Saturday, April 11, 2015

Yemen: Gunfight at the OK Corral -Young Saudi Prince vs. Old Iranian Gunslinger!
For some time now, there has been a civil war wrapped within a regional conflict populated with internal ethnic strife—all occurring in one desolate place: Yemen!
Now, if I tried to explain the different factions involved in the chaos called, “The War in Yemen”, both you and I would be so confused that we would agree that it would be best if I did not attempt to even describe the real situation. In turn, I decided to extract that essence of this chaotic situation bordering on Saudi Arabia as a conflict between two sects of Islam trying to deny the other an opportunity to encroach on the mental territory of other.  

More specifically,  the wise old religious leaders of the Iranian Shi’ite Revolution want to embed their beliefs both geographically and intellectually into a failed nation state, Yemen, that borders Saudi Arabia, a Sunni faction of Islam with variations of a theme on Shi’ite philosophy. Now a young Saudi Prince [all names withheld in the interest of clarity] refuses to allow this old Shi’ite interloper to tread on his territory with his gunslingers, the Shi’ite proxy fighters. This young Saudi “whipper-snapper” has amassed his troops, guns and artillery with the help of the US Cavalry in order to stop the old man and his gunslingers.

As many of you already know, gun fights over different territories and beliefs was an integral part of establishing the Republic of America. When it was convenient, we sent out our Buffalo Soldiers to slaughter indigenous natives in order to annex more property to the west and south of the growing American territories. Our philosophy was simple. If it moved we killed it. If it did not move we buried it. This is how we became a nation of God Fearing people.
How the gun and God came to be the symbol of our Republic is steeped in legends, fairy tales and mainly history books [which were the equivalent of fiction]. Now, we see the rise of guns and God once again. However, this time, we made certain that the confluence of these two disparate elements did not encroach in our own territories. Instead, we described the confluence of these two factors as part of the world wide war on terrorism  [which by definition was and still is an oxymoron]. Nevertheless, Americans made certain to fight alongside the old Iranian gunman in Iraq [another failed state which we helped to demolish with God and gun]; and, at the same time, we allied with the young Saudi to fight the old man in another territory [also failed state]—Yemen.

Americans have become the most pervasive gunslingers around the world trying to shoot our way into the hearts and minds of foreigners without having the vaguest idea of how to stop these inane series of Gunfights at the OK Corral. In reality, we are confused and completely disoriented by any sense of purpose, goal or ability to extricate ourselves from endless battles in very far-away places. Our leaders have fled south to Panama and Cuba to find some respite from the daily conundrum they had created but do not know how to extricate themselves from.  Instead they offer us, the palaver of “God”, “National Security” and “Freedom’ as token efforts to ease our queasy questioning concerning death and mayhem in territories that we didn’t know even existed. 

Until that day when “God” and “gun’ are no longer associated with each other, I then offer you the simple lesson of the Gunfight at the O.K Corral.  The fight lasted only 30 seconds and took place at 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 26, 1881 in Tombstone, Arizona Territory--- everyone was shot or killed eventually. There were no winners; only losers. Yet the world of fiction blossomed with narratives that have distorted this episode beyond any semblance of reality.
Let us pray that the conflict in Yemen be terminated as quickly as possible with the help of the USG, UN and the Gulf States. In time, they will all realize that the true value of the conflict will lie not in the reality of its horror and mayhem; but in the tales of fictitious heroism and virtue that will be elaborated accordingly by both the Sunni and Shi’ites who have need for more conflicts in order to maintain their conflicting narratives of “God” and his Prophet Mohammed.

As for me, I will watch more movies in order to drown out the noisy pleas for peace made by all and listened by none, in order to better understand who is really the ‘good guys’ and who are the ‘bad guys’. Truthfully, I am still confused. Only the word, “Vendetta”, seems to scream in my ear.
Maybe I have been watching reruns of “Gunfight at the OK Corral” too many times. It’s time to find God somewhere in this smoke-ridden world of  gunpowder and rotting flesh.



  1. I beg to correct you but at the "Gunfight at the OK corral Wyatt Earp was not injured. Nor was he ever injured. His brother Morgan was seriously shot in the arm weeks later and another brother killed that same night, and it was these acts which prompted Wyatt and his comrades to take to the frontier to hunt down and kill the gangs responsible. Wyatt Earp said in his trial that he "produced his firearm from his trouser pocket" when he began shooting. This was because everyone at that time kept their weapons in their clothes...and NOT in holsters as depicted in movies OR the outrageous way which modern police to today...carrying their weapons outside their clothes so everyone can see them...OUTRAGEOUS!

    In the past most Americans in the west and the midwest and the eastern seaboard used to carry weapons...and they carried them concealed because to do otherwise would be aggressive and arrogant and confrontational. Americans in the past were polite and wanted to keep the peace. Unlike today where police always want their weapons where everyone can see them so it will intimidate ordinary people....RUDE.

    In the south people used to always leave their homes unlocked and rarely carried weapons because robbery and such were rare. But everywhere else in America robbery and burglury and rape were common occurances and everyone was armed. It's not true that people in the west were armed when others were not. More people carried weapons in New York and Baltimore and Philadelphia than in the scattered towns of the west....

    1. Wyatt Earp was a tall Norwegian. My mother's father and his father were such tall Norwegians on the Texas frontier.

      In the depression when my mom's father couldn't find other work he was employed in Waco as a debt collector, collecting loans made to people from private parties because the banks had all shut down.

      I inherited my 6 foot tall 210 pound imposing statue from these men.

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    3. Today of course millions of Americans once again carry arms concealed. However I don't because it's unlikely that I would need a weapon and carrying one is a big inconvenience...

      In the past in every major city every year hundreds of people would be killed in homicides.

      In the past in America in New York, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Boston, Cleveland,

      Every year hundreds of people in each city would kill hundreds of others.

      Killing people who insult you or wrong you USED TO BE THE NORMAL COURSE OF ACTION.

      And in the past people used to only serve a few years in prison for killing someone who insulted you or stole your wife or girlfriend.....

      That was the normal way of life.

      But in the 1980s all this changed FOR THE WORSE.

      And in the last decades everyone who kills someone is sentenced to death even if they were defending their honor.

      This is why people today go around slapping each other, hitting each other, insulting each other.

      This is why there is road rage and nigger rappers on televison snearing at you and then fucking and raping your daughters and nothing is done.

      This is why girl kill themselves because they are humiliated and bullied by others!

      In the past if a girl bullied another girl the victim's father would kill the father of the bully girl and that would be that...

      Today the law protects evil because the society itself is a satanic demonic culture.

    4. Were you lighter in your operational days, because 6 ft and 210 (nearly 15 stone!) does not blend in, you would stick out like a sore thumb. As I said to a similar build relative of mine who wished to join the security services. If you follow someone with that build they will see you, remember you and then wonder why they have seen you again in the coffee bar. It would be like having a lady agent with really nice legs...too memorable.

    5. Good service member is one who must be: 1. payed by government for work he is doing, but that work for what he is payed must not be important to life of humans directly so he could freely do his service which is important to people freely and without worry. 2. He must look at money as way to pay bills only. 3. He must understand animals standing both on four and on two legs. If 1,2,3... than he can be person who is not there.

  2. Crime was rare in the south, but there was rape and murder or robbery it was almost always perpetrated by negros.

    The last lynching in America that I know of was in Marion Indiana in the mid-1930s. What happened in that case was that three negros went out with a gun at night stalking lovers parked in cars on the rural roads surrounding Marion.

    When the three niggers found such a car and couple they shot the man to death, then raped his lover and killed her..then took off for a joy ride in the car.

    Well they had no plan for escaping justice so in a matter of hours the three niggers were found and taken to town. Everyone was so enraged by the rape and killing of the two lovers that they lynched the niggers. The lynching of the first two went okay....but the third lynching was somehow interrupted by something..... It's unclear what happened but the nigger is on tape on Youtube explaining that the "voice of God" intervened and the crowd of citizens was somehow deterred from killing the third nigger. It's a strange story but the whole thing is on Youtube including the interview with the third rapist, murdering nigger.

    1. And of course Indiana is not the south, but negros were a problem in the midwest also. Indiana was the home of the largest clan group in America in the 1920s after the release of the clan history film "Birth of a Nation" caused a revival of the clan, which was all but dead in America before the popularity of that film....

    2. Public hangings are very important, and people just adore them, but evil capitalists even that took that away from us people. As example for youth it is extremely important. German barbarian tribes until they started to move to south, had nice custom to move village every year to some other place, as way to harden youth. They were also living on trees also, and young were naked until 20. Imagine to live in area of todays Dresden in wood. Whole Germany back than was just deep wood, there were no pastures at all. Today capitalists of those rule. In Victorian times, best time for pick pocketing was while there was hangings of pick picketers on squares. Imagine hangings of those from Wall Street. They hate such nice old customs, they are afraid of such to people dear moments, to not get hanged, that is why they will invest in Rand Paul...

    3. Yes Germany was all woods and Arminius, or Hermann, was able to kill off two Roman Legions by trapping them in the forest where they wandered around for weeks not knowing what to do while the Germans had fun killing them.....

      Those two Legions could never be replaced and that event was the beginning of the end of the Roman empire.

      Germans are the highest culture on the planet earth, and that's why the lesser peoples of France, England and Russia are always forming alliances to crush them. Everyone is afraid of the Germans because all are inferior to them and cannot compete.

    4. Caesar, did tactical move to impress Gauls, he crossed Rhein and came back very fast and he paid few Germans just to join them. Gauls were very impressed they thought those were prisoners. There is just one note, Emperor Diocletian, had palace in my city, (founder of middle age and feudalism with his reforms, and last punisher of Christians) he had Illyrian calvary, as he was Illyrian, when German calvary heard that Illyrian calvary was around, german calvary in service of others would just say, no thank you..., sorry our genes are more crazy, just there are less of us... Germans are good second. There is one table on Magdeburg cathedral from 30 years wars, saying, God save us from plague, hunger and Croats... That table makes us all very proud. In 1945. imprisoned German officer said that there are only three real soldiers, German, Russian and Partisan... There is one little fort above my city, today it is place for shooting of Game of Thrones of HBO, 150 germans lost life there , not surrendering, at end when they lost ammo they throw them self down... even in 1945, partisans were avoiding to get killed because to loose life at end of war while you are winning... ts ts ts, We were last on retreat from Russia keeping bridges for Napoleon as he said, if i would have whole army of Croats, i would conquer world, and at Stalingrad we were last also... But both Hitler and Napoleon were not serious enough and not organised enough, you both disappointed us.

    5. Here are for those who want to understand Balkans, English are best in describing it rightly. Battlefield series.

    6. It was the sinister satan worshipping Winston Churchill who armed the partisans under the slav Marshall Tito to fight the Germans.

      The Germans did everything they could to prevent Yougoslavia from becoming communist under Stalin and Tito but the depraved English supported the communists and the Germans had to leave....

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    10. British Masonry created first Yugoslavia in 1919 against will of Croats and Willson concept of peoples self determination to block Germany. Second Yugoslavia was created again in 1945 but as will of American Masonry going against will of British who wanted western Yugoslavia as Greater Croatia under British and eastern Yugoslavia as Greater Serbia under Stalin. CIA said that Tito was real internationalist who will not submit to Russian tribalism, so he was supported. In 1991. Masonry said, again: Yugoslavia - a socialist federation, that must go down... Today Croatia is mostly under UK political sponsorship even Germans and Americans now wants us to lick with muslims and take whole Bosnia with Bosnian Serbs, even they stinks and they all are retarded --- no thank you, we want monarchy, like now Blair is building one for Serbia as advisor of their government now. Yugoslavia was concept of German blockade. I am always saying that German people is nice people for technic, police force, colonisation... But their national state is not good for them. Russia is same story, only they are for nothing. While Germans lived under concept of Holy Roman Empire, everything was fine, and Germany was biggest country in Europe, even larger than than Russia, Germany had Mozart than, Habsburg, controlled Rome, and 2/3 of Italy... Bismarck was idiot, he was going against Austria because Austria had non German people, as he had to take all. Austria had to beat those Prussians in of 1866. Capitalism and Bismarck destroyed normal German European super state. Richard Wolff said that after French revolution capitalism was chosen only because other was not known, other than feudalism was concept where you will get salary by working to plutocrat - manufacturer owner, as alternative to not getting salary from feudal aristocrat... That lasted for 200 years, until today, now working democracy is needed connected to computers under controls of corporations and one government in Washington which will be made of US corporate elite, and who will be sponsors of that new workers self-management. Capitalists are redundant. German and Russian nationalism is also redundant.

  3. As for Yemen it's a horrible place and all Americans should know how evil a place it really is...

    In Yemen for decades various groups and the government and military and police have been going over to Eritria and capturing women and taking them to Yemen to hold as sex slave...often in huge sex slave camps.

