Saturday, April 4, 2015

Six Years After President Obama Reached Out to Iran, He Made a Historic Deal!
Congratulations to Obama, John Kerry, State Dept. Team, Military/Intelligence Community.
Historic Day for America/Hysterical Day for Bibi and Republican ChickenHawks!
For over 37 years, I have waited for this rapprochement with Iran. I knew that Obama would eventually reach it with this country. Obama had taken the initial risk as did Nixon with his unexpected shift to recognize China. Silent leaders make bold movements. Loud leaders or histrionic leaders like Bibi and McCain do nothing but create unnecessary wars which slaughter countless innocent victims.  Neither of these men will go down in history for anything more than ‘saber rattling’ ad infinitum.
Obama understood that Iran has been helpful to the US ground troops both in Iraq and Afghanistan by extricating them from a very dangerous, complex situation. Our military leaders had informed me for years that this was the case.
However, the Iran deal is important suis generis. For the most part, it really has nothing to do with nuclear capabilities. Iran really does not want a nuclear bomb. It is totally useless. Please ask the Pakistani leadership, both civilian and military, whether their having the Islamic Bomb in any way curtailed their corrupt political, incendiary practices in Afghanistan, Kashmir, and India? Funny how Bibi never brings up Nuclear Pakistan when he rants about the dangerous of a Nuclear Islamic State. That’s because neither he nor the IDF care about nuclear capability.
As for Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni states, they have failed to maintain a civil society based on secular laws and transparent economic incentives. Instead of coming to terms with Iran, a very powerful Persian state, Saudi Arabia has decided to act out like a spoiled brat in kindergarten who has not been able to get the continuous attention of their surrogate father, America. For too long, Americans have tolerated Saudi Arabia’s nonsensical religious interpretation of the Holy Koran with narratives that emphasized the religious extremism and barbarism of a tribal sect, the Wahabbis. 
Now times have changed. Obama along with his negotiating team understood that inevitable transformation where America no longer would pamper the spoiled oil drenched hooligans of the Middle East—Dubai, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and their poorer cohorts Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, etc.

Obama and Iran have signaled to the world that trade will once again travel through the Silk Roads of China, Russia and Iran in a vast infrastructure yet to be built by the different private corporations that will be bidding for the necessary contracts. New enterprises will arise where once sands and ruins have stood. Once again, our corporations—Bechtel, Boeing, Northrup Grumann, and Halliburton will descend into Persia and start up much needed businesses. Persian students will continue to flood our universities in the USA as they have had in the past and become the new leaders of a different type of democracy in Iran.

Germany, France, Russia and China will have the advantage of doing trade with the Iranians on a real competitive basis without fear of legal sanctions. Even the sneaky state of Israel who supplied the Ayatollah Khomeini with arms, guns, pilots, fighter jets and artillery shells [in Hebrew] during the 1989 Iran/Iraq Wars will make their necessary shekels without having to transfer goods to a third country as they have in the past four decades [especially  gas/oil/ telecommunications equipment/ military assistance, etc].
Finally, the Middle East hypocrisy of long-abiding allies: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Dubai, etc. will be attenuated for real d├ętente without pretext that that those countries really need us for more than military hardware and assistance. Iran will dominate the Middle East Crescent as I have predicted for years. They will effectively displace the Sunnis and try to maintain a hegemony akin to what they had during the times of Cyrus the Great and Darius.
The only fly in this seemingly halcyon ointment is Turkey which for the present is completely besieged on all of its major geopolitical borders. But its Prime Minister, Erdogan, can no longer bluff his way forward. He will have to declare whether Turkey is a secular or religious state. Did Ataturk fail in the long run? Or did Sunni Islam rise again? Either way, Erdogan will have to deal with a Shi’ite Persia. He knows that and he has no choice.
As for America, we are in very good shape. Obama has corrected our financial markets so that we are no longer in a recession or economic abyss a la Bush Family. Obama has made us as of the past year, a net exporter of gas/oil. Obama has recognized Communist Cuba. And finally Obama has made peace with a three scores and seven year enemy: Iran. Even Stupid Republicans who want to destroy/diminish Obama’s accomplishments by inviting American trained con man Bibi to speak in front of congress, can’t stop the momentum.

As for me, as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and Navy Captain, I resigned over President Carter’s orders in 1978 to accompany Ramsey Clark to visit Ayatollah Khomeini in Paris. At the time, I believed this opening movement would cause the USA major problems.  So I left. Sec. State Cyrus Vance resigned six months later. How would I know then that it would take five different Presidencies to finally accomplish what we should have done back in 1978----make peace with Ayatollah Khomeni?
Congratulations to all those members of this incredible American and Persian team that made this deal possible. The American people are no fools and we will not let anything stop this treaty from finally being ratified in June 2015.
As we say in Persian, “Merci”! 

As we say in Harlem, “Don’t Mess With The Man!” as a warning that should be heeded by all who think that they can spoil this deal. Just ask Petraeus, Hillary, Republicans and others what happens when you do.
Criticism of this deal is pretty much like worthless Book Reviews:
“Book Reviewers [critics] are little old ladies of both sexes.” John O’Hara [American Novelist]. 


  1. Dr Steve, One very interesting video:::"The Soros-Koch Criminals Lobby"
    The Koch Brothers are working hand-in-glove with the Obama Administration and the “progressives” to empty the prisons.Van Jones, a former activist with the group, Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM), has emerged as a point man for Koch Industries in a multi-million dollar campaign for “criminal justice reform.” This campaign used to be financed by billionaire hedge fund operator George Soros. Watch this show to understand how Republicans like Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich are part of this effort!

    1. almost rich needs to commit more crime to maybe become part of elite which is not any more in control... that is why liberal capitalism needs liberal laws... Rand Paul was first in this... They do want to end up in prisons, they need relaxed structure. Same how was in Russia in 1990s. And they want to protect pedophiles.

    2. FOX news and CNN are becoming too stupid both to watch... MSNBC is becoming interesting. They talk about Rand Paul so much it makes me think, heeey seems that there are some idiots which are not full idiots in USA and without control. GE (owner of MSNBC) is one of normal US corporations which are not so evil, because they actually makes things which must work... Seems they will employ Rand Paul (with his ears which are becoming more and more like of those of Timothy Geithner, just look at them from profile, they were not before like that), to produce liberal shock, lower taxes on corporations and gain youth to support it, Interesting... Monsanto and banks will be for Jeb Bush. If US corporations are going to secure full employment government should pay for that i agree with Rand Paul on that. And that would be good for capitalists because with full employment they could stop us coming to power and hanging them all. Also GM EMD could produce locomotives for annexed US colonies in Sahara and Madagascar. In Croatia (and whole former Yu) all diesel are of GM, of extreme, quality they are jewels. But with capitalists there must always be catch. so i guess what we will get is lower taxes without quality jobs and full employment.

    3. Here we have jewels in action...

      this next one is weaker one for passengers, but it have perfect sound, that sound should be patented, best thing is to get sleeping cab and hear that sound in winter night while sleeping... they work already for 40 years without any problems... made in La Grange, Illinois, it can be seen in min 13:30

    4. perfect...

    5. Soros wishes to curtail the excessive use of criminal statutes for victimless crimes because he's a libertarian.

      The Koch brothers wish to do so for the same reasons.

      The US has more people in prison than any other country, and 95% of these people are serving time for victimless crimes in which no mes rhea was present.

      It's time for American penal codes to be returned to what they used to be --- laws intended to protect the lives and property of the citizens from insult and injury.....NOT to regulate personal behavior or be in compliance with government social engineering.

  2. Paul Craig Roberts: "US Trying To Draw Iran Into Middle East Conflict To Justify Future Invasion".

    1. You know America hasn't had a sane President since Jimmy Carter, who continues to live in the same house and community where he always lived.

      After Carter Reagan came in with his alcoholic father background and his insatiable quest for personal acceptance and glory. He was an ignoramous and a madman who didn't know the difference between reality and fantasy. A sick man who drove the country off the rails and spawned horrific terror in central America and Afghanistan from which we are still now suffering. He railroaded through deregulation of the banks and opened the borders to free trade and endless illegal immigration.

      Reagan was a satanic figure molded in a home with an alcoholic father.

      Then George Bush comes in after lying about his lifelong CIA career. The idiot son of a would-be robber baron wall street banker hustler crook.....
      He opened the borders even more, made America a bitch whore to the Saudis, invaded Panama to cover up his crimes there slaughtering many...and then bungled into a war in Iraq. What a disaster.

      Oh then came along Clinton the psychopath and his sick little lady. The borders were now totally open, all manufacturing was sent abroad, the Chinese were given all our defense technologies, and then he lies under oath over and over again.

      Why is it so many people who worked with him in Arkansas claim he's a psychpath and a murderer? I don't think a "vast right wing conspiracy" explains why scores of former state employees and others make these claims, including the suicides of dozens of whistleblowers and journalists seeking to bring him to justice.

      Clinton is yet another psychopath.

      Clinton had no father and was farmed out to live with his grandparents because his mother didn't want him.......

      Gee isn't that what happened to Obama?

      Why always these sick rejected psychos?

    2. I agree, Carter was president, all this now are semi-humans; addicts, perverts, single mum son lesbians, hollywood actors or CIA corporals.

    3. Well put.

      "semi-humans" says it all for creatures like Clinton and Obama from their single moms who shunted them off to live with their grandparents LOL...

      These evil-doers grew up from childhood learning that they were not as good as everyone else and that they could lie their way through life and become priests and princes to the normal people who they secretly hate.

  3. Gee I didn't know that Obama conducted any of these negotiations himself like Nixon did?

    Methinks you are giving way too much credit to Obama the empty suit/camel cigarette smoking malt-liquor guzzling hoop-shooting soul-brother to JayZ and Beyonce...yo yo yo....

    Obama as we should all know by now makes no decisions. Obama is a compulsive people pleaser who does whatever his staff wants him to do. In this matter Iranian-borne Valerie Jarrett and somewhat intelligent at times John Kerry steered policy away from Israeli/Likudite demands and towards RATIONALITY AND AMERICAN INTERESTS.

    In this matter America has no choice. This is no alternative.
    Iran is now the regions' dominant great power and always will be. The US must deal with Iran diplomatically or else get it's ass kicked like it was kicked in Lebanon in 1983 when the Reaganites thought they could use American power there in a half-hearted way. In that case the rational mind of George Schultz prevailed and America left the place. Now the rational minds of Kerry and Jarrett et. al. are facing stark realities and laying the framework for DIPLOMANCY.....

    Yes diplomacy which the Iranians earnestly sought from America after 9-11 but which the Israeli citizens in the Bush Administration like Bolton, Wolfowitz, Libby, et. al rejected to America's everlasting doom.

    In diplomancy and rapproachment we won't get everything we want but neither will they and our chances of getting them to do some of the things we prefer and changing some of their obnoxious antics is enhanced.

    We can both compromise and lessen problems perhaps.

  4. One thing you have to understand about Iranians is that they're horny as hell, especially the women. They breed like there's no tomorrow.

    When I was over there in the early 1980s during the war with Iraq there were 40 million Iranians and we thought that was a lot. I remember Stephen Miller at MIT saying to me that the war was important because Iran was as large a country as France was in WWI --- both with 40 million people.

    But recently Iran had 60 million....a huge jump in only 30 years, and most of these Iranians are young and breeding fast...

    Soon there will be 80 million in just a few years....

    That's double what there was in my time.

    I've made love to several Iranian girls and I can tell you they like sex enormously and are the most passionate group of girls around and this must explain why they reproduce so much. The other girls I might compare them too in this regard are Mexican girls and Phillipinas and maybe Chinese...all these girls really love to have sex.

    Anyway I'm not sure the aliens will like all this population growth among the Iranians. I think the Iranians are among the groups the aliens intend to reduce the populations of...but not by terror or violence.

    Aliens are not violent. But they will put into effect population controls.

    1. I mean if you go to the places where there's a lot of population growth in my experience the girls who live there are just horny and love to have sex...much much more so than average girls who actually are not that crazy about sex to be honest.

      Most european girls are not that horny. But Chinese and Phillipinas and Mexican girls are just really really horny.

      One Mexican girl I know told me how when she was sixteen she bought this huge silicon penis with a suction cup on the base and put it in the shower and used to pound herself with this thing against the shower wall.....and she said it was ten inches she was taking.

