Thursday, June 25, 2015

The South Carolina Flag is Retired to a Museum as a Symbol of the End of White on Black Crime in Charleston, S.C.
Which Flags should be retired for Black on Black Crimes in Detroit? Miami? Chicago? 
The Governor of South Carolina decided that the state flag of South Carolina should be retired to a distant museum as a symbol of white racism.  How a state flag could represent the horrible crime committed by one insane white boy who had killed nine innocent blacks during Sunday Prayers is still a mystery to me. I have dealt with multiple murderers of all types at St Elizabeth’s –all of which could equal the ignoble actions of that particular white boy who had committed that heinous crime this past Sunday.

One crazy white boy’s hate does not signify the advent of any type of White Supremacy or national movement ignited by his venomous feelings toward black people. In fact, this is a one-off incident that immediately accrued significance through the hysteria of the American media which could not really define at that particular moment what had motivated that boy other than hatred and a history of repeated mental illness. Instead of concentrating on the more relevant problem stigmatizing this country—mental illness; the press led by none others than the CNN agit-prop team of Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper go for the race card.

Fact: America has 100 Hundred Million –yes, ONE HUNDRED MILLION---people WITHOUT MENTAL HEALTH ACCESS.  This FACT was completely IGNORED.
Our so-called ‘aloof’ President Obama repeated his noisome colloquy about gun control and racism; not even daring to consider that the real problem –again and again is MENTAL ILLNESS. The South Carolina Governor, a woman of questionable intelligence and integrity, rode the most convenient hobby-horse available to everyone who did not know anything about the history of the Civil War or its roots.

Neither the Governor nor President were born or raised in America to the extent that they might have had some questions about the courage and validity of the state of South Carolina to defy the tyrant Abraham Lincoln; who had no intention of freeing the black slaves from the very start of the war. His intentions were clearly delineated in his papers and those of his warmongers henchmen—Stanton, Seward, Sherman and Grant. They all shared the common mercenary conviction that the north needed the waterways and land rights embedded in the rural south.

Slavery was not even an issue until Lincoln, a manic-depressive, Marfan syndrome railroad lawyer, had to disguise his ignoble intentions of killing hundreds of thousands of his OWN PEOPLE in the name of the Republic. South Carolina reiterated the basic tenets upon which our original 13 colonies had coalesced—upon condition that anyone of them could and would secede. Nothing in that statement reaffirmed the need for black slavery. Yet the northern Armies under the misfits like General Grant [alcoholic] and Sherman [savage, ruthless] had no qualms when they indentured young Irish Immigrants who came off the ship from Ireland to involuntarily fight for the cause of ‘northern aggression’. The north indentured the poor whites of all nationalities; yet no flag waves for them; other than an incidental asterisk in some irrelevant narrative of the civil war.
As a youth, I had a problem understanding how AUTO GENOCIDE –Lincoln willing to kill his own people—could be justified on any grounds; let alone by the notion that black slaves would be freed. That was the biggest lie of all. Two southern states had to ratify the constitution after the civil war in order to legitimately free the black slaves.
So we butchered our own people in order to convince them that they had to free some of our own people; completely ignorant of the fact that Lincoln and his northern cronies wanted railroad tracks from north to south; as well as usurping the transit waterways of the grand Mississippi River and the Missouri River. It was also convenient for the north to acquire the crucial seaport of New Orleans in order to ship goods from the north ---southwards.

The flag of South Carolina has been retired in much the same way that the truth of our barbarous history toward Native Americans and toward our own Americans on 9/11—was concealed and disguised by nonsensical statements of national security and songs ‘God Bless America’. The longer we divest ourselves of truth the longer we will remain retarded in our growth of the country and its intellectual horizon. Instead we can one day visit our past in the empty museums of inanity; flags; and worthless symbols.
Long live the Republic! It will one day default into a moment of lies from which it can never ascend. Artificial symbols have co-opted history; and America is headed into a spiral of self-destruction based on historical ignorance and present day arrogance.

Hubris Ate Nemesis!
Pride Brings Its Punishment! 


  1. When every you hear truth about history, you become better person, because you than know where evil lies and you do not feel stupid any more, thank you Dr. P.

    1. Now little of my Marxist spin... South was richer. Houses were better. Everything was stable, no industrial revolution, no poor factory workers not protected by Marxist labor unions like it was no north etc... It was nice Christian feudalism with elements of pre-feudal slavery with only problem that that was not Biblical form of slavery where you had to free all slaves on every 8th year like Jews had to do. I guess that was reason why they lost war.

      So those evil capitalists from up there wanted also cheap labourers for factories, and that colonisation no2 (after railroad to San Francisco was done) was needed as expansion is always needed in capitalism. Same how WW1 started when last spot in world was colonised,

      Northern America and Southern America done (under Monroe doctrine), Asia colonised, Africa colonised (French took Madagascar in 1895, Morocco crisis 1908, French took Morocco by support from English in front of German nose, than Italy took Libya from Turkey as last area not colonised in 1912, plus Balkan wars, than nothing to colonise, ... REAL PARTY... begins...

      Goodies from south stopped in 1966 when automobile industry on north received all Afro Americans from south, as first year of crisis in USA which lasted until today, but it was controlled by US control group of people until 2001 when they were dissolved in 2001 by military coup done under Bush... (Motive for coup is not clear yet to me, but results are deregulation and Ron Paul liberal capitalism, meaning destruction of territory and end of republic)...

      Every European get smile on face while thinking about South, those are people with style and manners. Those on NE are too European, and those between are ... we do not know anything about them... terra incognita ... South is cool and flag looks warmer, more of red.

    2. Dr.P you are now smoking the herb or truth or something because you've suddenly become an insightful and accurate commentator.

      I agree 100% with every thing you've just said.

      The real shame here is that race relations in America are now worse than ever. Negroes have used their new equal status not to educate themselves join civilization, but to unmask themselves as hopelessly barbaric and relish in their thuggery. Most white people today are disgusted with the new black thuggery around us. Whites, hispanics and asians hold lower opinions of negroes than ever before.

      The only thing keeping negroes alive is the tired old saw of white cruelty against them during slavery and Jim Crow, and the legends of their fight for equality and to counter the evils of hatred against them.

      Their tired narrative of oppression and hate against them is all they have to distract opinion from their own barbarism and violence.

      It is a problem which will never be solved as long as negroes live in America, where they will be more and more distanced from other groups. Integration is a failure and the experiment of racial harmony is a bankrupt loss.

      Perhaps they should all do as my favorite among them the ridiculous and laughable Stokely Carmichael did and move back to Africa where they belong.

    3. As for access to mental health care yes, as I've said an efficient system of using physician assistants and other low cost means of evaluating the mentally ill should be put into effect. The present way of doing things with MDs will all their training isn't needed to deal with mental health. You don't need to know how to deal with a heart issue or a bowl disorder or even give an injection to deal with most mental problems.

      What's needed is mental health clinics staffed by low paid PAs who can quickly give these people some treatment.

      I know so many people who have mental disorders of extreme anxiety or depression and so forth just from the stresses of living in a world where the family has dissolved and everyone is on their own.

      Everyone I know feels alienated and fears loss of income and loss of connection to others because America is such an individualistic place that family doesn't exist here anymore.

    4. I am sorry, in socialist workers-self management Yugoslavia we did not had any kind of problems with muslim bosnian shit, if some muslims would start taking about islam (going green) little too much next month that muslims shit would get visit by police and police would somehow find hidden rifle in his house, then he would spend in prison few years. And whole village calm and happy. (of course you need factories for that). While in capitalism why would someone invest money in to such social programs if there is no profit in that. And any group thinking is dangerous for system, plus it is not their problem, as long as there are enough police patrols in their rich areas... And they decide where patrols will go.

      Look this news, racial division, rich are trying to keep their heads on, but there are just not enough of them...

    5. On Cuba blacks are very unable to go black at all. When you give them pioneer hats, free school vacations in state hollyday complexes, group tours to visit military bases, group cinema projections (propaganda movies about great american history), forced education, mandatory medical treatments in bulk, and collective job, they are done... I remember how we as kids had organised vacations and visits to military bases. I remember how we in 1988 were watching Girzzly Adams in our primary communist school to learn about relation between humans and nature and about respect.

      This was my school 8 years primary school. Built in 1938. Nice around is nice communist hood. Even from 1991 not even one bucket of paint was spent or invested by this new capitalism, but still is holding much better then new buildings built by capitalists as they all cheat on material.
      Also back than no kid dared to paint grafiti on to walls...

      And on other side of my school are too nice communist apartment buildings built in 1972, we call it China Walls, they have nice luxury apartments which are very individualistic because they were same, so you had individual anonomity while you are in same time socialised in full. You feel like full person.

      In 1991 there were few serbian chetnik capitalistic snipers imported from Belgrade shooting kids from there but very soon they were dealt in way that they had their chance to learn flying from there. They were from White Eagle unit ("Beli Orlovi").

      When such person (they all were Lambroso genetical type criminals) try to fly from such height, he ends up looking like mushroom. It is important to enter flat at night so they can start flying without fear they would kill someone down there and for you to be able to clean mushroom down there.

      I hope soon we would be able to start throwing rich capitalists from there also so we could again have money to build more of such building for free workers. James Baker said to Serbian Stalinist in Belgrade you have two weeks to win... Serbs lost all wars and territory, but we Croats lost workers self management... America can choose will it become capitalist Bosnia of today or it will rule world with our system.

