Friday, June 5, 2015

Lets make our own rockets in U.S. instead of giving $$$ to Putin!
We are now completely dependent on Putin for rockets, giving him Billions of Dollars from our inept Air Force/Pentagon. Why are we incapable of producing our own rockets? What about Lockheed Martin and Boeing?  Don’t we need jobs in the U.S.? Shame on us and on these functionaries and tax subsidized private companies.

Our military /industrial complex is overseen by highly paid generals/admirals/civilians who pay billions of taxpayer dollars to corrupt Russian oligarchs including Putin to send our Top Secret payloads into space. At the very same time, those same US military officials are trying to make a “regime change” in Russia because of their ‘supposed invasion’ of Ukraine [Crimea].
I was shocked to read in the NY Times article on June 3, 2015 by Steven Lee Myers about this incredible paradox in which our senior Pentagon officials and their eventual employers after retirement—Lockheed Martin and Boeing—have had to beg the White House/ Congress to continue the exorbitant payments to the Russians for their rocket boosters.  It was more evidence that DOD has become nothing more than a nursing home of useless military officials who garner all types of ‘fruit salad’ for nothing more than preparing themselves for a highly subsidized tax payer retirement.

The Pentagon has become a bloated and festering tumor due to ignorance, laziness, and greed. The U.S Air Force [descending quietly into oblivion with the advent of drones] has not been able to develop the simple booster rockets required to send our intelligence/satellite payloads into space. As a result of the so-called “peace dividend”,  Americans have the good fortune of paying the Russians for the privilege of using their efficient booster rockets; which we could not and have not been able to manufacture since the 1990’s.
We have our very own  dysfunctional “private” corporations,  Lockheed Martin and Boeing,  demanding that despite our sanctions against Russia for their invasion of the Ukraine that Congress should release the necessary funds to buy more Russian booster rockets.
Here are some of the relevant quotes from the NYTimes article:
“Certainly we cannot have Vladimir Putin and his cronies profit from the sale of rocket engines,” Senator McCain said at a news conference.
“Ending the reliance on the RD-180 [rocket booster] is not as simple as it appears,” said David A. Deptula, a retired Air Force General who runs the Mitchell Institute For Aerospace Studies in Arlington, Virginia. He continued, “Underinvestment, lack of clear vision and stifling bureaucracy has slowed innovation of alternative for years.”

Please tell me why no present or past Sec Defs or POTUS’s did not FIRE everyone involved or uninvolved in developing a 21st century American rocket for the new space era?
The reason is simple.
American citizens have tolerated dysfunctional military which has not and cannot win a battle or a war since 1944. They have been coddled by Generals and senior officers whose primary concerns have been their careers and their own wallets. We have allowed our legislators to pork barrel the pentagon budget so that every member of Congress has a totally useless military installation in their district yet serves no segment of national security.  Our so called weapon systems are primarily constructed from elements of electronics developed/manufactured by our potential enemies; China, Russia, and questionable allies; Israel, India, Pakistan.

Def Ashton Carter should kick these lazy celebrity generals in the butt.  In addition, as Congress feeds the old dinosaurs Lockheed and Boeing tax payer handouts in exchange for fat campaign contributions, tell them to dust off the R&D departments and make some space age technology happen.  Or give the money to Elon Musk and Space X, he’s got rockets and the drive to make something happen. 

  Time for the generals and old time corporations that exist on the tax payer dole to take the dirt nap.
Congratulations to Putin! He understood that no matter how tough we might posture in the world, the truth was more pathetic: We need Putin in order to fight Putin.


  1. WW2 was won by industrial base, WW3 will be war of informations... but to wage info wars you need to have satellites in space... so who is going to put those info transmitters up there...

    1. Liberal capitalism is ideology which says that if russian rockets are cheaper than those are one which are be bought. I never heard that any adopted ideology is capable to go against it self or is able to recognise that there are other rules by which it will diminish it self. USSR also fell down because of own ideology. Stupid people and those who follow them must go down collectively and individually, and perish in to history books. If there would not punishment for such, degenerate and sick would rule, we all would be China, India, Saudi Arabia, Japan... etc... Pagan world.
      USA is acting like whore junky of pagans and "rich" eastern pagan empires. Lenin said that capitalists will sell you rope by which you are going to hang them. One is for sure, there is no going back, past does not exist.

    2. Bible when talks about adultery, it does not talk about adultery in sex, it talks about adultery toward other non gods, like adultery of Jews toward those rich pagan empires and their customs and trade routes, worship of golden ram, thinking that there is some other reality other than that one described by God of Jews and Christians which is only real God, as only omni powerful God. Because all other pagan (islamic, buddhist... gods) are products or are nature as they depend on it. Insane person is one who in the name of idols created by non god, is doing something which does not work, again and again. Same like free market ideology of Ron Paul who said that Roosevelt prolonged economic crisis by printing money while even his mentor Milton Friedman said that you need to nationalise all wealth of market winner if you want to restart free market. It is strange on other hand that ideology is going down because it will not prescribe its own recipes... Funny world.

