Sunday, April 26, 2015

Obama’s Failed Drone Program Consistently Kills More Americans and Pakistani/Yemeni Innocent Victims!
Time to Transfer the Entire Program from CIA to U.S. Military.
Get rid of the Agency of International Development [A.I.D] workers overseas---completely useless and exceedingly expensive, accomplishes little. Time has come to shut down the consistently ineffectual CIA and allow the U.S. military to work unhindered by civilian incompetency.

By now you have learned about the ‘accidental death’ of American A.I.D worker, Warren Weinstein of Rockville, MD, who was killed in the ‘fog of war’ by an American drone targeting supposed Al Qaeda members in Pakistan. The truth of the matter is a little bit more serious than this tale of an AID worker captured in 2011 working on a local water project for delivering fresh water to Pakistanis.
First of all, as usual, the Obama admin has no idea of how to conduct a major rescue operation or an effective war against terrorist bred and nurtured by our duplicitous ally, Pakistan. This country, thanks to completely ignorant assessments of how to stop terrorism there, received over $25B in aid and military assistance over the past decades. As expected, the corrupt military and civilian leaders of Pakistan purloined the money and kept on creating so-called “terrorist groups” for which we had so-called “convenient targets” to destroy.
This scenario reminds me of a world carnival where our CIA provides the necessary funds to already discredited ersatz nations like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen , et. al in order for the CIA and some U.S. military units [especially SOF] to play kinetic wack-a-mole. Yet the truth is far more brutally destructive. For some time now, we have been playing with completely dysfunctional units of the USG, the CIA and it’s direct cousin –the Agency For International Development [AID]. There is a pattern that we see over six decades where the CIA and its satellites have created cancerous wars in Viet Nam, Latin America and the Middle East. The CIA has become a life-threatening disease in the Republic. 

In addition, the CIA’s direct cousin is another completely useless organization that doles out billions of dollars to intermediary companies usually located in Arlington Virginia, like J.E. Austin Associates [a ‘bullshit front’] which ‘hired’ the professional AID worker, Warren Weinstein. I don’ begrudge a man like Warren if he wants to run around the world and make believe that he is important by doing little insignificant projects in ghastly infested corners of poverty and decadence from East Asia to Pakistan. However, I will not grant him any status of nobility or integrity when in fact, I know that men and women like him do very little other than infuse their narcissism with the necessary adrenalin rush which allows them to become ‘natives’ of a multitude of corrupt, dysfunctional countries which provide this type of ‘action junkie’ with raison d’etre. When a presumed Jewish man like Weinstein wants to sacrifice his life in a most Islamic extremist country then that is his business.
Americans have no duty nor need to send these action junkies, like the Peace Corps or so-called ‘innocuous NGO’s’ overseas at taxpayer expense when in fact these collective groups do nothing more than provide useless cannon fodder for terrorists to capture and use as ‘bargaining chips’.
How do I know?
For many years, these ‘action junkies’ have wandered overseas to seek new adventures and ‘esoteric experiences’ for personal reasons, refusing to use their presumed skills in our own country in places like Detroit or Appalachia. Is it more worthwhile to help Tanzanian children when our American children suffer from lack of nutrition and education?  Are children in Pakistan or Africa more deserving than our American kids who live in poverty, don’t get enough to eat and cannot read?

It’s time to eliminate the CIA and transfer all of it’s supposed intelligence operations to the military or the Director of National Intelligence [DNI]. For the most part, the CIA only borrows military assets in the guise that they are covert and ‘secret’.  Nonsense!  In addition,  its time to eliminate AID, the presumed front of the CIA, because it has wasted countless billions of dollars in ineffectual projects that have no impact other than allow the American action junkies [civilian and church sponsored] to assume an exotic patina.
Last but not least, please STOP the most embarrassing, ineffectual program of all: drones flown from Nevada 16,000 miles overseas. They create more civilian casualties and inspire more hatred from the Pakistani/Yemen citizens than any other program we could have created. Falling in love with our technology is indicative of a civilian leadership that has had no operational strategic experience nor tactical successes.