    The widespread government operated sex slavery operation in Yemen is perhaps the most brutal of any such enterprise. The women and young girls are stolen from east Africa and taken to camps and prisons in Yemen where they are repeatedly beaten, tortured and raped by Arab men.

    Slavery was practiced in Saudi Arabia until the 1970s and foreign workers there are still treated as de facto slaves.

    In Yemen slavery exists today, but sex slavery of Ethiopian women is the most horrible of anywhere on earth.

    It's time that the world become aware of the true nature of Arab culture and Islam as it exists, particularly in such "traditional" places as backward Yemen.

    Dr.P please research this issue and report on it because it's much more important than the latest "geo-straterigy" of the antic of local assholes in that place.

    The important thing in Yemen is the evil of Arab culture and Islam there...not the warring of the local assholes.

    1. Thank you very much for putting light on such overlooked facts about slavery of Christian Ethiopian women in hands of vile unGodly culture. Let infidels kills each other. Let s not even try to help them to kill each other more.

  4. Dr Steve, This is that site I was talking about WORLD HEALTH RANKINGS.

    1. Those capitalists are idiots, they are poisoning us on west, because rightfully their targets are those on east... Capitalists are danger to kids and all should be hanged. Here are poisons they are putting to our food, avoid these in food.

  5. Dr Steve, This is one eye opening article to read:::•Secret Vatican Briefings on The Creation of Prophet Muhammad•

  6. Gereral Custer was evil idiot, killing kids and women, luckily Indian tribe leaders were smart and they noticed that he was the most stupid of all, that is why trap was successful. Only because of Custer i support those tribes.

    1. Custer was more arrogant than evil, he just would not listen, he was offered two gatling guns but turned them down.Also despite the Hollywood versions, most of the troops legged it when they saw how many Indians there were and who could blame them.

    2. I agree, you were right. He was mostly arrogant.

  7. The stories about Tombstone and the Lincoln County War in New Mexico should be read by all Americans.

    In both places local businessmen controlled corrupt police and owned local newspapers to control opinion and turn the government and land into a personal franchise for making money and perpetrating crimes.

    In some situations as in Tombstone or Lincoln County these local barons would conflict with each other and their repective law men and others would end up killing each other....

    America is a totally corrupt place.

    It reflects the legacy of the English and Scotch Irish from which this place was founded.

    If it were mostly Norwegians or Germans or even Italians who founded this place everything would have been different.

    But the nature of the criminal culture of the British Isles and the ways they do things was imported here....

    1. Northern Italians were Germans mostly, Lombardy, is coming from name of German tribe, when they came to Italy as rulers, females were giving them vine and cosy slippers and they learned how to enjoy life, so they got weak, than came Goths as punishment who kicked them, than Vandals when those Goths have become cosy with civilisation. Wild always push civilised ones. The biggest disgrace in history of Germans was that they were kicked by Arabs in northern Africa, as Vandals were ruling Algeria... What was that... Germans always have some traitorous relation with Arabs... Same like their respectful relationship with Turko-Mongolian tribes...

    2. for USA there is hope because at least USA is at least in some kind of war all the time... india is also in good position because they exercise non-stop with pakistan, incident there is when in one day 300 tanks get blown away, that is normal day there... lucky them

    3. What is needed is the re-militarization of Germany so it can re-claim the lands stolen after WWII - and Germans should be re-settled into their lands in Sudatenland and in eastern Poland.

      In the same way the filthy Jews stole land owned by Arabs in Palestine the Russian communists and Americans/English/French stole the Sudatenland and eastern Germany and East Prussia and gave these lands to others....

      Germany must unite with Austria and take back the lands stolen from it.

      When that happens then the Czechs and Polish asshole living on German land will be thrown out.

      Then Germany can take the Arab lands and have all the oil they need. The pig Arabs in Saudi Arabia and Iraq and such places will have to give up their oil to the German state. No more pedophile Arab "princes" owning slaves and other digraces. All Arabs will live under the boot of German civilization.

    4. In Lincoln County New Mexico a couple of brothers from Ireland owned most businesses and owned the corrupt local Sheriff.

      Then an Englishman came in and started buying property and establishing some businesses of his own so the Irish brothers had their Sheriff murder the Englishman.

      It was all some insane criminal and business competition to monopolize the place, and "law enforcement" was nothing more than paid thugs.


      In your minds all of you know enough about German immigrants so that it would be impossible for you to imagine German people conducting themselves that way LOL...

