that she knows me.
  So ignorance favors both of us for the moment.
  Also, I stand in no pew of ideology or some ‘ism’.
  I simply write with admiration about a woman who ascended with discretion,  fortitude and class to a position that has literally made her an unusual subject of examination by this blogger.
First of all,  it’s fair to say,  that unlike her more outlandish,  boisterous,  self-aggrandizing counter-part, Ms. Hillary Clinton [both served during the same time and administration],  Ms Jarrett has welcomed the shadows of anonymity.
  To me,  the first sign of an intelligent person,  is the fact that they remain discreet,  especially when they are overshadowed by the penumbra of the Office of the Presidency.   This  Office engenders a spectrum of Rorschach responses depending,  of course,  on the idiosyncrasies of a particular personality trait.    This office can amplify the best or the worst of someone’s personality. 
If you are bombastic,  the office will resonate the bellows of  foolish sounds louder than a megaphone and make you sound ‘like a horse’s ass’.
  If you are professional,  discreet, and unobtrusive it will amplify your silence into a tenor of fear,  respect and authority.
It’s just a matter of how you play the ‘power game’.   How you enter the room.   What you say in that room.   And how you exit….   All determine the lasting impression that you leave in the ‘power game’ of the White House,  or as a matter of fact,  anywhere in Washington D.C,  even the closeted boudoirs.
  From,  Ms Jarrett’s biography on Wikipedia ..
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Her background appears both cosmopolitan and intriguing.
  For example,  she was born in Shiraz, Iran to a very famous Pathologist and Geneticist,  Dr James E. Bowman.   Her mother,  Mrs. Barbara Taylor Bowman,  created the Erikson Institute which was set up to provide teachers in Chicago with advanced knowledge on child development.
  As a trained psychiatrist,   I can tell you that I had to learn all of the famous Erik Erikson’s theory on child development,  not at the Harvard Medical College,  but at the MIT School for International Relationship where my professors in Political Science were personally trained by Erik Erikson.
  A bit of academic paradox….
  As a child,  Ms Jarrett spoke Persian and French.   I can assure, you,  my dear readers,  that being a polyglot at a young age is quite impressive. 

  Now,  I just gave away the secret of my fascination with Ms Jarrett.
I found her to be unique in her accomplishments.   But at the same time,   I began to understand where she was coming from.
Although  I grew up in Harlem and went to Booker T. Washington School on 108th and Amsterdam,  my family friends were all,  like my own parents,  physicians,  polyglots [many spoke French and Russian] and they all were part of an organization that they helped to create –HIP: Health Insurance Plan of NYC.    A medical services system for the poor city workers and NYC teachers.
  The most famous of our friends,  was a tall imposing, handsome African –American physician by the name of Arthur Logan.   He was as elegant as he was competent.   And his sister, was the first female surgeon,  I had ever met at six years old.
I grew with the African-American aristocracy.   They were not borne to the manor,  nor were they endowed with trust funds.   They were the ‘best and the brightest‘  of America.
  But over the years,  as I had moved away from NYC,   I had lost contact with these old friends and acquaintances.
  Unfortunately,  Dr Arthur Logan died a tragic death.   But his memory was emblazoned in large letters on the overhang of Harlem Hospital.
Before, there was Obama,  I knew a lot about Adam Clayton Powell and Hazel Scott [a famous Jazz singer].   That was the African –American aristocracy of NYC.
  I did not know Chicago,  nor did I learn about it’s history until recently.   I read a brilliant book called,  The American Pharaoh  written by Cohen/Taylor…. About the brilliant Mayor Richard Daley.   Now that was one brilliant Irish politician. 
  Anyway, back to Ms Jarrett.
I found that her polymath background resonated with the fond memories of my childhood.
  I also found her to be one of the many African-American who was cosmopolitan,  highly educated [Stanford, Univ. of Michigan], and comfortable with different languages and cultures, like others in the early 1950’s and 1960’s when our country was still fighting the basic issues of segregation.
What I found particularly  interesting,  was the fact that she had chosen a public career,  winding her way through the treacherous sinews of Chicago politics.
She started her Chicago politics in 1987, working for Mayor Harold Washington as Deputy Corporation Counsel for Finance and Development.
Next she became Deputy Chief of Staff for Mayor Richard Daley [1991] during which time,  she hired Michelle Robinson,  then engaged to Barack Obama.   So early on,  she spotted the talents of both Michelle and Obama and decided to mentor them up the slippery pole of politics onto the national stage

From 1991 till 2005,  Ms. Jarrett held an assortment of jobs with impressive titles like Commissioner of the Department of Planning and Development and Chair of the Chicago Transit Board as well as CEO for the Habitat Company,  a real estate development and management firm.   She then became a member of the Board of the prestigious Chicago Stock Exchange and then it’s Chairperson.
  So you get the idea of who this single,  divorced mother really is.
  She is, for good or bad,  a POWERFUL FORCE---with which to reckon.
  Now,  it becomes obvious at least to me,  why she is so valuable to POTUS.
  She spotted him.   She recruited him.   And most importantly,  she helped to make him POTUS.
  Only,  once in the literature of America Presidents did I see such a phenomenon.   I had to study the case of Colonel House and President Woodrow Wilson. 
As a matter of history,  it was House and Mrs.Wilson who actually ran the country that last year-and-a-half,  while Wilson was in a coma in the White House.