As I have said in the past, Obama is the contrived product of a historically dysfunctional CIA which continues to create more problems for the American Republic to the extent that it has become synonymous with the well known term—“Legacy of Ashes” !
If we fail to learn from these reverberating lessons of needless deaths and incompetent intellectual/kinetic actions, then we, Americans, will be doomed to repeat our mistakes again until the Republic will be eviscerated of all meaning.  Now, is the time to stop this childish nonsense before we are no longer a nation which can address its own internal problems for want of sufficient resources and intelligent, capable manpower.

We don’t need the CIA to send CIA operatives overseas under cover of A.I.D so that a CIA born POTUS , Obama, can order to kill these ‘humanitarian workers’ accidentally or intentionally… with no other than  CIA drones. 
Let me end this blog with a quote from the great French writer/philosopher, La Rochefoucauld:
“Hypocrisy is the homage which vice pays to virtue”
As for Mr. Weinstein’s need for action and immortality, let me quote Napoleon Bonaparte:
“Glory is fleeting; but obscurity is forever.” 
And as for Obama, it seems the close he gets to the big prize, a Treaty with Iran, the “more he keeps slip sliding away”. 


    Also this video is worth watching "Secrets of the Jesuit CIA"

    1. That's not what E. Howard Hunt meant to say. Hunt became a Roman Catholic at some point, talked into it by fellow Catholic Bill Buckley. Hunt was prone to exaggeration.

  2. While I was at M.I.T. I worked out a plan to create what I called the "Global Strategic Prompt Bombardment Force."

    This idiotic creation of myself was to take all the huge, liquid-cooled Titan ICBMs and put small, pin-point precision-guided conventional rockets on them. I would take the high-precision nose of the Pershing II missile, with a Circular Error Probable of about fifty feet, and put a conventional explosive on it and put it on a huge Titan II missile.

    By doing this the range of the Titan II would be global. The warhead would be so light compared to the huge warhead the Titan was designed for that the range of this thing was without limit.

    The idea was that within a couple of hours anyplace on earth, anywhere on the planet, could be hit and destroyed upon order of the National Command Authority.

    All the bad guys of the world like Ayahtollah Khomeni would now have to live in a world where the US could strike them all the way from America.....with only a couple hours notice.

    Anytime the President wanted he could order the Titan II fueled and then once launched at any point on the globe that point would be destroyed.

    Forget about anymore airstrikes on Khadaffi using bombers from ships of bases in

    From now on the strike would be one bomb placed where you want it from America....almost instantly.

    1. The Titan II wasn't "liquid-cooled," as I mistakenly said. They were liquid-fueled.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. That is why it is needed to surround Russia, because to fire such rocket you cannot do it if it is going to have direction aiming Russia, that is baaaaad. I mean you may, but than you must fire all you have and aim only Russia.

  3. As for the drones it's a horrible idea.

    I worked with many assassins. I worked with the CIA's most active assassine, Lt. Col. David Strier, and then a bunch of Vietnam era servicemen who did assassinations. I think I know more about the topic than anyone.

    If you want to kill someone just do it. There are well-worn and timeless, traditional ways to accomplish that. That stupid movie the Three Days of the Condor was actually very accurate about the issue. You have assets available and you do the job. This is a very age old issue.

    But this new tech manner of going about this is like everything else in the tech world ---- it is a bad idea.

    It's a horrible idea to use cruise missiles or drones when you're going after just one guy. It's not a precision instrument. It's a bomb. It's trying to kill someone with a bomb from an airplane.
    It's way too messy.

    Covert Action is always messy. Try as hard as you can and you can't take all the messyness out of it.

    But this is so much more messy than all the ways which preceeded it...and so much more expensive too!

    It's just another thing done because it was sold as a tech solution when all it was is hype and flash.

    Give me a .300 Remington Ultra Mag and a few hundreds yards and I'll do the job. Or just a Beretta .22 at close range. Even a hammer to the back of the head.

    Same goes for all these states wondering how they are going to execute condemned people without all these drugs they have been using LOL...


    Give them a handful of valium to swallow and then wash it down with a quart of Jack Daniels. They're dead.

    Give them a dose of pure heroin by injection.. They're dead.

    Give them a bottle of Jack Daniels and once they've passed out put a bag over their head. They're dead.

    Put a pistol to the back of their head pointed at the cerabellum and pull the trigger. They're dead.

  4. Put them in a closed room and fill it full of carbon monoxide from a tube running to my Mercedes. They're dead.

    1. I would move to USA only when TIIP goes on power, and Mercedes made for US achieve standards required EU regulations. Mercedes made of US market are of much less quality because of US liberal laws. US have higher standards only in architectural fire protection standards, because capitalist faith prohibits chance to have own property destroyed by fire coming from someone poorer than you. Ok, and US standards in pedophilia protections are also better, and when you sue someone who is not capitalist to compensate damage he did.

  5. A lot of times the simplist thing is the best. Old reliable.

    1. I understand statistically that one of the best and most efficient ways to kill people is to send them to a bad Dr!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. There is lie, there is also big huge shameless extraordinary lie, and there is statistic. Did they count score of Dr. Mengele in that statistic. And what is bad Dr., was Dr. Mengele bad Dr., or he was bad Dr. but good scientist. I mean man died of hearth attack... in his pool in Rio De Janeiro in 1979:)) I mean i just like to think scientifically and in details.

    4. Dr. Mengele was in service of Schutzstaffel, (protection units), therefore he was protecting people...
      ... his conducted important testings by drowning subjects to test how long does it takes to die in cold sea, so navy could know does it makes sense to try rescue submarine crews drowning in sea or not, as they were more important than submarine... pure economy...

    5. I adore how western democracies are not conducting tests on others but on own people, because from 1913 US capitalists learned from English that it much more economical and profitable to pillage your own people that other tribes.

    6. Imagine being bad good Dr. of some western democratic army, deciding to conduct one important test by which you must find out how long does it take for radiation to kill subject slowly and in low dosages. Of course you wrongly think that you are doing that because you think that it is very important, even you do that because capitalists wants that, not you, but ok. 1st. your subject must be some respectful office with good quality family life, who does not drink and who is predicable in his daily life, the best in class, he is going to be radiated, and you are going to test it for capitalists. Now lets talk about Dr. Mengele, who did it on honestly on subjects who all knew they were part of test. Dr. Mengele was better.

    7. not office... officer - Conclusion is, socialism is based on force, capitalism is based on lie.

    8. I would have like to conducted an experiment on the sophisticated, charming Dr Mengele, it involves trying to kick seven colours of shit out of him, while he is in his best dress uniform and then asking him how he feels afterwards. Because of his experiments he is hopefully slithering around hell attached to a cockroach body. The trouble with Socialism is it does not take account of human nature (Animal Farm) while Capitalism is really cronyism, neither reflects what they were intended to be.

  6. MIT I would describe you as effective based upon the aforementioned comments.

    Well no wonder hammers are so expensive if bought by the Pentagon, but look what they're replacing: A Titan Missile for heavens sake! ; )

  7. My 300 Ultra Mags bruise my arm, I like shooting my M4 the most. I call it group therapy.

  8. Although I hear the Lapua 338 round is good for long distance shots.

    1. The .338 Lapua is all the rage now, and the new Savage 110 is affordable and has brought many into the long distance world...

      But I don't like the Lapua because it's soooo big. You might as well be shooting a .50 for God's sake.

      The point of long distance shooting is the use a comfortable, reasonable size rifle but make it reach out to realistic distances....

      Most military snipers use an old .308 round, not even as fast as a .30-06 from 1903! And they use only 10x scopes and shoot up to 800 yards that way. The really long range military shots and competitions use only a Winchester .300 Magnum. Neither of these rounds can compare to any of the hunting Weatherby rounds of even .257 magnum at 3,800 feet per second, or the .270 magnum at 3,600 feet per second or the .300 magnum at 3,600 feet per second...

      Even a simple Winchester .243, which is a 6mm round, will do 4,000 feet per second and shoot incredibly flat over long ranges with a 60 grain bullet...the same weight bullet as in your M4 Colt.....

    2. The Weatherbys remain the rock stars of distance shooting, and to use them that way just use a heavy barrel for accuracy...

      I've also used the BOSS system by Browning in the ABolt which uses an adjustable weight at the muzzle to dampen down harmonics and also adjust for twist.
      It allows you to adjust twist so you can shoot different weight bullets for the same round like the 7mm magnum which comes in many different bullet weights. I like the 110 grain bullets in the 7mm because that weight gives about 3,500 feet per second..

      You see you don't need to shoot the Lapua with it's 190 grain or above bullet when hunting a man.

      If you're going to be hunting large game then 160 grain and above is needed, and then you need a large cartridge for long distance....

      But I only practice for killing men. As such I am happy to use bullet weights of 60 to 110 grains. I can use them on reasonable size rifles and shoot them with very flat trajectories out to over 1,000 yards.

      When Woody Harrelson's father Charlse, a friend of my family's here in Texas, shot Federal Judge John Wood in San Antonio in 1979 [which he deserved because he was an asshole]....

      Charles Harrelson used the Weatherby .240 with a 60 grain bullet. It shot at 4,000 feet per second and one shot killed the Judge instantly.

      That's my kind of shooting...not killing a defenseless animal somewhere.

    3. And US gun regulations are better.


    4. I had to get off the computer before I responded to your last posts. Thank you for them.

      I am exhausted, still in KC and have addicts all over the neighborhood and it is not good. Pray for me to find a better neighborhood I can afford.

      Many people here, working people, have NO access to ANY medical or dental care, or eyeglasses. In Mass everyone is covered. The suffering here is immense in this regard. People who can barely weight bare and foot inflamed and hurting, and NO access without cash paying. Even in Ocare the working poor have $1,000 deductibles, 20% co-pays, when earning $9.00 an hour. Attrition warfare, passive euthanasia by malignant neglect. Sickening. I miss Boston in this regard. I am mortified and in deep culture shock. Superchristians everywhere and judgemental and harsh, misspelled words on the overhead song guides Sunday morning. This doesn't happen in Boston on a regular basis. I have seen many things like that since arriving and sigh....

      I heard Deborah Tavares interviewed Sunday evening on The Common Sense Show. Listen to it and see what you think, ok? She mentioned WBAN technology and all kinds of fascinating things. She never disappoints me. I am also a long time Tarpley listener. I love Reverend Pinkney and Tarpley is brilliant. I found him in the nineties and read his Bush bio online way back in '97. His World Crisis Radio is a great listen.

    5. SouthernBelle have you ever tried writing a gritty novel that reflects the people and situations you encounter, you could be the next Steinbeck. The America you describe is not one people abroad are familiar with and I think it would be worth getting your take on Kindle, in your own 'voice'. As I have said before, I cannot believe that in a country as rich as
      yours, you cannot just walk into a Hospital or Dentist or whatever to be treated. Everyone without exception in the UK can walk into a Hospital to get sorted, without being held upside down and shaken for their money and credit cards. I think maybe the 3 Trillion from Iraq and Afghanistan would have helped somewhat.

    6. Southern i will find that Expat forum on facebook, that can be good start. Also smaller cities in UK, especially on sea are great. Tesco stores are very healthy and prices are great.

    7. and salaries are fantastic, 50 pounds per day is minimum, salaries are way much better than there, but flats are much more expensive compared to quality here, bills are higher, and those tricky little things capitalists likes to catch you in silence, while leaving you in impression that everything is fine even you see at end of month that you are just one month older and that money is going away from your pocket...

    8. Southernbelle,

      It's all part of "Life's Rich Pageant."

      Enjoy it!

    9. I despise that song Tapestry at this point in my life.

    10. Chia, I lived in Thirsk, UK in 2001, and was able to visit some of the seaside communities. I don't think solo would work. I need a sponsor. I need good people to care, but MIT is correct, the happy horse---t about people is just that I do believe. Rare exceptions exist and pray tell I find one.

      Bill- I was I'll in the UK and told them at check-in that I was American and they said, "You are our guest." They never billed me.

      I was told years ago that, "I'll put you in touch with my publicist." I have had twelve hand surgeries and no real computer for five years now. I also got into great trials when I began sending out some cutting edge articles and a friend in Sweden sent the links to a newspapers in Paris and Sweden. I was offline for two years. I lost three computers and every email account and my fb in one day. New accounts would be taken down immediately. That is why I don't engage here and also how I ended up here. I have no protection and MIT would laugh at my book. Silly girl, and he would be correct. I have lived a very sheltered life, until I divorced and lost my healthcare access. I was so naive. I have lived both side of this issue here and must cope now. Back to work for survival.