      The story of the evils of America is the evils of the English peoples and their Irish and Scotch asshole criminals....beheading their wives and drawing and quartering their rivals LOL

      ONLY the sick and depraved peoples of the English language and islands are that way!

    5. Australia is good, and there are no Germans there... Canada also not so bad also, and no Germans there much... What i recognise is way how Germans treated their African colonies, they were only European nation which invested there, aka not introducing liberal capitalism. Yes English are corrupt, but only to others (they will introduce liberal capitalism to others only). Germans are not corrupt to anyone, they would kill you or put you in order (they never go with liberal capitalism to anyone). Americans are corrupt to them self and to others (they do liberal capitalism to them self and to others). Or like you say, English and Scotts are keeping liberal capitalism in their colonies (namely USA):)...
      Do you know how american Auschwitz would look, you would always have whisky and cigarets to buy in prison shop. Imagine Germans doing South Vietnam, you think everything would be so corrupt that 3rd military power in in world sense of airforce aka south Vietnam could fall down in 30 days. In Southern Korea liberal capitalism also wanted to enter, but USA really needed at least draw so it was decided to not go with liberal capitalism, same with Taiwan and Japan...

    6. People should understand that there is real money for investment and false money... It is sad that today USA must pay for those Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese to keep them afloat, even they got real money in 1950s, building 3rd world pagan non western non Christian countries is expensive... :)

    7. The Germans had Namibia and they, or we, pretty much killed off as many negros there as we could....

      We Germans deplore the wickedness of the savage African.

      It was a little apocolypse.

    8. God loved partial genocide in Namibia and i applaud it, because it was not non economical policy of full extermination. It was revenge for not following orders a for negros to get it that every government is from God... Also Namibia is today good quiet nation, it is even multicultural and eco-friendly without many black negros crawling around to pollute nature... Namibia must be future of world considering number of people per km2.

  8. Not by mysterious, out of the blue happenstance,
    we need a conspiracy theory.

    Israel has strong Russian connections. Zbigniew Brzezinski wants to use Iran Against Russia. Iran needs to be taken down (preferably controlled?) to squeeze China. Saudi Arabia is blamed for financing 9/11 and has a lot of coveted assets.

    What are the City of London Bankers plotting?

    1. "Iran needs to be taken down?"

      Friend that's not a possibility.

      Iran is the only country in the region with any brainpower. The Arabs are niggers over there and the Iranians are the Einstiens and the Enrico Fermis.....

      Iran is the only country there with a large population -- over 70 million, and they are into everything and their Shiite brothers are everywhere in the region opposing the backwards Arab/nigger hillbilly doctrines of Salafist and Wahabbi Islam.

      There is no possible way to "take down" Iran.

      We have to live with them and we can live with them because they are rational actors who have been seeking reapproachment with America for decades now.

      It's the Israelis who have no real power over there and are of absolutely no use or interest to America.

    2. As for the City of London bankers...

      They're not plotting a damn thing. They're too busy taking cocaine and sleeping with Swedish women and making money.

      They don't need to waste their time on politics.

    3. When i was in one Cuban club, fiesta Havana in 490 Fulham Road London, i talked there with some Swedish girls, they were best looking of course... Even in time of Jack the Ripper there were lots of Swedish prostitutes in London. Good eye.


    The mother of US Israeli Likud agent Michael Chertoff was one of the Mossad operators who arranged for all the Jews of Yemen to be uprooted and forcably flown to Israel.

    The idiotic plan was called "Operation Magic Carpet."

  10. The American Gunslinger analogy is right on, this is how the rest of the World now regards America as basically a gun toting bully. It used to be that they were the White hats, the Cavalry if you like coming to save the day. Now it is a sure fire thing they started the fracas in the first place in a quest for perpetual War and then the media spin out some old bollocks as to why they are fighting. Frankly I could not find Yemen on a map but I think that anyone who messes with Iran will come unstuck as they will out suffer them.

    1. The "white hats?"

      Yeah the English suckered Americans into fighting their war for them in 1917 when the brave Germans were finally ready to give the English the pounding they deserved...

      Then again twenty years later Roosevelt and Churchill, both major figures in the first war, conspired together to finish the Germans off once and for all....

      Only problem is Americans and English can't defeat a people as strong and brave as the Germans....

      But that's okay. The depraved Roosevelt and Churchill can always join with Stalin and the genocidal satan worshipping communists of Russia!

      That's not my idea of a "white hat."

      The Americans became bullies when they had to defend the world from communism -- the Chinese and Russian threat which they created themselves when they CHOSE to support the communists against the Germans!

      This is why the English and their American cousins are the source of all evil in the world.....their leaders are criminals like the Roosevelts, Churchill, Eden, Blair, Bush.....all English wealthy landed assholes like Henry the 8th chopping off the head of his own wife...or his daughter Elizebeth who like to have her enemies drawn and quartered!

      Yes a great people the English are.

      Just ask their neighbors the Irish, or the poor Welch, or the Nordics of Northumberland who were genocided against...and on and on.....

    2. It does not matter how you play it now, we fought the Germans twice, we won twice. Getting good strategic alliances are part of War and they lost that game with their axis of evil. If they had been right they would have won but their evil and order would never overcome our bloody mindedness and our chaos. We had 7 man suicide squads with a life expectancy of 7 days waiting for a successful invasion. We would also have won a War of attrition. As it happens I suspect Churchill used Hitler as a tool to exhaust and deflect the Russians. Modern Germans have neither the desire nor stomach for War, they do not even play paintball. I do not blame them as their Wars never end well for their ordinary folk.

    3. The most funny about English is their paranoia about invasion. English even split time, on era of history before, and on era of history after Norman 1100 invasion :)... Imagine Prussian officers in those boots and moustaches as guests who must be respected and admired by whole english nobility and plutocrats on every garden party in 1940 after successful invasion. That would be end of the world. Racial policies were not allowed by alien council, English are only nation able to distance them self from Satan they create and not to become part of him. Same characteristic have God, because he is only one able to be independent from own work. Germans are idiots, telling Ukrainians, that they are sub race while having flowers thrown at german tanks entering Kiev in 1941... Napoleon was also idiot, not understanding importance of navy, even after he liberated and helped to enforce power of Spanish empire by occupying Spain in 1804, Napoleon got Half of NA(Luisiana), whole SA(Spanish Empire), and almost whole Europe in 1804 but not having navy... What an idiot.

    4. God adore working with naval battles. Does not approve racial extermination, allow planned inclusive colonisation, likes enforcing laws and rule of law, hates when kings do works of bishops, and demand that people respect economy. God s mathematical equations of how much damned you or whole nation is going to be are perfect!

    5. Bill,

      No you didn't defeat Germany.....ever.

      In 1918 it was the Americans who the English conned into fighting their war for them that did the job!

      In 1945 it was the communists in Russia who defeated the Germans.

      In 1945 even the Americans did a pathetic job when fighting the Germans. 60% of American men under arms were conscripts, most of whom didn't fire a shot in combat.

      The Germans are noble and virtuous people and as such they, or we, reject wickness of any kind. We reject the wickedness of the English social system and their Lords and surfs and the upper crust contempt for working people and the workers' apathy and willingness to fight in any war no matter how stupid like the Boar War or the Falkland Islands.....

      We Germans are just creative though dull people like the Swedes and Norwegians but because we are at the heart of Europe those around us envy us and fear our potential strength so they seek to destroy us in exactly the same way that the Romans destroyed Carthage ---- purely out of envy and jealously and fear of what might be....

    6. America only won WW2, but now it lost it also to China, because stupid american capitalists did not enforced decolonisation of world only to china and india, but only on to france and UK and little on russia, even many people needed to be liberated in china and india... russia have every right to take their colonial possession (Ukraine) as long as beijing and delhi are allowed to have so many colonised nations under them self... Capitalism will never go against real enemies, therefor you must kill all capitalists... We Christians have to forget USA, USA did not protect Portugal when was attacked by Indian colonial agression of 1962 even Portugal was NATO, member, same with Hong Kong, US capitalists must be hanged for supporting Chinese and Indian and Soviet imperial colonisation.

    7. US anti-christian liberal-capitalist policies in south america and africa also supports chinese colonial expansions... i hope american capitalists are going to be hanged fast, stupid people must leave place for smarter one...

    8. Iran now want Croatia to be main hub for their gas, now when sanctions are lifted. Croatia had to stop producing ship for their navy because of pressure from USA... Iran is place from which indo-european elite ruling tribe of Croats came from to Kiev and took Slavs and people and slavic language before coming to Croatia by invitation of Byzantine emperor to liberate area from Goths... Iran recognise that. We always had nice relationship with Iran, from here we can be hub for their terrorists going to Russia. Iran could be built so much to protect their Azeri brothers and take control of Caspian oil. We just have to destroy Turkey, make free Kurdistan, so that Iran can send gas though Mosul, to Aleppo port in to Europe. Iran must be protector of Turkmenistan, also. And help us restore Armenia in historical boundries. Also when Greece decide to come back to Catholicism then we can give them chance to take Turkey back. 40M Turks than can go back to China to help liberate Oguristan, Siberia, Yakutia and Mongolia from Chinese colonisation. Tibet also must be free. 400M of Mongols today lives under Chinese oppression.