Thus power has it’s own organic laws of sustainability.   Power falls to those who seek and nurture it and conceal it within a veil of secrecy,  competence and anonymity.
Power always picks a figure head to front the foot lights of sycophancy and patronage.   But it steers clear away from opining on any topic other than to reaffirm that one really does not have the power that other’s imagine the person to have.
  Modesty and self-effacement are the prerequisite of true power.
  It never rears it’s ferocity in public nor does it unveil it’s cunningness. 
Guile remains with power’s purview and deceit becomes it’s ally.
Those who defy it will be dismissed summarily and without recourse.
  True Power knows no vengeance,  it’s too obsessed pursuing its ultimate goal—more power.

So to Ms. Jarrett, the MISTRESS OF POWER---
“Be thankful that we’re not getting all the government we’re paying for.”   Will Rogers.


  1. Google:

    Valerie Jarrett + Rezko
    Valerie Jarrett + Van Jones
    Valerie Jarrett + Eric Holder

    She is who her friends are. She is very quiet, and that's to her favor. If people knew more, she would be gone from the public stage.

    Chicago, Chicago--how are things in Obama's and Jarrett's Chicago these days? You expect America to be any better??

  2. Very well done, Dr. Pieczenik! You focused on Valerie, but at the same time, and without doing more than mentioning her name, you highlighted all the pathetic machinations of Hillary. Brilliant!

  3. I'm glad to see Dr.P that you are really at heart as much of a racist as I am.

    You sing the praises of this woman merely because she's black and has education, status and influence.

    You apparently think it's enough for a black to have these things and that's enough for them to be praised.

    But if you weren't a racist you'd hold her to the same standard you would any white person, and then you'd see that having education, influence and poise doesn't mean shit if you use it to line your pockets with money, lie about what you're doing, and trample over everyone else's rights.

    She's a shit. And I don't give a flying f**k that she's a negro with degrees and so forth. She's still a shit.

    And as for the "negro aristocracy" of Harlem that once was....

    Big deal that there were a handful of blacks in Harlem back in the day who did what white people do by the thousands every day.

    99.9% of blacks that live in Harlem aren't like that. Since you lived there you know exactly what I'm talking about.

    You're speaking like all the Jewish-lefties from the Civil Rights Era who romanticized blacks and empathized with them only to find out later that they weren't at all [except for a handful] anything like yourselves.

    In short, you hold her to a different standard than you would if she were white, and that's because of your nostalgia for a previous dreamy world of illusions which you hold fondly.

    1. Not that I blame anyone for nostalgia. As I get older I'm always thinking about when I was a kid growing up. It's wonderful.

  4. Now as for Erik Erickson having influence over the theories of the Lucien Pye generation at MIT....

    What on earth?

    I never heard anything about that, and can't imagine why Pye or Bernard Feld or William Kaufmann or Ruina/Rathjens, etc. would have anything to do with Erickson and his silly ideas about childhood development. I can't imagine what that would have to do with international relations/defense/psychological warfare....

    I always thought anyone with the same name for their Christian and family name need to explain how such a thing could come about, and I mean that for the now cragy Kris Kristofferson as well. Kristofferson is a highly intelligent guy who had great hair and that hair was enough for hollywood to cast him in leading roles even though he's really a puny, skinny guy who barely weighs 100 pounds.

    When I met Kristofferson in Topanga Canyon in 1986 he was drunk, wandering around, and I was appalled how how tiny and skinny he was. He was all sad over some girl problem and I guess that's the heart of a highly sensitive artist such as he. I told him to find a hot girl to bone and leave the booze alone. I don't believe in drugs or alcohol. Today he looks just terrible and his voice, never that good to begin with, is totally gone. He has small eyes too. But what a writer. He's sort of a genius with a heart full of pain.

    1. If any of you out there are familiar with Topanga Canyon then you know what I'm talking about. In the 1980s that place was a world of it's own.

    2. "Hear the whisper of the raindrops beating soft against the windows....

      And make believe you love me...

      One more time.

      For the good times."

    3. For all of those who don't understand it was Kristofferson who wrote, "For the Good Times."

  5. Noam Chomsky recently said that he can't define what love is, but that life is meaningless without it.

    I agree.

  6. The most essential things in life are a mystery.

    Mystery should be embraced.