    3. US capitalists can win if they start colonising Africa and help those Christian people there, same with Philippines. I think that depending on others oil or asian trade routes, is bad, create your own in Africa, bigger, stronger and richer.

    4. Roman empire also dependent on goods from pagan east and was loosing gold in trade with east, forget it, discover new trade routes. St. Peter went to rich Corinth, but said, those are bad, i am going to Rome...

    5. Seems the Chinese nuclear energy deals between Boeing and Lockheed Martin, along with a promise of more contracts should Russia's monopolies be maintained (think beyond rockets - I'm also talking uranium production and refining), are to my mind the most obvious contenders, just surfing the net, open source style. Couple that with the realities that people like you think Snowden is a treasonous faction of corporate CIA (booz allen) plotted against the NSA for military contracts, while playing in the hands of Russia, and the fact that countries like Canada has twice the number of Chinese diplomats than US, and you get larger picture.

      Sorry if my grammar and sentence structure sucks in English! It sometimes takes me days to string together my ideas in writing coherently in such a way.

  2. What is of God will last for ever, what is human will cease to exit...

    Here is new on internet by crowd funded movie, called "Kung Furry"

    Trailer song by David Hasselhoff... it have Hitler, hackers... :)

    Ha ha, there is hope for west...

    1. If one were to build a library on space exploration, it would be tempting at first glance to only buy information on Russian and Chinese efforts; except upon that which might peak intellectual curiosity. Unlike Stratfor Intel which predicts the USA will in power for 100 years or more, as a so-called reluctant global Empire, I truely believe that the US is entering a time of economic deflation, that will not only rival 2008 in terms of magnitude of crisis, but that will prove worse than what most people alive have ever experienced globally.

      On that note, I'm tempted to write off Boeing and Lockheed Martin - to let them take on RNB denominated bonds, which one analyst I favour suggests many companies globally will do in the decades to come. Beyond that, I really have no idea what they will do, but I'm guessing that they have more business in BRICS countries than in the West, and I merely do the math.

      What will that say of America's new race for space, in terms of private (mercenary efforts in line with the fall of Rome when their military efforts were privitized) space exploration? This questions asserts many points with me.

      1. It might prove that US private space exploration may simply whither and die with the next global economic collapse

      2. it might prove that US private space exploration will have to offshore itself in order to survive, if it hasn't already.

      3. it might prove that US private space exploration will be militarily funded, in a grass roots effort to sustain itself, and/or global borders within its domain of interest. in such a manner, these private space exploration companies might become the new Boeings and Lockheed Martins of the West. Whether this might occur under the spirit of totalitarianism or some future US constitution, or both, is debatable.

      Exciting times we live in, whch is not always a good thing! I'm rooting for the West too, but I also have disciplined sense of awareness that hopefully transcends US propoganda. As the say, plan for the worst, and hope for the best.

      LMAO - haven't seen David Hasselhoff in ages. Fun video. Saw Greg Hunters video today on Warren Polluck. Amazing.

    2. As for the Warren Polluck scenario where war with China may be imminent, I'm guessing Boeing & Lockheed might either go US, and/or become fractured domestically and offshore, through US war policy and Chinese nationalization. There are too many scenarios. But if this a slow economic war, I'd say Boeing and Lockheed go BRICS.

  3. I had to read this twice!! I was flabbergasted as well as highly amused!! America in a space race reliant on Russia to supply the rockets???!!!!! Couldn't make this up if I tried! Good old Putin one step ahead again and this will go down very well with the Russian populace as every nation revels in "one upmanship" what is alarming is the fat cats getting the cream and feathering nests making nothing!!! The novel catch 22 springs to mind when the farmer "major major" makes fortunes growing "alfa alfa" and in turn buys more land growing nothing whilst the people from miles around come and bow at his feet for making money for nothing!!! Russian cars were derided in the UK as joke piece of engineering yet America comically flys to the stars! America needs Frank Underwood for president!!!!

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  5. In the age of the Internet, lies have limited (eventually negative) motivation. Faked Moon Landings, 9/11, CO2 warming . .. ..

    1. Zlop, Moon Landings were not fake, although some of the pictures maybe. The rest of course is.

    2. We have first nice HD pictures from there. You know americans invented that but they refused to produce it as they gave that pleasure to Cannon, Sony and other american companies.
      One astronaut said, if we faked than why we would fake it severeal times more again.
      How was garden party?

    3. Russian Moon rovers newer visited the Apollo
      landing site. Neither did the Google Rover.
      Aliens warning U$ to stay off the Moon?

      You would expect a Radio telescope to image what was left behind. Trust Freemason astronauts to tell the truth?

  6. Well this certainly cuts out the middleman, as Russia can now nuke itself, I suppose it is the ultimate madness like a military industrial complex snake consuming it's own tail! Bonkers!