      That's typical of what Mexican girls tell me and what I've seen.

    2. Mexican girls have more body their arms and their faces and their backs.

      This is because they have higher testosterone levels and that's why they are horny all the time, especially when they are ovulating or having their periods.

      I also noticed that Iranian girls have the same kind of extra body hair in those places too....

      Just a little extra testosterone given to a girl will make her libido go through the roof. It explains why most girls have little sex drive but some groups of girls are really horny and need to screw...if not a man then a silicon toy but they need to screw something.

    3. The same Mexican girl told me when she was eighteen she used to keep a twelve inch penis toy under her bed and her mother found it and disposed of it without saying anything.

      She said she was so embarrissed.

    4. Chinese men don't have sex drives that high but Chinese women do...and that explains why there are so many of them. The Chinese girls I've been with have been amazingly horny.

      Indian women do not have high sex drives but Inidan men do and the women there have such low status that they just have to screw whenever the man demands it.

      That's why india is so crowded. Horny Indian men.

    5. The average girl like a european girl with an averge libido that's not very high will only enjoy sex with a lot of clitoral stimulation.

      But the other girls I've mentioned with higher libidos don't care that much about orgasms or clitoral stimulation. They just want to be penetrated a lot..and that's what extra testosterone will do to a girl.

    6. Speaking of testosterone I want to convey my strong recommendation for estrogen blockers.

      If a man takes synthetic testosterone like creams or injections his balls will shrink and he will start making less testosterone and will rely on the synthetic testosterone....not good. And there are other negative side effects as well.


      If a man takes an estrogen blocker like anastrozole he will overcome the feminizing effects of estrogen AND INCREASE HIS NATURALLY PRODUCED TESTOSTERONE BY FIFTY PERCENT.

      And all this benefit without any of the negative effects of synthetic testosterone.

      So those men who are low in testosterone or just older really need to consider simply blocking estrogens with something like anastrozole.

      It's an easy fix.

      Men shouldn't have all this estrogen, and it's in the plastics and soy and environment as well as in the body increasing with age.....

      Get rid of it.

    7. Some MDs I know take anastrozole and also some testosterone cream to get their levels back to when they were twenty.

      No viagra needed for those Dudes.

      They're a crowd of horny and hard seventy year old MDs....


      And because they're MDs they have the money to afford a nice girl for play.

      Isn't science great.

    8. If you're ever with a Mexican girl notice the light yet dark body hair that she has on her upper back. They all have that.

      Even if they don't have the light sideburns that a lot of Mexican girls have they will always have that hair on their upper backs. Notice also the hair on their forearms....

      Those particular places are where body hair will appear on women taking testosterone, but these girls just have it naturally.

    9. I would like to say that my tutoral on the science of sex is gleened from textbooks but that's not the case.

      I had to learn all this data from long years of personal experience of sexual relations with many different girls of different nationalities.....

      It's the research of a lifetime and it's yeilded some accurate observations.

    10. What I mean to say is that the body hair on the upper backs and arms and sometimes sideburns of Mexican girls is FINE yet dark and visible. You see these fine dark hairs everywhere in certain places.

    11. One of the horniest ever was a girl from Mongolia of all places. She was tall and very thin and of course intelligent. She didn't look like the short Mongolians you think about who look like eskimos. She was very tall and lean and extremely elegant. I guess she was ethnically Chinese or something but she was amazing. She smoked too many cigarettes though.

    12. Laotian girls are said to be extremely horny though I've never been with one yet....

      During the war in Laos the President there said that all his people do day and night is listen to music, smoke opium and have sex all the time.....

      Pretty cool way to live actually.

      If you don't have a lot of material wealth what's wrong with that?

      "Sex, drugs and rock and roll" by any other name...

    13. OH do not worry, Iranians are done also now... Kosovo was one of most closed societies on world before US intervention and their war against Serbia. They made huge mistake OVK of Kosovo because of propaganda put females as soldiers also, now they are done, girls were in war, that is it, we are equal, we want equality, it is game over to them. They had on average about 7 kids in Yugoslavia, now they have 2, and guys are running to thru Serbia to get to EU to escape. Same was done when capitalists put females to ammo factories in WW1, where they all got liver defects because of used phosphorus, and after war try to say something to them.