    Embrace life. It's real.

  7. Fear is normal, but if time and your own mind permits you to outgrow it then the whole world opens up to you.

    "Be not afraid."

    Among the many truths of the Christian messiah is said to have preached, "See the lillys of the field. They do not toil or worry...."

    As it is that sermon was actually given by several other reformist rabis of his generation. So he may not have invented it but it's true all the same.

    1. Hey, I sent you an email at your alliancevehicles Gmail address, get back to me whenever you get the chance.

  8. Up on The Drudge Report now:

    REVEALED: WH memo to whitewash Valerie Jarrett...

    'The Magic of Valerie'...

    'Valerie is someone here who other people inside the building know they can trust. (need examples.)'...

  9. Part I:
    Why would Jarrett attach herself like a parasite to Bari Malik SHABAZZ, illegitimate son of assassinated NOI LEADER MALCOLM X?

    Bari's last known address before he "died" in August 1994, a few days BEFORE BARACK OBAMA ANNOUNCED FOR ILLINOIS STATE SENATE was QUANTICO, the CIA WITHIN THE CIA...he conveniently "died" WITHOUT A DEATH CERTIFICATE- to this day, flagged in the SSDI ("unverified").

    All those years he was 2 people: Bari & Barry. The latter used a stolen SS# of Jewish russian immigrant Harrison j Bounel (born in 1890 died in 1980) to apply as a foreign student. He stll uses that ss# today. He created a fake selective service card sometime after 2008; he cannot work in the federal government without one. He cuts a stolen USPS STAMP -2008 to "08" & inverts it to "80". Check your own: it has 4 digits not 2. You apply for one on your 18th birthday so Obama had to change his DOB to correspond with the card info.

    Surely she knows his SECRET: surely she created him in her own image:
    Edgar Bergen : Charlie McCarthy as JARRETT : BARI MALIK SHABAZZ

    GUN CONTROL: aurora.sandy hook & Boston had her final sign off.
    Jarrett is a danger to America's sovereignty, notwithstanding she oversees all nefarious devious unconstitutional edicts: she controls Holder, Bernacke, Brennan, Clueless retard Clapper, Dempsey, Rice, Power & sychophant, Sunstein.

    Napolitano follows her orders - DHS IS EXEMPT FROM POSSE COMITATIS:


    Rahm & Dailey left because her favorite expression is: "There will he HELL TO PAY!"
    She is vengeful & vindictive - far more dangerous than HITLERY, because she hides in the shadows.

    She went to the Olympic commitee in Denmark during Obama's first days to win CHICAGO SO SHE COULD GET PAID OFF BY EMINENT DOMAIN FOR ALL HER SLUM PROPERTIES: she lost that sleazy deal because the Commitee did a urban planning feasibility study in advance & realized it was HER ENRICHMENT.

    Valerie Jarrett not only worked for powerful Mayor, Harold Washington, but she was also the daughter in law of another Powerful Chicago politician and Socialite, Vernon Jarrett, a full blown Communist/Progressive.

    When Jarrett left Daley's office to go to the University of Chicago Medical center, Jarrett took Michelle with her. (The Chicago Sun-Times reported in 2008 that Michelle's $317,000-a-year role as Vice-President of the hospital helped create the patient-dumping program.)

    Jarrett intends to make every city in the USA UNINHABITABLE - her fingerprint:
    As Chief Executive Officer of the Habitat Company Jarrett also managed a controversial housing project located in Obama’s former state senate district called Grove Parc Plaza. According to the Boston Globe the housing complex was considered "uninhabitable by unfixed problems, such as collapsed roofs and fire damage…In 2006, federal inspectors graded the condition of the complex an 11 on a 100-point scale — a score so bad the buildings now face demolition."

    For her outstanding work as a slum organizer in the Habitat Corp she made $300K/yr and another $550K in deferred compensation. She made an additional $350K as a member of a number of Boards spread around Chicago."

  10. Part II:

    You should not ADMIRE this thief, far worse than Al Capone.


  11. The foreign troops have arrived on American soil. Now WHY PRAY TELL ARE THEY NEEDED?!+Mail

    Only people with recidivist CRIMINAL MINDS (mens rea) would anticipate dissidents if their INTENDED OPERATION/GAME PLAN WAS LAWLESS.

    Happy 4th of July SHEEPLE!
    I served my country. I am too old to offer you anything but experience & wisdom.
    My advice on this wonderful day ?



    1. Those who forget what happened on 07-04-13 (today) deserve to be enslaved:

    2. Incontrovertible proof, we are a CAPTURED NATION BY BLACK HAT OUTLAWS--
      Will Steven Spielberg & Robert Zemeckis team up to create "Back to the Future IV: THE ENEMY WITHIN" (screenplay by Tom Clancy & Steve Pieczenik, MD)?

      Link this on other blogs: