Friday, April 3, 2015

Hillary may get the ET full disclosure vote


  1. The truth is that many military officers have always been aware of the UFO issue. I grew up in the 1960s in a neighborhood full of Air Force officers and each one had a story to tell about a UFO encounter. They were all believers.

    Podesta is only unusual in that he's speaking publicly.

    The problem isn't that Presidents and others don't know the facts. The issue is that once they know something of the truth they see no point in revealing anything. Nothing has changed since Truman was briefed on the Roswell events.

    Everyone assumes CORRECTLY that disclosure would undermine religious beliefs and shock the public in unpredictable ways.

    If you don't need to shock the public like that then why do it?

    Any intelligent person can find out the facts anyway at this point so "disclosure" is a fool's errand.

    1. Ah this so 90es, Fox Mulder and Scully... It could work because it was big tv-show. And Bill was president back than. Goal is to have Mulder and Scully putting us all before trauma of 9/11 so that Clintons could redo all mistakes of deregulation and of thinking how you are so strong that you can go free range (before you have boots on Red Square and in Peking). It is same idiotic thinking like France and UK had while not looking at USA in 1840es. 1844 was last chance to declare war on USA by UK and France. 1845 to get draw, 1846 to loose. You must look, why USA was building this, that, why they are building railroad here, why? Why? And you see. How people can be so stupid it is over me.

    2. Look that picture of Hillary walking with that rich. Everything looked more expensive back than. That cloths was made in USA, not in China, i remember reading National Geographic from 1988-89 about US skyscrapers and their architects, that whole magazine was like watching Back to Future. One architect said that design is not important, quality is, well idiot (that is true if you are going to build things coming only from western civilisation) but build that ugly muslim cathedral from Red Square or some ugly Mosque, idiot. He was thinking that no one is going to build such ugly shit ever again. Enemy was not yet defeated idiot. Shit always win. Even in 1994. when i saw one American family and their blonde daughter (mmm) you could see it was coming from something more well off. Capitalists must be scared and they must be under control or you will eat shit.

    3. I saw that girl in 1994. in Germany. Meaning she looked more well and polished compared to German standard. You cannot hide of what of kind of class you are product, and how that class looks like. You must invest in that.

    4. Ukraine is key, with Ukraine we can have Russia and China together without any problems. After that it would be good to bomb Japan with nukes to make those islands clear so that you do not have to worry about them ever, and to go in to alliance with North Korea to occupy Southern Korea, while helping Kim Jong UN to kill all Chinese spies and to introduce Cuban workers self-management and with Kim as monarch. Than move all resources and investments to Philippines. Put one million US soldiers there.

    5. "A fool's errand"? Sorta like the scene in the movie Bowfinger" where Eddie Murphy's character has gotta fetch Steve Martin's character his coffee, and has to run across a freeway with heavy traffic to accomplish the "errand". Is what this reminded me of when I read your descriptive comment. : )

  2. You know this is similar to the situation among scientists and astronomers about the liklihood of earth-like planets and other civilizations in the universe.

    Most if not all astronomers for many decades have assumed that there must be earth-like planets by the billions in the universe and that therefore it's very unlikely that earth is unique.

    But because this was based on assumptions and conjecture no one would admit this until recently when science has identified so many different planets in other solar systems. It was always assumed that these planets must be there but no one would admit it until the proof was on the table.

  3. A used up, traitorous hag of an insider beast is used to spill the beans on the greys, little green men, et al. Odumbo quips on the Kimmel show, "we are not allowed to talk about them, they keep us on a tight leash". Something is coming?

    Mars Attacks is the best alien movie ever produced and provides an excellent narrative for these demon possessed self important ghouls to exert more control over the sheeple. They have the production capabilities and the technology now to pull it off.

    What is the measure of the Kool-aid drinking infantile public's readiness to accept our new slave master's agenda? The fact that it's being discussed in the context of a presidential election says we've arrived.

    I have a slope side condo and free season ski passes for a brand new resort in Sahara Africa. $25k if anybody is interested...

  4. Satan is so split again, on one side he have republicans supporting satanic economic policies (supporting low taxation on rich and going against normal health care), but in same time those same republicans are doing Gods job of protecting religious freedoms and attacking abortions. While Democrats going opposite. Satan just cannot finish anything ever.

    1. The stronger the Hitler is the stronger the Stalin is going to be.

  5. There used to be four eminent professionals studying the abduction issue - Dr. Roger Lier, Dr. John Mack at Harvard Medical School, Bud Hopkins in New York, and David Jacobs.