  7. Nice picture of the Buran Steve!

    Maybe Boeing and Lockehead are already mostly funded by China et al......

    Maybe all the bilateral trade between China and Russia is protecting the Russian monopoly on the Soyuz, Proton, RD-180, and Angara use within America. All these RNB trading hubs throughout the West and Yuan donominated guarantees, makes me thing of the Deagle website just recently taken down for Joe Public surveying of global think tank opinions.

    So what if Lockhead accidentally leaks stealth fighter specs, and the Russians build their own space shuttle, just before a collapse? According to people like you, I bet you think its gonna happen again: this time with China et al...

    So America goes Fascist (I'm sorry I mean neoliberal), and the Eurasian trade zone goes silk road gold/RNB trade hub. Who's gonna win among basetks of regional world reserve currencies? I even hear that China made the last real payment to the IMF and that America hasn't bothered in maybe 2 years.

    Well the questions are more important than answers.... And that's about all I got. How is this for currency: ??????????????

    1. How long until an RNB backed Boeing and/or Lockhead Martin bonds? Will you say never?

    2. Well I'm no economist, but I should have said RNB denominated bonds for Boeing/Lockhead Martin. Nothing McDonalds and others haven't already done.

    3. superb info Anne Guilb, now everything looks logical... Also we have to note that every year until 1914 trade between Germany and UK was growing and growing... even war started in 1912

  8. One very interesting Y/T video::::"Achilles & Real Truth Behind JADE HELM 15"

  9. Dr.P I think you were mistaken about the actual costs if the DOD were to do itself the things it's paying contractors to do. I think you'll also mistaken about this issue.

    Using Russian facilities is cheap and reliable. Are there really more important issues than that? Are we really "dependent" on them? Maybe if we want to keep the present launch schedule, but we actually have our own rockets and contractors but we choose to use the Russians right now because they are cheaper so what's the harm. As for "giving this to Putin" well it's a mistake to cut off trade with him anyway. Nothing he's done comes close to what the Chinese have done to us and we've let them lend us so much money they could crash us if they wanted LOL.

    We let the Chinese hack our systems and tear out the organs of living people and continue all manner of horrors....

    And all you wanna do is complain about Putin????

    Putin's never done A FUCKING THING to us anymore than Saddam Hussein did....NOTHING.

    Dr.P this is why National Security matters have nothing to do with "competence" or "incompetence" as you always claim. National Security is totally arbitrary and based on double standards and hypocracy and misperception and bereaucratic and institutional and career interests.....NOT "COMPETENCE."

    And you're showing your own bias and non-rationality when picking on Putin when he's not done a damn thing to any American....period...and you ignore China which targets Americans all the time.

    Now as for Elon Musk you need to learn more about him. He's unscrupulous and a liar and a con man and a deserter from the South African military and a front for Israel.

    He falsely claims that the batteries in his Tesla junk cars are automotive grade when they are not...and Boeing and Airbus had to dispose of identical cells when they discovered they were falsely certified as aviation grade when they were not.

    His batteries have very limited cycle lives of only 500 or less full density discharge/recharge cycles and anyone using his car everyday will notice the range of their car disappearing as it's batteries are weakening because they were designed for laptop computers and NOT CARS....LOL.

    Elon Musk is trying to gain a monopoly on battery cars and the US space launch area for Israel...

    He's a traitor and con man Mossad agent like Robert Maxwell and other such evil zionists and should be arrested for charged for treason.

  10. You should read the filings in the divorce cases for Elon Musk. He's a very sick puppy, but for some reason rich Jews are usually sick dirranged pedophile evil sorts of creatures.....and we all know this.

    In building Tesla he didn't invest even a penny of his own personal fortune but did it all with other peoples' money...


    Oy Yeh!

    My theory is that so many Jewish men are sociopaths because of the trauma of having the ends of their sensitive foreskin sliced off by a priest while the family watches....

    This makes them evil to the core.

  11. The picture gets further complicated because of sanctions on Russia.

    1. This website claims that Russia has had to unravel a 10% cut on its space exploration program:

    2. So then you might ask, how this might effect the qualify of launches and if it might pose a risk to astronauts, if not entire space programs. Here are some events to consider:

    a) Mystery glitch it Soyez craft changes orbit of International Space Station: June 10, 2015

    b) rocket explosion sent Russian spacecraft into tailspin. May 20th, 2015.

    c) May 16, 2015. Article May 19. Russian Proton rocket fails launch

    d) Russian Cargo Luanch April 28; Crashed and burned out of orbit May 8th.

    Anyhow, that is just brief survey. Likely a lot more info out there.


    a) Flight hacker allegedly infiltrated International Space Station

    b) NASA Antares rocket explodes at launch

    One could therefore speculate, that although the Russian efforts are may survive and dominate, it will be a very bumpy ride for everyone, due to economic wars.

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