    11. If your book is real I would never laugh at it. I and many other people have gone way out of our ways to assist others. However I have to pick my spots. I have a lifetime of incurring expenses helping people who were merely taking advantage of me and who weren't really serious about helping themselves.

      When I encounter someone who is destitute I have to ask myself how that person really got that way, and where is that person's family, and how this all happened.

      99% of the time in America the answer isn't pretty.

    12. As for medical coverage I think Obamacare was put into effect in order to corral everyone who qualifies for Medicaid into that system...and I think it's free for people who have no income.

      A few states like Texas are not participating, but most states are.

      I think access to healthcare is now pretty much universal in most states.

    13. I chose to remain uninsured because I have very good health and want to save the premium payments. Next October I will be 56 and I am healthier than the "invincible generation" in their twenties.

      But every month I pay $245. for my 83 year old mom's Medicare suppliment HMO hospital here in Texas....

      She just had heart surgery and is doing very well.

      The total for her procedures and care will be about $200,000. and it's all paid for by Medicare and her suppliment and the amazing hospital/HMO she belongs to.....

      It's a non-profit making hospital which has been here for many years.

    14. Look around and you'll find assistance all around you ----- even in Texas.

    15. Damn it. I just typed out this long message and lost it when I hit post.

    16. my story is tragic and I might write it in my new aode I signed a lease for today in Jackson.

      My son is genetically low risk for type 1 diabetes and NO ONE on either side of my family has diabetes, either version. My brother and sister were breast fed, I was formula fed. There is solid peer reviewed data linking type 1 (dx at aged two years) to infant formula. The MMR vaccine also has pancreatitis listed as a side effect I heard recently, but have not had opportunity to verify with the label.

      I met a nice person here, akin to Erin Brockovich (my hand surgeon calls me Erin) and her motorcycle man. He held me last night and I wept. No sex, no nada. I am too vulnerable for that right now. He cared and has been a godsend. He is half Cherokee and former military. He has a dog and I am going to miss her. He actually wanted to marry me. I am not kidding. We are very different, but I love him. Strange, but very nice of the heavens to put him here. He has a tiny room for rent, but he doesn't own the house and it is in a dangerous neighborhood, His ex owns it and is cool, but the one I took in Jackson is safer and more secure and close to five hospitals where I might could work again. I was born in Jackson so I might write my book there. I have never seen a story line like my life, ever. Even my hand surgeon who is also a JD, at Baylor Dallas said I had a market.

      I will weep as I write it or them, in that apartment, but it needs to be written. I wish you could help me proofread it...but later...back to work here now.

      Oh...but the Ocare thing is not what you think. People are working full time for $9.00 an hour here and have $1,000 deductibles and 20% co-pays. Diabetics with that income level can't afford that!!! They used to be treated at Truman in KC without these fees. A lady at church Sunday evening couldn't weight bare. NO access to care. It is complex and cruel MIT. The help is very difficult to find, especially now and if you are not a mother with children under age 18 or on disability, and now I, even though on disability income, have NO dental or vision coverage as in Mass which has the best Medicaid. That ended today for me... townie's screaming at me either. Peace at last at night as a guest here. The ghetto outside though is downright scary, even in the daytime

    17. Probably shouldn't poke my nose in, but if you do follow through with your story, stylistically I rather liked 'White Oleander', by Janet Fitch.

    18. I will check the White Oleander out. Thanks for your input.

  9. I think the next stage after Drones will be a weapon like the earthquake beam in 'Dark Territory', but just an energy weapon for targeting individuals you have pretargeted by their phone or just visual targeting from low orbit satellite. My biggest surprise is that there is not more real terrorism, the number of wedding parties and innocent people that have been blown to bits, we in the West should really be hit everyday by vengeful families who are nothing to do with terror groups. The ease with which this could be done if there were real rather than faux terrorists was illustrated the other day on the Thames. Some bloke got a fake huge missile with a dummy in a mask driving the boat and it sailed merrily up the river, it could easily have taken out Parliament or the MI6 building and he was just kidding. Imagine if the trillions that are spent on pointless Wars were used sensibly, future Social Anthropologists will think we are all fucking crazy.

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