    In the last three years all but one of these has lost their lives.

    Now only Dr. Jacobs remains alive.

    According to Jacobs, and the other three would have agreed, there are aliens which are in the process of taking over the earth through a program of placing hybrid aliens into human civilization.

    According to Jacobs there are millions of human families which are involved, and they and their children and offspring are all used to breed these hybrid aliens. The hybrids are successively over several generations refined so that they look more and more like humans -- but they are not. They look like humans but they possess many alien mental properties.

    Personally I agree with Dr. Jacobs. His evidence and that of the three now dead other researchers is persuasive and ample.

    The simple truth is that humans are destroying the earth.

    There isn't going to be an earth left in a thousand years given what stupid humans are doing.

    The problem isn't what Europeans are doing, as their populations are declining and their use of resources is benign.

    However the mud peoples of asia and south America and Africa are destroying the ecology of the planet.

    In the future aliens will intervene. And such races as negroes will no longer be permitted to exist here.

    The aliens will impose population controls on other mud peoples such as in south Asia and east Asia. The populations of places like Mexico and central America will be reduced.

    Only the refined races of Europe and Asia will be permitted to stay on this planet.

    Sorry but no more negroes or Mexicans or Inidans or Chinese....sorry.

    1. I agree, Indians and Chinese weaponised their population, from 1960 to 1990 by one billion each, they did that to kill us, so we must kill them before, and warfare is allowed by God, soldiers are blessed. Of course, we must try to explain them that it is not nice what they are doing... We must try and try, that is our job... Because Jesus said that blessed are the peacemakers... We Christians are also tolerant people, we do not kill homosexuals.

  6. The aliens are racist....Duh.

    The obvious observation is that race matters. Race determines everything.

    According to Travis Walton when he had an accident with an alien craft and aliens had to take him to a mother ship and repair him what he saw on the mother ship was this....

    He was attended to by two "senior" aliens. They were not greys or spiders or repiles....

    The two senior aliens in the mother ship both appeared to be Nordic human beings who were tall and had blonde hair and blue eyes.

    This is always the report given by anyone dealing with the senior aliens...they are Nordic [aka Aryan].

    1. Modern archeology cannot trace source of blonde hair. But everything came from Siberia and there were not racial mixing between races ever. I siberia was laboratory. I think God is keeping Russians on waiting to not be developed and destroyed by capitalists, capitalism is dangerous for nature. Imagine capitalists taking Siberia, because look those cities in USA how much space they need, agenda 21 was adopted in last possible moment. Aztecs and Incas had aliens living among them, and alines tried to produce hybrids to survive because their planet was destroyed. They needed females so they introduced human sacrificing in temples to get needed wombs. Than came Jesus and abolished that. Aztecs were given perfect calendar by aliens, so they started to bow to that calendar as mistake which would every pagan tribe do. Jesus said, do not have other Gods than me. Simple as that.

    2. Chia- You seem like a good soul, but your constant harping on the evils of 'capitalism' is the equivalent of peeing in the wind. If you're going to spout negatives in relation to 'commerce', please call what riles you by its proper name, CORPORATE COMMUNISM.

      Giant corporations become uncontrollable monsters mainly because of greed and an unquenchable mandate for profits to satisfy the shareholders. Corruption is rampant because at some point, the business became a corporation and allowed greed to drive the agenda.

      I am a Christian first, and capitalist second. I produce services for the market and charge a fair rate for those services. In receiving payment for those services I pay my employees a fair wage, cover costs of doing business and reinvest into my business while living off a small profit. That my friend is capitalism.

      Nobody tells me what I can charge my customers, or how much I pay my employees. It's is only through excellent service, incentives for my employees and what the market allows that keeps me in business.

      It is easy to criticize any successful business when you've never built, or operated one. The difference between the owner, and the employees is the owner takes all the risks and leverages his earnings, while the employees do not.

      Remember that Jesus was a carpenter? Do you think he built furniture and gave it away for free? Or did he sell and/or trade his services for food, money to pay the rent, tools, clothing, etc? All of the carpenters I know make money from their trade to continue working/living.

      All you have to say is the top 1% and everyone will know what you mean.

    3. Yes but how you are going to scare 1% without fear of communism... They are only scared of that.

    4. Problem is in 1%, not in that elite, 0.000001%, problem is that too many rich are produced.

  7. Go to Youtube and you can see two identical Nordic female aliens in England.....

    These two tall identical women with blonde hair are trying desperately to kill themselves and they run into traffic on a highway and are hit repeatedly by different cars and trucks traveling at over 50 miles per hour when they hit these women......

