Friday, June 19, 2015

T.B.D. American Wars” Against Al Qaeda, ISIS!
Without An Effective War Strategy Against ISIS, we have created a tbd war—To Be Determined!
Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, recently made a very revealing comment as he met with Israeli senior military/intel officials. When he was asked the question: “Will we have a more robust strategy in Iraq/Syria?”
He responded: “To Be Determined!” TBD?!.
Or maybe, wait and see what our American Generals will concoct “on the fly”.
Equally interesting and disturbing is the fact that there is no consensus between Dempsey and his General, Lloyd J. Austin III, Chief of Central Command. Austin sees the center of gravity as defeating ISIS by recapturing Mosul [Iraq]. However, Dempsey does not think that Mosul is at all relevant. To compound the American strategic quagmire, the State Department and the White House have chimed in with their perspectives of a non-existent unified military strategy.
For some time now, I have reiterated the fact that we have an army that cannot fight. We have civilian and military leaders going all the way back to Bush Jr who had no idea of kinetic wars and their consequences. For the most part, American citizens appear to be indifferent, if not disgusted with the unnecessary wars. Occasionally, we hear a draft dodger like Jeb Bush [who went into the Peace Corps in Mexico to avoid the draft] utter some regurgitated neocon statements about more force or ‘boots on the ground’. Yet still the same cycle of stupidity rears its ugly head.  Seriously, how many times have we screwed up in Iraq??  Afghanistan?  No wonder we don’t teach military history anymore.

Most of us war/terrorism veterans are completely disgusted by what is happening. As I wrote in my previous blogs, we have created our enemies, Al Qaeda and ISIS, through civilian/military incompetency; and now, we find ourselves bereft of any cogent immediate strategies. I am not surprised that we have entered this period of TBD wars all over the world. As someone who had been peripherally involved in teaching/advising our senior DOD, I have found that the brightest of the military officials –all the way from Captain on upward--- left the military to earn a hefty salary. Example: General Keith Alexander who now makes over $600,000 per month on one contract. In contrast, I encounter soldiers who are in the National Guard who complain that they are not treated on par with the regular full time army; despite the fact that they are doing most of the fighting and performing the necessary services to maintain some semblance of an effective kinetic warfare.
Our military/political leadership is completely incompetent in planning and executing an effective strategy yet we taxpayers are paying an exorbitant price to so-called ‘private contractors’ who basically out source the war. I guess that TBD means that we have no military strategy. It also means we do not have an effective tactical or implementation capacity.

TBD also means that CYA –Cover Your Ass—is becoming the new sobriquet for our non-existent U.S. military. Consider the Secretary of Defense, a civilian who never met a Hedge Fund or bank [Goldman Sachs] that he didn’t like; is far more interested in promoting an openly gay civilian official to head up one of our armed services. I am all for progress BUT when the military and the White House appear to be more concerned with celebrating LGBT day at the Pentagon than implementing a long term military/political strategy in global trouble spots than I start to get very concerned.  Our American military and political system has been degraded and corrupted to such an extend that it no longer functions at all.  YET we continue to fund this bloated corporation at the expense of public education, infrastructure and the environment.  Now these bloated, inefficient institutions must be DOWN SIZED. Get rid of the over paid, pension hogs who can not even “talk a good strategy” let alone execute one. 


  1. There is no problem at all. KGB is out on terrain, yes KGB building of Lubianka is empty but people did not forget to how to work, there were no pandemic of meningitis or encephalitis in russia as far as i remember. As long as leader of Kurdish resistance have rank of russian army colonel situation is under control there. Greece could also get some colonel.