    10. It is funny how sunni muslims and americans thinks that they will control Turkey, another capitalist anti-christian fantasy, i hope UK will destroy such pagan US-German dreams again... Turks used to say that for those in love even Baghdad is not far away, but they did not say that for Persia which was always one of two. Syria must forget Russia and give it self to Iran. I hate Turks, they are german traitors. Iran is wonderfull.

  11. As I returned home from work I saw my Dog 'Jihad' was watching the TV while sitting on the sofa eating Schmackos. It struck me that Dogs are really the master race and we work for them and pick up their poop! Funny old World.



    I am working on a re-make of the great film "Birth of a Nation."

    This epic of the rise of the Ku Klux Klan in order to save the people from the DEPREDATIONS of savage negros who were put into political power in the south after the Civil War is needed to illustrate the realities of the savage nature of negros and the real reasons why the Klan came into being....

    With modern cinematography and effects I will employ every artistry in film to put forward an accurate story of the suffering of the people of southern America after the war and how their negro tormentors sought to repeat the hellish world of HAITI when negro slaves there created a hell on earth once their servitude was ended.....

    TAKE THAT Adam Clayton Powell...Neil Degrasse Tyson...Martin Luther King....Henry Louis Gates...and all you negros with three names who dream that your race is equal to that of others...

    And TAKE THAT also you negros with only one name like "Drake" or "Jay-Z" or "Usher" or whatever the fuck!

    And those few of you negros with two normal names like "Stokely Carmichael [RIP] or "Jesse Jackson" let me say I hope you learn something when you view the film !!

    1. I have formed a production company for this project. If interested it is called, "The Non-Student Violent Co-ordinating Committee."

    2. Maybe this is the vehicle to help Bill Cosby relaunch his career also what role will Oprah have? On another note I normally just read National Geographic in the Supermarket, but worth buying this month good stuff and pictures on Lincoln, Trajan's column and Hubble. The Presidency certainly took a toll on Abe's face and I bet he wishes he had not used those Groupon Theatre Tickets!

    3. Neil Degrasse Tyson - I would invest 100$ only because of Neil Gayrasse Gayson... What a charlatan from some capitalistic ass. He actually thinks he is smart even he never goes in to debate with someone from opposite side.

    4. Ku Klux Klan was abolished when rich whites decided that they will definitely support colonial powers of India and China as their new master race (for them they were master race because they could become in their theories their fantasy big markets),,, What a naive poor idiots, they really thought that you can sell something to someone even you do not have boots on ground.

  13. Dr P please read this....

    Dr.P please read this....

    Dr.P please read this...

    Dr.P please read this...

    Dr.P please read this...

    Now that Hilary has announced I would like you to research and post on this topic......


    Ever wonder why so many whistleblowers from Arkansas, and former lovers and journalists wind up dead...always by suicide by a shot to the head???

    Always connected to Bill Clinton and Mena or his assaults on women ???

    Wonder why so many of his former state troopers have spoken out about his criminality, and some have been found dead??

    Guess what?

    Bill Clinton didn't really grow up in "Hope, Arkansas" in a log cabin or a country shed with an "outhouse in the back...."

    Bill Clinton grew up and went to school grades 1 - 12 in HOT SPINGS, ARKANSAS!

    He grew up in the upper middle class Tudor home of Roger Clinton, a close friend of Owney Madden, who controlled the city of Hot Springs and all of Arkansas mafia business including all politics there just as he had controlled Tamany Hall for the Irish in New York in the 1920s under Mayor Jimmy....

    Madden "the killer" was the most vicious gangster in NYC, and controlled Tamany Hall through the Irish vote and the mostly Irish police force.

    In 1931 he left NYC and moved to Hot Springs Arkansas where he built Hot Springs into "America's First Resort" which was owned by the mafia.

    All mafia figures from the 1930s lived and stayed and did business in Hot Springs, which Madden controlled all through Clinton's growing-up years until Madden died in 1965.