    But the women are not injured and after they lie down for a while they get back up and try again to get hit by other vehicles....

    It's all on film and you can see the police and emergency people totally confused by their lack of injury and their determination to get hit by these cars....

    Look up on Youtube "aliens women hit by cars or something.."

    1. I saw that a while back, it was like they were Wolverine or something and they had trouble restraining them, watched it several times as I could not quite believe my eyes. Just thought they were on PCP or something.

    2. MIT the YouTube video you reference is called: " Madness in the fastlane".

    3. The roadway incident mentioned by Mit reminds me of a customer of my late father's Pharmacy. She was an unusually thin elderly woman who would buy various sundry items and was always pleasant to interact with when she would come into the store to shop.

      Then one day, she came in without her facial prosthesis, and this is when I realized almost half of the left side of her face was surgically removed due to cancer.

      It was the first time I had seen such severe disfigurement, and as a teenager, I tried to hide my shock and treat her like any other customer that I was familiar with helping.

      I had been wrestling with the idea of what theologians call "a theodocy", which tries to explain how a "loving God" could allow so much "human suffering"

      And just when I felt I had reached my limits, after seeing this poor woman's disfigurement, no sooner does she walk out the door, jay walks into the busy street and with a sickeningly loud bang, gets struck by a car being driven by, what is now a very hysterical teenage boy.

      This poor lady, who I had grown to care about, if only that she gets what she needs from her small shopping excursions, had been launched into the air like she had been shot out of a cannon, like one see's at a circus act.

      I saw her literally fly by the picture window of my father's pharmacy and land about 100 feet from the initial impact with the front bumper of this kid's car.

      I was stunned for a few moments until my father instructed me to get the blanket out of his parked car and cover and comfort her while he calls 911.

      She was moaning in the busy street, and I remember feeling utter contempt for God, I also remember asking; how if you are Omnipotent, could you allow such a horrible thing to happen to an already frail old lady who had already suffered so greatly?

      If there was something to pound my fist on I think I surely would have at the time.

      Instead, with a tear in my eye, and a lump in my throat, I comforted this lady until the paramedics arrived.

      But no sooner had I asked this question, an otherwise beautiful sunny day in Pasadena, Ca., it started to rain. It was very odd timing I thought. And I remember looking up, and with the Pasadena foothills in the backdrop, the most magnificent rainbow formed right above this horrific accident scene.

      My thoughts immediately were refocused, on that rainbow, and I thought of how it was described in the Old Testament as a "sign" from God to Noah, after the flood described in the Bible. A promise that such a horrible flood would not happen again.

      Now some would argue that this is all child's play perhaps, but the timing, combined with the unusual change of weather, and centered right above my head while helping this lady on this busy street, did seem to bring me great comfort. As if God knew exactly what was happening, and that somehow inspite of its sadness, everything would turn out ok.

      Call me naïve, or stupid, or superstitious, or what have you, but this phenomena was, and remains a flashbulb memory to this day, of which I am grateful for, because it has brought me great comfort even to this day, when I look back at this horrible event.

    4. The ladies in the video you reference Mit, were described as being "paranoid" and "delusional".

      The video goes on to describe how one of them was released shortly after the incident, and she actually then "stabbed a man to death".

      She was then given 5 years due to " diminished capacity".

      Sadly, someone dropped the ball when it came to protecting her from herself, after she tried to get run over several times on the freeway. Total negligence on the part of the "healthcare" providers and/or "authorities".

    5. I do not believe these were "aliens", but two very confused, paranoid, delusional, psychotic twins.

      One even cries out after being struck by a vehicle that they are "going to take my organs".

    6. I just wish for once, if ET were to land, it would be in a Wal Mart parking lot in broad daylight in Los Angeles during peak shopping hours, and not in some god dammed Iowa cornfield at 3a.m. while "Buford" is taking a dump in the outhouse after drinking a few pints of moonshine.

    7. Nice story. Try look those ugly things and something that always something must be ugly. How could you have than good and evil. That is system of good of evil, for instance animals do not have those problems.

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    1. "The ancient books of Genesis and Enoch tell us that sprit beings known as the Watchers descended to the Earth, had sex with women, and begat a hybrid race of offspring known as the Nephilim."

      This reality is as old as recorded history itself. Almighty God judged them and wiped the abomination from the earth. History always repeats itself. The genetic altering of God's perfect design is their agenda and they are hell bent on playing God. To buy the nonsensical narrative that the aliens are interstellar travelers in spaceships is to be ignorant of what's already been writen.