    6. There is also one smaller apartment buidling built in 1966. there in stingy germanic capitlistic style, from street side, (like you can see on NW Mannhattan or in Stockholm), that is faliure, we will never build that shit again. Even on other side it have nice balconies for free workers and big playground without black or muslim non socialiszed gangs.

      Maybe we will not deicde to kill that architercture from that bureau. Only reeducation is for such.

  2. More blood rituals in Charleston: indisputable mathematical evidence, both actuarial and numerological that this is yet another murder ritual! How many of the others use these same numbers and symbolic elements?

    Menorah Massacre in Charleston

    Steve, also take care with your doctors as they're using them to take control of 'problems' via mind control, assuming they don't just murder you! Just stay away from doctors they did this in Russia during their “Red Terror”! (I think they got to Dr. Sabrosky; TOO MANY good men and women are having sudden 'health problems' like cancer!) Why ZERO of the traitor bastards?

    1. I am sorry there is not such thing as Judeo-Masonic. Masonory is atheistic, that is religion of empire, people wants to build societies. What they take sometime is just style of expressing them self in artistic style of Babylon and Egypt. When you enter on some level they will try to explain you that all religions are joke, for them is just free choice connected to culture but nothing important or relvant. And everything would be good if they would stay atheistic in sense of Jesus on cross asking about father (creator not depended on time and space), but when you try to go atheistic in any other manner you must end up in idolworshiping (making God out of some product of creator but not creator of whole show), and we all know that is idolworshiping and it is worse thing you can get, because that makes you sick, less productive, whole societies are going down than etc etc... Worship of money and thinking that money is best way to get to empire is wrong because money is not enough, because money is not economical. God is holding Masonory to protect knowledge of Assyria and Egypt not to go down, that is. Because not everything from there is paganism... Bible is nothing else than Judaism and Christianity based on cosmology of Assyria and Egypt.

    2. Term Judeo-Masonic comes from Nazi theory developed to be foundation for destroying all knowledge coming from semitic tribes, ulitmiately Christianity.

    3. Manever of rich capitalists is always to try to avoid people to start killing them, so you will get articles like those above, racial tensions, anit-semitism or wars are great tool to avoid such scenarios where they are going to lose their heads. Imagine you are rich and you are in minority.

  3. This is a fantastic piece especially to us non Americans who know little of the real history! Powerful stuff indeed but once again it's an example of the very rich dragging the rest in the gutter whilst it's burdened on the very poor to claw us out!! As for mental illness the figures don't lie and I'd say it's on par over here namely because of the over reliance of anti depressants dispensed with gay abandon though I'd also argue anyone who claims to be 100% well adjusted perhaps should be the greatest recipient of treatments and medicines for mental illness!!!!... Just an observation and once again a very though provoking and illuminating piece Dr Pieczenik

  4. North is in very big trouble. As entity it was defined and won war by having industrial capitalism, but now when that age of capitalism is past tense with china and robots and with this adopted Ron Paul liberal capitalism it is impossible for them to be popular, and something whitch is not popular is not working, we see it in destruction of territory in rust belt... So only way to save territory of USA to not become like capitalists countries of South America (no infrastrucutre, no middle class) is to cut big Yankee capital bailing in from everyone and everything while not investing anything, (not giving anything to anyone), but mostly destroying them self.

    I adore to look Virginia standing silently there, as histortical leader of South, only really rich and big state without problems, and now being strongly democratic, West Virginia must go back to Virginia. Let s not forget that democrats won NC also on presidental election.

    Like i said on north we should have workplace democracy and Bernie Sanders, on south good old democrats from 1960es.
    Workers self-management feudalism. Those are facts on terrain and it can work.

  5. The problem with Mental Illness is context many decisions made by those in power are by definition, 'mental' like when the Rand Corporation tried to get JFK to start WW3 and now with the usual bozo's winding up Putin and China. For some reason you put a suit on someone and crazy rhetoric becomes OK. I have found that 70 to 80% of my clients had some sort of anxiety whether generalized or specific so about ten years ago, I produced a 'potted' method for people to address it without drugs. A lot of folk liked it and I noticed from my Paypal at the time a number of foreign research institutes were having a peek at it. Might relaunch it just that the old PPC got a bit expensive.
    Regarding the flag thing, they should let it go, most races have been slaves at one time or another, we to the Romans. In fact a third of Romans themselves were, it's all just history gone forever.

  6. Obama is a Communist. Putin is a Communist. Justin Trudeau is a Communist. Castro is a Communist. Lincoln was a Communist. Hillary Clinton is a Commnunist. Why can't we all get along? Lets all eat Communist Cake together!