    1. And why not, as long as liberal capitalism and winners of free market capitalism are in seat those cheaper armies should have their advantage recognised by such new capitalists. Why should capitalists invest in army if it is not their private army and if US is mature market for them with lesser rate of return. Jeb Bush is now nicely proposing abolish and pillage of social security with some warm calf half smile on his squid moron face. I guess that is because while he was earning money from drug dealing investments on Florida he could not pay legally in to social security so he does not care. I think Jeb will be next one. USSR at least tried introducing economical reforms in 1970es... Before Kissinger could go around world and give instructions to whole world how to behave and in what order. :)

    2. Columba Bush, his dear part, is main trump card for elite to be able to run away in to latin america in case of nuclear war. Stingy capitalists are ultimate form of parasites, they will eat whole substance as parasitism is ultimate form of profit, because you just eat something until end while not making even one investment to pillage it more later. They reminds me of african people when european had to left colonies under pressure from Tito, USA, USSR and China. Europeans withdraw whole capital back to Europe, and abolished access to their markets, so all those mines and their machinery was left to rot. Only what Africans could and know to do was to try to use that metal to catch birds or bite it to see was it good for eating. Today those diamond mines are still not working. Those mines are now like USA today, Jeb Bush are those Africans and capitalists are that rust eating machines. Jeb Bush is going to be first real African American president of USA. Rat party.

    3. Dr.P I disagree completely with your complaint here about the military.

      During the 1950s and 1960s an arrogant American military selectively chose to forget about their failure in Korea and expanded their influence over grand strategy and politics all over the world. These arrogant US Generals pursued policy in Vietnam, Laos, Guatamala, Nicaragua, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and on and on and on and on....

      We had a military full of officers who expressed their opinions about politics and what should be done in every country on the planet....although they had nothing to show for their hubris....they fucked up Korea and their performance in WWII is terrible.

      Now we have a military in which there's disagreement about strategy and policy. What's wrong with that? Isn't that normal?

      America's failure in Iraq and elsewhere isn't that our Generals disagree. The problem is that the NSC has no policy.

      The NSC creates policy and is supposed to give orders to the military. The military isn't suppose to formulate their own orders.

      Clearly the issue is that the President and NSC Advisor and Secretary of State don't see any political gain for themselves or their party in doing anything.

      And the US population is too busy smoking dope and watching nigger basketball players to give a shit.

      That's the problem.

    4. The problem is often that military officers have opinions about strategy and politics and national security in areas which have nothing to do with the narrow function they have in the armed forces.

      It's the same way with retired case officers from CIA.

      What the hell does a field officer like Robert Baer know about what's best for Iraq or what American policy should be about Saudi Arabia? All he knows from his job is how to deal with low level actors such as hezbollah or pashmerga or such.

      Why would anyone in the public care about his opinions about US policy about Saudi Arabia or whether Saddam should go or stay or if Iraq should be invaded or whatnot. The public doesn't understand the limits of his knowledge and that his job gave him no special knowledge about grander issues...

      In the same way there was here in Austin this retired Air Force pilot who used to fly reconassance jets, tactial reconaissance, and this guy used to make speeches to the Lions Club and the Kawanis Club and all these civic groups about what he claimed to know about international communism...sort of like General Walker in Dallas in the 1960s...

      These military officers have no special knowledge about international politics because they pilot an airplane somewhere or command a division of tanks LOL...

      They're just fooling the public because they are opinionated and use their past careers to claim they know about political matters when they don't.

      So I like it when our officers today are in disagreement and have no strong convictions about politics.

    5. In the 1980s we had groups of Medical Doctors who claimed that nuclear war was a public health issue and that therefore they were experts on nuclear strategy LOL...

      It's just stupid.

  2. Chaos in the Middle East appears to be the strategy an it appears to be working quite well. As in all our machinations it will blow back in our faces.

    Israel is more secure as its enemies are in chaos, oil prices are still high in that the supply of oil is the highest in many many decades, they are rounding out the power of the national security state and its powers here and abroad, the money is flowing into the defense-security industry, and Russians allies in the Mideast have been smashed.

    At home the power has shifted over to a few in the parties who play the good cop bad cop routine on us, their next bubble is set up to pop to swap out more money into their hands, they got more than a few global trade deals coming to pass transferring sovereign power into the hands of a few corporate entities, and they got another World War they are brewing up against Russia and China...ahhh but that is but a few items going their way...

    That spells out like things are going their way except they will be double crossed by their own madness. Hell is coming to breakfast, the powers of heavens will be shaken and their world will crumble under their feet.