    Clinton was, and is, a murdering gangster from the most mafia controlled place in America....though few know of this. With the longest lived Sicilian mafia presence in America in nearby Lousiana, Arkansas like east Texas became infused with criminals and mafia influence from New Orleans.

    Research Clinton's history in Hot Springs and his political life early in Arkansas and you will see the reality, which has never been connected.

    Only perhaps valiant prosecutor, Democrat David Shippers was able to figure this out....

    1. This is the reason why in his national campaigns Clinton always emphesized...

      The Man from Hope Arkansas....

      It's because he didn't want people to understand the truth that he was...

      The Kid from Mafia City Hot Springs.

    2. Today Hot Springs has The Museum of the American Mafia...

      And they have exhibits on some of the gansters who lived there such as Al Capone, who owned property and stayed there with no less than fourty of this goons there with him...

      And of course Lucky Luciano when he was the Head of the Commission...

      And Frank Nitti and pretty much all others....

      There were all there before any of them went to Habana or to Nevada...

    3. Another major gangster who lived in Hot Springs was Frankie Torrio after he pretended that he retired from the life in New York and Chicago. He never really retired but ran things from Hot Springs like many others.

    4. Johnny Torrio...

      I was thinking of Frankie Yale.

    5. Clinton's stepfather Roger Clinton held an honest job as a Buick salesman and owned a spacious Tudor house on Park Avenue in Hot Springs. In that house Roger would get drunk most nights and beat Bill's mother....

      All the voters in Hot Springs voted for the candidates that the mafia wanted them to vote for, and this was the city and county governments and the police and Sheriffs and judges... There was no one in Hot Springs who wasn't a part of the system.

      Bill went through school with the kids of hit men and others who infested the town. Bill grew up in the life as much as the son of any hoodlum.

    6. Whatever you have heard about Mena and Bill's brother Roger Jr. and so forth....

      It's all true, and much more....

    7. The parallels between the criminal origins of Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton are amazing....

    8. That's why they pick'em. Clinton could be controlled, yet he was smart, and could work independently most of the time.

      It might be said that Bill Clinton was the first CIA test tube baby.

      And that suggests the close link between organized crime and the CIA... or those behind the CIA and controlled it.

      Dr. Pieczenik already mentioned that Bill likely was CIA when he went to Moscow during his "Rouge" Scholarship time in England.

      Likely, the powers that be knew how criminally corrupt Bill Clinton because they knew the history that C_I_A_operator stated above.

      Hillary Clinton has soaked up all that criminality and more. Please, let's hope she doesn't get elected.

    9. The second CIA test tube baby?

      Barak Obama, that's who.


  14. Plus Hillary is anti 2nd Ammendment unlike Rand Paul and Cruz.

    Drudge stated today that the U.S. Gov't has just placed an unusually LARGE order of 223 rounds.
    Wonder why?

  15. U.S. has ordered 62 million "223" rounds.

  16. Just a side note, my theory might be wrong, I was reading some interesting concepts by Sigmund Freud in his publication from 1920 "Beyond the Pleasure Principle" So instead of the Id being composed of only the Greek God "Eros" or reproductive life force, he added The Greek god "Thanatos" .Freud went "beyond" the simple pleasure principle, developing his theory of drives with the addition of the death drive.
    I think The Apostle "Saul", Paul writes about this in Christian Bible New Testament Book of Romans 7:15 "For what I am doing, I do not understand; for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but I am doing the very thing I hate." Eros, which produces creativity, harmony, sexual connection, reproduction, and self-preservation; and Thanatos, which brings destruction, repetition, aggression, compulsion, and self-destruction. So his Thesis develops a sort of death instinct, which his colleagues greatly chastised him for, but in reality perhaps his colleagues were in some kind group denial. Unfortunately for the fans of one the greatest comedians I have ever known, Robin Williams, "Thanatos" was never popularized or never seriously discussed- perhaps we all could benefit from exposing and identifying our deeper darker psychological drives, and start training on how to leverage the good ones, and control the dangerous ones.
    It is kind of scary to think about it (Thanatos) outside of a survival context, 20,000 years ago we had to survive up against Sabre Tooth Tigers and the like, daily, it is just now we do not have that daily connection to the deeper emotions of our ancestors. Perhaps back then: family, friends, the tribe - all understood where to place our hard wired dark side to fight against real enemies(Tigers). Now in modern times it seems we have deep psychological need to invent them.