    The Jade Helm exercise is hitting the fan. We are in deep, deep trouble.

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
    Published on Apr 5, 2015
    From Sherriequestioningall channel fair use: This great woman tells as much as she can in the alotted time. Goes into great length over what's happening, who and how she got her info annd more.

  6. You Didn't Build That - Obama Is A Disaster. 93 million Americans are unemployed and Steve is kissing his ass.

    1. You didn't right that, we all did. Seriously though credit where credit is due. Yes he was probably born in Kenya (well Granny said so in an interview) he has said stoopid things, don't they all. This is a real achievement when you have got nutty as fruitcake Generals and Neocons pushing for War with...well everybody. Even a broken clock is right twice a day!
      If anyone tries to be a good POTUS they will not last 10minutes before their assassination, accident or heart attack, everyone knows that. Happy Easter Eggs.

    2. 100% of growth from 2008. went to 10% of population, it is not 1% it is about 10%. Obama would get shoot if he would try to go against them.

    3. Did Obama invent horizontal drilling? NO
      Does Obama allow fracking on Federal land? NO
      Did Obama approve the Keystone pipeline? NO
      Did Obama back Solyndra which made his campaign donors rich and added $500 million to the taxpayers credit card? YES

      Steve - Obama is implementing The Cloward-Piven strategy of orchestrated crisis to bankrupt the U.S.

  7. As stated by George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski, Russia is the goal. Activity in Ukraine is blocking Russia - Europe trade. Iran will be infiltrated to block Russia from the Middle East? Newer underestimate the City of London Bankers.

    1. trade with Russia is like trading with Germany on level of EU or with China on global level... let s be realitstic, that is like choosing to trade with dragon, bear or panther while you are with some of them in cage... you should at least get gun and gain some distance, well Ukraine and Iran is that distence and needed space.

    2. Ziop, You're 100% right about George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski, and who are both of these lowlifes connected to? the Vatican bankers Rothschild family! people should read this article "Zbigniew Brzezinski - Evil Spirit of 5 US Presidents - And The Biggest Threat To World Peace!

    3. Biggest threat to world peace are 1. Disunity between France, UK and USA manifesting in rise of their puppet dolls like Germany, China or Russia. Russians are like Serbs (violent schovinistic land grabbers) on steroids and are puppet of France, China (middle kingdom - all other are servants) is puppet of UK and Germany (nazi racists) is puppet of USA. Puppet can be exchanged very fast. They are little Frankensteins. Also we are on end of second civilisation in histroy. Vatican and Crown are only thing which still can save US from not going off that triangle and becoming not any more puppet master but like Germany, UK and China, but puppets of UK and France. Rand Paul of course is trying to by liberal capitalism escape destiny thinking that Japan will float more, while Philliphines will stay poor. Vatican and Crown thinks differently. Satanists must die off. Question will USA go with them together with Rand Paul s liberal capitalism. Heck even neoconservatives are better. Kids at least had job in military back than. Imgaine who much crime there would be if Bush did not sign ban or steam cell reasarch on terriotry of USA. You would have Monstantos x 100.

    4. France have one nice characteristic, France would not exist if there would be no interest of everyone to have there one big state going little in to continent just to fill space to make continent little smaller if someone emerge on continent. But again not to big to take Belgium and left Rheinland to dominate continent.

    5. It was funny how UK went crazy in letting France to take Morrocco, Madagascar, Tunis, Sahara, half or Indochina to against Germany and USA. Same policy toward Japan. Sorry it was not enough, too much calculation. Also to send navy to colonize India while not sending it to pacifiy german rebelion in colonies, as example of idiotic thinking that stuff and money and trade of "Jewel" Indina can save you, not cultral colonisation of space in NA, UK started with liberal capitalism already (just how USA is now going down)... After formation of USA, Canada was not taken by USA because river of St. Lawrance is always dominated by navy, not land force, USA could not do anything about that... Meaning King just had to send more navy to crash Lafayette and rebelion would not be possible. Forget India, in India only German methods can work. Australia (result of colonisation) went with UK in to new chinese AIIB bank, meaning Austrlia was success. Canada did not go because of proximity of US land army. But there is hope for US, so far main portion of US army is at home on continent, not like mistakes of Romans who put army on limes and people are armed. So when Rand Paul (new Yeltsin) introduce full scale liberal capitalism and destroyes USA and calls chinese army to pacify USA to save satanists in USA people are going to be armed. Obama is Gorbachov, Rand Paul will be Yeltsin.