      Christ is often rejected because people witness false teachers bilking the poor in his name. Most of us are good people and cannot reconcile with such a grevious act. The fallen ones tried desperately to pollute his bloodline but failed.

      The only time Jesus lost his cool was on the money changers (banks) in the temple. You see why the effort to erase his message from the public consciousness? Christianity is the only threat to the order.

      You only have to ask yourself one question: do I agree with Jesus message of love and peace, or do I support the thieves and liars leading the public in the opposite direction?

      Yesterday he took our sins upon himself so that we could be made right in the sight of our father. Eternal salvation is free and tomorrow is the day marking His resurrection. TRUST JESUS

    2. Humans as they exist are NOT the perfect design of a Jewish God....sorry.

      Human beings as they exist are the product of genetic engineering which took place over a couple hundred thousand years....

      For example all the large portions of the human brain needed for language all developed in only 100,000 years...a moment in time by "evolutionary" standards and proof that "natural selection" could not have been the process involved.

      Humans were engineered by creation or other beings but not by a Jewish God "yahway" or whoever.

      The Jewish God "yahway" was a capricious, jealous, unjust and merciless fabrication of the most evil Jews who lived and wrote their myths at that time. He does not really exist...thank God. So be thankful that there really was no Garden of Eden or Tower of Babel or Noah and the Ark or Jonah and the Whale or any of this nonesense.

      The aliens have shown total responsibility in dealing with every issue. Even in the Travis Walton case when he was accidently injured they went way out of their way to fix him. If they were humans they would have just left him there to die but they didn't. They went to a lot of trouble to make sure they didn't have any bad karma by what happened to him. Aliens always act in total accord with karma.

      Now lets contrast their ethical behavior with the ruthless and evil behavior of Jews.

      A friend of mine was in Jerusalem late on a Friday night and the Sabbath had started. A man on the sidewalk was on the ground and appeared to be having a heart attack. My friend went to the nearest house and knocked on the door. The Jew who answered asked, "Is the man who is having the heart attack a Jew or an Arab?"

      My friend said he appeared to be an Arab.

      The Jew inside the house said that then he wouldn't call for help because he wouldn't break the sabbath for someone who wasn't a Jew.

      Then he closed the door.

      That's the difference between aliens [good] and Jews [bad].

      That says it all.

    3. When the aliens come in force the first thing I hope they do is tell the Jews and Arabs that their religions are false.


  9. Dr Steve, One very interesting video:::"The Soros-Koch Criminals Lobby"
    The Koch Brothers are working hand-in-glove with the Obama Administration and the “progressives” to empty the prisons.Van Jones, a former activist with the group, Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM), has emerged as a point man for Koch Industries in a multi-million dollar campaign for “criminal justice reform.” This campaign used to be financed by billionaire hedge fund operator George Soros. Watch this show to understand how Republicans like Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich are part of this effort!


      The US locks up millions of people for decades at a time for victimless crimes...VICTIMLESS CRIMES.

      Most people serving long sentences ARE NOT THERE for armed robbery or rape or larceny or killing someone for their insurance money.

      90% of people in American prisons and jails are there for mere possession of substances or property "not permitted to be owned" by the state.....


      They're there for not complying to this or that indict by the government such as not paying taxes or not having the proper license in effect....


      They were prosecuted for talking about having sex with someone underage or for money....just talking and not really doing anything....


      At least a third of those convicted on serious crimes like rape or murder were framed by prosecutors eager to close the case!!

      So tell me all these people you claim are in jail really belong there.

      You are just another uninformed moron who probably watches Fox News day and night like my idiot neighbor.

    2. It's going to take people like the Kochs and Soros to lobby for these victims of the evil laws and prosecutors and evil judges because these people can't even vote and are in jail and can't lobby or speak for themselves.

      The public doesn't care because they're uninformed idiots like you who think all the criminal laws are there to protect the public from evildoers....what a fucking joke.

      I'd like to see you get audited by the IRS and them find something on you and see you thrown in prison and then tell me what you think then!

      I'd like to see someone break into your house and plant drugs in there and then have you sent away for twenty years and hear you change your tune.

    3. In Indiana three days ago a woman was sentenced to twenty years just for aborting her own baby!

      If she'd gone to a clinic and it was done by an MD it would have been perfectly legal.

      But because she did it herself with drugs and then disposed of the fetus herself she was convicted of breaking a law of Indiana!!!!!!!!!!!!

      If you believe any of these laws are just then you're just a fucking moron who belongs in prison yourself for criminal stupidity and hubris. In Greece hubris was a criminal act.