    1. I certainly hope not, but it seems that way. Just human nature to fuck everything up...are we all along for the ride? ; / fasten your seat belts.

    2. I will start to worry when Obama gives a speech where he states: " If you like your head, you can keep your head"

    3. Obama said this also:

      - well i think it does not, and that we should have KKK democrats proclaiming absolute christian monarchy and finish with this cultural marxism adopted by rich capitalists... and on north we should have Noam Chomsky democrats adopting workplace democracy... they should work together, they both must be united... if not criminal rats like Jeb Bush and Hillary will create civil war or we would get radioactive, i mean if Jeb Bush become US president, US under Russian Putin troops looks like bright future... Jeb and especially Columba Bush represent Chinese occupation troops...

    4. What stupid name, ...Columba, Serbs are always saying: Columbus, go f... your self, curious.
      Look those drug rats, white rat Jeb is telling people how benefits are not sustainable and how we need to lower taxation on such, in front of his palace and his brown capitalistic rats.
      In USA odds for dr. Stalin are always 1:3 compared to dr. Hitler, dr. Hitler looks like mother Theresa to this rich capitalistic fat latino mafia.

    5. This is only medicine which works for such. Punishment must be collective and must go upon whole nation for having them. No one is innocent he he. Fat asses blow big when you splat them all over room.

      Greeks really have great islands, from there you can help Socialist non-aligned Egypt to control Suez, from Red Sea you automatically than get Madagascar and you can cut off Atlantic from Indian Ocean so Columba cannot enter there any more, that is one gate for Columba off. We need also educational measures for South America so that Columba can be recognised as rich capitalist when she try to run away down there. BRICS bank could invest in to RT more for that before showdown. Than Australia, they should be noticed that new queen will try to get when real party starts, but it will be drug dealing one and will have rat skin colour.

    6. Learn from History,

      Yes clearly it's human nature to fuck everything up, and yet humans will resist aliens when they come here and try to help. The only remaining scholar alive about alien abduction is David Jacobs, and he claims that the coming alien hegemony is unfair to humans because humans are a great species who are civilized and deserve self determination.

      That's why when they finally have to come it will be to impose their will.

    7. US government have data about aliens. But aliens right now have ban from God to meddle in (i think). Similarly how God also gave orders to demons in what way to behave. They will always say how they have permission to be there when you start telling them to go away.
      Project "Lucifer" of Vatican in Arizona is interesting.
      It would be interesting to ask them what they know about God, what are their views (they cannot be pagans as they possible believe in omni powerful God creator of time and space not depended on to time and space), even they are same s*it as we are, same CO2 chemistry, also not good for mixing as those hybrids did not work.
      Beside in Bible Lucifer was blown away by angels when rebellion against God started, and his remains were dispersed around Earth, and polluted our genetics. O Lucifer, son of Sirius (son of Dawn) how low you have fall on to Earth :))

    8. Lucifer gave us light of knowledge to start history and become sinner, will to start procreating our self, as only possible way to be selfish and to get sense of our self. But i think something went wrong no matter Lucifer. US is interesting country, country where people are not afraid of genetical mixing, because US is only country which have archeology just of early stone age (nothing from iron and from bronze age), so American people do not have memory or fear of dragon (gene mixing). USA is clean start + modern technology (developed because of Jewish cosmology which saved cosmology of Assyria and Egypt as foundation for Christianity which is only possible way to have science as such)... Canada is not same because head of State of Canada is Queen who s country have usual archeology, so that cannot be said for Canada.

  3. And this old dyke wants to be head honcho of America? Are you kidding or what?
    "Clinton Insider: Hillary Pushing For Race War"
    "Larry Nichols admits to killing people to protect the Clintons"

    1. Plus this old dyke is tied in with mob::"The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia"
      "Short End of the Stick – Khazarian Mafia History"

    2. You should pray for Hillary, because if it going to be Bush that means number 3 plus double W.

    3. Pray for Hillary are you on drugs or what? did you listen to those Y/T videos or read those articles? Read this article FOOL Both Bill and Hillary have a liking for raping mind controlled sex slaves and children!
      "Deeper Insights: APPENDIX 1"
      Hillary Clinton, who is a Grand Dame in the Illuminati, started in the early 1960s a group of mind-controlled slaves which is called Royal Project!