    6. USA can gain respect of Western-Roman Christian world only if it start with colonisation of new territories and continue with totall annexations. But seems USA is choosing to go down, so we are again going to go back on to France and UK only. I am crying while looking those pictures, look, all those buildings were NEW, 90% of buildings were new and they were not chinese skycrapers.
      God can allow USA to be independed in triangle only if it is going to do what was US about. But if it is going to follow UK financial liberal capitalism model, then we are back on UK and France. In that case US captialist and be full of envy how Japnese capitalist are able to use old GM-2 nuclear cores in Fukushima (from 1950es) on coast of ocean without any criminal investigation. US capitalists are amaezed, because 1. New cores are expensive, 2. you build it on ocean because ship can bring everything, so it cheaper, 3. return of investment is higher while you invest only own regulatory agency and to buy judicial system not to pay compesations. Japan is future of USA. But Geroge Friedman nicely said that Japan have charactericis that they are able to switch and change in one summer. So lets not hope too much.

    7. Chia Cha, People need to realize everything that happens in this crazy world all stems from and is controlled by what is shown on this site below. "The Vatican and The Jesuits"
      The Jesuit Order is an almost 500-year old covert operations, geo-political, male-only organization, structured as a secret military operation!

    8. To; heyhey1956 "The Vatican and The Jesuits"
      Various groups co-operate for common purpose.
      "The Rothschilds & the Vatican - YouTube"

      His Holy Roundature, the Patron Saint of Pizza,
      to gain extra indulgences, enthusiastically supports
      the Rothschild, Gore and Blood Carbon Tax Extortion Racket.

    9. of course zlop, little Randy will have to pick up his toys when time comes, now little Randy will do more of neoliberal capitalism so that authority can come,... capitalists are stupid so we have to support them

    10. Zlop, Many people are not aware of what is shown in this Y/T video::::"Illuminati=JESUITS, Rothschilds & BLACK NOBILITY MURDERED 6 AMERICAN Presidents"

    11. Zlop, US capitalists in 1913 discovered from British that it is way much profitable to steal from own people than from colonised one. Only expense you have is to rise one flag, but if you to steal from others or on colonisation, you have to pay for army, arms, colonists must get rights, free land, no no, that is not nice for them. Or you have to invest in to military expedition and deal with partisan warfare. This is much more profitable.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. *for instance this google blog do not allow you to edit mistakes in post, i wanted to say that bishopsare now talking against liberal capitalism, not, not talking against .... how many addicts on internet they need to have enough money to chage that

    2. here is adjusted post...
      OK comrades it is time to party, judge decided in Strasbourg that in 2001 anti-G8 protests in Geneva was ok and that police was criminal. Anti-rich revolution is wonderfull thing, that is ultimate from of liberal capitalism. You can become rich in one morning and those phisically healthy (those stronger one) are going to rightly dominate. Imagine such abudance in front of you, that morning you just do not know will you burn or steal. It will be worse, for some time, yes, but you can live like human at least for one day. Whole Catholic Church, all bishops are now talking against liberal capitalism and desctruction of authority, one bihsop even said i do not understand economy but liberal capitalism is of Satan. UK Crown is also against liberal capitalism, Chinese also agree. But Rand Paul thinks he can escape... oooo pooor little Rand, (Webster Tarpley is always right)... Bishops are telling how liberal capitalists are promoting addictions and new slaves (Internet, alcohol, drugs, tattoos) to destroy wokring class and youth and place them in to consumer sub-cultures, liberal-capitalism also goes against culture... Today you produce shit for market which people does not really want, and it is not connected to culture, but if makret are collection of addicts split up in sub-cultures you can sell them cheaper shit for higher price, how much you have in wearhouse. Wonderful bussiness model. I agree, that we need more internet addicts to creat really functional algorithms in bussines and credit culture, and for mars colonisation, but... but... but... Randy is going to far.

  9. Congratulations Obama. Now it's time to fix The American Curse >>>