Monday, June 1, 2015

“American Crime” An Outstanding TV Series [ABC Studios], Written, Produced, and Created by John Ridley
Should Sweep TV Emmy Awards!
In a time of domestic turmoil when dynamic human forces are swirling about in a series of confrontations and family tragedies, “American Crime”, an innovative TV series, created by the talented Academy Award Winner [12 Years A Slave] John Ridley has captured the time’s troubled temper.

In a kaleidoscope of characters, ranging from L.A. Chicano gangs played by Richard Cabral [once a real gang member] to the ostensible black gangster, Elvis Nolasco; arching over the lead characters played by Caitlin Gerard, Timothy Hutton; and Felicity Huffman, we see an American Tragedy emerging as these characters try to make some sense of a senseless drug killing.
From the very beginning of the TV series, one is completely thrown off by the fact that we never see the actual murder. The creator of this series, the articulate, bright screen writer/novelist, John Ridley concentrates his story line on the different familial reactions to a crime that the viewer never really sees. Next Ridley takes us through a series of dramatic twists and turns that keep drawing us further into the disparate story lines till we, the viewer, want a moment of respite and emotional catharsis. It is very rare to see a TV series of such emotional depth without relying on stereotypic characters or iconic scenes of violence.

To say that the actors were uniformly outstanding is an exceedingly rare occurrence in this judge’s experience. For those who might remember the American writer Theodore Dreiser, one might imagine that “American Crime” could be the modern day equivalent of Dreiser’s masterpiece, An American Tragedy. The polymath John Ridley happens to be African American. However, his sensibilities are clearly universal and trenchant. He understands the complicated dynamics that occur amidst all the races and ethnic groups without straining credulity. It’s a pleasure to witness this kind of talent in action. All of the characters, played by exceptional indigenous actors range from the panoply of diversity that we see in America.

There are very few moments in the lengthy TV show that appear contrived, or incredulous. To ABC Studios, I send my kudos for taking an exceptional risk on a very delicate subject and making certain that the show never wavers into maudlin, self-indulgence; or bursts out into flairs of gratuitous violence. The  Television Academy would do well to grant this show all the recognition that it deserves , as follows:
Best Director;
Best Producer;
Best Original Screenplay;
Best Production Designs.
For the leading characters—awards galore.
Once again , congratulations to John Ridley for a job exceedingly well done. May his career continue to prosper in the directions that he may chose. To ABC Studios, a tip of the hat for taking an incredible risk that could have easily backfired into the TV land of gratuitous sex, violence, drug addiction, and minority stereotyping.
I will end this blog on note of caution to ABC Studios and John Ridley. It may have been sufficient to have developed this series for only one season. I am concerned that two or more seasons will strain the viewers’ compassion and interest.
But what do I know?
I just watch and vote.


  1. I beg to differ.

    Ridley is just another negro race baiter and hollywood liar. "Twelve Years A Slave" depicted slave owners in Lousiana as sadistic lunatics, which was NOT the way they were explained in the book. In fact the book is a rare, verifiable and accurate account of slave life in Louisiana, and slave owners in the book are not depicted as monsters by any means. That script was a total distortion of slave life and slave masters and Ridley should be lynched for lying to the public about that matter.

    1. Slavery is perfectly normal and acceptable, by Bible and by modernity. Only difference that slaves today have automobiles becuase mobility of slaves is important, and better education of slaves is also needed because how would than they build automobiles if they were uneducated. Also it is much better when you transfer expenses of housing and food on to slave... Today mobility is getting less and less important because of internet and we do not have factories any more. Old style slavery is getting back in to fashion again. We whites should introduce NAZISM becuase it would be not so good to have us whites in system of liberal capitalism in which we whites are going to be equal as black and yellow slaves. Worker self management is unachiavable in US, and NAZISM always had much better shoot in USA than communism. We in Europe can have feudalism, we are more advanced.

  2. As for this tv series I don't need to see it to know it's bullshit.

    The Jew David Simon won much praise for "The Wire" about negro drug dealers in Baltimore, a topic Simon doesn't know anything about.

    I watched a little of the fist episode of "The Wire" but then discarded it. It showed the negro characters and purposeful and intelligent --- it showed them doing things and thinking the way white people would.....WRONG.

    Take it from one who knows the underworld of American crime, and the negro aspects of it including prostitution and drugs and gangs ---- ME as is I'm the one who knows from personal experience.

    Negro criminals such as drug dealers and gang members and pimps are not like any other group save Mexicans. Negro criminals are totally stupid, totally violent, senseless, thoughtless, and idiotic.

    There is no way you can make a film or tv program based on the reality of negro crime.

    It's just stupid.

    1. Both negro males and rich whites must be under strict control, i am not one of those commies who thinks that you can change culture of negros by proclamations. Same how my stupid commies made mistake toward religion because we did not get that religion is part of culture and that, opression could pass... But as i said, our main deificiancy was touching private ownership in agriculture, and not having system of stocks in companies, to be able to describe real shares of power among members of socialist elite. Every socialist project ended in civil war and dissolution. I think reason was Moscow international, we need to abolish Russians to be sure those never regain influence among adanced and progessive west. Cuba have negros under total control, no testostorone there among blacks.

    2. In cities socialism works without problems...

  3. Now what's this about Bruce Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fare, dressed totally as a glam bitch.

    This is so emblematic of the decadence of America.

    Here is a guy with a genuine gender disphoria and no one is around to explain it to him or help him understand why he's always been this way...

    Neither he nor anyone in the public is able to process or understand what he's going through or why.

    The only thing that matters in this sick country is that it's what he wants and the media and courts and politicians degree that it's what we all should embrace.....whether we understand it or not....

    That's really fucked.

    1. The Jenner thing reminds me of that Lou Reed 'Walk on the wild side' song of his. When I was a teenager we used to come up with creative insults for each other, one of them was 'Tetrasexual' . However we had no inkling of all these different shades of sexuality. This has now reached a zenith here at a school where they got 5 year olds to sign a form pledging they would not bully transgender kids. At this age they should only be aware of puppies and frog spawn not gender nonsense. No doubt at its root it is a media assault on traditional gender roles. It is interesting how media choose their targets. Many comedy shows and comedians have lampooned Stephen Hawkins, why? Because he is white, middle class and super smart they seem to forget the poor guy is fucking paralyzed, but for some reason he is fair game. The film about him is good by the way.

    2. Gender disphoria manifests before age four, and it's symptoms at that time are often so serious that it's considered a personality disorder/mental disease. Funny how later in life this same phenomena is no longer considered a mental disorder -- purely because of politics.

      Frankly I'm concluding however that Jenner is NOT a transsexual.

      Apparently everything that goes on in the Kardashian's lives is staged, including their marriages LOL.

      Jenner never showed any signs of this at any point in his life, and that's not possible if he were really gender disphoric.

      Also he said on the program that he's felt "this way since age ten..." and that's not gender disphoric.

      Gender disphorics always "feel this way" years before age 10.....

      I think it's a show.

    3. Jenner is pretty fucked up in that only a nut would have been married to the Kardashian mom or have acted like a total idiot as he has in that fucked up family of phonies and money grabbers....

      And his previous marriages and his fucked up kids thereby are legion....

  4. On another note probably not a good idea to drive in a car or fly in a plane with Rand Paul for a while. If you listen carefully you can here the cogs of the Universe going round.

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