    4. Much better than Jeb. Pigs and swines cannot be presidents because they are too fat and too stupid. And Bill is at least heterosexual, Jeb and his brother are homosexual. French military command was full of homosexuals infiltrated with their german spy lovers, such societies must go down, it is very unnatural. I mean when you see ram jumping on to other ram you know something is wrong with his computer in head.

    5. You're dead set not playing with the full deck of cards are you? Hillary is a dyke and you said "Bill is at least heterosexual" I'd bet the farm that when Slick Willie when he flew at least 11 times to “The Lolita Express” — a private plane owned by the mysterious financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. According to Virginia Roberts, who claims to have been one of Epstein’s many teenage sex slaves, Clinton also visited Epstein’s private Caribbean retreat, known as “Orgy Island.” He did more than woman remember he use to go to Bohemian Grove where it's well known that they fly in male rent boys for the elite to fuck!

    6. Yep, but, he is sexually normal, his sexuality is (relatively speaking compared to Bush) normal, also Hillary will not rule, Bill will rule... One psychiatrist said that if you find those girls who have grown sexual organs, attractive, than you are biologically normal... Everything else is artificial (simple question of religion from which you have developed customs, norms, culture and from culture, laws). So Bill is biologically heathy even he is sociopath. And Bush is biologically sick plus he is sociopath. Bush 2000 really did great job, he was gift to all enemies of USA, he was genius. When Jeb become president he will than talk how that dead corpse called capitalism is just fine, even that corpse is on every possible life support, and his moves are robotised. Mechanised robotised zombie mummies suddenly are going to be youngsters full of life ready for procreation while we all will have to believe it and pay for own pockets such and similar stories.

  4. Dear me! We have gone from "shock and awe" as well as numerous other titles of derring-do to the very uninspiring TBD!!!!! One thing is for sure "operation to be determined " does not bode well for any future Hollywood blockbuster charting the non success of allied forces in the middle east I'd venture to speculate

    1. del stead I would like to see the War film TBD, starring Arnold as Col John Rock in Iratistan bringing humanitarian aid in the form of smart bombs to numerous brown people. It is a winner! On another note just reading 'Dead Doctors Don't Lie' which came out some time ago, really interesting how Dr Wallach got started. Which got me thinking Dr P maybe you should write your life story 'Some Toulouse, some you win' as a working title, but seriously it would sell like hot cup cakes, especially if you mentioned it on Alex's show.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. As for cutting military spending to rebuild America....

    If the Federal debt isn't reduced when interest rates return the interest will bankrupt the country. It's too much to ever repay.

    The debt and military spending as well as all spending and borrowing has been used to mask what would normally happen when a country has a colossal trade deficit for goes into depression....

    And as for public works projects all the construction workers are illegal aliens anyway so it does nothing for Americans.

    1. Oh do not worry, US capitalists are full, full like full sinking ship, it is just that they just do not want to give anything... They want ALL, and more, and from you also, they will even lie that US is insolvent to hide their money, even as far as i know IMF and World Bank have address in Washington D.C. USA. So yes, by them USA officially do not have money, "poor" USA... They never had more money... it just not yours or of US. And why should it be, you should work harder.

    2. Having capitalists is somehow sustainable but having social programs is not sustainable... ?
      Poor middle class, but what they could do they say.

      This news is from 2004, but soon that museum was suddenly closed after 2008 crash, HA HA HA, politically not so suitable so much any more...

      Gee let s just kill those rich and take their money, assets, and real estates, and lets start capitalism from start again... Even that failed system could work again for 30-40 years... the more you kill those, the longer system would work

  7. What is this happening to US, all those people in studio looks like overworked kids, holding mouth open like semi morons while camera is not on, guys looks effeminized from food full of plastic trans fats, talking nothing about some ballon-retard nobody... Trying too hard to use this chance to just say something and not loose their job... This is sad to watch... Do they have vacation at all, health care?... In chinese clothing... Gee, i guess this is what happens when you put government money in to banking sector but still having rich. Is there any difference from this and some form of Stalinism without Stalin and without rich capitalists.

    No there is no any difference, only difference is that this is just more brutal because capitalists are still around and there are more wealth to lot from wealth collected before 2007 than it was in Soviet Russia. Yes that is only difference. Those poor people do not have no more will and no energy to even look them self in to mirror any more... I am scared... You are becoming to look like us here now under privatisation and IMF shock therapy just without health care and by having to working much more with higher expenses.

    1. Capitalism is done with white race... It time to move on... US is soil which always needs new blood... US is real eagle... :)
      Let s go Jeb, we love you, you are best!

    2. Male homosexuality is inherited through mothers.

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    1. I want Lucifer line of credits. I want to go in to debt! I want to be slave, i want to fear what would happen with my place where i live if i do not repay one rate of credit, and what would happen if my boss get angry on me. In short I would like to take credit from one brunette in latex nazi uniform and i want to have blond boss with beautiful eyes above her big boobs in black leather nazi uniform. Also i want landlord to be her lesbian friend also with nice eyes above her also big boobs. That is only way how capitalism can work for me.

    2. Poor pagans, they are done, Lucifer from West will propagate them so many new idols to worship, now East will drink more alcohol than west, same how it is with cigarettes now. Just imagine when whole East starts making porn movies. Capitalism + idol paganism, oh my.

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    4. When capitalism came in my country in 1992, people were not saying how they took loan, they were still thinking how they were given loan because when someone would give you loan in communism that would be gift, as inflation will eat whole credit as credits were allowed only in domestic currency. Inflation is best friend of working people.
      Many single communist mothers when nationalisation from workers economy in to government economy begun in 1992. in the middle of war, they were also thinking that they were given loans, again, now just from those street lenders.

      (To do privatisation state first had confiscate whole workers property which were build in workers self-management by workers (that was their ownership) and made it government property... that process was called transformation)

      That USSR Stalinist style of nationalisation (transformation) of workers property was all done how future capitalists who were members of political party which won elections on democratic elections in 1990 could split whole economy among them self) under support of IMF. As that process was than called transition.

      So those single mothers took those street credits and lost communist vacation (private) houses and many lost even their communist (private) flats. But we would all survive even that, but this, now with this western banks, who came from 2000 till 2007, now it is game over. Everything was planned. Now that model is going on west. You all are done.


  10. Definitely smell a rat here! "Sandy Hook:Whoa 36 year old Connecticut Police Officer found dead"

  11. My precious mum got newest intelligent chemo for free in our socialist clinic. She had IIIb stadium cancer 4 years ago, and now she is clean... Obviously americans are not intelligent enough for intelligent medication from those same american companies.

    Yes boss of socialist clinic told us while he was watching island from window of his room, over channel, how we can go to that island with helicopter or with boat but there are not enough helicopters...

    Of course he had to talk like capitalist because we live now in capitalism, but even boss was not elected by workers collective any more but by government, that was still socialist institution so even my mom was older than 60 and she did not had to get that better medication. She received it. That is socialism guys...

    Yes i knew his close relative from village and other socialists called boss but nothing could be done if we had to show green like you do. Now go back to work! You all must work harder!

    And brother of of her Jewish friend (who all went to USA in 1991) died from cancer and he did not get those intelligent medication... Sorry guys, wrong side of Atlantic. Even i doubt about UK also.

  12. Work as a Russian Troll in Khazikstan. Let bats live inside your mouth like a cave. Earn $29,190.74 rubbles per month. Forget paying for Obamacare when you can earn Putincare... Start identifying with the Kremlin today! Meet a real SVR Officer on American soil. Free handling. We ship to you. Picture of Putin, bat badges, and a free rides included. Why read the paper when you can be profiled and/or interrogated? Lots of fun. If you like Putin, spam on our behalf, and we will find you.... Double agents accepted. We match salaries with addictions and brand named roasted peanuts.

    1. Why you talk like you are overworked! Do you need some medication? I am not guilty i am starting like Putin more and more... Yes Putin is evil real rich capitalists but he is at least Emperor, and no capitalist, or any group of them are to his knee, and he can take off this germanic barbaric racist scum off my back, namely their nazi shit cake called EU, and USA as gratis.
      Head to head nuclear exchange Russia & USA mmm, while looking on CNN radioactive reporters and all that radioactive red skinned germanic scum getting roasted plus their rich trying to run on blocked highways. That is real social justice, and real class equality. You can call 911 or Mr. Skousen because Jeb is going to be on aircraft carrier trying to run away. Boooo.
      Only what is going to be sad, is that all that weapons rich capitalists are going to leave in USA will be left to that same germanic shit which are not class conscious like they were in 1930es so we should than kill them all.

    2. Now because you are not rich we communists will not kill you. You could become real lady comrade even without going in to reeducation camp. We communists always respected how stupid and dumb East Germans were, even they were under state capitalism and not under Tito Yugoslav workers self-management, you were good and obedient to hammer and sickle. So maybe we will not decide to send you to work in Siberia. , collectively, of course.

    3. For me it is most funny to watch who all those Chinese cargo ships sailing in to port of Amsterdam, even they loose 2 days extra when they pass Suez, just because of some artificial germanic racist reasons, and all those ships can come to port of my city, or even better, port of Rijeka or Greek Salonica... Poor chinese naval intelligence, never heard for geography. And lets not forget how Chinese ships can than easily horn toward Rome and say hallo to Pope. That is so economical. Beside number of Christians in China are rising every day. Tribalism must go down my dear Anne. China will soon have GDP per head like Poland (which is only US colony with some growth of GDP) very soon. US can make own communist international in Chicago, send army in to world, be leader of advanced world, introduce workers self management, proclaim absolute emperor or die as some strange experiment. I mean cmon look that head of Jeb Bush, that hips and bones. Just move that away from me, do not let kids see that.

    4. Dear Anne, we must kill you all, you should learn few things, NOW! If you are going to look at this video from communist workers self management Socialist Republic of Slovenija, one of republics of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia you can notice new domestically produced tanks M-84 based on soviet t-72, new paved roads, apartment building not looking like those shit capitalists apartment building built on north-western part of manhattan, miami, hong kong or in sweden because they look much more expensive... you can see people having time to do their biggest mistake in their life by throwing stones (without fear they would loose job), on to those tanks which protected them, you can see new houses and buildings, domestic frights and mercedes frights newer than today, and people commenting down there how they were fooled by scum from west... today they have old building, bad roads, 4 times less money (even they are same like salaries like German workers have today), shitty health care, credits, now they have to actually buy flats, factories are gone, even they had just 2 days of war and joined EU right away.
      We must kill you all dear Anne, you are support leaches.

      Now they all say how stupid they were, but now it is too late, we need nuclear war to rid of leaches...

      Down there in comments people are counting expenses and counting pillage.
      Workers self-management will work and rich stupid capitalists will die, people who support them will end up in camps and die radioactive.
      And even that is better than to die without health care while having even one rich getting all what you needed to get.

      Watch and learn.

      And now go back to work, you must work harder.

    5. You cannot compare wealth and intellectual development of workers coming from workers-self management to majority of people coming from american, soviet, chinese, and EU capitalism especially in combination to that stingy architecture of you germanic barbarians....
      I get horrified when even i go even to France and Italy and see that cities, every building in city built from same material coming from same capitalist factory, same stones, same wood work... Even soviet architecture have better moments.

      Mr Tom Clancy bought house which costs 16M dollars, for that money we workers were able in self management to built this 3 complex of building for us workers, first row to sea, just by nationalisation of land from rich:

      Now move eyes up from your chinese screen, and look where you live stingy now germanic western capitalistic slave...

