Friday, April 10, 2015

You've seen these customer testimonials before, here are two new ones.  If you or your loved ones suffer from osteoporosis or osteopenia, please watch.  These are actual customers that we have helped.


  1. Is it good for sawed knee meniscus? I was playing soccer on artificial chinese grass of some terrain on nationalised public space managed by some already rich capitalist and broke knee. I insisted that they saw me meniscus together with ligament plastic repair in nice free socialistic hospital (it is important before to know what you can demand and to know what doctors are good, because if you are prepared well later on it is not even needed to give usual 400 euros as gift to surgeon), that surgeon usually operates soccer players from national team but he is not crazy to go private. I believe my mother could use some of these because she feels unease in fingers. I am surprised and glad how that 91 years old lady looks like she have 65.

  2. I have heard of Orthopaedic Drs. Placing the patients own blood into the area of the meniscal tear in the hope of trying to form a clot which would then go on to repair the tear. The problem is that this area is not highly vascularized except the periphery of the meniscus, making repair difficult to say the least, if not almost impossible by typical healing processes.

  3. I think athletes now know the value of saving cord blood of their children for their possible future injuries.

    Anyway I think Colby Bryant's Dr in Colorado keeps a data base on his knee repair outcomes and the efficacy of various treatment protocols.

    Just don't fuck any maids at the fancy hotel or you might end up having to buy your girl a large pink diamond to induce her to have selective amnesia.

  4. Dr Steve, I have multiple myeloma in 2012 I broke 8 vertebraes in my back I've been taking this Nature's Sunshine Turmeric Curcuminoids 500 which has C3 Complex in it, I'm an Aussie and I've been researching this cancer I have and I came across a site which list deaths by country out of 192 countries Australia is #68 for cancer deaths and India is #178 also very low cases of multiple sclerosis,Parkinson's disease and dementia, and remember Indians eat Turmeric on all their food!

  5. I am a big believer in Tumeric myself (or Curcumin) simple way to get anti-inflamatory boost.

    1. Dr Steve, This is that site I was talking about WORLD HEALTH RANKINGS.

  6. With the amount of K2 it has in it, I think it would be good for Atherosclerosis as it would direct all the Calcium to your bones.