      This was built in late 1970 and today it looks better then what you are going to build in 5000 years... Stingy slave... Capitalists are too poor to have even and stone on fence and some free space around building.

      We were able to even build museum for in that price.

      And few collective vacation houses also and free nationalised land. Without banks to blow prices up so that workers can build free.

      Oh and we had no rich, and in what wooden barack you live, poor slaves... How is that working for you scum.

    6. Dear Ms. Oleg Penkovsky:

      Thankyou kindly for the warm weather! I can feel the most radiant feelings of warmth from your dearest sentiments.

      Here in Canada I am sure our new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, will most please the SVR. Maybe him and his brother Sacha, will flower like "two innocents in Russia."

      I very much liked your replies to my add for a soviet troll. We shall be in touch. You sound very much like a doctor plotting the death of Stalin, with sharks circling from all directions, in the confusions of so many stalemated positions, that one could not possibly move.

      Really though! Calm your breath. No reason to even flex your body. I'm just a peasent making faces at foreign armies...

      here in the West though, people advertise with false illusion of promise and hope. They never talk of death camps or whatever. Just a writing tip for your trollness.

    7. Writing Tips for Soviet Trolls:

      1. Always talk with false hope and illusion. Never speak of death camps of foreign invading troops.

      2. Do not speak of Nuclear War. Always assume that your enemy has less IQ than you do, and might have access to more toys, even if they use Russian rockets to achieve orbit.

      3. Never try to appear superior than the Western Mind. It works best to merely shatter all illusions, while never trying to appear "better than thou."
      After all, you are only superior in America if you are a victim, like some minority who can't get a job. Self-righteousness is the only superiority that works in the Western Mind. Never appeal to any Slavic nationalism, or manifesto of reason. If you want to be appear superior to the Western intellect, it is best to come across weak and pathetic, first and foremost. Think like Sun Tzu.

      4. Always communicate in dollars and cents. Speculation has destroyed entire generations. Same with the environment. Talk much of it, and nobody in North America will even be able to go the washroom without feeling guilty. Like a bayonet, gently insert and then twist to listen to the most gut wrenching sounds. Western audiences love a good crucifixion, and they will follow such drum beats unto their own death. No marching armies required. Build up vast idols of price speculation and environmental catastrophe and you can watch an entire nation willingly put itself behind bars. Cheer the Pope and Obama on, while you build factories that that build the prison bars Americans put themselves behind.

      5. Remember that history is like a pendulum. Without equanimity generations will only swim in blood. If the toys only get larger, next time we might all perish.

      6. The best propaganda is the truth.

      7. Always get a goodnight sleep.

    8. Dear Chia Cha I do greatly apologize for calling you a troll, and Oleg. If I might excuse my terrible behaviour, I am merely having fun, considering you a great source of curiousity. Please feel no rejection from my approaches, as I am serious about non of them. Peace.


    10. Saul Alinsky I hear is a man who knew how to be a good communist troll. Still haven't read his book though.... i suppose i'm not really part of these political proxy wars to be a good enough student of it. mostly i'm ignorant. ... Somehow I get the feeling Justin Trudeau has read all about him though.... Nothing he says or does can be taken more seriously than watching a flock of birds, while trying to predict which bird will lead the pack, or which direction they will finally inherit, let alone land.

      Well atleast Justin Trudeau will likely help end the war in Ukraine, and help catalyze a multipolar world where the Yuan will become a dominant regional reserve currency. I see so many hands in this. Let us do it peacefully, if we must.


      they can kill the flesh, but never those things marked on the soul

    12. I hate multipolar world, i hate Yuan... That cannot work.
      I am just telling truth and offering solution which I think could work. West + dead capitalists. That is solution.

  13. And they said this couldn't happen HUH? "TPP Passes: Obama Now A Dictator Foundation of global government cemented with passage of secretive bill"
    And ya'all think there's going to be an election in 2016? Not a chance!

    1. People globally should be up in arms over what's written in this article::::"Hidden TPP Dictatorship? – Obama Can Rewrite US Laws And Congress Can’t Stop Him"